Alma Mater

Oh Scarlet and Gold
Our Colors Unfold
Will Always Be Flying High
Their Praises We'll Sing
Forever To Ring
Throughout Dear Old Hawthorne High
So Hail To Our Alma Mater True
Forever We'll Cherish Our Dreams Of You
Let Friendships Begun
Stay True To The End
All Hail To You, Hail Hawthorne High

Welcome back Street Racers, Surfers, Hodads, and Low Riders to the Early 60s when A&W ruled on the south end of Hawthorne Blvd. and the Wich Stand ruled on the north end of Inglewood.
In between was nothin' but Cruisin' and Street Racin'. If you wanted to pull over between these two ICONS OF THE DRIVE IN SET, then Frosties, Taco Tio, Sallys, and a few other places that have faded from memory were your pit stops.
No one picked up any girls because no one knew how. Oh sure, all the guys talked the BIG TALK, but no one had a clue.

My name is John Baker (Hawthorne High Class of 62) and this website is dedicated to all the early 60s stuff that happened in and around Hawthorne and Hawthorne High School.

There's a page dedicated to our Favorite Teachers. There's an Alumni List so you can find a classmate's email address. There's a Feedback Page to find or talk about specific classmates, teachers, or any topic that you deem relevant. You can add feedback by going to the Guestbook Page. You can use this page in any of a number of ways. It's basically to ask questions to the masses. In fact, you can click on any of the topics up above to randomly bounce around the site. Please check back from time to time as this website will be constantly changing.

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