Name: Karen Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jun 2, 2015, 3:03 pm - HHS Time
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca
Message: Hey Leo..just a quick point too.. one of the kids mentioned , Viviana Lopez, was my student when she was a fourth grader! Never, ever dreamed she would want to fly an airplane. There are a lot of great things happening at Hawthorne High and DaVinci.
Name: Ernie Nixon ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jun 2, 2015, 2:45 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Atlantic Beach, Fl.
Message: Happy Birthday, Bob Clark. Another friend since kindergarten.
Happy Birthday Bob
Name: Leo Ainsworth ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jun 2, 2015, 11:35 am - HHS Time
Class: 1964
City & State: Saint Helena
Message: Daily Breeze Article: I took Auto Shop! Hawthorne High School and DaVinci High School students are learning to fly in aviation classes. The course also incorporates lessons that teach math and science and makes them relevant to a practical skill. The program is teacher Dan Mikkelsen's Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy, a nascent 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to provide flight and ground training to high school students. Mikkelsen, formerly a social studies teacher, founded the program in 2009 with the hopes of increasing minority and female involvement in aviation-related careers and creating innovative programs in public schools. He teaches paid flight courses in the afternoons to local adults, but the bulk of his work goes on in the classroom. Mikkelsen teaches at DaVinci Science and Hawthorne High School, where his program has been offered for four and two years, respectively. He teaches almost 90 students each semester. Mikkelsen, whom students affectionately refer to as Mr. Dan, spins around his classrooms on a rolling chair, helping students chart flight paths, nail a landing on flight simulators and troubleshoot problems.
Name: John Baker ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jun 2, 2015, 9:13am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Lomita CA
Message: Happy Birthday to a couple of good HHS friends, Brian Tully HHS61 and Keith Pulcifer HHS62. Hope you both have a great day today.
Name: Brett Loranger ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jun 2, 2015, 8:23 am - HHS Time
Class: 1981
City & State: Henderson NV
Message: Thanks Mark! Yeah I heard. Contact me @ if the services are going to be Hawthorne local...Thanks again. God Bless his family and Rest in Peace Russ!
Name: Gary Bickers ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Jun 1, 2015, 1:36 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: pve cal
Message: Thanks for the Gene Gutierrez mention. In the fall of 1963 I was worn out. Late that football season Larry Cole, Newell Endicott and Gene had an open seat in Larry's '56 Bel Aire. I was the happiest guy on the planet that I didn't have to walk home. Thanks again guys.
Name: Andy Archibeque ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Jun 1, 2015, 7:54 am - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Huntington Beach Ca
Thanks Andy, I think the Dairy Freeze (we called Frosties) on 133rd and the Bl. was initially a Fosters too.
Name: Rich Sloan ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-May 31, 2015, 9:41 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Laguna Hills, Ca
Message: Great new documentary out - "Sunshine Superman"; life story of Carl Boenish, HHS Class of '59, sister Clydeene, Class of '61. Carl had a spirit of adventure + between BASE jumping and documenting many spectacular jumps. We recommend this movie. It's more than what you'd expect.
Thanks Rich, If you want to know more about Carl Boenish, come to our Hawthorne Historical Hall Of Fame Dinner this July.
Name: Ernie Nixon ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-May 31, 2015, 2:00 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Atlantic Beach, Fl.
Message: Met Gene Gutierrez first day of kindergarten.
Name: Tom Nadal ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-May 31, 2015, 10:37 am - HHS Time
Class: 1977
City & State: The OC
Message: My uncle Gene Gutierrez told me when he was 9 or 10, he and his mom would take the bus to Sears in Inglewood. He would hang out in the Toy Department while she shopped, but one day he got intrigued by the x-ray machine in the Shoe Department, where I guess you could see the bones in your feet and somehow that would help you determine the right shoes to buy. Anyway, my grandmother went to the Toy Department, couldn't find him so she took the bus home. After a while, the Shoe Department guy asked Gene, hey kid are you lost and he said no, but the guy got them to announce over the Sears PA system there's a lost kid in the Shoe Department and for the mom to come pick him up. Gene knew that wouldn't work since his mom, my grandmother, didn't speak any English. 15 minutes later, the shoe guy was getting annoyed with Gene playing with the foot x-ray machine so Gene told him he knew how to get home but he didn't have any money for the bus to Hawthorne. The guy asked him how much is the bus fare and Gene told him 7 cents. The Shoe guy said here's 7 cents kid, get out of here. He made it home with no problems.
