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Here's something for the mid 60's Surfers. It's The Trade Winds.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 23:47:22
Name: Cindy Matthies
Maiden: Whittaker
Class: 1976
Message: WooHoo! Oom-pah-pah music concert on the accordians! We'll be, like, awesome! I'm dusting off my suspenders as we speak! Watch out Weird Al cause you've got competition comin' outta Hawthorne. Here's another memory ... who remembers the kid's dentist office that looked like a castle? I just can't remember where it was. And King George's Smorgasbord? Maybe that was in Gardena on Crenshaw across from El Camino College. So what, my dad LOVED eating there! Remember when the Whopper really was and it was "too biggaeat" for Rodney Allen Rippy? So how come I never knew about all these M&P stores that sold so easily to minors? We had to stand outside and "spot" !! My sister-in-law just found out that her son who is a junior in high school has been hiding beer in his room. She said to us "do you know how these kids get this beer?" We, innocently of course, said "why no, how?" "Well ... they stand outside the liquor store and have ADULTS buy it for them!!!" Then my fink husband laughed and pointed at me and said "you mean just like she used to do!" I sheepishly admitted it and told her that we called it "spotting." So I got that "mom" look from my own sister-in-law and now my squeaky clean image is tarnished with my in-laws. Sheesh! Believe it or not my sister-in-law isn't that much older than I am but these guys all went to a private high school (Brethren in Paramount) in the 60's so they were way more sheltered than even our own HHS 60's grads. Okay, I'm sorry, I'll stop rambling (again)! This is just so much fun that I can't stop! Your stories are all such a hoot to read! Okay okay ... just one more thing ... does like, EVERYONE think Beavis & Butthead are guys we went to school with in the 70's??? Sorry but my husband likes them and I just shake my head and try not to watch but then I start laughing ... but only because THOSE guys went to Hawthorne and I think they were even in my classes...
Note: Cindy, I can tell, you and I woulda' hit it right off at HHS. You were just slightly nuts like me huh. :o)
OK, back to business here. The dentist office you're talking about was on the corner of Acacia and 120th and I think it was moved to there from a previous location. It was displaced by the mall, and now sits on the street behind Jim Thorpe park. I don't think it's still a dentist office though. Did King Georges smorgasbord turn into Sir Rogers?? Thanks Cindy, you are a funny (crazy) lady and are welcome here anytime.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 22:21:13
Name: Patty Valencia
Class: 1974
Message: Yes John, I'm still alive. I've been travelling a lot these last several weeks and am still on the road until next week, but I do check into CT regularly. SO, Chris and John, no more jokes about the name tags, eh? Finally I contributed something of use. I actually even used them at my kids birthday parties to help me look somewhat capable! Of course, Cathy K. I remember you. Sometimes the daily life of 30 years ago seems so recent and cougartown has allowed us to bring it to life, even when we're on the road (ok it's been a long, long week and I'm not that literate at this point). Jorge come esta los vecinos? (That'll keep him busy for a while). Cindy Whittaker, thank you for bringing up Gloria's mouth. It sure takes the pressure off of looking like Doogie Howser's best friend. John, can you do touch-ups? Ok, enough for now on this small laptop keyboard. V6 and V3, time to type in some comments...
Note: Patty girl, It IS about time you set foot back here on the Feedback page. I do not know what you're talking about with the name tag comments. I thought the nametags wer fine. In fact I spent part of my today making nametags for the Car Show people on Saturday. Chris, You bring the Sharpie. And don't think you're fooling anybody here with that "Jorge com estar usted con las verminicimos stuff". I know what that means. I just don't want to tell you right now that's all. ;^> You be a good kid and get home to your kids. I know they miss you too. Thanks Patty.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 21:28:14
Name: Lora Zevallos
Maiden: Maynor
Class: 77
Message: Great Web Site. I have had a great time reminiscing. The Mom & Pop store in Lennox was called Juniors. I spent my early youth in Lennox and my older siblings went to Lennox High.
Note: Hi Lora, Thanks for Juniors. I lived on the corner of 111th and Burl from late 1963 to 1970. That's about as close to being a Lancer as you can get. :o)

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 21:03:09
Name: Patti Froom
Maiden: Henderson
Class: 66
Message: Anyone remember Convenient Market on 135th and Inglewood Ave.? I think we used up all our candy money there so we could go to the dentist a little ways down the street. What about the dairy on Broadway (I think) and Inglewood Ave. I remember having a huge crush on one of the guys that worked there!

