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Another Doo Wop'er who left too soon Jesse Belvin

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Name: Marty Sasaki () on Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 03:49:00
City and State: Arlington, MA
Class: 1972
Message: Feeling a bit old, my 49th birthday is in two weeks. Thought I would check in here. Lots of good memories. Thanks to the regulars for making this site alive.
Hey Marty, wanna trade? My 59th is in 7 weeks.

Name: Sharon Branigan () on Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 01:17:44
City and State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 76
Message: Okay folks, here's your big chance. T-shirts are in and I'm shipping out a mess of back-orders tomorrow. Watch your mail! Anyone not wearing a Cougartown T-shirt on July 19th will be subjected to unmerciful mockery at Cruise Night, whether you're there or not! We currently have all sizes but they won't last, so get your order and your check in before your size is gone! Click here to go to the order page.
That's right. We only have a limited number of some sizes, so please don't wait and be left out.

Name: Juan () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 22:22:05
City and State: Hawthorne
Maiden: Bustios
Class: 1980
Message: someone was asking about Jessie Tunnel. all i can say is he passed away several yrs back in Palm Springs. im sad to say that he was a victim of the aids virus. also my longtime good friend Kevin Farnsworth and brother Mark lost their father late June due to cancer Elmer Farnsworth ill miss him very much he kept me and Kevin as well as Jimmy Mc Pheeters Lawndale HIGH out of so much trouble. i don't know if anyone of u remember back in the 60s our family would go down to lax airport and fly in Disneylands helicopter to Disneyland did any of u do that as well?

Name: Roni Kobel () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 21:09:22
City and State: Huntington Beach, CA
Maiden: Treckman
Class: 76
Message: This message was forwarded to me by my mom... my sister Beth knew Steve Rothans very well at St. Joseph, but I can't remember if their family went to HHS. Steve was class of '75, and Tim was a couple of years younger. I think their parents still live in Hawthorne.
Sad news from Steve Rothans ...
It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my brother Tim was involved in a very serious automobile accident on Friday, July 4th, at approximately 5:50 PM. He and his two daughters, Cory and Rachel, were returning to his new home in Escondido and were literally one-half block from home when the accident occurred. My niece, 14-year-old Cory Rose Rothans was killed instantly.
Tim survived approximately 26 hours and passed away on Saturday evening July 5th. 12-year-old Rachel has miraculously survived with what appears to be various cuts and bruises.
For those interested, the services will be as follows:
Rosary Vigil: Thursday, 7/10/03, 7:00 PM, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 525 W. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92083 (760) 945-8000
Funeral Mass: Friday, 7/11/02, 1:00 PM at the same church.
There will be a reception immediately following the burial on Friday afternoon. In lieu of flowers the family requests that any donations be made as follows:
c/o - Carolyn Rothans
5348 Gooseberry Way
Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 295-7101
Thank you to all of you who allowed Tim and Cory to play a part in your lives.
Love, Steve

Name: Alan Nelson () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 18:50:51
City and State: Parker, Az
Class: '73
Message: I really like the Beach Boy's business card, John. At least now, when the aliens come and land out here in the desert and say "Take me to your leader" , I'll finally know who to send them to.
OR if you ever have a "Teenage Hop" and need a band, call Brian Wilson.

Name: Paul Wisman () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 16:51:33
City and State: Torrance, Ca
Class: 61
Message: Regarding the Sepulveda tunnel/underpass: I recall hearing a story of a military jet that crashed, many years ago, at the southbound exit between the runway and the ventilation building. I remember seeing the scorched hillside but no other details come to mind. Does anyone in C-town have knowledge of this?

Name: JOHN CROTTY () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 15:47:07
E-Mail: computer crashed again!!!
City and State: hermosa beach, CA
Class: 69
Message: Mrs. Cook (Shirley), was the lunch monitor at Dana Jr. High during both my 7th and 8th grade years. I spent hours talking to her during lunch break for both those years. She always complimented me on my shiny shoes and my freshly pressed shirts. For some reason, she was one adult you could talk to about anything. Eventually, through constant contact with her, I ended up asking her daughter, Donna, to "go steady" in the 8th grade (only lasted two weeks, ask Donna what happened). At our 15 year high school reunion, Donna and I got re-aquainted and have remained incredibly close friends ever since. Through that reuniting, I got to meet Mrs. Cook again, and all of the "Cook" girls and, of course, Don (the dad). And again, we spent hours and hours talking. What a great person. What a funny lady, a charming host, and a total class act. I shall miss her dearly and wish all her family God's blessing and comfort.
There are some parents that all the kids just loved. It sounds like Mrs Cook was in that bunch. Thanks John for this very special feedback.

