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"More 50's Classic Do Wop on the way" "The Corsairs"

Name: Alan Nelson () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 17:59:18
Class: '73
City and State: Parker, Az
Message: To answer Raymond Smith's question - YES! HHS had an ad-hoc Surf Team in the early '70s. In 1972 it was made up of Tom Campbell, Valen Krimbow, myself, and a few others, (who's names escape me). We were in the South Bay Tournament in spring '72 and came in 3rd behind Palos Verdes High (2nd) and Pacific Shores (1st) The reason the "Shores" guys were so good, was because they were all the surfer drop-outs from the beach schools. (Aviation, Costa, & Redondo) Go figure - the only sports team they had was surfing.

Name: Judy DeGrazia Blomsterberg () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 17:28:33
Maiden: notSheila--Judy
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Hey John Boy.. WOW!! Looks like another Foster's cruise night in the works for August. Us ROWDYS need our "heads up" or don't you remember from last year that we have to ~tint ~buff ~exfoliate ~bleach ~wax ~curl ~straighten ~tan ~wrap ~pump ~sweat ~polish ~starch & iron our bras into a point and lose 30 lbs before August.. one said this would be easy.. This time Marsha and I will be the married ROWDYS. (well John told us to go get um, didn't ya) Now, back on the treadmill. FYI-Leeroy Federuster was there last July (I talked to him) but no one else noticed - he'll be there again.. A glow in the dark rosary to anyone that guesses who it is! Judy DeGrazia Blomsterberg. (did I spell it all right this time?)
Yes, you got it right this time. You've been practicing haven't you. We'll see you Rowdys there and please, no drag racing in the parking lot this year.

Name: Tom Burroughs () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 16:15:25
Class: 1958
City and State: Prescott AZ
Message: Just mailed my $10 bucks to CT & hope many of you will do so also. This guy gives us more entertainment than all the TV & Movies put together. Let`s really show how much we apprciate all he does. Besides what a thrill to see that star spinning around by your name!! Now I have to start saving my pennies for gas money to the next cruise night! Takes a little more gas from Prescott. Do we have a date on that yet? In case I have to ride my bicycle I need a little advance notice. I think it might be fun if we had a guy with a Karaoke machine at the cruise. I can picture all the Rowdy`s up in front singing Nancy Sinatra's song, These Boots Were Made For Walking! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the car show a success. I will support you at the next one, in any way I can, or anything else that will help HHS. What a great job you do here for all of us, John thanks from AZ.
Hey Tom, Thanks for your support. No, I haven't talked to Leo at Fosters yet. I just don't see how we can get it done before about the first or second week in August though. As soon as I know, I'll post it on this page. Look forward to seeing you back here Tom. Be a Coug boy.

Name: LARRY ANDERSON () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 14:25:38
Class: 1962
City and State: OAKHURST, CA
Yeah, I remember the night I dislocated my shoulder sliding into third base. Hoot came running over to me and said, "are you ready?" I thought he meant to go to the emergency room and I said, "Yes!!" He grabbed my arm and started to yank on it to relocate my shoulder. I said "NO NO NO!". Man, Hoot was strong as a bull and twice as wide.

Name: Raymond Smith () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 10:50:58
Class: 1981
City and State: Portland, ORYGUN
Message: Just scolling down the 1981 e-mail list and I happened to notice that there's only 54 of us. Are we the lowest class of sign in? AND, we only have 8 stars listed. Hey, come on you 81 folks. Surely you can submit a few bucks to get on the list. Sure there may be "Free" things out there but to me I would be owing hundreds of dollars everything I checked in here and More for finding a long, lost beloved friend (can you imagine what a detective would cost?). I can't even imagine what a price I would pay for finding my lost ol buddies ( I have found so far 5 of them and made 3 new ones that I never knew before) So let's see those stars up because I surely would hate to see this website go away because no one really cares. And thanks to those who do partake in being a members.
Thanks Ray, I don't really know how the classes break down. I know the late 60's classes have lots of names on the email list, but don't know who's leading the pack.

Name: Raymond Smith () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 10:27:04
Class: 1981
City and State: Portland, OR
Message: Going thru my memories in my brain and I remember that Mira Costa had a Surf team (can you imagine getting a letter in that?). Did Hawthorne, past or present, every have one? And what schools made up all of the teams in the league? Also, what about "Shakey's Pizza" on Crenshaw Blvd? Are they still around? I remember everytime we went to eat there they would play the old Laurel and Hardy films which I always enjoyed.

Name: Barbara Duran () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 10:15:48
Class: 72
City and State: El Segundo
Message: Right-on bro!