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 20:52:51
Name: Bob Rierdan
Class: 61
Message: Ingrid, The Del-Aire Market reminds me - Anyone remember the Del-Aire Community Bldg? It was that big log building at the corner of Aviation & 119th St. There were Friday night dances there for the 4th & 5th graders from Anza. They had a jukebox with about 10 records on it. The "Bunny-Hop" was the big deal for the night and they would play it several times during the evening. "Blueberry Hill" was a hot record at those dances, also "ABC Boogie" w/Bill Haley & the Comets.
That's the first place that most of us danced with a member of the other gender?pretty little Sylvia Mullard was my first dancing partner - anyone remember her? Forty-five years later and my dancing hasn't gotten any better.
The chaperones wouldn't let kids leave without an adult. There were two ways out of the place for us kids that had 'other things to do.' After the dance; you could climb out of the boy's bathroom window or walk out behind an adult who was leaving with some other kids. Those were really great Friday nights and really our first taste of 'adult fun.'

Note: Hey Bob, Man, I've stomped on a few little girls pinkys too in my day. It got so embarrassing that when I got into the 7th grade, I gave up dancing for good. It was frightening.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 20:09:35
Name: Sandy Holyoak
Maiden: Edholm
Class: 1968
Message: White Lipstick
Note: Good one. Of course NOW it's black lipstick.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 18:57:31
Name: Laura Porter
Maiden: Twitchell
Class: 79
Message: Your right John, Ivy's was a coffee shop. What do they say about the first thing to go.......
Note: Laura, That's why I've got this all you Hawthorne people can help me remember these things. :o)

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 17:39:55
Name: Kathleen Griffin
Maiden: Nix
Class: 74
Message: Cathy Koerner I remember you. If you will recall, we were in Junior High together. There were three Kathleen's in our class which caused a bit of confusion until we all decided on our nick-names.
Billy Louder, where the heck is the rest of your family? I've been thinking about Patty lately wondering what she's up to. Let her know I'm online and looking for her.
Does anyone remember Wagle boards and moon shoes? No one has mentioned pet rocks either, not that anyone wants to be reminded they were gullible enough to pay money for a rock in a box....

Note: Kathleen, I set me pet rock free. HEY!! it was the 70's OK.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 17:35:17
Name: Sharon Branigan
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 76
Message: Favorite Mom & Pop store: Bens Market. We lived on 118th (was it 118th?) right behind York School for a year (why DID we move around so much??) ; I recall sneaking pennies from my moms purse and buying candy at Bens before going to school in 2nd grade (1965?) I must've scored BIG one a.m. cuz I bought the BIG bag of M&M's. I remember Mr. Nishinaka looking at me sternly and saying "Does your mother know what you're doing?" I gulped, lied and said yes, then ran like the rat that I was. That was the end of my morning candy raids. I also recall Imperial Farms but John-Boy won't let us call that an M&P... too big...I still remember the smell of the meat counter. I used to try to eat the hamburger meat raw before mom could cook it. Remember when you'd buy a round steak, it came with a bone in it? I used to LOVE to eat the middle out of the cooked bone. Now it sounds gross! Shoulda stopped with the M&Ms.
Note: Gosh Swifty, Are you trying to make everyone hurl up here?? Man all that talk of sucking the middle out of the round steak bone.......actually as I remember, that WAS pretty tasty. I remember the framed cartoon picture hanging in the meat dept. at Imperial Farms. It was of a lady customer and the butcher. The meat was placed in a hanging scale and they were both looking up at the scale weight. The lady customer was pushing "up" on her side of the basket and the butcher was pushing "down" on his side. Great memories Sharon and I give Bens Market one more vote.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 15:44:18
Name: Betty East
Maiden: Wright
Class: 74
Message: Keith, Ingrid, and Laura...boy you guys are making my brain work overtime. I spent a lot of money at Leo's Stereo. I just can't remember where it is. Next time I'm in Hawthorne, I'm just going to have to spend some time driving around refreshing my memory on locations of all the places mentioned. I've been away from Hawthorne for 22 years. Keith, you and I grew up around the corner from each other. I lived on 137th Place. I remember Holy Glen park so well, practically lived there. I remember when the homes on Glasgow were being torn down. I remember Offramp Liquor store. Used to ride my bike down there with a note to buy my mom's cigarettes almost every morning. Hated the ride back up the hill. Do you remember the baseball park on Isis? Spent a lot of time there too. Loved the chili. Keith, remember the turtle at Holy Glen park? And the wading pool, how the water would come gushing out from the fill pipe. We used to walk around in a circle stirring up the chlorine. Oh my gosh, I could go on forever! Hello to Cathy Koerner. Do you remember me? Thanks for a great site, John, and the brain exercise.
Note: You're Welcome Betty. Darn fun huh.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 15:13:30
E-Mail: REH2469@AOL.COM
Class: 56
Message: Frank Romano mentioned a model railroad on 138Th street. There was a Centinela Valley Model Railroad club on 138th between Grevillea and Hawthorne Blvd behind the home or a Lee Ridgeway. It was huge, had 7 stations and ran a regular schedule every week I was actually a member from '53 to '55. Wow what memories
Note: Hi Richard, That's the one I remember. It was a monster layout. I wonder what ever happened to that place?