Name: Enza Nicocia () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 14:54:11
City and State: Super Hot Socal!!
Maiden: thedodgersarepainfultowatch...
Class: 72
Message: Welcome Yolanda Escobar c/0 73! You and your sister Ana were two of the sweetest and cutest girls at HHS. I will never forget, that upon walking into the multi-class reunion a few years ago, without having my picture ID on, Yolanda came up to me and said, "Enza!" Wow~that made my week! She, of course, looked EXACTLY the same. AND, she married her high school sweetheart Gene, and they are still together. Just for fun, how many coug's married their high school sweethearts AND are still together? On another sad note~momma Nicocia has taken a turn for the worse, and we have had to call in Hospice. Although, she is one tough Sicilian woman, and still doesn't know how ill she really is, we still need those positive vibes/prayers to keep on coming for Anna Nicocia our sainted 'MA'. BTW, anyone who has any personal experience on Multiple Myeloma, this non-curable bone cancer, and can give us ANY help on a 'wonder' drug/treatment, to perhaps give her a couple more months, please let me know. Thanks again for all the kindness/support that so many of you have showered me with...It's greatly appreciated!!
Thanks for the update, Enza. Our prayers go out to your mom.

Name: Bob Brophy () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 13:50:20
E-Mail: rbrophy
City and State: Phoenix Az.
Class: Serra 63
Message: All this talk of the Sepulveda tunnel reminds me of the other tunnel going our to San Fernando before they put in I-5 and the 405. We used to have to beg our parents to honk the horn when going thru it. We also used to sit and watch the planes come in and go out on Aviation Blvd. Bob
Back in the 50's, that was our route to my cousin's house in Palmdale. Right through the valley on Sepulveda to HWY 6. Thanks Bob

Name: Mary Ann Breneman () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 13:49:52
City and State: Long Beach, CA
Maiden: Rea
Class: 1965
Message: This is in answer to a question asked by Marilyn Ross. The restaurant and cocktail lounge on the corner of Imperial and Prairie was owned by my Father, my uncle, and my cousin. It was originally called the Irish World when they purchased it. Before that it may have been called the Shamrock, but I'm not sure. At the time that my family purchased the place, it was called The Irish World and was a burlesque house. My family tore it down, and rebuilt it as a new steakhouse and seafood restaurant called THE GONDOLIER. We are Italian and they thought the name was catchy. It was a very nice restaurant/lounge that had great food, dancing, and entertainment. One of the singers who was a semi-regular and performed at the lounge was Johnny Profit. He used to appear on some regular TV hour detective show. The name escapes me. Anyway, I too have memories of going there during the day to help out and hang out. My sister Susan was younger, but she was the one who saw Marilyn's question and mentioned it to me. I did get to go to a special party one night with all of the grownups and that night really is very memorable. I felt very special and it was a great place. Hope this answers your question, Marilyn.
Hi Maryann and thanks for the insight into the restaurant/bar/burlesque house with many names on the corner of Prairie and Imperial. I'm sure it held many stories through the years.

Name: Bob Melendrez () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 12:33:57
City and State: Ocala, FL (temporarily)
Class: 1971
Message: Wow, "Mothers". What a blast from the past that one is! John, you and I must have crossed paths back then, 'cause I spent some evenings behind the drums in that place... Fortunately, I don't believe your "professional duties" were ever applied to me... 8^)
Hey Bob, Ah heck, Mothers was easy to work. Lots of dart players and just nice people who wanted to have fun. It was mainly ID checking for me. I don't remember a serious encounter.

Name: Keith D. Jones () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 12:31:43
City and State: Honolulu, HI
Class: 76
Message: Sorry to hear about Shirley Cook. She was my babysitter when I was young.

Name: Cindy Colby () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 12:23:27
City and State: Laguna Hills, CA
Maiden: Maxson
Class: 63
Message: Man, you guys are good. I went to the Insomniac, Lighthouse, Pitcher House and Mothers. I remember, in about '66' I was quite a regular at Mothers, All of the Lakers went in there, I drank beer with the likes of Wilt 'The Stilt', Jerry West and a few others I don't remember (old ya know). Mothers was on the north side of Arbor Vitae near Hindry on the west side of La Cienega. Good memories.

Name: Denny () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 11:52:46
E-Mail: same as last time
City and State: Del Aire
Class: 55
Message: Maybe some of the younger readers of Feedback didn't know that before the tunnel was built the runways went right on across Sepulveda which had rolling gates on both sides of the Blvd. In the 40's if any plane was too big, heavy or in question of not being airborne before getting to Sepulveda all of the traffic was stopped and the gates were opened so just in case the aircraft wasn't airborne it could continue.
John, Thought I read in the Breeze last week that because of a budget shortfall in Hawthorne the air show was cancelled. Did they change their mind?

