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.....another cruise night memory flogger for the early 60's group. If you don't remember Hunter Hancock, you didn't own an AM radio. Hunter Hancock was an LA Icon in the 50's and 60's. I remember him on KPOP and KGFJ. Thanks El Rojo for the clip Hunter Hancock

Name: Ingrid Larson () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 13:33:28
Maiden: Larson
Class: 74
Message: I'll do my bit to push things along to the Cruise Night. Over the weekend I was telling a friend about the CT web site, and trying to explain the many facets of the web site, and ultimately, the Feedback portion. I told her how we were all going to meet at Foster's this Saturday night - people from all different graduating classes and backgrounds - some surfers, some rah-rah's - some bookworms - some troublemakers - some wallflowers - some jocks. I was excited at the prospect. My friend, however, failed to see what I was getting excited about. She told me that from her perspective, High School was really nothing more than a chapter in her past. She enjoyed her time in high school, heck she was popular, a cheerleader even. But in more than 30 years, she hasn't been to one reunion. "It's the past, and I'd rather live my life in the present, or the future."
Well, I realize it's all a matter of perspective. I feel that if you turn your back on the past; the people and events that shape and mold you into what you are now; you may loose track of who you have become. I can't help but feel bad for all those folks out there that choose not to try to catch up with any of their long lost friends. Once again, John, thanks for making this all possible for so many of us. We Cougars salute you!

Ingrid, My words exactly. There are two Lines to stand in here. The one line is for people who don't go to reunions or even CARE what's happened to their high school friends and for them, that's fine. The OTHER Line is for the people who want to reconnect with their "Joined at the Hip" friends. It's not living in the past as much as it is finding long lost acquaintances. Anyway, I don't know about you, be I'm gonna be standing in that Looonng Line over there.Thanks Ingrid

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 11:37:38
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
Message: Matt Peterson at least remembers seeing the historic moon landing as it was happening. I, being one to fall asleep anytime I am in a comfortable seat in a dark place, fell asleep and missed most of this historic event. I only saw the replays. I also have slept through "Gone With the Wind", "The Music Man", "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", hurricanes, and earthquakes.
It's really amazing how quickly technology has progressed in the last half of the 20th Century. Just think - in 1999 space flight is routine but in 1899 automobiles were still a new thing!
Robin Hood - names can cause some strange problems sometimes. When I was attending El Camino in 1964 or so, I was getting on the bus at the corner by the school to go to South Bay and dropped my wallet which fell into a storm drain. I called the City Public Works to help get it out. They asked my name and I replied "Sharon Badger". They laughed and hung up - it was April 1st and they thought it was a joke. It took 3 or 4 calls before I could convince them that I really needed help. Now living in Wisconsin (the Badger State), my brother reports that no one will take a pizza delivery order from "Tim Badger" on April 1st. Additionally, when my father worked for the state a number of years ago, people often thought his business cards were a joke.

OK OK.....I got it!! If Sharon Badger married Crusader, divorced him and married Tony, divorced him and married Bullwinkle, divorced him and married Rocky, divorced him and married Rags,
She'd be Sharon Badger Rabbit Tiger Moose Squirrel Tigeri GOTTA' get a life......

Name: BILL ASHDOWN () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 11:19:15
E-Mail: BA808953@AOL,COM
Class: 63
Hey Bill, I just added her Junior picture to her Feedback, below.

