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I thought I was dreaming
But I was wrong, yeah yeah yeah
Oh, but I?m gonna keep on scheming
Til I can make you
Make you my own
Doris Troy

Name: James Armour () on Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 11:02:29
City and State: Shell Beach, CA
Class: 1970
Message: It seems that, just like almost everything that exists today, there is a "short cut" or an "easy way" being looked for to explain what has happened in Hawthorne up to now. There really is no "fast food way" to describe the changes. Demographics and politics don't explain much as there are still just "people" living in Hawthorne. I think, and maybe this might describe it for some others who have written in, that what is missed is not the places and things we used to do and visit, but an atmosphere, an attitude, a taste and flavor of a different version of Hawthorne that seems to be fading from there and now as well as from our memories. Back in the 50's and 60's, Hawthorne was a more personable place to live, where you knew the store owners and they knew you (and your parents!). It gave you the feeling of belonging that may not exist as much now with the more impersonable malls and, seemingly, ownerless stores being erected. It isn't that some of these don't exist today, but rather that there was more of an importance placed on community co-existence then, almost demanded by society of that time. Whenever I move or look for a new place to live, I am always, subconsciously, looking for and comparing to the Hawthorne I grew up in. By comparison, it was a simpler time then, with more attention to the personal touch that added that flavor and taste to the community that we fell in love with and still cherish to this day. The only way, as I see it, that "Old Hawthorne" can ever exist again, is to have the people embrace each others cultures and differences and become the accepting and personable community it once was when we grew up there. We place importance on the buildings when it was really the ideals of the time that made us feel at home in "Our" town. That's why websites like Cougartown are so important and great to have. We are still maintaining that "community" that we so dearly miss from a bygone time. Thanks John.
Thanks James, You are on to something here. I remember longtime Hawthorne business owners, Grant Mastin, Wally Fraser, Harold Chaney, Mitch Skaff, Dr Hixson, Dr Meyers, Mr Dunaway, Bill Leddy and Cecil Hall, Mr. Woods, Mr. Schlimmer, Sonny Tanger and Frank Weitzel, and many others who were community oriented, and were just ordinary Hawthorne people raising their families. Now it seems those people have been replaced with owners that are here today and gone tomorrow. Neighborhood gas stations, where you could buy a bottle of Coke and chat with the owner, have been replaced with impersonal Quicky Marts, personal physicians replaced with strangers you pick from your HMO list, neighborhood department stores with Malls, neighborhood hardware stores with OSH and Home Depot. Life itself has gone from "friends and neighbors" to impersonal corporate giants, and their employees are here today and gone tomorrow. I'm afraid it's not just "OUR" Hawthorne but the norm in today's world.

Name: Pat Underwood () on Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 08:35:49
City and State: Hawthorne, California
Maiden: Lawndale HIgh
Class: 1963
Message: Changing Hawthorne, now there is a subject I can dwell on. Like the place where Biggies/Skippy?s stood and later the Sizzler Steak House which turned into a dry cleaners, now stands a small strip mall. That is what progress is all about. Get rid of the old and bring in the new. Have you seen our new Police Department yet? I tend to live in the past, but only during my visits to Cougartown and Lawndale High Alumni and you John Baker are the ?God of Hawthorne? and I thank you. I still see the Hawthorne of the sixties, but I also see a new Hawthorne and I like it too. I live only two blocks from the ?A&W?, but now instead of getting a ?Root Beer? I can get car parts there.
And you can get Auto Parts where Hawthorne Grille was too. You mentioned the new police station, and I can remember when the last police station was built. I was about 8 or 9 so it didn't bother me at all, as I wasn't old enough to have any history. I'm sure we needed it, as today with the monster on Broadway and the Bl. but this one bothers me, and I think it's because it's taken the space of places in my past; The Wonder Market, Anitas Shop, and Independent Lumber had been there.....pieces of MY Hawthorne are gone and pieces of someone elses Hawthorne are being erected. So when we talk about progress, and not liking it much, it's probably that there was something that was a part of YOUR Hawthorne that's been replaced. Hey, it's early Sunday morning and I'm ranting....sorry.

