The History of Hawthorne by Robert S. Hartman

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This history embraces four periods:
(1) Ancient history before the founding of Hawthorne in 1906
(2) From the founding to incorporation in 1922
(3) The building of the city from 1922 to 1940 and
(4) The progress made from 1940 to the golden Anniversary in 1972.

A large number of people helped on the project. A special tribute must be given to Leila Schlimmer, Rose Schwabauer, Cleona Crozier, and Grayce Kmieciak who served with me on the Golden Anniversary Historical Committee and opened many doors for interviews with citizens who lived and worked in Hawthorne during its formative years. All of them helped organize or were members of many clubs and took a prominent part in many civic functions. Mrs. Schwabauer was city treasurer for twenty years and treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce for seven years. Her scrapbook contained a goldmine of information.

Thanks must be given to C.D., "Pop" Morgan, Dr. Cecil Garton, the French brothers, Wayne, Jack, and Holt, and Walter Hawley for supplying pictures and documents. I am grateful to Wesley Simmons, Lou O'Rourke, Richard Kessler, and Hank Desmond for their assistance on information about annexations, city government, the municipal airport and the water department.

My thanks also to Ethel Odgers, Nina Fraser, Dr. Leo Fate, Dorothy Anderson, Viola Isaacs, and Bessie Carroll, who spent many hours relating to me the many incidents of early history appearing in this narrative.

I must pay special tribute to Mrs. John Scheliga, who gave me free access to her voluminous files of pictures and documents which she has been collecting for many years with the intention of writing a Hawthorne history. I sincerely hope Mrs. Scheliga will complete her worthwhile objective.

This history is not as complete as I would like; much important information has been precluded because of the limited time to get it ready. It is my hope that the information contained herein may be helpful in future stories of our city.

Robert S. Hartman
June 10, 1972

General Manager, Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce 1959-1971
Chairman, Golden Anniversary Historical Committee 1972

Published by: Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce
12438 Hawthorne Boulevard
Hawthorne, California 90250

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