Name: Patty Valencia () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 10:56:26
Class: 1974
Message: Wow, I dont check in for a bit and the march continues strongly toward the 100 mark. Good job cougars! I continue to receive email from people from whom I haven't heard in years - I love that! It's like leading a dual life in which the past and present collide. The JFK jr. news coverage brought up vivid memories of the early sixties for me (gee, I wonder why). I was sailing out of Boston Harbor and toward the outer islands last Saturday as the story broke so the day was pretty much taken up with Kennedy stories. It's funny how vivid those days are to me, and beyond the obvious media saturation, I think the vividness is also because of CT - which has brought so much of our youth back to us through so many shared memories. In one of John Kennedy's interviews he was asked just how much of his White House days he actually remembered. He said that he wasn't sure if the memories were from his experiences or from the video clips and remembrances of the country. I think I feel that way about CT. I'm not sure how much of my memory of the early days of Hawthorne are from my actual memory or from our CT community memory. I guess it doesn't matter. In the end, I guess we all lived there together. By the way, JB, "Barbara Seville"? Very cute. A bit reaching, but I did smile.
OK OK, but it was late, and I was tired. Give me another chance. Like if you married Johnny Cakes........well OK so that's reaching a little too, but if Sandy Peppers married Lynn Beach. Now that's a GREAT Surf Bunny name.
Thanks Patty girl, We'll miss you and "you know who" on Cruise Night, but there'll be more of these and you can't so no forever. OH, tell Peter he won the free cone for "Best Joke" on Joke Friday (What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk.). Next time.

Name: Matt Peterson () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 10:01:55
Class: 74
Message: Today is the 30th anniversary of man walking on the moon. What a great accomplishment. I remember, much to the dismay of my family, using lots of extension cords and hooking up the TV outside so that I could see the moon and TV at the same time. Didn't the space program lead to better technology which started the computer age and eventually CougarTown. I also remember the other great contribution to society from the space program. TANG.

Name: Larry Biller () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 06:34:29
Maiden: N/A
Class: 1967
Message: Well seeing how I'm only 1,000 miles from Foster's I do believe I'm gonna have to miss it. But my 3 son's will be flying down to visit their uncles who live very close to Foster's and will be there that weekend. Maybe they can stop by and say hello for me? You all have a good "Cruise Night".
Connie, my wife and I had a great time with the Angles. We'll be seeing them again sometime in August. It's good to reconnect with friends after so many years. Oh and by the way,just in case any of you were wondering why I'm on this computer so early in the morning is because I work swing shift and get home around 3:30 A.M. It's a good time to do this while everyone else in my household is asleep. Besides,I type too slow.

Name: Sandy Cooper () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 02:34:38
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 63
Message: It took me a few hours to read the past pages of feedback, and I want to tell you John Baker, what a great thing you have done here. I was in the healthiest nostalgia of my life. Thinking back is great, but to actually connect with the people today that you did those wild and crazy yesterday things! Russ and Judy thanks for letting me know about my computer, and for attempting to write back. My internet files were full, oh and I loved your story, told it to everyone I talked to today. You two were great together in the 60's and you rock in the 90's. Some of the great friends I have been in touch with due to the existence of Cougartown: Robin Hood who I can't wait to see at homecoming and I reminded of the party we went to, when the police came to bust before we got into the party. Robin and I were still outside on the steps and the policeman asked him his name, yes, he told him, the police didn't believe him, started pushing my very special friend around and took him away, Paul Penn who I will see very soon for lunch, I reminded him of that infamous date I had w/John Connoy, remember Lee? Mike Mecey who lives up near one of my sons and I plan to see on next trip, Les Johnson who is my best friend since 7th grade and I haven't seen in 15-20yrs is flying out very soon so we can talk for days I hope, Paula Chapin Rogers who I talked to for hrs and am still trying to talk into going to Cruise Night, Marsha Soares West, Pam Duncan, Cody Soares Weathers, Karen Hare, Dennis Campbell-we've been catching up through e-mail. Stephanie Hall Brito, Dorothy Johnston Slawson, Gary Monroe, Barbara Norris Westrope (who I talked to just today for 3 hrs trying to catch up) and Karen Hare, all who I'm back in touch with. Gary Nelson who found me through my mother's best friends sister's daughter(Ginger thanks)..we talked for at least an hour trying to catch up..thank you again Gary. Ursela Niemela thank you for Paul's number. And thank you John for them all! I have also received some great pics from Jan Blomsterberg of Howard Duran and Family..Duran's you all look great, tan and happy. Barbara Norris trivia-If Ceci Conklin married Mike Mecey her name would be Ceci Mecey.
I almost forgot Marsha Russell, my little sister, (well for awhile) I lived at her parents home for a few months in high school (they were great to me). If it hadn't been for her asking where I was, and Gary seeing her msg, I still wouldn't know about Cougartown.