Name: Larry Bach () on Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 02:51:34
City and State: Torrance, CA
Class: 1972
Message: Hawthorne's motto is "The City of Good Neighbors" but I left Hawthorne after my "good neighbors" left and drug dealers moved next door. No one stated illegal immigration is the "sole" cause of problems here or anywhere else. "Recent Graduate" asserted the problems in Califonia and Hawthorne are caused by anti-foreign language and anti-immigrant sentiment. A dead white man named Socrates said: "he who asserts must prove". "Recent Graduate" proves only ignorance of the facts. They may feel their beliefs are true, but feelings prove nothing either, facts do. The facts contradict "Recent graduate's" feelings. Can't we all just get along? No! I don't get along with drug dealers or sadly misinformed whiners. I get along with good neighbors.
Recent Grad subject is now closed. This topic is becoming too political.

Name: Sandra () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 23:56:10
City and State: Encinitas, CA
Maiden: Perales
Class: 1988
Message: Oh my! I came in to let you guys know that there is a HHS c/o 65 ring up for bid on e-bay and I see this debate going on about demographics and illegal immigration, etc. Look, like Mr. Morris and Mr. Baker said, we all grew up in different eras and therefore have a "not what it used to be" attitude when looking at Hawthorne from past and present perspectives. I went to Eucalyptus, HIS and HHS and I can tell you that no matter what nationality the students were, we all got along. Color lines are something that children have no knowledge of. Yes, a lot of people come here from many different countries (not just Mexico) to survive, but illegal immigration is not the sole reason for the problems in this country. We do have a government and a president running this place. It is not run by "illegals". And that is my two pesos worth. Hey, Mr. Morris, how are you?
Well said Sandra and in my opinion you are totally correct. I came from an era when there were no, and I mean NO Blacks in Hawthorne, but we had other minorities. I knew of no one who didn't get along with any of them. It seemed race didn't matter. If you liked someone, you liked them, period. Nuff said....

Name: Mary Ann () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 22:02:33
City and State: Del Aire
Maiden: Stanley
Class: 1977
Message: I've lived in Del Aire 99% of my life; I still see kids playing in the streets, riding their bikes to Little League practice to the park, and those crazy teenagers smoking as they walk down Isis (although some might have pink hair--but I recall my parents complaining about those long-haired hippies). The only thing that has changed in Del Aire is that if I wanted to buy my house now, I couldn't afford it. Hmmm...I wonder if Hawthorne has changed that much or that we've just turned into our parents?
VERY good point, Mary Ann. I totally agree that we HAVE done the transition.

Name: Baxter Dodd () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 22:02:00
City and State: Riverside, CA
Class: 1957
Message: So, who is going to run that cafeteria, Planet Hollywood? I still liked the food shack with the covered picnic tables & benches. There you got to feel and appreciate the full, natural effect of the day?s elements blowing through while you ate your chili and tamale.... Baxter
Yeah she's a monster. It's got a full kitchen and teachers lounge upstairs with a video room and much more. It is more than a place to eat chili dogs, that's for sure, but it really brings the campus into the new millenium.

Name: Laura Wang () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 18:57:52
City and State: Beach, CA
Maiden: Geele
Class: 1976
Message: We saw the HHS Varsity team play last night at the North High spring league. They are pretty good -- were fun to watch, and there's one young man who looks like he will top out above 7 feet when he's done growing!
Thanks Laura, maybe we'll have a good Homecoming game this year.

Name: Shannon () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 15:43:31
City and State: Colorado Springs
Class: 1981
Message: John, be careful what you wish for. ".....It might start some conversation to this otherwise DEAD page". Wow! Too thick for my blood on this nice spring (American) Colorado Day. Isn't Hawthorne close to the "can't we just all get along" guy?

Name: Walter Holt () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 13:48:31
City and State: Surf City, CA
Class: 1966
Message: I know what yoy mean Kay...It seems like only yesterday that I attended our 35th... Sharon, You up for heading up another one?

