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In honor of the mid 70's HHS gym incident.... > Ray Stevens

Name: Robert Ruggeri () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 13:36:40
Maiden: Ruggeri
Class: 1969
Message: Okay guys and gals it's Ruggeri checking in. This will be my first post here but not my last. I will be back soon, I was taken by surprise so I haven't had time to read the dialog here and catch up on this site. Peace
The sun-glass wearing weight lifting concert going kind of guy.
Hi Bill! Do you still have red hair :o)

Hey Robert, Welcome to C-town - Enjoy...

Name: David Barboza () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 08:38:49
Maiden: Maybe I could use one
Class: 74
Message: It is a beautiful Saturday morning and 6:35am. The house is quiet and I am pouring over Feedback memories. I am so glad to see that the classes from the 60's are coming out. Times and styles may have changed, but memories are still the same. I am still hoping that someone knows the where abouts of my secret heart throb. Gotta tell ya John. This is much better and more enjoyable reading in the morning over coffee than any newspaper.
David, We try to keep all the "downer news" (Freeway car chases, Drive-bys, etc) OUT of the Feedback and publicize the fun things from our lives. It's far more special. Thanks David

Name: Sharon Willis () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 04:13:20
Maiden: Willis
Class: 72
Message: Wow, I can't go back and read everything and it is frustrating!!! Ahh I want it all! Sloey I remember you hun, and your brother, brothers? I went with T-Mack (Terry) class of 69?, he had brother Pat, sister Bobbie, and they had a younger sister..long time ago I don't remember her name. anyway... to The person who said the Taco burrito was from Andys in Hermosa, the original name when I was around was Taco Bills same place I assume. Now Hennessey's, as I was just on the mainland to see how Hermosa has changed... Anyone remember the store next HHS, what was it called? And Melanie I do remember Karna!!! I loved her and I think I was in her first class at HHS..ceramics. Anyone know what happened to Pam Cleeton! Remember her old car in the yearbook it was in Senior square. I have heard some odd stories, please let me know if anyone has info... mahalo... PS Oh I am a Cabrillo, Peter Burnett and (Richard Henry) Dana Jr, high school graduate too! that is before they made the bitchen park into Sepulveda school, where I might add some of you live in Houses there now!!! Later..
All Right Sharon!!! Another excited Cougar from our past. I can smell those "Memory Brain Cells" cookin' from here Sharon. Thanks for all the memories and I somehow I sense that you're going to be a regular.

Name: Sharon Willis Quesnel () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 03:38:04
Maiden: Willis
Class: 72
Message: Wow! This is soo great! Thank you John..class of 62. As I lived in Hawthorne till well 9months to 18 years I love to read about the ol' days!
Looking forward to getting into this web page, but wanted to log on and see what the haps are.
But do we all remember 26th Street Manhattan, Now that was a hang out for my era!
Aloha as I am on Maui now and living the good life!
Sharon Willis
Drillteam Captain 72'
Oh is that my only claim to fame? How about the "drunken brawl at Drillteam Captains house" now that was local news in the Daily Breeze, or should I say the daily blab...
Anyone please email me back..
Oh Scarlet and gold....

Name: Jerry Miles () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 00:38:07
Class: 66
Message: Seeing the joking going on about Robin Hood's name has made my think about other great Coug's names. I know there was a Royal Lord and a Jack Hammer. Although my favorites didn't go to HHS. I think they were at Mira Costa. They were Ben Dover and his sister Eileen. Does anyone know of others?

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 00:13:05
Class: 1967
Message: Connie Jax Beverly,
No Connie you are not the only class of 1967 person out there. In fact your name has been mentioned before. It can also be found on the class of 1967 missing persons list. John another missing person has been found! One less on the list (let's see 30MB -100 * 8+1+1) he-he :-) Connie it is great to see another Alumnus from 1967. The missing persons list is a list of people for whom Pat Duran Morrow and Judi Zaccaglin Storie could not find addresses. It can be found by clicking the link found on the reunions page. Also John is close to publishing a new page to sign up for an alumni news letter. Keep looking at Cougartown for more information. It will take you days or weeks to go through all of the Cougartown pages within the pages. Enjoy!

Name: ginnie l shelton () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 23:04:31
Maiden: ginnie l durizzi
Class: 1965
Message: i moved my jr year to monmoth oregon but went to grad school in hawthorne and was wondering about names i can remember; maryann zack, gary durante. hard to remember more. my sister was dee durizzi 4 years older. if anyone remembers any of these names let me know thkx

Name: Connie Beverly () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 22:52:43
Maiden: Jax
Class: 67
Message: Mr. Baxter
He was my most unforgettable teacher. He was a new teacher in 1967. I believe he was straight from Nebraska. A big guy looking alot like Clark Kent with the horned rim glasses and all. I had him for English and speech all 4 years. Every September a "smart guy" in the class would call him a "Commi" or a "Pinko" and Mr. Baxter would get beet red and go over and grab the guy by the shirt and give him what for. The first year I was scared, the following years I would just crack up and say here we go again. I remember the last day of school Marilyn Gore brought him a rum and coke. I know he refused it, what was she thinking anyway?
I would go back and visit when I was in college. During the seventies he had couches, the drapes drawn, black lights, posters and FM music. What a difference from the conservative Mr. Baxter from Nebraska or Iowa.