Thanks for the great story Tom, I loved those Xray machines too. Probably why my feet are a foggy green to this day.
Name: Terri Studer ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-May 31, 2015, 1:15 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Kluxdal
Class: 1966
City & State: Hesperia, CA
Message: I'm sad to report that Valerie Marino Bracken (Leuzinger '66) passed away 5/29/15. I will miss her crazy, funny personality---she helped make my senior year tons of fun.
Name: John Pritchard ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-May 30, 2015, 4:00 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
City & State: El Segundo, CA
Message: I'm here at the El Segundo Library. What a great building! I stopped by the Fosters on the Boulevard earlier for a banana split, always worth ordering anywhere. The lady told me that it was the Fosters in Santa Monica, near S.M. College, perhaps on Ocean Park, that closed on May 15. She was relieved that it wasn't Hawthorne. The Inglewood store, on La Brea near Hardy, is still open, and it may be the first one opened by George Foster. I noticed that the trailer park on Inglewood Avenue between 133rd and 134th has been leveled and swept away. For a real shock, go to to see the current prices on houses in Hawthorne and Lawndale. Remarkable! My parents bought a new one on 160th for under 10K in 1950 and a nine-year-old on 134th for under 20K in 1956. Whatever the market will bear, I guess.
Name: John Pritchard ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-May 28, 2015, 2:15 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
City & State: SJC, CA
Message: Many thanks are due Judy and Jan Blomsterberg and the Hawthorne VFW for the grand day out yesterday at the Pala Resort. I've never joined any veterans organizations, but they make it seem worthwhile to do so. I used to pass through Pala in the 70s to visit my parents in Anza, and it now seems to be much better off. Money changes everything....
Jan and Judy Blomsterberg go above and beyond to keep the Hawthorne VFW a sound and stable organization in the community. They are to be commended.
Name: Mark Rickerl ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 27, 2015, 9:01 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1981
City & State: HTown Ca
Message: Brett, I just sat down and took a quick look at CT. You probably have the answer to your question by now, but in case you don't...... Russ passed on early Tues morning from an apparent heart attack...
Very sad to lose our friends Mark, but thank you for the information.
Name: Bill Shultz ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 27, 2015, 7:28 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca
Message: "The Bab" you have a "HAPPY" and take two(2) and hit to right!!
Happy Birthday Mike!!
Name: Bob Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 27, 2015, 1:36 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca
Message: Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all for the happy birthday wishes you sent. I had a nice, quiet day. That's what happens when you turn 37, oh , wait.. turn that number around.:). Anyway, it is so great to have such super, life-long friends. Love you all.
Love you too MAAAANN!!
Name: Brett Loranger ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 27, 2015, 11:21 am - HHS Time
Class: 1981
City & State: Nevada
Message: I can't confirm this but I just heard Fellow Cougar of 81 and former Gardena PD officer Russ Willett passed away on Monday. Can someone verify this?? Thanks
Name: Tom Nadal ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 27, 2015, 12:09 am - HHS Time
Class: 1977
City & State: The OC
Message: Hola amigos. Is there going to be another Good Neighbor Day this Summer? We had a fun time last year attending the HOF dinner and seeing Chris Montez in concert. Also, are there actual plans to convert the Hawthorne Mall to an Outlet Mall or was it just political talk?
Hi Tom, Yes, Good Neighbors Day will be July 18th this year and the Hall of Fame Dinner will be July 17th at the Memorial Center on Prairie and El Segundo. Inductees this year include: Jim Thorpe; Mary Ann Walton's father, Reese Walton; Seers Lumber; Carl Boenish; Hawthorne's founding members of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, and David Marks. Tickets for the Dinner/Program will be $30 per person and can be purchased from the Hawthorne Historical Society or email Norb Huber at
For more info, go to the Hawthorne Historical website.
Not sure about the Mall, but that has been brought up
Name: John Rout ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 10:35 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Cerritos, CA
Message: Hey Bob, hope you had a doo woppin' great birthday! See you at the record meet on Sunday.
Name: Judy Blomsterberg ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 6:59 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: DeGrazia
Class: 1964
City & State: Harbor City
Message: Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of EEEEARL....No one can stop, the Duke of Earl....... except for a garage sale or swap meet with all 45 (records) in it. Happy BD Bob (the Duke) Fraser.