Name: Walter Holt () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 13:07:51
City and State: Surf City, CA
Class: 1966
Message: Dean Morris... I do believe there wasn't anything in my posting that attacked recent grad or Ken...However I do take offense to your statement of calling us "oldtimers living in a fictional world". Also we didn't flee to anywhere. Our lives and our jobs took us elsewhere. Mine started with taking me to Vietnam for 3 years then to the east coast for several years. Many of us here do not have beer bellies nor do we drive classic cars and yes some of us are divorced nor am I closed off to changes that have occurred and that are occuring. However I do ask that please choose your choice of words well as it seems you are casting the stones and I do take offense to your choice of how you describe us. I do not come on here to debate with anyone so if you want to have a personal debate lets not use this valuable bandwith or let it go.
Is the subject really worth further debate? It seems by debating we may be polarizing Ctown. Everyone's beliefs may be slightly what. Let's get back to OUR Hawthorne, letting us beer bellied, classic car driving, O'Reilly Factor loving, divorcees live in our fictional world.

Name: Kay Andersen-Wyckoff () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 12:39:20
City and State: Sedona, AZ
Maiden: Andersen
Class: 1966
Message: Are we going to have a reunion? Hope to see lots of the class there next year -- how did 40 years vanish???
Too early to tell. Check the Reunions Page next February.

Name: Laura Anderson () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 12:38:25
City and State: Hemet, CA
Maiden: Twitchell
Class: 1979
Message: I moved out to this former retirement town 15 years ago to care for aging family members and it reminded me of the Hawthorne I grew up in...some diversity but most of all a sense of community that wasn't evident in many commuting cities at the time. Now we are bulging at the seams with newcomers wanting a big house and a smaller mortgage. I watch the demographics changing in my elementary school but what bothers me most is the change in attitude. We are now experiencing the stirrings of gang problems at the elementary level. Rather than a sense of community and fitting in parents are crying for freedom of expression and a blind eye to obscene messages on t-shirts, body piercings and hair color. When you see an 8 yr old with spiked hair and multiple piercings you wonder....where is this kid headed and what will he do to rebel when he is a teen. It's hard when communities change...our vice principal has had 3 suspensions this year for knives at school! These are elementary kids! I love my class as there is every color of the spectrum sitting in my room and as long as they respect each others differences I will embrace anyone moving into my neighborhood...but if those differences include bias, hatred and violence....they can take it elsewhere. I know Hawthorne is different than the place I grew up...I just want to know when tolerance of violence and hatred became acceptable and why anyone would want to live in that culture.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 12:11:08
Email: wch1ispinkATaolDOTcom
City and State: Sherman Oaks
Class: 1977
Message: I'm not saying I'm a member, but there is a "school of thought" which holds that since the United States stole California and the Southwest from Mexico by military force, sentiment such as "send them all back home" is misplaced since they're already here.
Since the United States stole the 13 original colonies from the British..... see where this is going?

Name: Dean Morris () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 10:15:30
City and State: North SF Bay
Maiden: Bridging Divides
Class: 1972
Message: I love my Hawthorne experiences and memories too. I remember on Little League opening day 1960 being a 6 year old Viking batboy riding on a float down Hawthorne Bl. in front of cheering crowds. I will always have the Beach in me and still feel the exhilaration of catching a perfect wave. I loved my HHS teachers and coaches as much as anyone. I have never valued friends so much as the Boys of Summer I grew up with. Hell, we took on the local Marines in sandlot football one day at Dana and kicked their behinds with the best HHS QB to never suit up, Mike Scott, throwing for over 400 yards, supported by Mark Lee, Pico Peterson, Dave Sayad, Mike Nielsen and Larry King. And I miss the early Hawthorne when you did not have to worry about personal safety or being a crime victim. These are pieces of my past.
But with age, the tint in our glasses turns rose and we embellish and romanticize. And we don't like it if anyone new questions our perceptions and values with something unique to them. So we attack. We do flee to Orange County, the Napa Valley, Solvang, Palos Verdes or even the idyllic coast of Oregon. We tell them you just need a little more maturity, some experience, kids of your own, a mortgage, more Fox news and then you will get it like we do. All I am saying Walt is let's allow that today's Hawthorne is very different and like the old adage, you truly can?t go home again, except in the virtual world that is CT. So many of today's HHS graduates don't share all of these wonderful experiences and that is a tragedy. Don?t compound matters by making them unwelcome here in the "big tent" that is Cougartown. You don't have to be over 50, white, divorced, with a beer belly driving a classic American car to check in. Let's pay attention to the newbies as we would our own children and help them along, no matter what their race or immigrant status. It is our responsibility as early Hawthorne pioneers to share wisdom and tolerance with these new grads. In so doing, we help them find their way in a world far more hostile than our halcyon Hawthorne.

