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Fun song from the early 60's The Marathons

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Name: Elizabeth () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 18:11:19
City and State: Redondo Beach,CA
Maiden: Estrada
Class: 69
Message: Hello Everyone. John Post is a very talented photographer. He has a series of photos he took in Nepal that are very moving. I have one in my office and it always makes me smile. I have a new email address because my friends kept making fun of me still being with AOL. They said it was the internet on training wheels and that it was time for me to let go of the crutches......hmmmmmpf....
Cya in the funny papers.
P.S.....Happy belated birthday, John...I was down with a Master Blaster Virus for a couple of weeks and missed it. I hope it was a happy one.

Thanks Liz, Yes, it was a blast.

Name: ROJO () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 17:36:06
E-Mail: I-DY-HO
City and State: YOU
Maiden: KNOW
Class: 6OH
Message: Ok you guy's, we're still here. Had a few family problem's and haven't felt much like writin (I did grageate but phonics are kewl)! I don't have to root for those jerks from the "Goodyear Co.", as it's not post season. We'll see who's talkin when the walkin's DONE! But better them at #4 than some nondescript from the "little ten". Too bad they couldn't have played Ohio State in the first game. We love ya Maaann!!! MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. Jake N Jude.
I'm not jinxing them by spouting off. We'll just see how they do this year.
BTW, have you seen those "O" guys unis? Man I didn't think they could get any uglier but they went from "June Bug" to "stomped on caterpillar" colors.

Name: Neil Andersen () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 12:08:43
City and State: Dallas, OR
Class: '62
Message: This may make some Cougars "Living On The Other Sides of The World Happy" There is a photographer name John Post, his web site is, now I don't have anything to do with him so this isn't a commerical, but he has several beautiful photos of Manhattan Beach, the shore, pier, etc. I have four myself, but all I'm trying to say is if you miss our old playground, you may find these pictures worth taking at look at.
Very cool Neil, thanks....

Name: Enza Nicocia () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 11:09:07
City and State: Cool Ocean Breezes, SoCal
Maiden: still searching for a heart of gold..& I'm getting old-er.. .. ;-)
Class: 72
Message: Hey Paco, thanks for posting my Mom's PIC. BTW, all the friends of the Nicocia clan can go to Paco's PICS and see a beautiful photo taken of Mama Nicocia at her recent stay at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Nigel. In spite of her terminal Multiple Myeloma, she is feeling SO good, she has me re-potting ALL her flowers in the garden. AND, if you've seen our garden, you would know that it's a full time job!! Wade, Wade, Wade, thanks for all the kind words regarding mama. Your high school football stories were great. I remember all those talented guys on the varsity team, and went to all the friday night football games~(they were ALSO easy on the eyes as I recall. We sure did have some good looking jocks at HHS!) ;-) Hey, just think, next month is the start of your fav NBA team with a few extra's~'Mailman' and bad boy Paton. Now, if we could only get Johnny Cochran to help out Kobe.......

Name: Dale Hahlbeck Jr. () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 01:59:20
City and State: Corona CA
Maiden: "gypsy"
Class: '75
Message: Why yes I do move around alot..damn Witness Protection Program. John, if you did not here..Fred Haynes, Class of 58 I think, died of brain cancer last month. Fred was a long time friend of my dad and all the old and new Hahlbeck's....he even tried to teach me how to water ski...yikes I spent more time under water than above it.
I would also suggest, after reading many responses like my friend Jodi A. to thank you for beginning this Cougar labor of love, but I am shocked more of us "Cougs" do not have a revolving gold star by their names to help you pay for the expense of keeping this website, cruise nights, etc going for our entertainment and to assist us in rekindling old friendships. If any of you have benefited from this website in anyway send your $10 to John, not only to show your appreciation for this website, but can you imagine going to the alumni list and seeing all those kewl gold stars spinning around....... instant "flashback" man.. right Faelin?? So get the checkbook out NOW and send in the dough. Meanwhile KIM Clark my drinking buddy.. get well soon......Jodi keep "clawing" away gal (get it Cougar..claw) and I promise to see ya soon in Bakersfield. Sorry this got too wordy, but I am still six paragraphs shorter than a Keith Jones remembrance...and I apologize to all my teachers and Mr. Key for any misssspellings in this feedbak, I did grajuate from HHS ya know...ttfn H1 (Don't forget to put up my rad senior pic for the ladies John!!)

Hey Dale, Thanks for the PSA on Cougartown memberships. And yes, we heard about Fred Haynes. It was posted several times by many a few weeks ago. Great Coug.
I see you moved to the city named after a pretty good beer. Please update your address under memberships so your fellow 75ers will know where to drive you home.

