These tributes were going to be read at the First Decade Reunion, but because of time problems, were printed out and given to the teachers.

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Teacher Tributes……

These are tributes to Teachers and Faculty members that our Alumni have emailed in, letting that certain Faculty member know how much they were appreciated. We got started late with these, but this will give the Faculty members a good idea of how much we, the alumni, care about you. You, our teachers and our mentors, are the foundation that we stand on today and we salute you.

From: Wendy Anderson-Lacken- Class of 67
To: Mrs. Estabrook and Mr. Plotkin
John, I would like to get a couple of messages to two of the teachers that are going to the First Ten Years Reunion. One is to Mrs. Estabrook (Dana), she was always so kind to everyone in my family. I want to thank her for all of us, Patty, Wendy, Donna, Danny and our Mom Lucille Anderson for everything she did to help us out through some very hard times. I believe in my heart she will remember us, no one can give so much of themselves to others and not. The other is to Mr. Plotkin(Dana), I wonder if he would remember Larry Lacken and Wendy Anderson-Lacken. Two people HE just could not believe found each other and got together and still are. One of the best teachers we both had at Dana. Thank You, Wendy Anderson-Lacken

From: Norma Sondericker Kinder- Class of 60
To: Mrs. Dykton
You were the teacher who helped me most to overcome self-consciousness in PE. I still remember things that you would do and say to help me overcome some of those things teens are so sensitive in. I don't see your name listed on this page but hope you are able to receive this message. You made such an impact on my life and I'll always remember you. Thank you! Norma Sondericker Kinder

From: Donna Anderson-Class of 71
To: Mrs. Estrabrook
I'd like to thank you for touching the lives of my family. You were there with an open heart that help us get through some hard times. Because of people like you I've done well with my life and so has my sisters and brother. I try to give to others as you have given to us and I pray that God will bless you for the rest of your life. I can't thank-you enough except in the way of passing on what you have given to others. My sisters-Wendy, Pat and brother Danny would like to say we love you and respect you highly for what you have done for us. May the Angels of God be with you forever. Thank you,
Donna Anderson

From: Kathy Hamler Purchase- Class of 68
To: Mrs. Ton
Mrs. Ton, I was so glad to see that you're still up and kicking! Good for you! You were always so kind to me- also didn't take any self-righteous pomposity from me either which did me good in the long run. I have thought of you often. I ended up getting my B.A. in English and becoming a writer and magazine editor in Phoenix, Arizona. Now help my husband run his Computer Consulting business (I write a mean publicity release!) My husband is the same guy that so many of my high school teachers worried that I would marry right after high school and neglect my education! In July Larry Purchase and I will have been married 29 years. And we both still got our education. You always took that "extra measure" with me and I thank you for that!
Kathy Hamler Purchase

From: Kathy Hamler Purchase- Class of 68
To: Mr. Fitzgerald
What a joy to hear your name! Unlike many other principals, you were a real joy to be around. I've been into genealogy or the last 15 years and find that we might be related. My Great-Great Aunt Catherine Flanagan married a Fitzgerald. Her brother was my Great Grandfather James Francis Flanagan. I "met" Catherine's Great Granddaughter through email on the Internet!
Kathy (Hamler) Purchase
HHS Class of 1968
R.H. Dana Class of 1964
Peter Burnette, 1959-1962

From: Kathy Hamler Purchase- Class of 68
To: Mr. Plotkin
Mr. Plotkin, I remember your gorgeous blue eyes, your concerns about my boyfriends, and when you had to hurriedly leave class because your wife was in labor! I also remember your great kindness and gentleness. Only men like you should ever become teachers. I'm glad you did... (If you still see him, please give my regards to Mr. Tom Helvey.)
Kathy (Hamler) Purchase
R.H. Dana, 1964

From: Jackie Weiser Miskimen- Class of 69
To: Coach Chauncey
Dear Mr. Chauncey,
I am a former Hawthorne High student (but you didn't coach girls). Of course all the girls on campus became love sick just seeing you! Well enough of that, now on to the point. I'd like to thank you for setting a great example not only for coaching my son Jim Miskimen (his freshman year) but for your moral, ethical, and compassion you showed to help Jim through one of his roughest years of life. Jim has always thought very highly of you! Which proves that a caring teacher that reaches out of there comfort zone can make a difference! Here is a quick update on Jim. He is just 28 years old (almost 29) works at "Cerritos Dodge" where is has been blessed by being #1 Service Writer" for few years (they'd like him to be in management but he says no way). Jim is married and his wife Brigit is a School Teacher and a beautiful daughter named Breanna Kaelynn (14 months old). Of course now we're grandparents (what a great blessing)! Jim & Brigit purchased a home 2 years ago in Holly Glen which has now been sold and they've purchased a home in West Torrance (escrow should close in late June). I know Jim would like to hear from you and I'm sure by the time you have this note read to you he should be settled with his family in Torrance and should be in the phone book.
God Bless both you and your family always,
Jackie Miskimen (Jockalyn Weiser-Maiden Name)

From: Frank Romano- Class of 61
To: All Faculty Members
Special moments are remembered of many individual faculty members. Ms. Mark, Ms. Clark, Mr. Acosta, the entire coaching staff, and administrative group... At one time or another, I'm certain we each had an opportunity to be face to face with one set of circumstances or another. All and all, each faculty member gave to each of us, a part of themselves, to which we draw from daily. As for me... I can offer my most sincere thank you. It's not much for what you have each given, but its a most sincere thanks for what you shared.
Cordially, Frank Romano Class of 61

From: Danny Litton- Class of 68
I remember a story about Coach Sevier that Chuck Griffin ( Bruce Griffin's younger bro.) and I have laughed about for years. It goes something like this: Chuck Griffin was in Coach Sevier's gym class and they were in the weight room doing some kind of a physical evaluation of the kids. One of the tests involved overhand pull-ups. Chuck was actually a really good football player but he, self-admittedly, wasn't the strongest kid in the school. Coach Sevier was sitting in the weight room jotting down the students' results to the various physical tests. Chuck did the best he could but only managed a couple of pull-ups. He reported back to Coach Sevier:
"Coach, I finished my pull-ups."
"How many did you do?"
Coach Sevier looked up at Chuck, thought a moment and without a hint of a smile said:
"Both today?"

