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From the 50's The King

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Name: Anita Young () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 14:33:54
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Hillsboro, OR
Message: Break up songs ( and yes, John....I'm Not In Love is by 10CC).....You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin by the Righteous Brothers, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ( was that Neil Sedaka-Dan Johnson....does Studebaker Hawk ring a bell....LOL!), and Leaving Me Now by Level 42. I was weird in high school ( as anyone who knew me back then, and NOW, will tell you)....I was getting back into contemporary jazz in my Junior/Senior year. My mom used to play all kinds of jazz for us as kids. My brother, Mike, got me into stuff like David Sanborn, Earl Klugh, Jean-Luc Ponty, etc. so, when I "made out" I liked instrumental "mood music" instead. Sometimes, words take away from a moment. Except for Michael Franks. He's so smooth, was then and is now. Also who I like for that stuff now is Diana Krall. Still like rock n' roll, just very picky about it, but jazz is my first love!

Name: Tim Helble () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 13:28:40
Class: 73
City and State: Columbia MD
Message: Ha! Where are those Trojan trash talkers after last night's thrashing by the Wildcats?
Re: make-out songs - I would think the early 60's crowd would rank "Our Day Will Come" (can't remember the artist) right up there. Mid '60's people would have to include "God Only Knows" by you know who. For the '70's, how about "Love Land" by Charles Wright and the 104th St. Rhythm Band and "Color My World" by Chicago. Now how about a related subject - make-out locations? Someone already mentioned 26th street, but I bet a lot of people would rank Pershing Drive/end of the North Runway at the top.

"Our Day Will Come" was done by lots, but I think the version you're talking about was Ruby and the Romantics.

Name: Gloria Herlosky () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 11:46:51
Maiden: Valencia
Class: 76
City and State: Las Vegas, NV
Message: Hmmm. As I recall from HHS days, the boys had a lot of hormones and quite frankly, they wanted to make-out to ANYTHING on the radio, even "...Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal..."!!!
As far as break up songs, I don't remember any. However, with all this talk about Ernie lately, it reminds me of something he said to me at the end, "Sorry, Gloria. But like the song says, "I am not in love." Can't remember who that's by, but I can still hear the tune.

I think it was "10 CC"

Name: Mike Shay () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 09:16:30
Maiden: OS6-9393
City and State: Cerritos, CA
Message: Hello All; As far as "Break-up" songs are concerned there is only one that makes me get kind of quiet and puddley, it's called "Put another log on the fire" Maybe John could dig up a copy of it?? Love Ya, See ya cruise night;

I would but I don't have it in the right format. Great song though.......

Name: Kellee York () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 09:02:19
Maiden: Reed
Class: 1986
City and State: O'Fallon IL
Message: I too am sad at the passing of Bobby Kraag. He was something else. I can honestly say I have never met anyone quite like him. That laugh and his hair. He always had a kind word to say about people. He was so good at everything he attempted in school. I am grateful that I got to have him in my life. In so many ways he enriched the person I am today. I definitely learned alot about diversity from his presence :)
Rest in Peace, Bobby. This world will miss you!

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 07:41:30
Maiden: Badger
Class: 1963
City and State: Burlington, Wisconsiin
Message: So, Dennis, your arrival in the great state of Wisconsin has apparently started our winter season. We have now had our first measurable snow that stayed around for more than a day and the first really cold weather - no offense, but when you leave, please take it all with you!
For "break-up" song, how about Roy Clark's "Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone"?

Name: JAIME PRONTO () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 00:50:37
Maiden: tomorrowhoody
City and State: strand or stranded, but slow very slow
Message: Speaking of breakup songs Happy Birthday to my 4 great sons, mother Saturday, my good friend Danny Litton Sunday and my brother Jon on Monday. And Robin's, oops, Prince Robin, sorry buddy, good friend Gary Bellottti says ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT made him cry all night about 2 weeks ago.

Name: Sharon Branigan () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 00:34:40
Maiden: DUMPEE
Class: 76
City and State: Teardrop Lane
Message: Funny I can't think of a SINGLE make-out song but I DO recall that shortly before Dennis DUMPED ME he was playing a Rod Stewart tape A LOT; the song I recall was "I Don't Wanna Talk About It." I guess he DIDN'T wanna talk about it - EVER.
Isn't it great how life turns out. Now you've got Mike and Mikey and.......COUGARTOWN TOO!!!