Name: Dale Craig () on Friday, September 5, 2003 at 01:39:21
City and State: Cougartown Ca
Class: 76
Message: Jodi thanks for the information about Kim's mother. I wrote to her today. it was great to hear from fellow Cougars to see how they're doing. a belated birthday goes to the person who started Cougartown, Mr John Baker. a big win for the Trojans in hostile waters in humid Alabama. great win good luck against BYU aka the Cougars. hope everyone had a great summer it was fun for me too. now back to reality hope to see you at homecoming. almost forgot, A&W root beer is now open at Hawthorne Crossroads center at Rosecrans & Oceangate. see you soon. Dale W Craig
Thanks Dale and glad you're still out there. See you soon.

Name: Karen () on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 22:00:57
E-Mail: Karentamulonis
City and State: Brisbane, Ca
Maiden: Avena
Class: 64
Message: My Sister Valerie and I were with my Mom last week to say our last good byes to our Dad, he passed away August 22. We took a ride around Hawthorne just to take our minds off everything that happened. It was refreshing to see all of our old hangouts and to reflect on better times. We even took a picture of Foster's while it's still standing and drove by HHS to see what changes were being made. I don't think I would have gone on the memory lane ride if it hadn't been for Cougartown keeping us up to date on what's happening in our little town of Hawthorne. Thanks for making a sad time a little easier to accept. Memories are more important than we really are aware of.
Hi Karen, So sorry for your loss, and yes, memories are very important, especially at our age.

Name: Patsy () on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 15:52:44
City and State: Visalia,CA
Maiden: Stephens
Class: 1960
Message: Does anyone know where Barry Justice is? Please respond to me at

Name: Kathy Jensen-Robinson () on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 15:28:18
City and State: Hemet, CA
Maiden: Jensen
Class: 1980
Message: John, Glad to hear that you had a wonderful Birthday weekend. Now that you are back, you need to contact my brother Bill for the two yearbooks that you wanted to borrow. He also has a check for you for a Cougartown T-shirt, unless he mailed that off to you already. If you need Bill's phone number just email me.
Thanks for everything John, you are the best!

Hi Kathy, Thanks for the loan of the yearbooks, but they'll have to wait awhile as I have lots to do here this month and next. Bill, please mail the check and I'll get the Tshirt out to Kathy.

Name: Maureen Trott () on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 14:11:02
City and State: Hawthorne, CA
Maiden: Trott
Class: 1964
Message: KATHY TIFT: You wanted infomation on Bea Infante...she lives somewhere in the valley and my sister is going to see her sister Anita today, so I should have the info for you tomorrow.
Maureen, you better email this info to Kathy as I don't think she checks the feedback page too often.

Name: Rosa Martinez () on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 13:31:28
City and State: Detroit, Michigan
Class: 1996
Message: Great site....
Thanks Rosa, and welcome.....

Name: Gary Jackson () on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 21:33:39
City and State: Phila.,PA.
Class: 1982
Message: Hello Cougars, I need help locating a few friends: Eli Lopez('83), Dwight McCoy('82)and Domingo Montero('82). If anyone has any information on these three please e-mail me. THANKS.

Name: Jill McFarlane () on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 18:44:07
City and State: Mission Viejo, CA
Class: 1977
Message: Hope you had a nice Labor day weekend. Yes, Paco and I went golfing yesterday and I am so sorry about that bump on your head Paco!

Name: kathy () on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 16:51:23
City and State: Tustin Ranch, Ca
Maiden: Tift
Class: 62
Message: Hi to Class of 62, if there's any of you left. I'm offering $1,000.oo for anybody who can locate Bea Infante or her sister, any of the Infantes, and get an email address or phone number. Come on, George Rae or Jim Reale, didn't one of you guys date her? I don't know why not, you dated everybody else!!! Somebody, find her!!!! She's got to be out there. Thanks, kathy mandel-reese (Tift)

Name: Paco () on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 15:28:36
City and State: Lake Forest
Class: 1961
Message: El Rojo, you are awful quiet out there. Glad you're a Trojan...Played golf with Jill McFarlane and Dean on Monday, what a swing..Peace!
How about those number 8ers moving up to numbers 4&5. I like it.....da-daaaaah-da-da-da-daaaaah-da-da-da-daaaah-da-da-da-daaaaah.....
Whattayathink there Russ boy and where's Robin and those "O" guys?

Name: doris () on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at 14:16:11
City and State: twin falls, idaho
Maiden: donaldson
Class: '57
Message: HEY KAREN KUEHL! And what is more, I am proud to be a CougarTOWN Cougar! Thank you John so many times over!
Thanks for being out there, Doris.