Happppppy Biiiirrthday Bob!!
Name: Linda Huthmaker ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 2:25 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Huthmaker
Class: 1963
City & State: Torrance, California
Message: Happy Birthday, Bob. So nice to see you, last Thursday, at the K9 Dinner. Wasn't that fun? Best, Linda
HB Bob
Name: Tom Shelley ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 12:58 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Beaumont, CA
Message: Hey Bob, Happy Birthday. Man, it doesn't seem like that long ago that a bunch of us were hanging out in your converted garage on Birch Ave. playing Black Jack and listening to DooWop. Time flies when you're having fun. And we had some fun!! Enjoy your day my friend. I hope there many more in your future!
Name: Donald Scheliga ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 10:48 am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: W. Covina
Message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bob. Have a great day and I sure hope you are doing well. The next time you walk by the house, check out the 4 new trees we planted this past weekend.
Happy Birthday Bob
Name: Sherry Wingo ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 10:31 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
City & State: Haw. Ca.
Message: Happy Birthday, Bob. Enjoy your special day. You're a good friend and a kind person.
Name: Ray Shelley ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 10:00 am - HHS Time
Class: 1958
City & State: Mena, AR
Message: Happy Birthday to our Birch Ave. next door neighbor, Bob Frazer. Have a wonderful day. I was always envious of how cool you looked with your flat top hair cut. My dad use to cut our hair, until I broke the bowl.. .Ray
Happy Birthday Bob
Name: Janet Burkett ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 9:28 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 1962
City & State: Ca
Message: As I pulled into my office this morning, two big buses pulled out of the high school parking lot, headed for Disneyland!! My youngest grandson was one of the seniors on the did that happen, and has it really been that long since we were on our way to Disneyland with our fellow seniors? It has been such a long standing tradition and I'm sure we all have memories of some of the pranks that went on there. I still have a picture of Carol Moody, Cheryl Zukerberg and I standing in front of the Tomorrowland lagoon. I'm going to have to dig that one up for the grandkids! Also, Happy Birthday Bob! Janet
Disneyland was a fun ditch day for us. I wonder what year was the last, there, for good old Hawthorne High?
Name: John Guerra ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 26, 2015, 6:17 am - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Anaheim, calif
Message: Hey Bob Fraser, wishing you a very happy birthday today, since 1955 we have been amigos, 60 years incredible, Happy Birthday Bob , see you guys at record show sunday
Hey Bob, Happy Birthday. We haven't been friends since 55 but well over 50 years. Thanks for all the fun times and may we continue to be good friends for the rest of our lives. Hope you have a great day.
Name: Dave Krikac ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-May 25, 2015, 6:05 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Franklin, TN
Message: Blessed Memorial Day Cougs. HELP. OK, so my brother Paul reminded me of a story about the day My Dad "Big P" enlisted the Marines to do a demonstration at Ramona High School out on the grass for the Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts. It was AWESOME to say the least, 50 Cal BLANKS spitting out of a Machine Gun, Percussion Grenades, and the Police and Fire Departments responding CODE 3, anyone remember? I know the Hawthorne PD filled a few diapers that day....I would have. Had to be between 1965-67
Hi Dave, Sounds like a fun day at school. Probably not PC now to do that as it might turn the little nose pickers into killers Thanks for checking in maaann!!
Name: Clark Millman ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-May 24, 2015, 3:18 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Manhattan Beach, CA
Message: I kicked off my holiday weekend by spending four hours Saturday morning with the HHS Knights & Diaconians at the newly initiated " Halcap Cleanup day". The HHS maintenance crew no longer takes care of Halcap except for the grass. So yesterday we had a dozen students, two track athletes, Doug Herbst(HHS'73) and myself working hard to make Halcap presentable. We painted, trimmed overgrowth from neighboring properties and cleaned up trash that has been there since the last football game. We ended up with twenty trash bags of trash and trimmings. This event will take place every six months and next time I'll post it on Cougartown for anyone who might want to pitch in and meet some of the quality kids currently at HHS. The kids worked for free, just oranges and oreos at the end of the day. These kids are starting to take some pride in their school!
Hey Clark, great program getting the kids involved. Keep up the school spirit maaann.
Name: Jim Raines ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-May 23, 2015, 6:04 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Salt Lake City Ut
Message: A happy birthday to my friend Alan Hauge!,
Hey Alan, Happy Birthday.