Name: Bill Wadman () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 22:06:50
Class: 75
Message: Still alive and well. Been in Vegas 22 years

Name: Connie Beverly () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 21:19:38
Maiden: Jax
Class: 67
Message: to add to memories: Leonards Fashions on Hawthorne & 120th, Disneyland Grad-nite, Pacific Ocean Park, Long Beach Pike, Memorial Center dances with Casey Kasem, Maria Del Gato is alive,alive. KRLA, KFWB, Lloyd Thaxton, Ninth Street West, Shabang, Shivery, The Riots,

Name: Cheryl () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 21:05:49
Maiden: Bladow
Class: 68
Message: If anyone is interested had some good lawyer jokes as well as others, just go to category and select what you want

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 20:36:15
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
Message: Pauline-
Gee, wish I could help you with those girls - I don't know where they are. But I do remember Lynn Eggum - I borrowed a dress from her to wear to the Prom. She was in my typing class - Mrs. Corliss - whew, she was mean! What a night at the Prom - sat with Rodger Suikonen (sp) and Sandy Coppock. I went with a guy from North High in Torrance - the Beach Boys were great!
Good luck in your search. I'd like to know what ever happened to Sandy Coppock!

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 18:02:21
Class: 66

Name: pauline matthew () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 17:44:46
Maiden: spencer
Class: 1969
Message: hi john- i'm looking for one of my friends, susie essner. i have not talked to her in years. last time i heard she was living in palm springs. also i'm looking for lana berry and lynn eggum, class of 69. please help.
thanks, pauline matthew

Hi Pauline, Can anyone out there help with these names? Thanks

Name: Mark Sanches () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 17:34:16
Class: 1980
Message: I left school just before my senior year - but I have many fond memories of HHS Faculty and Alumni - was very surprised to find Cougar Town but glad it's here. Ive already sent 3 E-mails to good friends from those days and just got my first response back. This is going to be fun and I look forward to contacting as many of you as possible. So keep an eye out for my note to you and I'll try to send a picture too !!!!

Name: Connie Beverly () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 16:06:18
Maiden: Jax
Class: 67
Message: I did not see a category for alumni for 1964-68. Am I the only one you found so far?
Connie, Thanks for finding us. NO, there're plenty of 64-68 people. Please look again.

Name: Jackie Lester () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 15:09:43
Maiden: Baumgardner
Class: 55
Message: Loved the pictures of the Croziers. I knew them when! They were friends of my parents and Cleona was the BEST whistler I had ever heard. Someone told me she is still whistling. I printed the picture and will be sure to give it to my mother Pearl Baumgardner who will turn 90 in Sept. Glad to see them looking so well.
Thanks to all who put these great remembrances and events on this site.
I just got an email from an old girl friend I haven't seen or heard from in 40 + years. She found my name on our Alumni list. Thanks John.

Hi Jackie, That's what we're here for, to bring'em together. Isn't that a great feeling? Thanks Jackie, for letting me know too.

Name: Marty Keyser () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 13:25:54
Class: 1966
Message: Thank you Mr. McGrorty, where ever you are.


THE BEACH BOYS (yeah, THOSE Beach Boys)

Name: Loretta Cuiper () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 13:17:53
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 62
Message: Hello John, Where are you? Did I miss a message that you would be going out of town. You have us spoiled, we are so use to you putting all the messages in Cougartown that day or the next. So I hope you are just busy busy, but I miss seeing your little remarks on the messages. Where or Where has our Good Old Boy Gone. Come back to us, we miss you, Please E Home!!!!!!!!
Loretta, No, I haven't gone away. I know you need a FIX of Feedback, as this IS addicting huh. Deep breaths....that's it now.....feel better??

Name: Robin () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 11:52:56
E-Mail: yes
Maiden: having name changed
Class: 60
Message: Soooo....An attorney is in dire need of a brain transplant....Just before surgery the team of surgeons come to his room and explain he has a choice as to what kind of brain he wants...."Engineers brain will cost you $5,000....Rocket scientist brain will be $7,500...attorneys brain is $50,000"...The patient screams "Why is the attorney brain so D**N expensive!!!....Doc says "Do you know how many attorneys it takes to get an ounce of brain?"...:o) ( much to get my named changed? I think Marion would be the "Duke") later Cougs...
Robin, I'm glad you said, "Like The Duke". I thought you meant "Like The Maid".

