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Back to the 50's with this one.... Chuck Berry

Name: jim sloey () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 22:39:44
Message: to Connie Jax
Keith Jones runs the twelve step program but I think the failure rate is 100%

Name: Cheryl Nicocia () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 21:51:51
E-Mail: chernico@cvc.Net
Maiden: Christensen
Class: 62
Message: HEY BILLY WADMAN! How are ya? I was surprised to see your name up here. So glad you found Cougartown. It's where us OLD Cougars go, you see. ha ha ! I wanted to tell you how nice it was to see you and your family when you stopped by our "River Place" here in Keno. Be sure to stop again when you are out our way. John is catchin fish from the front yard. Trout , I think!! How's life in LV these days? Hope to hear from you soon. Take care of yourself, Love Cheryl
Speakin' of Oregon, here's my favorite 62 Oregon Coug....Hi Cheryl darlin, I see you're feeling better. Tell John to save some fish for the rest of us.

Name: Sharon Quesnel () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 21:29:58
Maiden: WILLIS
Class: 72
Message: Aloha cougars!
Sam Friddle! Wow, I was just asking about you and butch? And, well that whole gang...Randy Flynn...
The Oregon movers included the Davidson brothers. A lot of people moved to Coos Bay. I even remember making the trip with Ronnie Crisp, April Hansen, and Donna days..
I agree Karen 72' lots of manly talk...We did have some, most of whom came from Hollyglen, where we grew up. I was in Colorado with Jim Chadwick and Chris Leonard, visiting Scott Laidlaws bro-in-law. That Thanksgiving he did so well in the game and was featured at half time...the living room went wild. As I am not a guy I have no details, just that we were all thrilled he was put in the game and showed his stuff.
Mike Scott's brother should get a shot here, he was a very smart guy and I am sure he has done well in life..where are they? Our mothers were friends when we were young...Where is that chat room?
Sharon Willis/Quesnel

Sharon, If you had a chat room, your husband would NEVER see you.

Name: Connie () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 21:24:29
Maiden: Jax
Class: 67
Message: How many HHS grads live in Orange County? Anyone? I know Pam Bailey lives in Placentia, possibly Pat Duran. I'm addicted to this cougartown is there a 12 step group for this?
Connie, No 12 step program. Just say 4 Scarlet and Golds and 2 Hail Cougars. Next....

Name: Betty () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 21:20:25
E-Mail: Freeman
Maiden: Owen
Class: 1966
Message: Hi John, I am also looking for Lynda Olds and Virginia Lutz. Lynda's married name was Kimes and Ginny's was Shoren. If anyone knows where they are, please let me know! Also, John, if you could post their picture's I would be very happy! Both were Class of '66. Thanks a bunch!
Sure Betty, Enjoy

Name: SAM FRIDDLE () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 20:56:35
Class: 70
OK, Hi Sam!!

Name: Patty Valencia () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 20:44:15
Class: 1974
Message: I think it's time to move the jock talk to I had a lovely lunch today with my 1974 prom date, Joseph Mailander. Joseph, you look great - and you must be living the good life because you look relaxed and happy. It was a lovely sunny and warm day in Manhattan Beach at Sloopy's, which I had forgotten to add to the list of great hangouts. Me thinks this is a good segue, no?
Well well well, if it isn't "Glacier Bottom" signin' in. It's about time you let us know what was going on out there in "V" (and I don't mean Viagra) Land. Hey Joe, How come you take all the pretty girls to lunch and you don't even ask us guys eh?? What's the deal??

Name: Susan () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 20:11:20
Message: Hi John, Jocks, and Jock Fans. The "other" Brett from El Segundo is George. He was just inducted to the Hall of Fame and El Segundo had a huge George Brett Day ceremony, with none-other than George making an appearance. They also named their Little League Field after him. Just a little El Segundo trivia.

