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Soft Summer Breeze
Eddie Heywood

Name: Kristen ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Jul 29, 2006, 8:21 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: RICE
Class: 1969
City & State: Sacamento, CA
Message: Hi John and other Cougars-Thanks for the memories and the reminders...
King's Harbor, crabbing against a dangerous wall of rocks (I nearly got caught not paying attention) and who remembers the famous "grunion" runs along Manhattan and El Segundo beaches with a hotdog and marshmallow roast preceding the midnight madness? Boy, the days and nights of youth in SoCal. Keep those great days comin'.
Hey Kristen, Those days are still rememered. Thanks for the memories and grunion runs are probably still rememered to this day, at least by those who want to get out of the house with their boy-girl friends

Name: Jim Sloey ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Jul 29, 2006, 3:51 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Solvang, Ca
Message: We had a Cougar sighting here this week. The highway patrol is suggesting all visitors stay out of Hans Christian Andersen park. That's in the city limits too. This Cougar is in a class by himself.
Sorry Jim, That kind of Cougar doesn't count. Thanks too for FINALLY adding yourself to the Cougartown Info List. It is appreciated. For all others who haven't yet done it, please do it soon. Your reunion committee members need your info.

Name: Clark Millman ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Jul 29, 2006, 1:15 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Torrance, CA
Message: Hey Chris Prewitt! Maybe I didn't spot you with your Cougartown shirt last Saturday because there were 50,000 other people in Disneyland that day. I'll keep a sharp eye out for Cougartown shirts everywhere in the future!

Name: Elizabeth ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Jul 29, 2006, 12:21 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Estrada
Class: 1969
City & State: Redondo Beach,CA
Message: Yet, another Cougar type sighting.... I adopted a 75 pound Rottweiler puppy over the July 4th weekend. I took her into my old vets office to see if we could sneek in without an appointment. Behind the desk was a familiar face. She was a massage client of mine years ago but more importantly, she is one of Hawthornes most loved teachers. Miss. Susie Bell. I told her to come over here and see all the wonderful things people have said about her. She wanted me to tell everyone that she retired years ago and it drove her nuts not having anywhere to put all of her energy. So, she's working with animals and their owners in Hermosa Beach. She looks great and is as bubbly as ever. I hope she comes to Cougartown for a visit.
Me too, Liz, thanks for the sighting....

Name: Chris Prewitt ~~~~~~~~~~ Sat-Jul 29, 2006, 10:02 am - HHS Time
Class: 1967
City & State: Fullerton, CA
Message: Clark Millman I was at Disneyland last Saturday and I had my Cougartown T-shirt on. Why didn't you see me? On Sunday about 10:30 we had lightning come through and one bolt decided to get close and personal. It knocked out our power and SCE must not have liked us because it took 57 hours to fix the problem. The local SCE maintenance yard is less than a mile from our house. It was a contractor who finally came to do the work. We finally got to really clean out our fridge. Does anyone know if ground beef from 1984 would still be good if only defrosted once;>)
Hey Chris, I say eat it, and if you aren't back up here in 3 days we'll call a paramedic.

Name: Clark Millman ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Jul 28, 2006, 11:59 am - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Torrance, CA
Message: Another Cougar connection! Last Saturday Steve Maldonado (HHS76) came down to Southern Cal and I accompanied his whole family to Disneyland for 12 hours. His wife Cindy Ogren and three kids and Steve and I blitzed the whole park in 102 degree heat and 90 % humidity. By 8:00 p.m. the adults were ready to collapse. Hadn't been at Disneyland with a fellow Cougar since grad night in 76, 30 long years ago. Steve is coming back in August for the 76 reunion so all his fellow 76ers will see him then. All you 76ers better be at the reunion on August 19th! The reunion committee has worked very hard to make it a great evening and kudos go out to Sharon (Bierman) Branigan, Laura (Geele) Wang, Roni (Treckman) Kobel and everyone else who has worked hard on this one! Be there or be square!!
Hey Clark, Thanks for the Coug Sighting.....

Name: Jack "Tim" Dicus ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Jul 28, 2006, 11:20 am - HHS Time
Class: 1968
City & State: Destin, Florida
Message: Hey Cougars! For those of you who wanted to "wait for the movie", here is your chance. If you want to see the account of the Destin shark attack, it airs on the Discovery Channel on August 1st. The episode is entitled "Shark Attack: Predators in the Panhandle". Cougar surfers rule!

Name: Sue ~~~~~~~~~~ Fri-Jul 28, 2006, 9:15 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Jolly
Class: 1961
City & State: Hesperia Ca
Message: Thank you Jerry for the piece on Knotts. After my parents got married, my grandmother took them to Knotts for a chicken dinner to celebrate. This was in 1936 !!! Still very good chicken.
Yep, Knotts is still the BEST for a Chicken Dinner. Thanks Sue....