Name: Susan Walling () on Friday, June 4, 1999 at 11:46:17
Maiden: Ciampa
Class: 77
Message: Hi Gloria, Don, & Peggy! John, once again you are incredible and I LOVE this site.
Don, I remember you! Thanks for reminding me about cruising Redondo Beach, Van Nuys Blvd in the Miller's jeep, and racing my little '65 Corvette on Pershing Drive. My husband always wonders why I smile when we drive down Pershing... suppose I should tell him the story of the night I dropped the rear-end out of my prize car on Pershing? You know, I would have won that night too! Hmmm... I think some stories are better left untold!
Gloria, working at Boys Market was a blast. I remember "Jack" AND the price check incident. What a riot that was!!!!!!! Having had the opportunity to work with Jack for many years, I can assure you that he wasn't THAT hard of hearing, but a great practical joker! I'm sure he knew exactly what he was saying as he loved getting a rise out of people... especially us "green" kids as he would put it. He was a great guy though and really did keep us all laughing. Remember when a certain "boxboy" let 1200 crickets go in the produce department? Or the month that 50 cases of whipping cream cans were returned because a certain group of employees were sucking the gas out of the cans in the dairy box and then the whipped cream wouldn't squirt? Remember when they gave us portable microphones so we could make price checks quicker... until a certain employee keyed the microphone on one and kept flushing the toilet in the warehouse, broadcasting it over the P.A. system in the store? Hey John... do you think Boys Market employees should just have their own page so we don't take up all the space in Feedback?
Peggy Treckman... I was just looking at pictures of our 8th grade graduation from St. Joseph's a few days ago. I remember walking past your house everyday too.... on my way to Ben's Market! Nice to hear from you.
I just received an email from Keith Jones so at least we know he's still alive! Hey Keith.... come back, we could use a few more KJ stories.
For all of you HHS Cougar Marching Band alumni and fans, I had breakfast with our old director, Alex DeLaO yesterday. He is doing great and it was really nice to see him again. Gee John... now I really owe you lunch at El Tarasco!

Susan, Yes I will get ta' workin' on a Boy's Market Page REEAALL soon. El Tarasco?? I AM THERE!!

Name: Larry Cutler () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 17:16:18
Class: 1965
Message: Far out!
Hey Larry, Glad you found us.

Name: Matt Peterson () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 17:12:13
Class: 74
Message: Just wanted to say I enjoy this site. Its Great. Is there any plans for a 25 year reunion for the class of 74?
Hi Matt, I haven't heard about a 25 year reunion and neither has HHS. Sorry

Name: Glenn Crist () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 16:49:44
Class: 1964
Message: John, I don't think it's the Commodore 64 that is responsible for all of those lost messages. It's those smilely faces; I know what they're up to after they've disappeared from your screen. Why else do you think they'd be smiling.
Glenn, So THAT'S what those little squeeky noises are, in my computer, after I turn it off.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 14:34:34
Class: 66
Message: SO GOD and the devil get in an argument over the boundary between HEAVEN and hell. GOD puts up a fence and the devil in his pick up [gotta be a dodge] backs over a part of the fence. GOD says devil you have to pay to have the fence fixed. The devil says no way I ain't fixing it. [the devil is not very learned either] GOD says then devil I shall sue you. The devil says go ahead but remember you don't have any lawyers! How's that Robin Hood? Is that your real name? Come on tell the truth! SLOEY
Jim, No, his real name used to be Friar Tuck, but he had so many people ask him if that was his real name, he had to change it.

Name: Robin () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 13:44:09
E-Mail: yes
Class: 60
Message: Time Magazine's The Person of the Century. I just pulled this off of Times latest edition. You have to be proud to be a Cougar.
1 Elvis Presley ----- 716121
2 Bill Gates ----- 650774
3 Albert Einstein ----- 556378
4 Hal Chauncey ----- 487326
5 Adolf Hitler ----- 412569
6 Pope John Paul II ----- 249013
7 Martin Luther King ----- 208130
8 Billy Graham ----- 142150
9 Mohandas Gandhi ----- 116699
10 Ronald Reagan ----- 52393
11 John Lennon ----- 33355
12 Mother Teresa ----- 25933
13 Winston Churchill ----- 24680
14 Madonna ----- 19904
15 John Baker ----- 13453
16 Pope Paul VI ----- 8103
17 Franklin D. Roosevelt ----- 7844
18 Nelson Mandela ----- 6891
19 Princess Diana ----- 6884
20 V1---V6 girls ----- 6403

Yeah, you're a sick lizard Robin.At least "The King" is #1. It's nice to know that "Sex" beats out "Money" and "Brains". I can't believe Madonna beat ME out though!!!
I demand a recount.