Name: George Key () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 00:13:56
E-Mail: Mathesh@ aol,com
Class: 80
City and State: PVE-CA
Message: You kids are all of the wrong generation. I spent every nickel I could earn in the juke box on the pike in Long Beach to woo my gal with Frank Sinatra's song just out in 1939 - "I'll Never smile again-until I smile at you"
As for breaking up, nothing compares to George Jones wailing "Standing On a Bridge That Just Won't Burn". Maybe I can play my 45rpm at the next cruise night. Sing along--JORGE

Hey George, Bring it along. You're the only Principal who ever shows, and we love you for it. See you on March 2nd.

Name: Ricki Farrell () on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 00:09:40
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
City and State: Fullerton CA
Message: You guys should stand on a high school campus and see what the kids are making out to, today. How about chaparoning a dance or two? Ugh!!! I can see why they need SUV's with all of the bouncing to the beat! No smooth romantic stuff these days. I guess Robin and I have the same taste in music. I say Johnny Mathis and Lionel Ritchie for make out time. I still rate them up there.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 22:51:28
Class: 77
City and State: S.O., CA
Message: Greg Kihn -- The Breakup Song -- they just don't write like that any more . . .

Name: Jim Raines (Lanny) () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 22:46:30
Class: 1962
City and State: Salt Lake City, Ut
Message: Hey John, Was your '58 Impala white with '59 Cadalac tail lights? Jim
Hey Jim, No, I had a 58 Biscayne with stock taillights. Click here for a picture.

Name: Kim Prendergast () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 22:12:33
Maiden: Rodriguez
Class: 86
City and State: Santa Barbara, Ca
Message: I too am so sad to hear of the passing of Bobby Kraag. He was funny, talented, dedicated and hard working. Scanning this web-site has been very emotional; seeing so many loving and wonderful people that have passed from this world and so many great people that are still with us but no longer in our presense. I really appreciate my experience at HHS and what made it wonderful were the great people that shared it along the way. This website reflects the heart of HHS.

Name: Ron Reinholdson () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 21:38:02
Class: 65
City and State: Claremont, CA
Message: Here's one that's been bothering me for years. Is Jay of Jay and the Americans the same Jay as the Jay of Jay and the Techniques? They sure sound the same.

Name: Charlie Fox () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 21:36:06
Class: 69
City and State: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Message: I'm not sure the lyrical content of make out songs was nearly as important as the hormone level of the participants. I remember making out to "This is the End," by the Doors and thinking it was possibly the most romantic song ever written. Well...actually, I wasn't thinking that at the time, but whenever I hear it now, I'm immediately transported to the (cozy) back seat of that '66 Mustang. It's the magic of music.
Amen to that, Charlie.....

Name: Doris () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 19:42:54
E-Mail: sentimentaljourneyhome
Maiden: Donaldson
Class: '57
City and State: coldisgettingold
Message: BILL CUSAC from '65 ... YEAH! That's what I was trying to say! Music? What music??? But GAWD! How I DO love that 50's music!!!!!! Can't get enough of it!

Name: Jill McFarlane () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 19:27:12
Class: 1977
City and State: Mission Viejo, CA
Message: I think Patty V. was refering to Van Morrisons "Brown eyed girl" for make out song. Walter, you sure know your stuff, anyone out there remember "Angel Baby" Good break up song, although not from the 70's is Alanis Morisette's "You ought to know"
How about Big Mama Thornton and "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog"

Name: Ana Rey () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 19:08:57
Class: 1986
City and State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: Bobby's laugh, sense of humor, and practical jokes will always be with me. I pray that his spirit will receive all the love and fondess that we remember him with. - Ana

Name: Gomez Jr. () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 19:07:39
Class: 72
City and State: Salem, Oregon
Message: "Hey, You, Get Off Of My Cloud" by the Stones was enough for me.....See Ya

Name: Bill () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:46:58
E-Mail: Cusac
Class: 1965
City and State: South Lake Tahoe
Message: Make out songs.....who cares what song was playing on the radio, the windows were all steamed up and I was parked at 26th Street parking lot, half the time I don't think the radio was even on.