Couldn't have said it better, Dean, thanks...
Our Hawthorne was different from todays, and I can remember dad saying, in the 60's, it wasn't like when he grew up here either. Everyone has "their" Hawthorne. Let's respect their Hawthorne too.

Name: Jan Peterson () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 01:10:28
City and State: Carmichael, CA
Maiden: Freeman
Class: 1967
Message: To: Recent Grad. First off congratulations for being a Recent Grad. Your life is starting. When you have left the safe confines and protection of your family home and you are out on your own, earning a living, paying taxes, married with children in the public school system in whatever town your settle in, I challenge you to write back to CT with your concerns on this topic. I guarentee you that you will have a completely different view on life. We all did. I was born and raised in Hawthorne and did not leave the area until I was 32 years old. We left because we were threatened to have our young children bussed to another school, hours from our home. In the area that we lived the school did not have the time to do much more than teach English to students that didn't speak it. Was I bitter? You bet I was. It is all in theory, until it starts to directly affect you and your children. When you are treated adversely, all the statistics thrown at you will mean nothing. I loved reading all of the feedback. I was raised with some "damn" smart, caring people and I am a proud Haytowner. Hugs for a safe weekend....Jan

Name: Larry Bach () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 00:59:04
City and State: Torrance, CA
Class: 1972
Message: I remember growing up in Hawthorne in the 1950's and 60's. Yes, there were a lot of white kids (including at least two Portuguese, some French Canadian girls, Syrians, Italians, a Swedish kid, a Yugoslavian, and some Armenians as well). There were also many Hispanic kids (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and at least one from the Domincan Republic). There were numerous Asian kids (Japanese, Chinese, Dutch-Indonesians, and at least one Korean I knew). True, there were not many African American kids in Hawthorne then but one did live a few doors down from my parents house. The nice thing about growing up in Hawthorne during that time was: whoever the kids were, we could almost all talk to each other. There were white low-riders', hispanic 'surfers', and kids from different races even dated. From the 4th grade through 8th grade, foreign language (usually Spanish) was a part of the curriculum, at least at Eucalyptus School and Hawthorne Intermediate when I attended. In the sixth grade my class was required to learn the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish! And I remember many of the students in Mr. Dana's 8th grade class helping skinny Carlos Mena along with his broken English so he could pass the U.S. Constitution test required to "graduate". Those were real times, no nostalgic fantasy, no O'Reilly factor either. Joe Pine was the right wing celebrity in those days. Anyone remember Joe Pine? To make a long story longer, I and a lot of other kids had to learn Spanish in grade school and chose to continue while attending HHS, so it seems only fair and equitable for students now to be required to become proficient in our official language, English. And just because "Recent Graduate" is entitled to his opinion, that doesn't mean he has an informed one. Whining in a pool of victimhood doesn't cut it when so many of us have already practiced tolerance and inclusiveness for several decades. I'm sorry, I still haven't formed a firm opinion on this matter yet.
NOTE TO SELF: Cut ADD FEEDBACK box down to 150 words.

Name: Kirk Greasby () on Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 00:25:22
City and State: Colorado Springs CO.
Maiden: Brother-love
Class: 1976
Message: To an OUTSTANDING Brother and Family and Friends. I know that Wade and his two sons will do just fine, Greasbys always do! Wade I love you and matt and garrett too, I want to say thank you to Gary, Gene, Dave, Nancy, Joyce, and all of the rest of the Cougars from 1970 to 1985 and All Who came to be with us on Thursday, The church was packed with LOVE and Kindness, Penny will always be in our hearts forever.