Hmmm, George.........No, that's not it.
Hi Susan, I see you've got a brand spanking new email address. Did you let the Stick N Stein know that the HHS alumni are marching through El Segundo on October 15th?

Name: Nancy Savaria () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 19:40:25
Message: This is a really great site! I wish I could set up my high school class page to look half as good as this! (East Longmeadow (MA) H.S. Class of '71)
Thanks for that Nancy.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 19:14:42
Class: 66
Message: Mike Scott was a great athlete no question in fact Mike played basketball on 2 of the park teams I coached, he played with 8th graders in the 5th grade, much better as a basketball player than as a baseball player when he was younger. Notwithstanding that and certainly not taking anything away from Mike who I really admire the other two were better athletes. Now who accomplished the most in their athletic lives Mike Scott wins going away, followed by Curtis Conway if he signs up for our membership run!
Yeah!! I know Curtis has 10 bones.

Name: Jack Hammer () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 18:48:45
Class: 68
Message: All this talk about guy's who played pro ball and no mention of Scott Laidlaw? He played for a little team in Texas called the Dallas Cowboys and I think got involved in a little skirmish called the SuperBowl. Not only was he a pretty good running back his sister was the cutest girl in the school (Hi Chris)
That's it Jack......try the "cutesy" routine. Hang on Jim!!!......
Yes, there's one I overlooked all right. Man, I'm telling you guys one thing. I didn't realize the power of HHS athletics. If we had a healthy Joe Contestible, a Dan Dye in his prime, and throw in a Jim Reale, Jerry and Bill Daquila, and a few of these 90's HHS Monster players to go with all that have been mentioned...... By golly I think LA's got a new Pro Football team here. The LA Cougars!!

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 18:25:22
Class: 66
Message: JOHN
Are we letting women talk now? What happened to our politically unsensitive website? (not insensitive) Next they will want to vote. This is Jock day!
Right Robin!? Where's my brudder? Tell them Keith!

Uh.......Uh......Uh....Well....Jimmy, I think you just walked right out to the end of that plank you're standing on there and.... well there're a whole bunch of Cougarettes trying to come aboard right now and pushing ladies, now I'll get out of your way here now......sorry Jim....

Name: Bob Veach () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 17:48:25
Maiden: None that I remember
Class: 1972
Message: I am going to have to disagree with most of you regarding the best athelete from HHS. It has to go to Mike Scott, c/o '73. Not only was he a 4 year starter on both the basketball and the baseball teams, he was elected Varsity Basketball MVP in his freshman year. He went on to become a Cy Young winning pitcher for the Houston Astros.

Name: Karen LeMaistre () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 17:02:37
Maiden: Masters
Class: 1972
Message: My...the walls of these pages just seem to be oozing testosterone lately.
Hey little girl. Get back behind the batting cages. You could get hurt out here.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 15:25:00
Class: 66
Message: ROBIN
Myk was probably the most talented athlete to ever go to HHS all around. I saw him three years after high school when he discovered his own cure to the draft, (bulk up) weighing in at about 285 dunk a basketball backwards. If Gary would not have been hurt, Johnny Bench would have been an absolute after thought. But I also am prejudice too, and I would have to say my younger brother Bill is right there too. He was as good a linebacker ever played at Nebraska (TOM OSBORNE 1972 and 1998) he could run, hit harder then Dick Butkus (Bob Newton Chicago Bears All pro offensive guard, Jeff Kinney all american running back Nebraska Kansas City Chiefs, Jeff Tagge quarterback Nebraska green bay Packers) he was switch hitting catcher who never gave baseball a chance because he was so devoted to football, and a guy who could throw a football easy 80 yards. With his quickness and power he was destined to be all american all pro but he too was injured suffering three knee operations in three seasons. So if you read this little brudder Baker made me write it, you're still #2 in our family! And Myk if you read this, I hope your well and doing great! Missed seeing you this year at the park! OLDEST SLOEY