Sounds like a draw bridge for airplanes, and no, I didn't know the air show was cancelled. Thanks for the info, Denny.

Name: Larry Biller () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 10:23:32
City and State: Portland,OR
Maiden: 124th Place
Class: 1967
Message: Visited the Experience Music Project in Seattle this past weekend which among other things features a large Jimi Hendrix exhibit. I got to thinking (which can be dangerous) that something like this might possibly work in Hawthorne. This complex could include Beach Boy paraphenalia, street racers, replicas of Hollys, Fosters, The Plaza, Melody Music etc etc etc. So whose got lots of $$$$$ so we can build this thing? We could call it "Cougartown".
Hey Larry, I like it. Do the whole "Where were you in the 60's" American Graffiti type, cruising, hangouts concept.

Name: Carolyn () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 09:43:48
City and State: An Arbor, MI
Maiden: Gamradt
Class: 1962
Message: The Pitcher House! That's it!! Thanks for remembering Jim and Paco. From your comment to Pat, John, it sounds like the Pitcher House is still in business?? Or, is it just the "X" that's still on the door? Another place I wonder if anyone remembers is "Mothers" located, I believe, on Inglewood Ave. On Wednesday and Friday nights, you didn't want to be any place else but there. Jeanene Byram, me and a couple of friends from Lennox High had a lot of good times at Mothers, drinking, dancing and checking out the talent. Carolyn
Yes, the Pitcher House is still going strong after 40 some years...... and MOTHERS!!! I "bounced" at Mothers for a few years in the early 70's. It was located on about Glasgow Av and Arbor Vitae. Lots of rock and roll bands and lots of fun people. I think I still have a Mothers Tshirt somewhere.

Name: Pat Underwood () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 03:03:37
City and State: Hawthorne, Calif
Maiden: Lawndale High
Class: 1963
Message: I used to drive through the tunnel and rev my engine and listen to those loud glass packs, now I just honk my horn, because engines are to expencive. LOL

Name: Baxter Dodd () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 02:32:15
City and State: Riverside, CA
Class: 57
Message: Great ?Insomniac? picture find/post, Chris/Paco. I too used to visit that place occasionally. Sometimes they had pretty good music there. They also had a good record store next door that included hard-to-find traditional and folk music. Problem was they kept raising the prices and most of the patrons were not the type that had a lot of money at that time. I would also go across the road to visit ?The Lighthouse? where they had great jazz most of the time. I was only about 17-18 at the time so as long as I only ordered cokes, they let me hang around.
I think the place Carolyn was asking about was a beer joint called the ?Madhouse? or ?Crazy House.? It was located a few blocks east of Ocean near a phone company(??) . It had ?Condemned? signs on the outside of the building and boards nailed across the front door. Of course the boards were hinged with the doors but if you did not know, it appeared to be closed. Inside, the walls were covered exactly as Carolyn described along with a lot of interesting photos and war relics hanging over the bar. The bartender/owner was about 7 feet tall. p.s... I remember M-80s being effective in the Sepulveda Tunnel.

M-80s in the tunnel huh.....hmmmmmmm.

Name: Jerry Miles () on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 00:30:43
City and State: Fair Oaks, CA
Class: '66
Message: Donna?. Ha, I forgot about the hands on the ceiling and the feet in the air. But we did that too. It?s nice to know there were others playing that ridiculous game. Thanks for helping me retrieve a great memory.
And to think we just honked the horn.

Name: Donna Gohr () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 23:28:12
City and State: congratulationsnonnaonlittlesamantha
Maiden: Van Douris
Class: 69
Message: I forgot about holding your breath while driving under the Sepulveda tunnel. I remember driving through the tunnel with Donna Cook and Elizabeth Estrada. Not only did we hold our breath, but we had to touch the car's ceiling with both hands while lifting our feet off the floor, all at the same time. Those were the rules when driving through any tunnel.

Name: Paco () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 22:07:38
City and State: LF
Class: 61
Message: Back in the day Ty Goodman's parents would take me and Ty on a sunday drive and on the way home we would stop and eat our picnic lunch on the highway while the planes were coming in over us. If there was parking, normally it was bumper to when the tunnel was completed we went on our sunday drive (Now, me and Ty were in our teens and embarrassed) and went thru the tunnel and stopped at a turnout and had our picnic lunch..

Name: Pat Underwood () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 20:36:40
City and State: Hawthorne, Calif
Maiden: Lawndale High
Class: 1963
Message: John I remember the pitcher house with all the peanut shells all over the floor. Remember the train sounds they had there, it sounded like a big freight train was passing through. It had the big x on the front door to look like it was boarded up.
Still got the big X too.

