The History of Hawthorne

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I came into the possession of a wonderful booklet about ten years ago, given to me by Bob Fraser HHS60. It's called the History of Hawthorne by Robert S Hartman.

I've read it and referenced to it many times. It was written for the Golden Anniversary of Hawthorne in 1972. The booklet, being 49 years old, has now become history, itself.
Reading through his Acknowledgments page is like reading a who's who of Hawthorne; Rose Schwabauer, Cleona Crozier, Dr Leo Fate, Leila Schlimmer, etc. Once all upstanding citizens of our little community, now all gone, but they've all helped leave this piece of history for us to read.

I've always wanted to add it to the website but never had the time at 24 words per minute, to type it out, but thanks to my classmate and great friend, Linda Jones Reynolds and her typing ability, it is now here for us all.

First of all thanks to Bob Fraser for the booklet. Without him it would probably be gathering dust in a closet somewhere.
Also, thanks to Linda Jones Reynolds for taking time out of her schedule to do the transcribing of the pages.

I hope you enjoy it. It IS our Hawthorne History.

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