Jim, Gary's alive and well, and living in, I think, Manhattan Village. Bill, you were my number 2 pick.Thanks Jim

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 15:24:35
Class: 1967
Message: WOW! 30 pages and decrementing. We picked up nine pages in three weeks at that rate we will be having ice cream in August. I have been saving up my own napkins so that my hands won't get too sticky. For those who don't know what I am talking about, back on page 61 we decided: "It's a date!!! The Saturday after the Feedback Page hits 100 pages, it's "BIG 100 Cruise Night" at Fosters in Hawthorne. Everyone bring their cruzin' cars. We'll party down with those leaky cones and talk about the Great Old Days!! "
Hey Chris, Yes, that's what's happening folks. The Saturday AFTER the Feedback page clicks over to 100. It's leakycone night at Fosters on 120th and Hawthorne Bl. Bring your favorite girl or guy and your favorite cruiser and we'll see you there.

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 14:44:52
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
Message: Connie-
Well, I just yanked out my '67 El Molino to see who you were - sorry. But you mentioned a name from my past - Mike Anderson! He used to buy cigarettes from my mom - 3 for a nickle. She just loved him. . .
A lot of people ended up in Oregon during the late 60's, didn't they? Wonder what the appeal was????
Another memory - how about the little club at the Biltmore in Hermosa? Stubs Pub? Only open during the day - a religious club, if I remember. I took my kids down there recently - Hermosa looks great!

Name: Karen () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 14:24:18
Maiden: Hare
Class: 66
Message: Connie, I believe that the dance place near Marie Callendars was called the Sugar Shack for awhile and then in the latter 60's became Brothers Two. I spent alot of evenings there using my sister Jennie's ID so I was able to drink. I also met my son's father there, Mike McLure class of 62, and my sons are Casey class of 90 and Ryan class of 93.

Name: Keith D. Jones () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 14:13:44
Class: 76
Message: Ok, switching to football. Bil Sloey was a legends and one who me and my friend Kurt Morlock idolized. Bill do you remember what we did to your football (I think it was from one of the bowl games or something). How Dan Rice who was stronger than anybody we'd ever seen prior. Poor Dan had died since. His family was also one of our close friends. When I was a Freshman our varsity team was awesome. Remember, John Dye, Gene Skulick, Terry House, Nick Collett, Larry Poltash, my bro Les (who was the biggest). Remember John Dye coming off the bench to make a tackle along the sideline. He had his own way of playing. He is a cop in Manhattan Beach now. How about when I was a Freshman. There was nothing like leading Dan Rael around the end for a touchdown. He was the fastest running back in the league. Ron Mix went to HHS and a Hall of Famer. I know Bill and Jim Sloey knwo allot of football players from HHS.

Name: Robin () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 13:24:26
AKA: Barry
Class: 60
Message: Ok its jock talk eh? If were going to go outside our own (IE Foster from Loosefinger),we cant forget the Moeller bros (Joe and Gary) from "El Stinko" or Morningsides Jim "The Fever", or Lawndales Fred Dryer, but sport fans....Who was the best "all around athlete" to walk the hallowed halls of HHS??..Granted we have had many stand outs in the near half century history of our school. I am simply curious as to my fellow Cougars opinions...My pick is class of 63' Gary Mykkenen...whats yours? And Ricki...The thing I remember so much about your mother was her judgement of character:o)...God bless her! later Cougs
Let us not forget the Bretts, Ken and "What's his Name" from El Segundo. Of Course, Hall of Famer from the Chargers, Ron Mix from Hawthorne High, and another stand out from HHS, Curtis Conway. I think the walls are becoming even more hallowed here folks.
If you want to go WAAYY back. How about the 1928 Bay League Baseball Champs. It was the "Hawthorne Sash and Door" Team with Rosie Gilhausen (bottom row, third from left). Rosie played some ball in his day, but his real claim to fame was being a Major League scout.
Another one of Hawthorne's own is Jim Thorpe. Yes, I think he was named after the park in Hawthorne, of the same name. My grandfather and Big Jim were drinking buddies, and did most of it at the Centinela Cafe on Hawthorne Bl., between ElSegundo Bl and 129th St. It was then owned by my dad's best buddy in High School, Mitch Skaff. Anyone remember the Skaffs of Hawthorne? I have to agree with Robin on the pick of Gary Mykannen for best HHS athlete of the past half century. I never saw I guy throw as hard to second as Gary Mykannen. He could play any sport too. Just my 2 cents.....actually about a quarters worth there huh. Thanks Robin and sorry for stompin' all over your feedback.