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 14:51:07
Name: Karen Kusumi
Maiden: Hare
Class: 66
Message: Hey Ingrid, I grew up in the same neighbohood only a few years earlier, and I used to go to that market all the time. When my sisters (Donna 61 and Jennie 63 ) would go to 6th and 7th grade dances at the log cabin next door to the market (does anyone remember what it was called) I always got to go because my parents always chaperoned and it was always so much fun because I was the annoying little sister. I don't know how I got on to the log cabin, so I am stopping now. John just want to say again what a great web site. Hi Chuck Currie.
Note: Hi Karen, Great memories yourself.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 13:23:16
Name: Bob Veach
Class: 1972
Message: John,
My folks divorced after moving from 118th St. and Birch to 136th St. and Inglewood Ave. where my mom still lives. My mom had to go back to work, so my brother and I lived on weekends and vacations at our grandparents who managed an apartment complex at 111th St. and Larch in Lennox until my mom could trust us to stay alone (please refer to my earlier letter about setting a bed on fire. Stupid she wasn't).
Lennox, when I was growing up, belonged to Lennox High, not Morningside. It was during your hay day when it still belonged to Inglewood School District. My mom had to go to MHS, were she was part of the first graduating class in 1954 with my dad because LHS hadn't been built yet.
I attended kindergarten at Larch Ave. School, moved to York School for 1st, transferred to Anza, then Cabrillo, Peter Burnett, Dana, then HHS.
Reading Coach Chauncy's rememberances about the early HHS football teams really brought back some memories. I remember my dad talking about when he played against HHS, both schools having the same problems being so new.
Keith Jones, say hi to your brother Les for me. My brother and I played football with him at HHS. I only remember you as some little brother running around Holly Glen park barely able to see over Les' waist. I also remember your dad, Casey, nice man-good umpire at Hawthorne National Middle League.
Not a Mom and Pop store, but who remembers Annamaries Toy Store on 137th and Inglewood Ave. She sold toys, candy, arts and crafts.

Note: Bob, Man, you've been around the district. Great memories, and about Anna Maries....I think the building's still there.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 13:19:17
Name: Bob Melendrez
Class: 1971
Message: Hey, Keith Jones, thanks for the Holly Glen memories. The Hawthorne DMV used to be across the parking lot from Off Ramp Liquor. That is where many of us took our first quantum leap into "adulthood" i.e. the drivers test. I took my dad's '65 Galaxie for the test and was so nervous about any possible mishap, my hands were sweating on the steering wheel. My parents bought their house on Glasgow and 135th in mid '55, before the 405 was built, and before Holly Glen park. Where the wading pool is in the park, used to be an oil well pump jack. And, before the 405 came through, the fields there along Anza Ave. (now La Cienega) were great places to ride bikes, catch polliwogs, and just generally get dirty and have a blast. Ours was one of the nearly 90 homes bought by the State in 1972 for the 405 widening project. Oh, and one more thing; Luigi's had some great cheese pizza, didn't they?! More later.... Bob M. '71

