Name: Loretta Cuiper ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Mar 2, 2012, 6:59 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 1962
City & State: Hawthorn

Message: Dear Fred so sorry to hear your Momma passed. I first met her when I was 10/11 years old in Cathholic Daughter's of America, she was one of the leaders. Last time I saw your Mom and spoke with her was about 6/7 years ago, and just a month ago I saw her at Church. She was such an interesting Lady, so very strong and her Love for the church was to be admired. What a Lady. I'm sure She will be missed by maney of us, and I know the church has lost a wonderful friend, RIP /Gracie. Loretta Morelli Cuiper
Name: Jerry Simpson ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Mar 2, 2012, 5:15 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Santa Clarita CA.

Message: Hi John, just a note, a hacker got in my email account sent emails to everyone in there saying I need money then wiped out my contact list. If anyone here got one disregard, all well.
OK thanks Jerry
Name: Steve Curtin ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Mar 2, 2012, 11:21 am - HHS Time
Class: 1964
City & State: San Jose, CA

Message: Fred, I'm very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was such a positive person and bundle of energy her whole life. Grace was my 6th grade teacher at St. Joseph's. I remember her coming to my dad's funeral at St. Joe's in 2004. We had a nice chat that day, and I visited with her in September 2010 at our big grammar school reunion. We all became better adults because of your mom. God Bless the Rinaldi family.
Name: Tom Shelley ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Mar 2, 2012, 10:49 am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Beaumont, CA

Message: Grace Rinaldi was indeed a saint. She was truly a "cheerful giver". I believe that everyone who knew her can say that their lives are just a bit better for the association. Rest in peace, Grace. You truly deserve the best that heaven has to offer.
Name: Fred Rinaldi ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Mar 2, 2012, 5:08 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Manhattan Beach

Message: John just want to let all the "holy Joe's" alumni know that my mother, Grace Rinaldi, passed away yesterday evening at the age of 95. She went peacefully after a bout with pneumonia, she always loved getting emails from her past students, many thru Cougartown. She was an inspiration to us all and will be missed. Funeral will be at St. Joseph's and a Rosary at McCormick Mortuary in Inglewood, I'll pass along the details after we set everything up.
Fred, Very sorry to hear of the loss of your mother and yes please pass along the details.
Name: Mary McDermid ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Mar 1, 2012, 7:21 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Strehle
Class: 1958
City & State: Irvine, CA

Message: Hi everyone. If there is anyone out there that remembers Donna Faye Hill (Chandler), I want to let you know that she passed away recently. Marilyn Wyman (Pregler) has offered to host a memorial get together at her house in San Clemente on March 10 at 12:30 p.m. If you would like to attend, please let me know. You can send me email which is best or call at 949-551-9235.
Sorry for the loss of yet another Cougar, Mary. Our sympathies to you and Donna's family.
Name: Linda Dill ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 10:14 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Sutton
Class: 1967
City & State: Redondo Beach

Message: Tonight was the second meeting of the reunion committee for '67's 45 year reunion. Once again we are including the class of '66. Here are the specifics: The Manhattan Beach Marriott on August 25, 2012. The cost will be $75.00/person and $150/couple. This will include dinner. There will be a no-host bar. We have to guarantee $5000.00 so that means that we will need at least 67 people to attend. Any amount over that will help to pay for DJ/Band and any other extras. 5 years ago at the 40 year we had a little over 130 in attendance. The room capacity at the Marriott is 150, so get your reservation/checks in as soon as possible. The hotel will set aside a block of rooms for reunion attendees at a very reasonable rate (approx. $130/night). I will post that rate as soon as it has been finalized. The Manhattan Marriott has a great location with many nice restaurants within walking distance. It is conveniently located for people flying into LAX and you can hop on a shuttle to the beach. Send checks to Judi Storie 13601 Heather Way, Hawthorne, CA 90250 or Linda Dill 2413 Thomas Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. We are using Cougartown and word of mouth to get the word out. John has given us the email list for both the classes so we will soon be sending something out to our classmates. If you have any questions, I will be your Cougartown contact or you can contact Mike and Judi (Zaccaglin)Storie, Pat Duran Morrow, Linda Padilla Siegel, Marsha Stoops Vifquain, or Paul Clark. I hope to see you at the party!
Name: Cindy Pablico ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 9:30 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Christon
Class: 1971
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca.