Name: Connie Beverly () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 12:34:59
Maiden: Jax
Class: 67
Message: Does anyone remember the dance bar at the beginning of the Redondo Beach Pier. You had to go downstairs to enter it. Also Baby Huey's? The other two places I can't remember the names of were the one by Marie Callendars just north of May Co. (Hawaiian structure) and also a club in Redondo (hippie era) just inland a bit from the harbor and where Papa Joes was. Speaking of Hippie era about 1971 when I finished El Camino and did a year at Long Beach State. I went to Humbolt State. Then for the summer joined many from class of 67 in a little Town in Oregon called Bandon. Wayne and John Miranda 66 & 65 HHS were making driftwood furniture and living off the GI Bill. Others up there at the time were Bebop Hegg, Tim Hood, Mike Anderson anyone else I'm forgetting?
Back to 65-67 Do you remember the Turtles that played at the Drop-in at Memorial Park? Well I met the first drummer I worked with him and he said he quit the band before they made it big of course and is kicking himself now. They were from Westchester. Also a story about Sonny and Cher. Janet Umbarger my best friend and I made these bright outfits (dayglow colors) Top kind of a tank with a few rows of ruffles and the pants had ruffles from the knees down. she wore it to the Teen fair at POP and Sonny came up to her and asked if she could make some for Cher. Then a nobody. Well Sonny & Cher hit the big time and guess what she was wearing on many of the shows? Yes, our outfits. That Linda Braswell called our clown outfits. She would always "choose us off". I don't know why? We were such a threat. We probably weighed 95 Lbs soaking wet. We'd see her a the beach and she would say I know a place were we can fight. I'd say "If were not there start with out us." What ever happened to her? I didn't see her in the Senior Pic in the El Molino. See hung out with Sue Busbee. I talked with Janet Umbarger about 6 years ago. She is a phyical therapist living in San Pedro and at the time was working at Little Company of Mary in Torrance. She had 3 kids Tiffany, Cannon and Autumn or Summer I can't remember which season. I lao I was reading my RHD Last day of school mimeograph (sp) predictions that she would be a scientist etc. Well if the truth be known, her dad a math & science teacher, did all her science projects for the science fairs. If any of you had Janet in your Math classes you know that was not her stong suit. As it was not mine either. Never did get the hang of that Algebra. After that horrible experiment called team teaching in the 9th grade. Oh well I got to do something other than be in cougartown all day.

Great memories Connie, Thanks...

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 12:23:52
Class: 66
Message: Litton,
You are right about Leuzinger they had talent. Pat Scuderi, Tom Pitchford, Jerry "the Babe" Anderson, Ron Ross, Sal Baumerito, they had guys who could play. We only played Leuzinger once that was Easter tournament Cougars won. As for George Foster who was MVP in 1977 and should have been in 1976 when he hit 52 home runs he hit 6th on our Connie Mack team. The home rum hitter on that team was Bill Lee class of 66. He hit some monster blasts. George was a great person; real kind quiet and a guy who had a great work ethic that went professional out of El Camino, got bigger lifting weights became a tremendous hitter on the Major League level. In fact until last year he was the last National league player to have hit 50 home runs in a season, then a couple of guys named Sosa and McGwire came along and oh well. Lot of talent in our area. Also my brudder forgot from the same little league as all those other guys Mark Lee, Tracy Jones (he was a very good major league hitter then he got hurt, in fact he kept Paul O'Neil on the bench at Cincinnati) and I am sure more that we do not remember. Bill's Brudder