Name: Robin () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 12:00:04
E-Mail: yes
Class: 60
Message: John, are you sure you are receiving all the feedback messages? I have sent two since tuesday despite being called an access but neither were posted....And one was my best attorney joke. Has that Commodore 64 of yours given up the ghost or is J. Sloey your new editor? I want answers!! (sorry forgot my Prozac this morning) Later Cougs:o)
Robin, A couple of nights ago there was no email coming to this site. Anything that was sent on Tuesday between about 3pm and 10pm Pacific Time was vaporized by my web hosting service. I think it IS that TRS80 Server they're using.Resend it if it's that good.

Name: LGW () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 11:36:31
Maiden: Geele
Class: 76
Message: I know *I* for one was trying to make life easier for you, John, by not inundating you with messages. But that plan has backfired. So let the floodgates open! (gee, try to be nice to your elders and look what happens . . . remind me not to get cranky when I get old). Mandi Treckman mentioned the slides in german class. I was one of the madchens in the slides (along with Taimi Crowell and Leanne Newsome -- where are they now?!). We got to miss half a day of class to go to Alpine Village and take the slides. I can still remember Leanne saying "What do you mean I'm a size 85?!" when she was handed her dirndl. I was jealous since my dirndl was size 112. Taimi got to wear the lederhosen since it went only to about size 52 and she was the only one who could fit into them. After we took the slides, we got to "essen apfelstrudel und trinken schokolade mit schlag" (hope I remembered that right). The strudel and hot chocolate scene then became a slide as well. And after that little snack we barely fit into those costumes.
Made me realize why the Alpine folk are so healthy looking. . .

Hi Laura, No, the messages do not bother me at all. It is ME that's behind here. And let's talk about that OLD word.... let's see class of 76....86....96..97..98..99 +18 ......carry the......MAN I think the words "Spring Chicken" maybe shouldn't be used too close to where you're standin' either.Thanks Laura

Name: Loretta Cuiper () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 11:32:23
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 62
Message: It seems to be very quiet out there! Most all must be busy, but if anyone knows where Phyllis Adams,(63) is nowadays, please let her know that I was asking about her. I remember she was a very talented young lady with that sewing needle, did you go anywhere with the Fashion World?

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 11:07:50
Maiden: DeGrazia
Class: 64
Message: I'm hoping that a few old classmates from the early 1960's can help me find Dan Grimsley from the class of '62. Several people are looking for him and an e-mail with any info would be appreciated. Thanks Judy D.

Name: Daniel N. Gonzales () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 10:38:11
Class: 1967
Message: Hello fellow Alumni. I just found out about this web page and want to express my profound thank you to all those that contributed to its conception. I see that there are a great many individuals missing from the Class of 67.
Hi Dan and welcome. If you know the whereabouts of any classmates, please steer them toward Cougartown as we need them ALL.

Name: Ricki Farrell () on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 01:36:46
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
Message: Hi Cougars! I finally got a chance to read Cougartown. I'm in the middle of setting up our annual art show and have had no extra time. My husband is connecting stuff to my laptop for the show tomorrow night and it gave me the break I so richly deserved.
I remember pinning artwork to display boards a couple of days ahead and being ready to go on the night of... no more, now we do everything on the same day and since computer graphics and animation have entered my life, I have to run a show within a show. Enough of that.
John, I don't know how much I missed, or where it went, but I haven't a clue as to what form or newsletter you guys are talking about. I thought that I had read everything. I sure as heck took enough "butt" jokes to last me a lifetime. I honestly didn't mean to bring V5 into it. I thought that it was an innocent little story, which really did scare me. Believe me!
My mom is staying here right now and she says, "howdy John!" She's here for my art show. I don't think that she's ever missed one. This is my 30th. We're having a grand time reminiscing about the old days. She's experienced a lot in her life and has a lot of interesting perspectives. She also has fallen in love with our dog. An incredible first for her since previously she's hated animals. But when you have a winner, you have a winner. What are you going to do. Since she's such an experienced babysitter she's agreed to babysit "Samantha" if the need ever arises. Sammy's really become attached to her and we don't look forward to the day when Sammy's grandma goes back home.
Congratulations to all of you parents who have children graduating.

Hi Mom "V", Ricki, Jim, and Sammy, It's about time you checked in here. I was just getting ready to send out a Cougartown scouting party. Send me a picture from your art show. Let's put a couple up here for everyone to see. Also, I think we've finally pushed Patty's popciclized posterior past the proverbial pun point. It's time to "chuck her cheeks in the ice chest" and move on here....So what OTHER Valencia tales have you for us Ricki?? Or maybe Mom "V" has one or two about YOU Hmmmm. WAIT.......we'll save them for the Newsletter.

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