You are, where I came from ......

I had to shine a Seniors shoes once. I hated that indignity back in September of 1958. He was there on Saturday night. Quite nice now, responsible, and was showing off pictures of his roughhouse grand kids.

The girl that you could never date, but dreamt about much too much was there. She was married for a third time to an oil man from somewhere.

Your class "Super Jock" was there. Not so finely chiseled as before and walking with a limp now, but still in your eyes, the guy who no one in the State could touch in his day.

The Class Clowns were there. The Soshes were there. The Class Beauties were there... Some still as gorgeous as before, some a little overweight, but still holding their heads high, you remember how beautiful they were in high school. They were showing off pictures of family.

The Guys with the Great Cars were there... Still talking about street racing, Frosties, A&W or "What did you do with that great looking 47 Ford you had?"

Even the one's that I didn't recognize were there, as before, filling in the backdrop of my youth. All these people were there, and lets face it, "you can't go back"…. but we DID go back. For one night in June we ALL went back.

The Faculty Members were there. Coaches and Teachers that had related something to you long ago that imprinted on your mind and had changed the way you did things from then on. Older now, somehow even wiser…. These were our "Sculptors". People who were dedicated enough to mold the individual person. People who we, in our immaturity would say, "why is he picking on me, I didn't do nothin'.".....Exactly!!
These people were trying to ignite in us; responsibility, focus, desire, deportment, and character. The real feelings you have for these "Sergeants of Education" comes later in life. Well, the admiration, respect, and love was there that Saturday night in June.
Thank you all for your speeches, your harping, your haranguing, the trips to the Vice Principals Office, the prodding, the poking, the bending, the mending, and molding, and in some cases the "swats".
Thank you for your sharing and caring, your hugs, your kindness, your nurturing, and your advanced knowledge of such traumatic subjects as menstrual cycles and sexual changes.

We love you all.

For one evening we all went back. The Hawthorne of our youth was there, vividly imprinted in our anecdotes of high school times. Thanks go out to all of you who were there Saturday June 13. You made this get together a magic time for all in attendance. We are all somehow magically tied together as brothers and sisters are, whether we like it or not. We are all Family. Why? Because being raised in Hawthorne California in mid century has made it so, and I for one, wouldn't want it any other way.

Yes, I had to shine a Seniors shoes once, but somehow that's become a fond memory....

John Baker

Name: Janet Roth
Maiden: Ashby
Class: 61
Message: Great Reunion, had a wonderful time seeing old friends and reuniting with memories of the past. What a great idea to combine the reunions. Let's do it again.

I was at the Reunion Saturday. It was so good to see my old friends.
Congratulations to all concerned who gave their hours making it such a success.
Jackie Baumgardner Lester, Class of 55

First=Sandie and Jim
Message=Hi John, We really enjoyed this web page. We are still laughing at the most recent reunion in 10 years at the Buena Park Hotel. As always we had a great time and wouldn't have missed seeing everyone for the world.

First=Larry and Loretta
Message=A night to remember always. Felt good to see all our friends.

Hi to all you great Cougars who attended the reunion this weekend. What a great time!! It was so nice to see everyone.....those I knew and those I didn't. And...what a special group of teachers we were privileged to have join us. There can only be one Coach Chauncey!
It was especially nice to reconnect with so many from the class of 62! (You all STILL look great!!) John, Sandy, Jim, Brian, Sharon, Ron, Sherrie, etc., etc., etc, thanks for all the laughs, memories, and fun Friday night and Saturday. Can't wait to see the pictures! We've got to get together again, hopefully, before another 4 or 5 years!! Janet Burkett

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The following pictures were sent in by Ken Huthmaker, Class of 58. Thanks Ken.

Thanks to Janet Humphreys Burkett, Class of 62 for sending us the pictures below.

The following were sent in by Penny Prouty, Class of 62. Thanks Penny

Thanks to Joyce Savisky Chance for the pictures below.

These pictures from Cody Soares Weathers '62 Thanks Cody

The pictures below were sent in by Cathy Chauncey and the "Ol' Coach"
Thanks folks....

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