Name: Janet Burkett () on Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at 23:06:44
City and State: Ca
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Message: Robin...the only thing close to a "double wide" was the boat. And, we nearly dumped that big sucker, wine, cheese and all! As for the "derby"...they wouldn't let John drive again this year. But, boy, did we have fun! NOW is your birthday over JB1???
Yes Janet, now it's over.

Name: Jan Blomsterberg () on Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at 22:47:34
City and State: Torrance, CA
Class: 63
Message: "Poor is the nation that has no heroes. Shameful is the nation that has heroes...and forgets them. No nation can long survive without pride in its traditions." (Unknown)
LAST SATURDAY YOU LEFT US... IN MEMORY OF CAPT JAMES WALTER JONES - Marine Corps; 48 year old Married, Caucasian, Male born on 08/05/20; from Hawthorne, California. Length of service 22 years. His tour of duty began on 06/13/68; Casualty was August 30, 1968 in QUANG NGAI, SOUTH VIETNAM. "I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." (Adlai Stevenson) You are not forgotten...Semper Fi, Captain.
SUNDAY WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY... IN MEMORY OF PFC EDWARD JEROME SHAUGHNESSY - Army; 198th Light Infantry Brigade; 24 year old Married, Caucasian, Male born on August 31, 1944; from Hawthorne, California. Length of service 1 year. His tour of duty began on 03/10/69; Casualty was on 06/11/69 in QUANG NGAI, SOUTH VIETNAM. "I do not know the dignity of his birth, but I do know the glory of his death." (General Douglas MacArthur) May you never be forgotten...
MONDAY WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY... IN MEMORY OF 1LT THOMAS BLAKE DAILY - Army; 26 year old Married, Caucasian, Male born on September 1, 1940; from Hawthorne, California. Length of service 4 years. His tour of duty began on 09/01/66; Casualty was on 05/21/67 in BIEN HOA, SOUTH VIETNAM. "Courage is almost a contradiction in terms: it means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die." (G.K. Chesterton) You are not forgotten...Thank you, Lieutenant

Name: Karen () on Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at 21:14:57
City and State: Templeton, CA
Maiden: Graham
Class: 59
Message: I agree with you, Jodi! If each of us told our stories of how much Cougartown has affected our lives, John, you wouldn't have enough room on this site! I believe that all of our lives have been touched and changed, mostly because of the people we've met or re-met, the stories we've heard about each other and the fellowship we've shared with the inhabitants of Cougartown. I know I don't write very often, but I do watch what's going on in Ctown. I think most of us who peek in from time to time, find that we're laughing and crying right along with everybody else. It's the best town in the country!! Agree, everyone?
I'm so proud to be a Cougar!!

Ahh thank you Karen....

Name: Linnea Howe () on Friday, August 29, 2003 at 00:01:08
City and State: Oxnard, Ca
Maiden: Howe
Class: 73
Message: How is everyone out there? Class of 1973

Name: Kathy Martinez () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 22:46:30
City and State: Spokane, WA
Maiden: Tindel
Class: '77
Message: Shannon, Sorry to hear about Bret and I'll certainly keep him in my prayers. Hope all goes well and let us know if there's anything further we can do to show our support. God bless.

Name: Larry/Loretta Cuiper () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 21:57:57
City and State: Hawthorne, Ca
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 60/62
Message: Again and always, we wish you the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and as always you are a special friend. Get in touch with us when you come back from the weekend. Have a great weekend too! Love ya--ALWAYS A COUG--
Thanks Loretta and Larry....OK, "I'm BAAAACK!!!"

Name: Jodi () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 19:09:14
City and State: CA
Class: 1975
Message: Dear John,
I believe that as humans we are sent to this earth for a reason, and sometimes we don't know why or what our purpose on earth is for. I have often wondered why I was here, because everyone around me had a special talent, and I didn't think I ever had anything special. I was put on disability 2 years ago for Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr, and also had Carpal tunnel in both hands. I had surgery on both hands and the left hand did not heal properly, so I had 5 more procedures to try to correct the problem. Bottom line is, my left hand will not heal, (I am left handed) and I am totally disabled now, and lost my job. Without rambling on, I started to keep a journal, and when I could use my hand, I would type a little every day. I started to write my dad a letter in February of this year, for Father's Day, and just finished it last week. It turned into a book. To my surprise, I found my talent, I can write, and pretty darn good if I say so my self! I wrote a story about growing up in Hawthorne, and kind of did a little history of my dad's childhood in Lomita, and how things have changed over the years. The book was a huge success, my Dad, a man of few words said, that he has never received a more perfect gift than this memory book that I put together for him.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much you have touched my life, and the gift you have given everyone of the thousands of students that have passed thru the halls of Hawthorne High School. Your time here on earth was a gift to me and my entire fellow Cougars, for without you and your Gift that you have been given, people's lives have been changed for the better. Friendships lost long ago have been rekindled. Lost loves have been found. And new friendship are too many to count.
I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and say THANK YOU for all the hard work that you put into this "Labor of Love" called Cougartown. I am sure I speak for all of the Hawthorne High alumni when I say, Thank you John Baker, for you have truly used YOUR TALENT and have had a huge impact on changing peoples lives for the good, and my world has become a better place because you were in it.
Always a Cougar,
Jodi Alexander Class of 75