Message: Hello Cougs well another sad day in case some of you don't know Davy Jones from The Monkees has past away today 2-29-12. Wow can't believe it. Too young. Prayers are with friends, family, fans also to the rest of the group. I hope everyone is doing well.
Name: Neil Larson ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 5:59 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1971
City & State: Crestview Fl

Message: of the Monkeys - 6o's Rock media hype-blitz Rock Band - Davey Jones age 66 dies of Heart Attack- More at Ten see you then!
Name: Jerry Miles ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 1:24 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Fair Oaks, CA
No E-mail
Message: I just remembered another item of the suspenders saga. The school had just mandated or maybe just started enforcing the "all boys must wear a belt" dress code rule. That's how it got started.
Name: Jerry Miles ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 11:47 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Fair Oaks, CA
No E-mail
Message: Hey, I remember Grub Day too. If I remember right I completely forgot about it and just wore my regular clothes. I still won best costume... what's up with that...haha. I also think the varsity football wore red ties on game days. There was another incident that occurred when we all decided suspenders were too cool and started wearing them. But for some reason the HHS powers that be declared them verboten. I don't have a clue why. Suspenders are evil? Does anyone know the details of that one?
Name: Henry Cooper ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 11:09 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Redway Ca.

Message: Mr. Schroeder: Yes I remember GRUB DAY. I thought at the time it was a great Idea. We all really looked Cool. But to our demise the H.H.S. Faculty did not. I recall Coach Chauncey was so upset with me I had to Run the Stadium Steps each day after School and it wasn't Football Season. But BY Golly GRUB DAY was a Gas. Thanks for the Flash Back Jim: Good Luck & Health to us All, Henry
Name: Jim Schroeder ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Feb 29, 2012, 9:11 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Central Point, Oregon

Message: Watching the white flakes drift from the sky -- it's a "snow day" at my school in Southern Oregon. I don't remember ever having a day off for any reason in my 13 years of Hawthorne School District education. (Of course there was the occasional ditch day spent playing cards with George & Dennis Gross when a lack of parental supervision was too tempting -- and an unoffical holiday called "Grub Day.") Anyone recall anything of this nature?
Here we go folks, what did you do on "Rainy Day Session days"?
Name: Clark Millman ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Feb 27, 2012, 10:03 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Manhattan Beach, CA

Message: O. K. Big John I admit it, I'm on a roll, or in proper Cougartown parlance I'm in a zone... a "Cougar zone" that is.I met Robert Lopez ('02) tonight at 24 hour fitness near Sepulveda and Rosecrans. No stalking involved but his HHS alumni baseball t-shirt gave me confidence before I assaulted him verbally to identify him! Big John do I get a cubie doll for 1250 or maybe a chocolate dipped cone at cruise night?
Wellll, not sure about this one Clark, you walking around reading peoples' underwear and all. How about a half sighting.
Name: John Guerra ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Feb 27, 2012, 10:48 am - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Anaheim, Calif

Message: Hey Mr Baker. On the last sunday of every month, there is a record show at a Union Hall in Buena Park at the corner of Dale and Crescent st. I see my good friend Bob Fraser there every month. I happened to notice a person who looked familiar thru Paco's Pics, Cruise night photos that are posted. I went up to him and introduced myself as Class of 60. It happened to be Wayne Dickey Class of 69. We had a nice chat for about 15 minutes, nice person. John just kidding aside, this a more official sighting then the High Sierra Mountain Lion Cougar sighting i had about 3 years ago that i posted on page 963. Take Care Cougars
Now THIS is a Cougar Sighting John, Thanks very much and hope to see you and Wayne at Cruise Night 26.
Name: El Rojo ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Feb 27, 2012, 10:19 am - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Kuna, ID

Message: Hey about a change of tunes from Johnny Otis and go with a good 60's tune. How about Ruby Baby by Dion? Might liven up the mood. MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU! Jake N Jude
P.S JB I don't have it to send to you.
That makes two of us Paco will have it, I'm sure.
Name: Doris Donaldson ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Feb 27, 2012, 9:25 am - HHS Time
Maiden: donaldson
Class: 1957
City & State: Twin Falls, ID
No E-mail
Message: A little mouse tells me it is our own Surfbabe's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLEY GIRL! And many many more!
Happy Birthday Kel
Name: Ron Reinholdson ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-Feb 26, 2012, 10:32 am - HHS Time
Class: 1965
City & State: Claremont, Ca