Geez Sandy, You've got me goin' again. I LOVE these feedbacks. Here again someone has totally connected or reconnected with their past. Thank you for sharing this with us. Like I said before, "That's what keeps me going here." Now I can work all night.Oh and if Barbara Norris would have married David Seville, would she be "The Barbara Seville?"
Thanks Sandy

Name: Patt Prewitt-Deckard () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 01:20:23
Maiden: Prewitt
Class: 65
Message: Can't make cruise nite. But will be at Homecoming game Oct 15th! You all have a blast!

Name: Cal Kappen () on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 00:51:25
Class: 59
Message: Just a note to say if anyone has Realplayer and wants to listen to the oldies while reading the feedback page, go to she has jukeboxes you can listen to. My favorite one is the Doo-Wop jukebox.

Name: Cal Kappen () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 21:44:46
Class: 59
Message: Robin says he wants to hear from us old COUGS, so here goes.
One summer day Robin and myself were walking home from 26th St. Robin wanted to call home, probably because we were going to be late getting home. Anyway, we stopped in front of a grocery store that had a phone booth in front of it. While he was calling I noticed that one of the posts in front of the phone booth was a little loose. So I figured out If you move it back and forth It would get looser. About that time the police arrived and asked us what we were doing. I answered the only thing I could think of. NOTHING! So they asked us for our names and I told them my name. El Rojo, then they asked Robin and he said he wouldn't tell them. I thought we were going to get a free ride in the wrong direction. They said why not and he said because you wont believe me. He finally told them his name was Robin Hood and showed them his H.S. ID. It didn't even get a rise out of them. They let us go. They told me they have my name El Rojo and don't get caught doing anything again, or they would run me out of town. Jake, Is that why you moved to Kuna Idaho?

Hey Cal, Thanks for stepping up to the plate. It seems like when someone is telling a story with Robin or El Rojo in it, the cops are somehow involved.Be a Coug' Cal.

Name: WEARING () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 21:03:51
Maiden: EL ROJO
Class: 99
Message: JOHN glad you liked the tape. sound good enough? your "Q", where'd i get that "old HH ditty", answer, you have to be the "DOO WOP" nut to look in these place's and find these little gems, isn't that a gas? and to the rest of you COUGS that i failed to recognise about my little story thanks, but you know, Sloey, Robin, JB, there were so many girls after me, my wife said "hey you better do something about this situation, so she and G-- got together and the rest is history!.com! MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU! EL/B. AND THE ID QUEEN.

Name: el rojo/blanco () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 20:31:22
E-Mail: U-turns under the sheet
Maiden: jacobsen
Class: 60
Message: geez guys and gals, i didn't think i'd spark that much interest in that little story, but i'm flattered. Jim Sloey, no shame or regrets about being bald. although, when i was going bald when i was sr. in high school( believe it or not) and after i got out of school as a young adult it did bother me...alot! but time changes people, as well as me. but it's kind of a kick in the buns now (i'm still sexy). but you are right JB i do wear a hat, but its for a totally different reason than you may think. you see if i take my hat off it becomes a solar collector for a sex machine and "jeez" i wouldn't want to get this thing heated up! by the way Sloey, i think that new post up of me next to Jude makes me look like "Yul Baby". he was a KING also if i'm not mistaken. also Sharon B. thanks for the good will. we still have fun with each other. i'm going to leave the blinds and window open next full moon, maybe i'll get "lucky" this time! MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU! EL (B) AND ID QUEEN!

Name: Kathy Reese () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 18:44:46
Maiden: Duran
Class: 1964
Message: SHERRY PEPPERS!!!!!!!!! Why you little varmint! How the heck are you. Can't wait to see you on cruise night.. Hope you'll be there.
See Ya!!!! Kathy Duran