Name: Jerry Miles () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 19:42:18
City and State: Fair Oaks, CA
Class: '66
Message: Speaking of the tunnel, when I was very young, somehow we decided we shouldn?t breathe in there and held our breath until we emerged on the far side. Did anyone else do this or was it just a silly game my family played? Actually, I always thought it was much more fun to go down Aviation and, hopefully, get blasted by a jet taking off. Then they put up those diverters and spoiled all the fun.
I just remember dad honking the horn in the tunnel.
He never said, but I don't think he was holding his breath, especially at rush hour.

Name: Donald Scheliga () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 19:10:53
City and State: W. Covina
Class: 62
Message: In the 60's a family friend, who was a Professor of electronics at El Camino College, gave my dad a HeathKit Superheterodyne 6 transistor portable radio as a Christmas present for me to build. ( I still have it) I was told the radio would work anywhere and sure enough, while in the car going through that tunnel, I could listen to KDAY all the way through. Say does anyone remember the Mermaid Bar located on the Strand just North of Pier Ave? Once upon a time!!!!!
Heath there's a name outta the past. Thanks Don

Name: Paul Wisman () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 18:41:25
City and State: Torrance, Ca
Class: 61
Message: Hi Tressa, Pier Ave. hasn't changed a whole lot through the years. The Lighthouse is still in operation featuring a wide range of groups including fifties rock & roll, jazz/blues and even punk. I go there occasionally to support a friend who?s an up and coming jazz vocalist. Her name is Jennifer Rose and she plays there Saturday afternoons, once or twice a month. You should come and check her out sometime if you?re in the area.
The only BIG change is there's no parking or driving on Pier Av east of Hermosa Av.

Name: Mike Shay () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 18:34:24
City and State: Cerritos, CA
Maiden: OS6-9393
Class: 61
Message: I was never in the Pitcher house or the Oar House but wasn't the Nut House the one in Long Beach on Anaheim Sreet. Your beer might show up in a glass or a coffee pot or a urinal or a carburetor or anything else that held liquid. Once in a while a siren would go off and the lights would start flashing. That ment that some unsuspecting girl had lifted up the grass skirt on a statue of Popeye in the lady's room to see if the spinich was having an effect on all of his muscles.
See you on cruise night; M.S.

Yep, That's the place. They served free peanuts and you HAD to throw the shells on the floor and they swept the place once a year. A real CLASSY joint......

Name: Raymond Smith () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 17:31:04
City and State: Portland, Oregon
Maiden: Nic and sunny this week
Class: 1981
Message: I was reading my beloved magazine "Air Classic" and they had a story on Pam Am Clippers. The plane they were talking about was built by Boeing (B-377 "Stratocruiser") and it had a picture of their airplane being the first in crossing the newly completed runway overpass Sepulveda(PCH). Does anyone remember going through the tunnel in the new era of highway traveling? I remember my first experience and I was in awe of seeing those big airplanes and couldn't wait to get through the tunnel so I can look out the back window and seeing the airplane taxi out.
I hated that tunnel because the radio wouldn't work in there.

Name: Paco () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 17:21:46
City and State: LF
Class: 61
Message: Carolyn, could it be the "Pitcher House"? Jim, the "Oar House" was a favorite after game hangout!

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 16:39:17
City and State: redondo beach, ca
Class: 66
Message: It was and is called the Pitcher house across the street from the old Vasek Polak location. Its cousin in Santa Monica was called the Oar House.
Ahh Yes, the Pitcher House where I drank my very first ILLEGAL beer. I guess ID wasn't required back in 1963.

Name: Kathleen Griffin () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 16:21:07
City and State: San Pedro, CA
Maiden: Nix
Class: 74
Message: I've been getting some strange email at the CT_Helpdesk from some of you. Generally they are blank with no attachments. I'm hoping we are not seeing the beginnings of another virus run. Please let me know via email if you are getting empty messages from other CTowners.
I get some that have a "" file attachment. That one I know is a virus.

Name: Tressa () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 14:47:11
City and State: Tustin, CA
Maiden: Gerkin
Class: 61
Message: Lucy Wolfe, Paula Hendrick, Judy Cantor and I used to frequent the Lighthouse and Insomniac. We saw the Jazz Crusaders at the Lighthouse, and recently I saw the sax player performing at a club in Huntington Beach. My husband (who is younger than I) said, "gee that guy's old"!#$^*(&*^++!!. What's there now on Pier Ave. - anyone know? and was it THAT long ago????????????

Name: Cliff Rickson () on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 at 14:15:56
City and State: St.Petersburg, Florida
Class: 1967
Message: Hi John, Have you or any Cougars heard if the Hawthorne Air Show has been cancelled? It was scheduled for August 16 & 17th. I hope not, I'll be in town that week to see family. All the best to everyone.
Hey Cliff, I just looked and it appears to still be on. Good luck....

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