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 11:21:45
Name: Ingrid
Maiden: Larson
Class: 74
Message: Where to begin? Cathy Koerner? Sure, I remember you. We were in the same Sunday school class at St. Joseph's.
My favorite Mom & Pop store: There was one a few blocks from where I grew up. It was called Del Aire Market, on Aviation at about 119th. They had a big bin outside where all the boxes and trash would be dumped - I remember my brothers and their friends digging around to find clean cardboard boxes to take home and play with.
Ah, the joys of being the baby sister. When you're really little it's not much fun. The big brothers don't want to include you in their fun. They would only let me play if I agreed to be Permanent Catcher - That meant I was never up to bat. Then they got a little older - like old enough to borrow Dad's car and go to the Teen Age Fair at the Palladium. I remember one time when they were all 16, 17, 18 and I was about 12. My brother Eric had his friends over. They were all sitting around the kitchen table: Mike Smith, Dick Greedus, Doug Quinones. Then another guy, Craig Foster came by. Poor Craig, he always seemed to be the brunt of their jokes. Well, I was the pesky little sister, and I wanted to be just like all those cool "grown-up" guys. So I snuck up behind Craig and I pulled the chair out from under him just as he was sitting down. WHAM! he hit the kitchen floor in a heap. I laughed so loud. But wait, no one was laughing with me. Everyone at the table just glared at me. I thought everyone would be enjoying my prank. I found out later that Craig just had been in a traffic accident on his motorcycle, and he was really banged up. I had no idea. I felt so bad. I never got a chance to apologize. So Craig, if you read this - I'm sorry - about 30 years too late.
At some point, being the little sister became an asset. When I got to be about 18, or so, some of the guys who'd been hanging out with my older brothers started to notice me. I think Eric was a little unhappy about his young sister going out with any of his friends. But I did date a couple of those guys.

Note: Great stuff Ingrid. Please come back more often. I will add the imfamous M&P "Del Aire Market to the list. Thanks

Thursday, April 29, 1999 at 01:04:48
Name: Laura Porter
Maiden: Twitchell
Class: 79
Message: Does anyone else remember going into Kresge's and popping a balloon to find how much you paid for your Hot Fudge Sundae? I walked down to Leo's Stereo on 118th and Hawthorne and bought my first Elton John album my freshman year. I remember walking past Continental Tuxedo's on my way to Hawthorne Intermediate and my mother telling me not to mess around the bar on 120th and Hawthorne Blvd....I think it was called The Ivy and later became Conroy's flowers. I think I still owe back fines at the Library and I tell my kids about the great cartoon glasses we used to get at Taco Bell.
Note: Hi Laura, Great memories. I think you're talking about Ivy's Coffee Shop owned by Ivy and Bob Schmid. It was later Conroy's and was on El Segundo and Hawthorne Bl.
You and I both will go "up the river" if caught with our library books. I will admit to never returning "Stories of Edgar Alan Poe", and the library was still on 126th St when I checked that book out. Let's see.....3 cents a day for 41 years......carry the 2......Man am I in trouble!!

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 23:50:03
Name: George Key
Maiden: Dropout
Class: 80
Message: Many comments tonight about local boxers. Those of you from the class of 73 will remember the little beauty Yolanda Escobar. I had her Dad as a student at Leuzinger. He was a Golden Gloves Champ and a fine lad.
I think of Yolanda and Gene Skulick often. Hope you are still together but have not heard about you since being at your wedding.
The name tag for the car show is a good idea as I am so old now Sometimes forget who I am. Does anyone know what the car show money will be used for? How about an alum scholarship to a student who wants to become a mechanic or such. See you there.-----JORGE