From: Bernie Armstrong- Class of 58
To: Coach Chauncey
Last weekend my brothers, Charles and Scott were here to celebrate Chuck's 50th Birthday Party; We had a great time, and we talked a lot about our High School days. The thing that we had in common was stories about Hal Chauncey. They were humorous stories, but they had a common theme- character building. The three of us, along with my sisters, represent classes from the 50's, 60's and 70's, but we all had special stories about Coach Chauncey. What a tribute to have left such a legacy in terms of influencing so many people! Thanks Hal and Cathy for your positive outlook and lessons in character building. I think some of it took! May you be blessed with many more years of tennis and joy together.
Bernie Armstrong (58).

From: Bob Melendrez- Class of 71
To: Coach Chauncey
Coach Chauncey, I don't remember much about your gym classes, but what always stands out in my mind is that you were a caring and compassionate man. After my knee surgery in 1970, whenever we would cross paths on campus, you'd always ask how the rehab was going and how I was doing. I appreciated it then, and still do. Thanks for being a friend!
Bob Melendrez '71

From: Janet Amuchastegui- Class of 68
To: Mrs. Ton
Through the years I have thought of you and the speech class I took from you my freshman year. (1964-65) You made school so much fun I have been a teacher since 1972 and I still think of you when trying to make decisions of how to impact a student's life. You treated everyone with kindness and respect, always leaving students with a feeling of appreciation and self worth. Thank you now, 34 years later, for being a special teacher!!!

From: Debbie Miles Hatcher- Class of 77
To: Mr. Mannion
Hi Mr. Mannion!
In case you don't remember me, I'm Roy Ryse's younger sister. You were my principal at Sepulveda and Dana. Currently, my son is a 7th grader at Dana, where he is a second generation student of Dr. Milch (AKA Miss Kerr)
It's a small world isn't it!

From: Penny Prouty- Class of 62
To: Mr. Mannion
For Our Counselor, Teacher & Friend, Mr. Mannion: This may seem pretty "mushy" & sentimental--but just wanted you to know, you've always stood out in my memories of growing up in Hawthorne. At Jose Sepulveda (elementary school)--1955-1956 (in Mr. Hood's class) then also at Dana (1957-1958), Mr. Goode's and Mrs. Cameron's classes..... We would always look forward to your visits to our classrooms...always with a good story to share with had a natural quality that drew all of us to you (and a sense of humor that kept us laughing much of the time). Thanks for caring about us and thanks for the inspiration you provided to us as a role model. You left a valuable impression on both my life and also to my sister, Kathy.
Thanks, again, Mr. Mannion.
Penny Prouty

From: Penny Prouty- Class of 62
To: Mr. Williams
I hope you receive this message....we've somehow lost track of you... I couldn't pass up this opportunity in case there's a possibility you may see it. Just want you to know that you're still, and will always be, my "favorite" of all my "favorite teachers".... I feel lucky to have had you as my art teacher for 4 years....our class was more than an art class (as most of your classes were probably much more than art classes)...but you always gave us so much provided us a place to retreat to, to share and express our feelings--good and bad, funny and not-so-funny, even our fears (remembering the fears of imminent war--the Bay of Pigs threat, etc.)...we laughed a lot--and that was "healthy" ... we learned and were inspired and we were encouraged and supported and we were introduced to some of the beauty and culture in life....and for all that, I give you my most sincere and heartfelt a very special human being and a very special teacher...thanks, Mr. Williams!
Love, Penny Prouty
Class of '62

From: Tom Bell- Class of 58
Dear Mrs. Ton
Just a short note to thank you for always having a smile and a great way with your students! I'll never forget you and the arm full of MAD magazines that you always had with you. Thanks for being there and at the reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always, Tom Bell class of 58

From: Dan Nelson- Class of 71
To: Coach Jones
OK all you aqua heads.. where's Coach Jones? Last I heard from him was in '72 or '73, said he was likely retiring soon. The man was responsible for much of what's good about me (I take the blame for what ain't), and I'd sure like to find out what road he went down when he left HHS for the last time. If anyone knows his whereabouts, tell him I finally confess - it was I who got the idea of stuffing his VW between the wall and the roof-support in the NW corner of the gym. (I just knew it would fit - and it did! With almost 2 inches to spare!). I won't reveal the names of the other Swimmers who helped me carry the bug over and put it in place - they'll have to own up to that on their own. I owe him a dinner, since he missed his that night, taking 2 hours to inch the car out of there after we whupped Inglewood in the semi's in water polo. So, if anyone knows about Lou, let me know, ya know.
Ditto with the larger-than-life Dr. Frederic T. Morgan, and Mr. Atkins, both of whom also gave me more than I could ever return, knowledge and appreciation I still use today.


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