Name: Christina Melton ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 9:18 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Melton
Class: 1973
City & State: Hollywood, CA
Message: COUGAR SIGHTING -- while going through a lot of pictures of my parents while closing out their estate, I found some really old pictures (sorry Nancy--LOL)from the wedding of Nancy Castagna(c/o 62). While out in Simi Valley today, I was fortunate enough to run past her home and personally deliver these pictures. She is "still as cute as ever" as my parents remembered her. We had a good time (albeit too short) remembering the past.
For all who don't know, Nancy was in my class of 62. I know she's still as sweet, and cute as ever and hope to see her too, at our September Reunion. Thanks Christina for the sighting.

Name: Penny Timassy ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 8:28 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Upston
Class: 1962
City & State: Dana Point, CA
Message: Happy to see the website with so many happy faces. It is fun to see the "before & after". Makes it easier to relate to where we are all now, from our humble beginnings in the middle of the beanfields, and the building of the freeway that went right through our town.
Hi Penny, Great to hear from a bonafide 62er. Hope to see you at our Reunion in September and thanks for the shout.

Name: Mike Shay ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 1:25 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Mikey
Class: 1961
City & State: Cerritos, CA
Message: I just had to check in and pass on Congratulations to our great friend and my brother in law (only for 42 years) Richard Hanson. If you ever need a model for honesty, responsibility, generosity, and just being a good man, Richard is it. I'm very fortunate to have had him as an example for all these years.It hasn't been 50 years at the same old grind for him either. He started at North American in El Segundo driving fork lifts and tugs, and now he is one of the managers in charge of the scheduling group that keeps the rocket engines for our fleet of space shuttles in operation and on time. Great Job Richard, see you in Big Sur.

Name: Alan Nelson ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 12:14 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1973
City & State: Parker, Az
Message: Cougar sighting. Well, close enough, anyway. There's a boating site that caters to a certain 1970's classic boat make. Another member there, that owns the same make of boat I do, is Tim Carranza, class of '85. Seems we also lived in the same Hawthorne neighborhood. Another example of our small Cougar World.
Good one Alan, thanks for the sighting....

Name: Maria Fitzgerald ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 11:19 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Juaneza
Class: 1980
City & State: Torrance, CA
No E-mail
Message: Congratulations indeed is in order to Richard Hanson for his dedication to one company. Funny how many times the company name changed, and Richard kept plowing thru. Now, that's keep on keepin' on!! It would be interesting to hear some of the changes that took place thru out his employment like using slide rule to calculators--cataloging by long hand to now using computers. I can only think of computers right now, but I bet there are some very interesting changes that took place in that 50 years of service. Wow, I was impressed at my father-in-law's work history-- he worked for 45 years in the same company (Golden Bear in Bakersfield, and they too had a couple of name changes). My husband is working on that same path- 22 years. He started out working for Douglas, which was changed to McDonnel Douglas, then later changed to Boeing. Well, Kudos to all who keep keepin' keepin' on.
Amen to that....

Name: John Baker ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jul 27, 2006, 9:05 am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Lomita, CA
Message: Here's something I bet is a record for service with one company. Richard Hanson (HHS56) Started at North American Aviation in 1956. Although the company has been bought up Rockwell, Boeing, and is now Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Richard is still working for them 50 years later.
Congratulations Richard on your tenure. This is one outstanding feat especially in the era of corporate take-overs and downsizing.. Any other Cougar working at the same place after 50 years?

Name: Raymond Smith ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jul 26, 2006, 5:40 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1981
City & State: Portland, OR
Message: Looking through my pictures here at home I came across some I kept since H.S. Memories came into my mind and I remember "Picture Day". I loved it because it was my way of trading pic's with who I was in class with(Mostly girls...well..ok...all girls!). At one time my wallet was full of pictures that it hurt to sit on my butt! Sadly, 1 day in German Class I left it in under my chair ( hurt to sit on it) and not 5 mins passed and already the pictures were stolen (but the wallet was still there as well as my money!) I always enjoyed collection school/wallet size pictures from friends whom I knew. I treasured them as a missing link from my past and I love to read on the back of the pictures of what they wrote on it. Some left phone numbers while other just left a nice note. I got the curious thinking(once again) as to how far back this tradition started? Did the c/50's and 60's did the same?
Hi Raymond, In the 60s they kept the money and left the pictures.