Message: See you at the Beach Boys. Linda and I have seats in section L3, Row 5 Seats 22-24 (Best I could do at 10:20 this morning.
Thanks Ron
Name: Cal Kappen ~~~~~~~~~~ Sun-Feb 26, 2012, 7:24 am - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Oceanside CA

Message: I worked for Chevron the same time John Hagethorn class of 1960. I wonder how many Cougars wore the white uniform with the bow tie and chevron hat!
Hey Cal, I wore the brown and the Shell and later the Flying A.
Name: Richard Hanson ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Feb 25, 2012, 9:22 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1956
City & State: Simi Valley, Ca

Message: John, why is Cruise Night on Easter weekend, when so many people will be out of town
Thank you Richard, OK, Cruise Night is on March 31th
Name: Steve Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Feb 25, 2012, 12:10 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Laguna Woods
No E-mail
Message: The gas station looks like the one, one block north of El Segundo. The Plaza is in the background. If Clark's sitings get younger, Deputy George may have to speak to the lad. Hawthorne Intermediate is not a siting....
Yes that's the station.
Name: Jerry Miles ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Feb 25, 2012, 10:16 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Fair Oaks, CA
No E-mail
Message: Anita, both the named DJ's were at KFWB in 1965 and this flyer is from then. KRLA took over the sponsorship in 1966 with the Beach Boys, Lovin' Spoonful, Chad and Jeremy, The Byrds, the Leaves, Love, Capt. Beefheart, the Outsiders, and Percy Sledge. That sounds like the one you attended. Wouldn't it be great if all those groups were playing with the Beach Boys this summer (at those 1965 prices as long as we are wishing).
You can't park at those prices
Name: Clark Millman ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 7:50 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Manhattan Beach, CA

Message: Another Cougar sighting Big John! No stalking involved, they just come to me like moths to a flame. While buying some cologne at Macys today I met Maria Pinas (HHS'11). She said there were no gang issues her senior year and Mark Newell is cleaning the place up! Positive all around!
Hey man, great sighting and keep those HHS kids' stories coming. Chalk another one up to Clark folks.
Name: Anita Bell ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 6:28 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Harmon
Class: 1969
City & State: Fair Oaks, Ca

Message: Oh my gosh John - where did you find that flyer for the Summer Spectacular? I can't remember now but did the Hollywood Bowl host more than one Summer Spectacular? Didn't KRLA host one as well? I remember going to the one I believe was in either 1966 or 1967? My memory fails me. But what I do remember was my Dad and Mom dropping me and two of my girlfriends off in front of the Bowl and picking us back up after the concert was over. I remember the Beach Boys as well as the Lovin Spoonful, Chad & Jeremy, and the Byrds. What a blast that was. That was the last time I was at the Hollywood Bowl.
Yep, that ticket is a mind blower for sure. Jerry Miles dug that one up somewhere. Even then I would have been sitting in the cheap seats
Name: Jerry Simpson ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 5:13 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Santa Clarita CA.

Message: Hello John. Just wanted to stick my head in here. And say Hi to everyone. It's been a while since I posted anything. Trying to get use to retirement. Looking forward to the Reunion.
Hey Jerry, Good to hear from you man and let me say Cruise Night is coming up on April 7th so try and make that one. If I don't see you there I will definitely see you at our 50th. Thanks for checking in.
Name: Raymond Smith ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 1:19 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1981
City & State: Portland, OR

Message: Wow John...interesting facts about Hawthorne school zone map. But I for sure think section 21 wasn't Hawthorne's boundary. Anything on the other side of Kornblum (and 116th street) were Morningside school zone. The reason I know this because there was 1/2 guys that used to jump me and steal my money but they never attended HHS.
Raymond, Nevertheless we still had kids from sector 21 going to HHS.
Name: Sharon Leach ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 11:19 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Moore
Class: 1966
City & State: Long beach ca
No E-mail
Message: Bob Jenson has a great idea. If we all buy our tickets for the upper cheap seats, we could call each other when we get there and say where we are sitting. This way we may be able to all sit together.
We all may need each others phone number (about 250 of them)
Name: Bob Jensen ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Feb 24, 2012, 8:16 am - HHS Time
Class: 1971
City & State: Los Angeles
No E-mail
Message: Oh yes I can see Penneys but only the back side of the building. You can also see the Edison building. Penneys was at 139 Market.