Name: KEN RYAN () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 23:34:23
City and State: HAWTHORNE
Class: 1980
Message: To Walter Holt. That was more like a thousand dollars worth. You can speak for me anytime. To everyone else, please watch Fox news and get a more balanced perspective. I still have pride in my time at HHS and wish my kids could have some of those good old times like I did. Did anybody else get tossed in a trash can for walking in Senior Square? GOOD TIMES...yeah! Since the Square is gone the kids miss out on that initiation. I only hope that the political correctness gets put in the same place (the trash can) and people get real about what needs to happen for our children to succeed in an even tougher world than when I was a grad. Let's use what works and not experiment with their futures.

Name: Walter Holt () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 21:23:54
City and State: Surf City, CA
Maiden: Pride and non-prejudiced
Class: 1966
Message: For your information Dean Morris... Us Oldtimers do not live in "fictional world of yesteryear" as you so put it. We live in today's world with everything that is going on in it with it's good and it's bad. We are very well aware of all of the changes Hawthorne has gone through in our lives as well as the changes within our nation. We also choose to use this format to talk and reminisce with each other about our "real" lives growing up which is not living in a fictional world but sharing with each other things we used to enjoy.... My Dollars Worth

Name: Anita () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 20:16:23
City and State: Fair Oaks, Ca
Maiden: Harmon
Class: 1969
Message: Betty K. Couldn't agree with you more about Jim Pasternak's "style" it!

Name: EL N IDA () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 20:06:00
City and State: Kuna, ID
Class: 1960
Message: Come on Bake you know that it was Dan Dye as Elvis and Robin and Howard as the chicks, with the wigs on ...right. H..l yes I'm right.LOL. Those would have been the only "chicks" you guys would have seen. We had every cheerleader in So. Cal at that party and I had to tell um I was only 14. Mom and Dad told me to tell the truth.:-))
And Neil Anderson that little saying goes that you do something to a flying whatever at a motivated rolling pastry. Nuff said.
Wade, sorry to say this after that bunch of stuff I just said, following your loss. Hope time heals. MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. Jake N Jude.

Name: Jo Anne Connoy () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 19:07:43
City and State: Torrance, Ca.
Class: 1966
Message: Hi Anyone, A search is on for Nassrin Tibbi....I noticed that she is listed as "found" and I don't seem to be capable of finding her. Help! Kay Anderson...where are you?
Hi Jo Anne, That "Found" means they've found us and volunteered contact information to their reunion committee so they can be contacted for reunions. It's up to the individual to add an email address to the Alumni List.

Name: Dean Morris () on Friday, April 22, 2005 at 18:54:37
City and State: SF Bay Area
Maiden: Bridging Cultural Divides
Message: Wow, I go away for a couple of days and CT turns into the O'Reilly Factor w/ JB and Leroy Felderwhathisname as co-hosts. I believe that Recent Grad has struck a nerve with the Oldtimers who are living in a fictional world of yesteryear. Instead of attacking RG who has awakened many from CT slumber and alerted us to the fact that Hawthorne has gone to Hell, why not simply allow that his experience differs from ours and he views intolerance as an issue. OK. Fine. He is right that the changes are all over California. Maybe both sides of this divide are just pissed off at each other for making life worse than it could be. Let's not prosecute the Recent Grad and intimidate him by forcing him to read Pat Buchanan and listen to how wrong he is about his perception of the problem. Maybe if he watched Fox News 24/7 he would just get it? How about trying to understand him on his own terms and reach out across the cultural divide. While your at it, the same holds true for the Red State/Blue State dichotomy in this country. We need fewer demagogues trying to pound the other side into submission and more who recognize that times have changed, we have new problems, and have to be a little resourceful in making Hawthorne, California and these United States a little bit better. And that is my two bits for today.