Name: Jerry Simpson ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jul 26, 2006, 11:12 am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Santa Clarita CA.
Message: Hi John. I just found out that John Renn passed a way. My computer at home has been on the blink for a week and was unable to get the news. John and I have been friends since the first grade. My Grandmother lived on Oxford, across from John. And my brother and I spent most weekends there in our youth, So John was a neighbor and a wonderful friend. He was the most generous person I have ever known. I have so many memories of him and our times together. I can say, He will be missed so much by His family and friends. Good bye John Renn, you are already truly missed. Where ever you are right now. And I know you are reading this, I hope you know you were truly Loved.

Name: Julie Blunt ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jul 26, 2006, 7:19 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Leeper
Class: 1987
City & State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: Services were held in Newport, WA for my Dad, Terry Leeper (61)who passed away in Newport on July 21, 2006. A Life Celebration will be held in late August. Please email me for details.

Dad was born May 6, 1945 in Torrance, CA the son of Bus and Dee Leeper. He grew up in the Torrance/Hawthorne, California area graduating from Hawthorne High School in 1963. After high school, Dad worked as a driver for an electrical company. He joined IBEW Local 11 in Southern California. He later became a Journeyman Electrician, working for 38 years before retiring in 2004. Dad worked on many well known projects including the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. He had too many talents to mention and many hobbies which gave him the ability to use those talents. He especially enjoyed building cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Dad met Judi Strahm in Hawthorne, CA and they were married on February 22, 2003 in Las Vegas, NV. They have been living in their homes in Hawthorne, CA and Newport, WA. He always looked forward to spending time with his children and grandchildren in Newport for summers on the Pend Oreille River. He was the rock of his family. He is dearly loved and admired, and will be missed by all of us. Survivors include his wife Judi, one son, Christopher (and Laurie) Leeper of Fortuna, CA, and one daughter, Julie (and Erik) Blunt of Hawthorne, CA; one sister, Linda (and Gerry) Dunlap of Twisp, WA, and five grandchildren: Stephanie Hermosillo, Shane Curtis, J.T. Stover, Dan and Mike Leeper, and many nieces and nephews.

Thanks, John, for this venue that allowed Dad to reconnect and keep in touch with his friends.
Thanks, Tom Burroughs, for being with us and helping us celebrate Dad.

Hi Julie, Your dad was one great guy. I'll always remember our Jeep trips to Frasier Park and Anza Borrego back in the late 60s with Terry, the Calkins, and the Dunlaps. We had some fun times.

Name: John Baker ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jul 25, 2006, 11:22 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Lomita, CA
Message: The Class of 62 has lost yet another member, John Renn.
Here is his Obituary.

John A. Renn, son of William and Gertrude Renn passed away at 2:15am on July 23, 2006. Born July 11, 1944 in Hawthorne, CA he grew up and lived most of his life in Northern California. After serving his country in the Army, John founded J&F Plastering in 1979 with great friend and partner Frank Grigsby. John took personal pride in his work and their company, dedicated to perfection with a passion to succeed John became a well known name in the pool industry.
John lived his life to the fullest with his many hobbies including showing his 1933 Ford Hotrod, winning Best of Show; raising their dogs Mercedes and Lexus and cruising the California coast in his Chevrolet Corvette.
John is survived by his beloved wife Candace, Son Brandon, Daughters Cheryl and Darlene, Sisters Billye and Kathy, four grandchildren and many dear friends.
A celebration of life Memorial Service to be held on Friday, July 28, 2006 - 1:00pm at Mount Vernon Memorial Park, 8201 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks, CA 85628 Private reception to follow.
Arrangements by Mount Vernon Memorial Park, Fair Oaks, CA

John, you were truly loved by me and your classmates. You were always a car guy. I remember your Yellow 49 Olds in high school, your mind mannered demeaner, and your infectious smile. You will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

Name: Don Burns ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jul 25, 2006, 8:24 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1957
City & State: Downey, Ca
Message: Hey John, can you post a box for the August cruise, I think some of the out of state Alumni might want to try to make it. Keep up the good work and in regards to Johnies Broiler, it is on the California Registry, not doing much now. Later Don
Hi Don, You got it, I'll do it now.

Name: EL ROJO ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jul 25, 2006, 6:29 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Jude61Jake60
Class: 2008
City & State: Kuna ID
Message: Houston Nutt. Dang. He came through Boise. Arkansaw, AH, Arkansa. Jest knew it...5,000,000 people...15 last names. Sumpins ronge here. Ya'll be good now .MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. P.S. Don't know whether I agree with Gary Bickers and John B. about that game being the best. Moaningside and Glendale, also El Rancho were tough mutha's. You'all stay cool now ...hear? Jake N Jude.