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 23:25:29
Name: Chris Prewitt
Class: 1967
Message: With all of the accordian players out there maybe we should start thinking about having an October fest. We might be able to persuade Jim Fox to do some OOM-PAH-PAH on the tuba! John, you can wear a white shirt, walking shorts with suspenders, and knee socks. We will also need someone to go to one of the M&P stores and pickup some beer.
Note: Great Chris, Attention All HHS accordion players. Start practicing the "Beer Barrel Polka" and we'll see you all in October.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 22:37:32
Name: Sharon MacDonald
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
Message: I agree accordians must have been the in thing in the 60's. I managed to escape the curse, but my sister Pattie ('68) was a player. I remember my father driving her to LA to play in a big accordian show at some auditorium. However, Pattie was not dedicated to the accordian - she was more into ice skating (maybe my parents had visions of a novelty act - "Accordians on Ice"). One Saturday my father was watching TV and an ad came on for a car dealer that would take anything in trade for a new car. He packed up the old accordian and presented it as his trade in. They took it! The Badger household was mercifully accordian free. Oh well, if any of you still have those accordians lurking in your closets, dust them off and practice "Lady of Spain". You can always come to Wisconsin and make it big - most of the small town local bands (not the rock-n-roll kind) have at least one accordian. And a one, and a two....
Note: Thanks Sharon, I just spit my iced tea all over my computer with that one. What a great story. I love those ZANY accordion stories.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 22:34:09
Name: Chris Prewitt
Class: 1997
Message: Well everyone seems to be talking about things of the past. I would like to know who is going to the 1st annual car show. I am planning on making the trip to Hawthorne to see the cars and maybe even get some photos of the school, the way it is today. How about it people! Maybe someone can get some "Hello My Name is" tags and we can have our name and year of graduation. I am really bad at names so I am trying to help myself. (Yes, Patty V. we could again sound like we are bottles of wine.) Chris Prewitt 1967.
Note: Chris, Sounds great. I wish I knew where those "V" girls were. They must be off on another caper. Anyway, yes everyone come to the Car Show at HHS this Saturday. It starts at 9am and is just a great excuse to see the hallowed halls again. I'll bring the name tags and Chris, you bring the pen. It'll be a fun day for everyone. If your in the area, please try to make it.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 21:41:58
Name: Frank Romano
Class: 61
Message: Okay, everyone is chasing the names of stuff, and making great memories come alive... Do any of you recall the name of the family that lived on 138th between Second street and Ramona avenue that had the hugh train layout in the garage? I visited the place a couple of times, but can't recall the name.
Yo John... a beach bash sounds like it could be real fun.

Note: Frank, Yes I remember that great train layout. It was behind someones house. Troop 283 went down there one night. GREAT memory.
OK Frank, A beach party it is. Bring your own speedos though. :o)

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 21:27:00
Class: 83
Message: Hope to hear from some of you guy's soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 21:14:53
Name: Sandy Holyoak
Maiden: Edholm
Class: 1968
Message: The Red Onion
Note: Sandy, YES......The best salsa in Hawthorne. Thank you

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 20:55:21
Name: karen kuehl
Maiden: graham
Class: 59
Message: Hey, Robin, wasn't the 'little store' (we called it that too) actually called Ramona Market? I loved that little store too. But, I hated going there when I first moved on 134th St. I was the new kid on the block, wore braces (which were not a status symbol then like they are now), was skinny and was always teased by the boys who hung out there as if they owned the place. Were you one of those guys? I know Mike Hunter was one and his brother, Bob, I think his name was, was another. We all became friends later in school. And all this remembering about wax lips and such, my favorite was the wax flute or was it a harmonica? Anyway, you could blow in it and make music. I always ended up eating it before I could learn to play it!!
So, I guess my vote goes for the Ramona Market.

Note: Ok Karen, That's Ramona Market-2; Ray's-1; Pound Penny-1; Bens-1; Snappy-2; Lloyds-1; Stellinos-1

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 20:10:05
Name: Keith D. Jones
Class: 76
Message: Kathy, I remember some of the boxers training at your dads gym. I remember a black bald headed girl boxer I think her was Tiger-Lady or something. We all got into the ring at one time or another. I still remember the one part of the ring that had a whole in it and the canvas would drop down at that spot. How is your sister Tricia? Say Hi to Barb too. Ciampa where you at? Vegas is waiting.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 19:59:03
Name: Chuck Currie
Class: 64
Message: Karen - What about the Grand in Torrance and Harmony Park in Anaheim (Dick Dale's home after he left the Rendevous)? I'll bet Becky, Libby, Loraine, Mary O, Big Al Tatro, Julian Monargue, Ray Gorospe, and the rest of our dance crew will remember. Where are they anyway? If you could win the dance contest at the Grand on Friday night, you would have enough money to go to the Rendevous on Saturday and Harmony Park on Sunday, and gas money too!
John - this site keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work.

Note: Thank YOU Chuck, for the memories. I remember Big Al Tatro in the Boy Scouts, but a dancer??

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