Name: Frank Romano () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 17:31:14
Class: 1961
Message: JB... Robin didn't fade out it was more like pass out. It's a dream kinda thing. proud of the look. Years ago Maria and I spent hours discussing transplants. Finally I reached the stage of a Husband/Wife conversations when enough was enough and I told her that if I was that sick I would go for the transplant. Maria looked like I was nuts and asked what sick had to do with a hair transplant. She was talking hair and I was talking heart. Its those communication skills that keep a marriage young. Divorce is another. Yo JB...As much as the chairman would be nice... some Bobby Darrin instead, if you don't mind. thanks,
OK Frank, We'll do a little "Artificial Flowers" for you, and thanks for checking in regularly.....that's nice. "Be a Cougar"

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 16:47:33
Class: 66
Message: To King Ralph, I mean John,
I think maybe my buddy Robin Hood and I shall join forces in this King and Prince thing. And besides how many people in this country can say my buddy Robin Hood and not get a net thrown over them. So 2 princes trump a king we hereby trump you so tell us what we won! Prince Sir James of Sloey for himself and on behalf of his co Prince Sir Robin of Hood.

Sorry, The Princess of the Universe had spoken back aways and said that I was the KING, and you do NOT want to mess with the Princess of the Universe. It would be like messin' with Xena on a real bad hair day . . . . . and why is it all of a sudden, "My BUDDY Robin Hood"?? I'm sorry but Robin and his EARLY 60's BUDDY "The KING" think differently.

Name: Sherry Wingo () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 15:26:22
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
Message: ok guys send that email. I just cleared up my trouble with the phone co. Everything is a ok.

Name: John Baker () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 15:10:48
Class: Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Two
Message:Man, I just got the El Rojo tape from ID. What a great tape. Russ, Where did you get that Hunter Hancock clip. Man, talk about taking me back. I'll put that on Real Audio as I know Bob Rierdan HHS61 will get a GIANT kick out of that one. Great Tape El, and NO you're NOT getting it back!!!
Other business......Kathy Stonebraker is trying to get all set up for Cruise Night and needs a card table for the name tag table. If you've got one and are going to be there early, please let her know at
Thanks Cougs.......

Name: Cindy Matthies () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 14:59:18
Maiden: Whittaker
Class: 1976
Message: To Alan Nelson: And Dan & Nina did have two rugrats (boys) with sand in their ears and seawater in their blood! I think they still live in Hermosa (the bigger the family gets, the harder it is to keep track!). Paul Matthies still lives in the same house that Dan grew up in though and still does the Surfing Santa picture each year for the Easy Reader (at least up until last year he did). Dan was a lifeguard, then paramedic, and is now a firefighter. If they have internet access, I'll tell them to check in since I'm sure they'll find old friends (or rivals) here!

Name: Robin () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 14:22:57
Class: 60
Message: Ricki...You da girl!!! From Planter to Panoz in one day...Actually Im more impressed that you have a VISA with $75K credit. John we have been looking at the wrong V gal for our project...El Rojo..bald can be beautiful...Mary Ann Dowells pic a couple pages back proves it. Just keep your head parted in the middle (|)...Ah shucks Sharon , you really think J. Sloey and I are Princes? Bless you but I just had new business cards made, so I think Ill just be Robin, formally known as Prince....:o) John you are right about the late 50s early 60s Cougs....Come on gang, quit being a bunch of walking Valium and contribute to this great forum we have here!!! Looks like a great turnout for Cruise Night JB...Play one Johnny Mathis tune for me. "Chances Are" would take me back to that summer night my folks and brothers were on vacation. Carols Hess and Mountain , Patsy Bell, and a host of others had sneaked over. The lights were dim, the music soft and the girls decided they wanted to play m58s bine7 2847h (Rats , my keyboard is aCTi8g Up!...L8TR COuGz :o)
PLAY WHAT!!!!! Hey ROBIN, You faded out on me boy.....PLAY WHAT!!!! What did those early 60's absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUSHHS Girls want to play??? Robin.....ROBIINNNN!!!!