Name: Keith D. JOnes () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 11:29:00
Class: 76
Message: Sharon, Tracy's mom and dad still live at the old house. YOu can probably call them there and find out about Tracy and Kristen. Here are some more pro ball players Gary Allison (Holy Glen) went to Lawndale and started as catcher for the Boston Red Sox. Troy Dixon and Jerry Johnson (Leuzinger) played for the Padres, Paul Petit (old coach form Lawndale) was the first $100,000 bonus baby in pro baseball. I knew Mark Lee very well was in fact the top relief pitcher for the Padres. Wes Clemens (HHS 76') played in the bigs with the Houston Astros. So, there are plenty of ball players from our three high schools. That does'nt even count all the minor leaguers. HHS has produced many pro athletes. The Fowler family were also our family's friends. We were all in Troop 956 (I think that was our Troop) in the Boy Scouts. Mr. Fowler was a big man as was Tom and John. John was a crazy guy and great wrestler. Anyone here know about Robert Armbrust. Remember him wrestling. Everybody in his class was afraid of him. I saw a few guys just forfeit because they were so afraid of him. Dining and Dashing, what a great pastime. :

Name: BILL SLOEY () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 10:51:31
Class: 69
Message: Well I have was reading the Jones memoirs and Staffon recollections (Greg when you hit 200 responses in 3 days we call them memoirs) and realized that some things never changed. In the late 60's you had Mike Scott, Mike Colbern and Gary Allenson all who played in Wiseburn National Little Leagues. Today the Daily Breeze came out with its All Area Baseball team for the South Bay from Santa Monica to San Pedro. On the first team (11 players) 3 have their roots in the Wiseburn little league including the player of the year Alberto Concepcion a second round pick of the San Diego Padres who set the single season record for RBI's with 70, career RBI's record with 170, and tied the State single season record with 20 home runs. Also on the first team was my nephew Nick Sloey a catcher who hit 12 home runs and Travis MacAndrews who hit 11 home runs. So Wiseburn is still represented. Oh yeah, the guy that taught these guys how to hit? Of course it was a former Cougar although none of these guys went to HHS. See ya at the ball park.
Peanuts.....get your Peanuts here!!!.....Peanuts....
And this from a guy that played on, I think, the first two National Championship Nebraska teams. Didn't Johnny Rodgers, Jerry Tagge, Rich Glover, and maybe a couple of other fair football players came out of those teams. At least we know where you learned the fundamentals of the game Bill, and that was good old HHS.

Name: Karen LeMaistre () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 10:30:44
Maiden: Masters
Class: 1972
Message: Keith...Sorry... no relation! However, Roy's father (Gary Sides) and my dad worked together at one time. My dad told me that Gary lives in Las Vegas and Roy lives in Oregon with his mother.
Bob...Thanks for the tidbit on Dr. Fowler. I had a mad crush on John about the 2nd or 3rd grade. insights into men were much better at 6 or 7 years old then they were as I grew up. I'm so happy that John has done so well. I also remember John's dad...he use to haul a bunch of us to youth group at church every week...he was a real character and a very nice man!

Name: Danny Litton () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 07:59:15
Class: 68
Message: There was a third major leaguer who played on HHS's 1973 baseball team - Mark Lee, the youngest of the "Lee Pack" which included Bill ('66), and Don ('68). Mark played for a spell with the San Diego Padres which makes three guys from the same high school team to play in the majors. Quite rare. Oh, and easy on Leuzinger. Remember that the great Cincinnati Red's George Foster graduated from there in 1967. Sloey you know that ... you played American Legion ball with him!
I remember George as being real thin in his playing days at Cincinnati, but I saw a picture of him in a Pylon (Leuzinger yearbook) about 2 months ago, and he must of weighed about 115 pounds in High School. Hard to believe he could generate as much power as he did. He must have been using the "FORCE".

