Where did you live?
Please check to see is your house is already listed on the sector page before entering your information. If it is, please do not list it again. If there is a problem with your listing: Where did you live during your school years in Hawthorne? Your information will be added to our list so you can see who lived around you. You may be surprised how close you lived to other Cougartown grads.
As you probably know, addresses were changed in the 60s. Please add the new address if you know it, or old address, but not both. Also please no apartment numbers.
Please add as much information as you can. It will help pinpoint where you lived if I can't find you on a map.
Thanks to everyone for their information. This should be a fun project for all.

Because of the email I sent out on March 9th, 100s of Cougars are entering their addresses. I have to enter each one manually so PLEASE be patient. Please do not enter the information for each house more than once as it only slows down the progress. I will eventually get to your house.

Girls, No Married Name
Address of this house before 1964. Please don't add Hawthorne CA 90250
Address of this house after 1963. Please don't add Hawthorne CA 90250
Lived at location from:
Lived at location to:     
Some streets no longer exist, or in the case of Tahoe Av. and others, have been moved because of a Freeway, Hawthorne Mall, etc. If the actual street frontage where your house stood is gone, answer No: (Helps me with finding your house location)
Is your street still there?
Don't know

My street was a:
North-South Street
East-West Street
Corner House:
If you lived in a corner house:
Corner ofStreetCross Street


Between Street Corners:
If you did NOT live in a corner house:
example: I lived in the 5th house east of Aviation on the south side of the street
Approx # of housesDirectionCross streetWhich side?