Name: Walter Holt () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:46:34
Class: 66
City and State: Orange, Ca
Message: You mean "make out" songs like: "The Way You Look Tonight", "There's A Moon Out Tonight", "A Thousand Stars" "Angel Baby", "Gee Whiz", "Look In My Eyes", "Young & In Love", "Sixteen Reasons", "Only The Lonely", " Will You Love Me Tomorrow", "Emotions", "Tonight My Love", "Dedicated To The One I Love", "I Love How You Love Me", "Daddy's Home", Halfway To Paradise", "Every Beat Of My Heart", "Where The Boys Are" " What Kind Of Fool Am I", " Duke Of Earl", "What's So Good About Goodbye", "What's Your Name", " You Belong To Me", "Baby It's You", " Can't Help Falling In Love With You", "Crying In The Rain", Half Heaven Half Heartache", (how Many Remember this one?)"Cindy's Birthday", " When I Fall In Love", Go Away Little Girl", Do these qualify JB they're from 1960 to 1962? Do They ever bring back "makeout memories to me". How about it Cougs? Only I was at Dana Jr. going to those dances for my first encounters. More to follow? Can't wait to get the memory book Be A Coug.
Hey Walter, You just named every song EVER MADE between 60 and 62. Leave one or two for someone else, willya'.....

Name: Robin () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:38:52
Class: 60
City and State: RB,CA
Message: Don Henleys "The Last Worthless Evening" says it all..:o)...And lets not forget Lionel Ritchie aka.."Truly" and many more for great make out tunes..

Name: Delia Hardy () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:27:51
Maiden: Yawnick
Class: 86
City and State: Huntington Beach, CA
Message: I hate to break up all this talk of make out songs, ESPECIALLY with the following sad news. Received an E-mail last night from a friend informing me that a great guy from c/o 87, Bobby Kraag, passed away January 7th from a severe asthma attack. I am still in a state of shock but wanted to pass on the information to those who would have wanted to know. I knew Bobby for many years and he was always a super sweet fun guy. We ended up in drama together in high school and performed in all the plays together. I can't count how many times our rehearsals would break down because we got the giggles and couldn't continue. Bobby had the most contagious laugh. I hadn't seen or spoken with him in some time but I have often thought of him and always envisioned a large drama reunion to watch all our old tapes and laugh at ourselves. I am so sad he won't be there in person when we finally have the party but I know he will be there in spirit. I am very thankful I have so many wonderful memories of him. For those interested, there will be a memorial service for Bobby on Saturday, Feb 2nd at McCormick Mortuary at 1PM. The address is 13806 Hawthorne Blvd. (corner of Hawthorne and 138th) If you knew him and loved him like me, please try and come. If you don't even know him or can't come, please put in a special prayer for Bobby's family as they are dealing with their loss. Thanks Cougars.
Sorry for your loss, Delia. Thanks for letting his classmates know.

Name: Elizabeth () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 18:12:42
Class: 69
City and State: Redondo Beach
Message: "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon gave me what I needed to leave....

Name: Anita Young () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 17:22:20
E-Mail: or
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Hillsfullo'burritos, OR
Message: John, sure you can make out to Van "the man" Morrison...."Tupleo Honey" and "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" are two very romantic songs by one of my favorite vocalists. Break up songs...hmmmm.....I'll get back to you on that one!

Name: Howard "Paco" Duran () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 17:03:01
Class: 61
City and State: Lake Forest Ca
Message: Great Lament song...So Sad, The Everly Bros

Name: Doris () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 16:51:30
Maiden: Donaldson
Class: '57
City and State: TF ID
Message: OF COURSE I remember the 50's songs, Walter; just not while I was "making out"! My mind was elsewhere. One-track mind you might say.

Name: Patti Smith () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 16:33:30
Class: 68
City and State: Cypress, CA
Message: I have 2 breakup songs, depending on the circumstances of the breakup: "I Will Always Love You" done by both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston; and "Hit the Road, Jack"...I don't remember the artist.
Ray Charles and the Raylettes.... Thanks Patti

Name: Greg Jones () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 15:56:37
Class: 1973
City and State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: Great make out song- When the Levee Breaks, Led Zepplin. Great break up song- The Cowboy Rides Away, George Strait. That's just my opinion but I may be wrong.
Thanks Greg.....

Name: Jill McFarlane () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 15:17:28
Class: 1977
City and State: Mission Viejo
Message: Hey I am so tickled that you Coug's are responding with so much enthusiasm to the "make out" song question. Got another for you, what song makes the best "Break up" song?
BTW, Bob, I did check out the Chippendale website, and the man does appear to LOOK like EC, but excuse me if I am a bit skeptical, but I don't quite believe it is him. If it is, damn!

How about "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do".....

Name: Donald () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 14:37:04
E-Mail: Scheliga
Class: 62
City and State: 90250
Message: Hi! John, I received the Memory Book last evening. Looks great! You did an outstanding job. Thanks for all your efforts. See ya at Cruise Night. Donald (Paco down 2!)
Hi Don, Glad you liked the book. The credit goes to Jan Blomsterberg on this one. I hope to receive mine in the next few days.