Name: Jessie Lendennie () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 06:16:31
Maiden: Lendennie
Class: '64
Message: Hi! I've just found this site - all the way over in Ireland - and I've spent the last 2 hours, when I should be working away, in absolute awe as all the memories come crowding in.
John, I sent you a long email from the 'add links' page about who I am and what I did at HHS. I'd really like to know if anyone can tell me the whereabouts of Jeri Sue Adamson (married names 'Beckwith', then 'Seigler'), class of '65 and Mary Tiner, class of '64. My brother, Jimmy Lendennie (class of '61) was Drum Major in '60 and '61, and I was a flag girl, Diaconian, Student Body Historian (the first 'unicameral' school government - '63) and did Drama and a wonderful creative writing class with Mr. Kirkpatrick. I'd also love to know what happened in the lives of April Hayes, Linda McVeigh, and Dawna Wing. All '64 people. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!! I run a literary publishing company in Ireland; the website is Please have a look and drop me a note!! Much Love, and Good Wishes, Jessie

Name: Patt () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 01:13:57
Maiden: Yep Chris
Class: YES
Message: Chris is Baby Brother!

Name: Ricki Farrell () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 00:14:07
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
Message: No Robin! The class (Mom's with you) was a bit more sedate: Mr. Pelsinger's History of the Americas. I thought it was pretty boring myself. I took it after you guys. She, on the otherhand, loved it. She remembered you, so that's a compliment. She said you were a very nice young man. She's 82 so for her to remember taking the class is a compliment in itself. I'm glad that you're not changing your name. I like it. Ricki
She said ROBIN was a nice YOUNG man??? Your mom really doesn't remember him huh Ricki. Robin, go ahead, change it to something classy like Howie Goteer Idono

Name: Patt Deckard () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 00:05:29
Maiden: Prewitt
Class: YES
Message: John,
To quote an old cliche "the check is in the mail". It will go out in the morning mail. I wrote a brief note to explain.

Let's see...."the check is in the mail." Isn't that one of the "Three Biggest Lies"?Thanks Patt

Name: Patt () on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 at 00:02:10
Maiden: Butch's sister
Class: 65
Message: I would at least like a cake( you always liked Tomato Soup Cake) I could go for a mayonnaise cake!!
I will paint your house( I am experienced) and roof your house (I am Daring)
But you have to come to Washington to see me!! I have been down there lots and you have been here only once( you only had 3 kids then!!) I am trying to schedule our patients so I can make it! If you still have all that $$ I paid you from my 50 cents a week allowance, You probably do! You can come see me!
John this is Obviously for my BABY BROTHER!!!!

You mean "Baby Chris" HHS 67??

Name: Susan Walling () on Monday, June 7, 1999 at 23:58:27
Maiden: Ciampa
Class: 77
Message: OK John.... you've twisted my arm, its a done deal! I'll make the arrangements at the new Stick & Stein and you let me know how many people there will be.
Hey Karen... HI! Maybe we'll show the El Segundo crowd just how great HHS alumni really are. And to think, all those years they said that there's no life East of Sepulveda. HA!

OK Susan, You are our Homecoming.......well Queen... OK. I will put a page up kinda like we had for Las Vegas. If you can make it, please let us know so Susan knows how many to plan for. It's October 15th at Halcap Field. The Mighty Cougs are going to scalp the Sentinels, then we're all going to the Stick N Stein in El Segundo to celebrate the victory. We'll get an area roped off for just the Cougartown Alumni at the game. It sounds like a great time and thank you Susan for volunteering.

Name: Elaine Palmer () on Monday, June 7, 1999 at 23:47:22
Maiden: York
Class: 75
Message: I'd like to contact people that were in honors English in 1975. Let's share the news.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at