Name: Tony Frink () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 12:43:07
Class: 78
Message: John, prior to Cougartown, I would have never known that Chris Montez was an HHS alum. Just heard he is performing as part of a "Good Time Rock & Roll" show at a local casino and hotel. My wife and I plan to attend that night, and I hope we can somehow arrange to meet him after the show. Wouldn't that be something - two HHS alums who would have never met otherwise, possibly getting together in northwest Minnesota of all places, all because of Cougartown. Even if we can't meet with Chris, I'm sure it will be a fantastic evening.
Look forward to the pics from Fosters Freeze night. I'll have a Pepsi Freezee with malt powder at the local Tastee Freez on Sat. night and be thinking of everyone. Speaking of music, I don't believe anyone has mentioned the one song that you should definitely play that night - the Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School". Thanks again.

Here's Ezekiel (Zeke) Montanez, AKA Chris Montez, on the left as a Junior. Chris was a shy, well liked, guy who was always smiling.
Incidentally, the guy on the right is Ronny Arias. He is Beatle, George Harrison's brother in law. His sister, Olivia HHS65, is married to George.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 11:21:20
Class: 66
Message: EL ROJO
My brudder and I always considered you as an equal as we both have El Rojo too. But that story really deflated us to know that you are now El Blanco, almost like learning there is no Easter bunny. What's next no Santa Claus. I think Sharon had it right with Clown Princes no Clone Princes. And El Rojo have you ever seen the movie The BOY WITH THE GREEN HAIR? Story about a kid whose hair turns green and when the teacher tries to down play it she surveys the class and finds out that there is one red haired kid and one green haired kid. In the words of my brudder, "Hey Jim we are as weird as a kid with Green hair." El Blanco may be the way to go! Go Cougs. Sloey Younger El Rojo

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 10:58:13
Maiden: DeGrazia
Class: 64
Message: Just to let you all know, that the ROWDY GIRLS are working up a little caravan for Cruise Night. ( about 3 cars full ) We're preparing intensely this week. We're waxing, facialing, whitening, tanning, manicuring, pedicuring, tinting .. and we only have 5 days to lose 30 lbs. You were right on the button Sloey, you said the 24th and so it is. Back on the tread mill. ( Marsha Russell is my trainer) See you all there.. Judy DeGrazia 64
Yeah, I'm training all right. I'll do my training on a double cheeseburger when I get there.Glad to see you girls are getting the full color sanding and Blue Coral job though. See you there.....

Name: Alan Nelson () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 10:57:10
Class: 73
Message: To Cindy (Whittaker) Matthies: You bet I remember Paul and his Santa routine. Paul was one of the most prominent Life Guard Leaders in the South Bay. I used to swim and play water polo against son Dan throughout High School and AAU. Also, my wife played vollyball with Nina on the beach in Manhattan. Amazing how Hawthorne, Aviation, and Costa kids intermingle to try and breed beings who have sand in their ears, and seawater in their blood straight from the womb.

Name: carole ferruccio () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 10:29:55
Maiden: anderson
Class: ?
Message: Hi John,
thank you for the picture of the green golf ball. I haven't seen it since my parents moved from hawthorne in 1979. I did receive a e-mail from mr plotkin regarding washington high. Also, he lived in lake isabella for some years. He also graduated from washington high school as did my husband and both my parents. what a small world this is. John this is a great site. Its enabling people to do things and find out info that never would have happened a few years back. I am a looky lou most of the time but i am consistent. Do it every day. I am glad to hear you say not much from early 60's and 50's people because I thought my memory was shot. I never see anyone I know from that time. thx

Name: Sherry Wingo () on Monday, July 19, 1999 at 01:24:50
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
Message: I'm still laughing about the bald joke. Doug is light on top also. Jan that was a good one!

Name: Sharon Branigan () on Sunday, July 18, 1999 at 23:25:15
Maiden: Princess of the Universe
Class: 76
Message: El Rojo that was a GREAT story, it sounds like something I'd have said, you two have definitely got it figured out. I'm sorry I left you off the CROWN PRINCE list but considering Jims response maybe it was for the best. Altho you certainly seem to be able to take care of yourself! JB you seem to surround yourself with funny folks... I think I'll change that title to CLOWN PRINCES... But JB you are STILL the KING!
Thank you Swifty, my loyal may now kiss my pinky toe and rise. Actually the "Clown Princes" are the Harlem Globetrotters. Given that they're so much alike, maybe the Clone Princes??? Thanks Sharon....see you Saturday

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