Name: Lyman Moss () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 13:48:05
Class: 59
City and State: Everett, Wa. 98205
Message: Hey guys and gals, how about Queen of my heart by Rene and Ray Quinones. Good make out song and a good slow dance tune, but you only have two minutes so get with it Cougars.
p.s. Russ, Its a good song even if he was a bit on the shady side.

Name: carole ferruccio () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 12:59:52
Maiden: anderson
Class: 60
City and State: lake isabella, ca
Message: Hi, looking for some people - Karen Larson - Linda Hewitt - Carol Ackerson - Wayne Morris - Butch Tetler - Sharon Morris All would of been class of 60, some at HHS and some at Leuzinger. Re the old songs, How about, I think it was called "Needles and Pins" or maybe "Now it begins" sung by a female and a later song "Afternoon delight" by Rod Stewart. If you want to go way back, I remember dancing at the Palladium under the mirror ball to "Sentimental Journey". Now that was really romantic for a 17 year old.
Thanks Carole

Name: Patty Valencia () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 12:45:47
Class: 1974
City and State: pve, ca
Message: Make-out songs, and Van Morrison is not yet mentioned? Hmmm.
"Blue Money", "Bright Side Of The Road" and "Cleaning Windows" are NOT make out songs.
I'm wondering where the "Elvis Love Song" make out club is.

Name: Tressa () on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 12:11:25
Maiden: Gerkin
Class: 61
City and State: Tustin, CA
Message: "Day-O"....boy does that bring back memories. A group of us girls in soph "Modern Dance" class did a number to that song. I can't remember the teacher's name but she chastised Paula Hendrick and I one day when we didn't want to dance with the guys from the PE class next door. She heard us talking about what nerds they were - she said they probably didn't want to dance with us either! LOL! Does anyone remember this teacher? I think she was the only one who taught modern dance.
Hey Tressa, How about Mrs. Cable??

Name: EL ROJO () on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 20:25:03
E-Mail: I-DY-HO
Maiden: YOU KNOW
Message: So many good tunes mentioned. I'm amazed. But we forgot a couple. How about EARTH ANGEL by the fabulous PENGUINS, PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER by PAUL ANKA? Huh? Robin and Marsha, I agree with you on Johnnie Mathis but you left out my favorite song of his, THE 12TH OF NEVER! Classic. All you guys and gals that wish we could come down for CRUISE NIGHT, warm our hearts for thinking of us. Our time down there last spring was probably the best vacation we've ever had. It couldn't have been more fun. But alas we're still working dogs. But we have had a bit of good fortune lately, we won a grand prize to the 2002 winter olympics. Airfare, tickets to 2 events, hotel, etc., courtesy of my employer. We're jacked needless to say. This will be almost as much fun as JB's computer room party. Accept they probably won't play Charlena.:)
Hoody...oh Prince forgive my eyesight. Yes, there was a 12th of Never. And Toledo? AW dog sc!
Hey good stuff here JB and gang keep it coming.MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU! Jake N Jude!

Hey Jake, We miss you and Jude, boy. Hope you have a great time in Salt Lake too.

Name: Walter Holt () on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 20:07:13
Class: 66
City and State: Orange, Ca
Message: Ok El Rojo...In answer to you question. It depends on Which "Jay" you are Talking about. The Original was Jay Traynor whom was the lead singer until 1962. When left the band He was replaced By "David Blatt" who then assumed the Name of "Jay Black" Throughout the rest of their recording years. Both are alive and well. Jay Traynor has a web site on the internet. Jay Black, after the group broke up, went on to a Solo career and is still active in the Music Industry. By the way a couple of the members of the group started "Steely Dan". Now as far as the "oldies" Tunes Go, I dont know if you want me to get started naming those since I do have a menial collection of about 5,000 songs of which each year has some very special ones. BTW I will try to bring the collection to Cruise Night in March as I don't plan on missing this one. Ok how about a couple of 1950's "Oh What A Night" The Dells, "Why Do Fools fall In Love" Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers,"Day-O" Harry Belafonte, "For Your Precious Love" Jerry Butler, "Small World" Johnny Mathis,"Til Then" The Classics, "Earth Angel" The Mystics, "A Million To One" The Platters Also by Jimmy Charles 60's," Silhouettes On The Shade" The Rays, "Young Love" Sonny James and I could list too many from that point on. Now Doris Don't even say you don't remember the 50's ones, not after the collection I sent you.
Great Rememberences as I sit here Listening to one of my 1963 Cd's.. Be A Coug!

Walter, Some good ones there all right. I have to disagree on Day-O though.....definitely NOT a make out song. Thanks dude.....

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