Name: Gary Bickers ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-May 22, 2015, 3:48 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: pve cal
Message: My favorite bun and story is Bruce George '62 asked me to take him to "Big Five" to get ammo. Those guys were going rabbit hunting in Riverside. While there he bought a sidearm and when I asked him why; the answer was you never know when they might charge.
Funny Guy, Bruce. thanks Gary.
Name: Jerry Rigney ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-May 21, 2015, 12:27 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Palmdale, CA
Message: HHS had a rifle team in '55 &'56
They also had a Bow and Gun Club in 53-54 and used Leuzinger's range for practice.
Name: Jim Schroeder ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-May 21, 2015, 10:14 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Oregon
Message: The rifle range that was an integral part of the Centinela Park experience has expanded to include most of Inglewood.
Well yes it has
Name: Jan Blomsterberg ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 20, 2015, 7:27 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Harbor City, CA
Message: Just a reminder that the City of Hawthorne is having their annual K9 dinner tomorrow, Thursday May 21 at the Hawthorne Memorial Center located at El Segundo Blvd and Prairie Ave. The event starts at 5pm. Many door prizes are raffled off ~ somehow Judy and I seem to always win one or two prizes! Raffle tickets are $1.00 each and the cost for dinner is $5.00 per person. A fun evening and all for a great cause. The VFW will be there in force as will the American Legion and many other Hawthorne organizations. Hope to see many of you there.
I have my ticket. See you and Til there Jan.
Name: Mike Mecey ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 20, 2015, 1:22 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1961
City & State: Roseville, CA
Message: Flash Back: It has probably been there forever but I just noticed the area labeled Leuzinger Pictures... and a flashback hit me... Around my Hawthorne Intermediate era, I used to go to a rifle range at Leuzinger HS that was located in one of their buildings. I learned to shoot my dad's .22 pump action rifle... and got some paper that said I had passed the gun safety class & allowed me to get my hunting license... The only shooting I do now is with my camera although I did get my .38 Colt Diamondback service revolver out a couple of months ago and took it down to a gunsmith... Had it checked & oiled up... Might take it to a range in Rancho Cordova or Lincoln and see if I can still hit anything except the ground.
The other range back in the day was at Centinela Park. Wonder if that one is still there?
Name: Judy Blomsterberg ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 20, 2015, 1:08 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: DeGrazia
Class: 1964
City & State: Harbor City
Message: Welcome home Loretta. I didn't worry about you much kid as I know that an Italian woman can't be muffled for long. For Annie Dye, you sincerely are one of the best sports I've ever known, you always stand quietly by while the girls kiss and hug your hubby, Kissin' Dan Dye. Get well soon kiddo. Thank you to John Pritchard for signing up for the VFW bus trip to Pala, and for that I'll make sure you get an extra bingo card and granola bar with extra fiber. Next: please note that there won't be a VFW breakfast in June (Father's day) but will resume in July. Of course we'll see a lot of you when we set up the firework booth a few days before the 4th. *** I've saved the best for last, so thank you to Miss Karen Fraser for allowing Jan to speak in your 4th grade classroom yesterday. After we passed out pens with a light on the top, all I could see was each kid putting the lighted end in their mouth and turning to their neighbor making a face!! Our thank you visit came about because Karen allowed her students to compose thank you letters to vets that came to the VFW for their Thanksgiving dinner last Nov. How very good it is to see the next set of new people making good moves. Last, Colleen Trott, time to stop spending more time down on the ground than up. Hope you heal up fast. There, I'm done. Ciao!
You forgot Joyce
Name: Jerry Miles ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-May 20, 2015, 8:53 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Fair Oaks CA
Message: As I happen to be doing a little research on Jim Thorpe's life I do have the information about his wives. He had three during his lifetime. The first was Iva in 1917, the second was Freeda who he married in 1926, and lastly and until his death in 1953 was Patricia with their 1945 wedding.
Hey thanks Jer' for the info.
Name: Linda Dill ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-May 19, 2015, 6:44 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Sutton
Class: 1967
City & State: Redondo Beach
Message: I'm pretty sure Jim Thorpe's wife was named Frieda. My dad still has one of her original paintings hanging in his den. Could the Callahan gentleman in the picture be any relation to Ruell class of '64 or '65.
Thanks Linda, Maybe someone knows Ruell or Irene (by the way, Happy Birthday Irene) and could have them take a look before the picture comes down.