Ah geez Jodi, I don't know what to say after that except thank you very much for the very kind sentiments, but you all know that from the beginning, the website had no grand plan. It just seemed to happen and became what it is today in spite of me. It's because of y'all that the website has become a hub for HHSers past. Anyway, without carrying on too much, I say, "Let friendships begun, stay true til the end" and I'm so thankful Cougartown has turned out the way it has. Thanks again Jodi, and I'm glad you like it too.

Name: Robin () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 18:19:43
City and State: RB,CA
Maiden: Hoody
Class: Johns Age +1
Message: Bass boating and a demo derby John?..Sounds like your heading for the double wide up north...have a great B-Day weekend, and dont forget the short case and the bug zapper for some more great entertainment. Have a great labor day Cougs.:o)
Thanks Robin, Had a great time at the destruction derby and on Bass Lake.

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 13:13:30
City and State: Sullivan, Illinois
Maiden: Badger
Class: 1963
Message: Happy Birthday, John! I believe that the rules stipulate that you may celebrate right through the week-end that is closest to your actual birthday. So, Tuesday morning looks like the next time you need to worry about anything but Birthday Fun!
Thank you Sharon.....I know it's Demolition Derby night at the Mariposa County Fair on Saturday night and a patio boat on Bass Lake on Monday.
So, as I slowly sink into the Labor Day Weekend sunset, everyone be real careful out there and I'll see you all back here on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Also don't forget that this Saturday is the Northern Cal Reunion in Sacramento, so any of you who can make that one please do so. I know it'll be a fun get together.

Name: Jerry Rigney () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 13:08:03
City and State: Palmdale, Ca
Class: '59
Message: Hey big John HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Thanks Jerry....

Name: Patsy () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 10:51:20
E-Mail: N.
City and State: Welter
Maiden: Weatherly
Class: 1960
Message: I am looking for someone named Edson Little who graduated in 1959, or left school in 1959. Hello to all those that I did know.
Please respond

Name: Jan Peterson () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 10:09:23
City and State: Carmichael, CA
Maiden: Freeman
Class: 1967
Message: A very Happy Birthday to the God of Cougartown...Have a great day today! You are the best. :o) Jan
Thanks Jan and I see you've still got that dyslexia thing happenin'.

Name: Janet Burkett () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 09:02:42
City and State: CA
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Thank you about dinner at El Cids?

Name: Susan King () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 08:50:09
City and State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
Message: Happy Birthday Baker Man!! Have a great day and it sounds like it's gonna turn in to a Birthday Bash weekend! Love ya! Sue, Darryl and Stewie
Hi Sue, thanks and at my age the "Birthday Bashes" have given way to, open the card......fall asleep.

Name: Carolyn () on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 08:31:56
City and State: Ann Arbor, MI
Maiden: Gamradt
Class: 1962
Message: John, I share Jill McFarland's sentiments as she stated them so well on 8/22. I don't believe our paths crossed in high school but I feel like I've gotten to know you these past couple of years through C-town and want to wish you a very Happy Birthday today and thank you again for all your efforts in making Cougartown such a joy! Enjoy your day!!

Hi Carolyn, Thank you for being a part of Cougartown and thanks too for the nice BD wishes.

Name: Kathy Jensen-Robinson () on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 22:55:28
City and State: Hemet, CA
Maiden: Jensen
Class: 1980
Message: Congrats Bill, it was a wonderful retirement party and it was great seeing both of my wonderful brothers today.
BTW John, Bill has the yearbooks that you need and a check for the t-shirt that I ordered since he lives a lot closer to you. Please contact me at the numbers I gave you so that I can give you Bill's number. Also I hear Happy Birthday is in order John. I guess this comes a few hours early.

Thanks Kathy, and yes, I will get the yearbooks when I return next week.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 22:32:29
City and State: Sherman Oaks
Class: 77
Message: Shannon, please add me to the list of Bret's many friends who have him in their thoughts and prayers. I remember when I was on the Aviation Little League "Stars" when I was 11 and coming over to your house and watching you guys work out on the drum kit (as I recall "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe sticks out in my mind). I remember Bret and all the Keys' as great guys. I wish only the best for all ya'all.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at