Name: irene myers gann () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 08:13:24
Maiden: myers
Class: 63
Message: I went to Dana Jr hi then to Hawthorne, but we moved before graduation, but i have always considered HHS my school. the year we were at the CIF championship lots of you might remember me as the girl who always had a radio with her. music is still a big part of my life. went on to be a chef and i was known as the singing chef. sure miss the slumber parties we had and the sox hops, some of you might even know me as Renie. i have an older brother Perry, our younger brother was killed in the war Chuck Myers. would love to hear from some old friends.
Thanks Irene for checking in and yes I remember Perry Myers.

Name: Christine Baird () on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 01:41:51
Maiden: Penny
Class: 76
Message: Hi Sharon....I thought you were talking about the car show....ooops. sorry. ") I agree with both issues actually. No porn in the library and no porn on school property. Actually I'm not a big fan of porn in any fashion, anywhere, anytime. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

Name: Mike Shay () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 21:05:58
Class: 61
City and State: Cerritos, CA
Message: Hello John and all Cougars; Just recently got back from vacation and finally took the time to catch up on the feedback. I see that Larry Anderson ( Larry Mattox ) checked in last week... Larry was on our adult league fast pitch softball team ( F-Troop ) when we all worked at Die Cast Products back in the old days...I didn't even know he went to Hawthorne..... Great to hear from you Larry ( I still talk to Paul Saunders once in a while )
Sorry I missed the Car Show, but it sounds like this was the right one to miss...
Hope you all had a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Hey Mikey, I still have my F troop jersey around somewhere. Larry, I remember you. I remember the fishing trips too. Where's Hoot??

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 20:57:14
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
City and State: Burlington, Wisconsin
Message: Been away for the week-end and just caught up on all the feed back about the car show. It's good to hear everyone express their opinions on the subject - that's truely what America is all about. And as far as the current President and his "life style", don't forget Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and John Kennedy - they were no altar boys, they just lived in a time when certain things were kept hidden from the public - No one is perfect, but as parents we all need to point our kids in the right direction and hope they stay on the path. To all those who have served in the service of our Country - "Thank you for ur time!"

Name: Mike Mecey () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 19:07:29
Class: 1961
City and State: Roseville, CA
Message: Ginny & I took time this afternoon to go down to the State Capitol Park, in downtown Sacramento to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. For those of you who haven't seen the Memorial, it is in the middle of a beautiful park and just down from the State Capitol and is breathtaking in both it's structure and the memories that it rekindles. There were people reading the names of the 5,717 Californian's who gave their life for what they believed in. Among the many people who were at the memorial, was a Vietnamese family. There was a little Vietnamese boy about 4 years old. He went up to one of the men in uniform and said "Thank you for fighting". The soldier was surprised and asked what he said. Again the little boy said "Thank you for fighting". Many who didn't serve justify their actions by saying it was an unjust war...and that history has proved them right... and they are smug with their righteous rhetoric. I have to admit that there were times when I questioned my involvement. But today, 32 years after I got back, KNOW what I did was right because I heard a little Vietnamese boy say "Thanks for fighting"

Name: Loretta Cuiper () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 16:53:45
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 62
City and State: Hawthorne, Ca
Message: THANK YOU GEORGE KEYS, it was wonderful of you to mention the students of HHS. There are so maney students who are hard working,smart and are working hard to have a better school. They are lovely students who will be fine adults. So, Thank you again. HHS students are great kids!

Name: Art La Mere () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 15:31:48
Class: 73
City and State: Bettendorf Ia
Message: Just read mr. Key's feedback and what he said hit home I can remember sitting in his off and hearing the works we have learned a lesson and next time you will do better right? Mr Key good to hear from you on feedback take care all. Art

Name: Sharon Branigan () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 13:13:46
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 76
City and State: Thousand Oaks CA
Message: Dear Chris, you have mis-interpreted. My "personal op" on pg 251 was written over a year ago in response to our local (Thousand Oaks) library allowing patrons to access internet porn sites right smack in the middle of the library, exposing children and other adult patrons full view of the screens. Go back and read my moms letter again which preceeded my diatribe, which she sent to John-Boy who then published it here on CT. My original piece was sent to a local Councilwoman who made the library change the layout so the screens are not visible anymore to innocent passers-by. BRAVO LINDA PARKS! (the councilwoman) (Okay mom stop gnashing your teeth...) And I'm still opposed to nakie women (airbrushed or otherwise)on cars at hometown car shows. As well as pictures of nakie men, but we never see any of those...

Name: Mom B () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 10:49:24
Maiden: Bierman
City and State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Message: George Key, now we know why you were hired as Principal at HHS. Diplomacy at it's best! Level heads do prevail! Wasn't that the class of 74 that you so aptly described? I seem to remember the streaker who must have taken some time to cross that field but it all seemed so fast! Thanks for being there for my girls!

Name: Christine Baird () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 10:38:54
Maiden: Penny
Class: 76
City and State: Round Rock TX
Message: Here, Here to Mr. Key! I can only imagine what an undertaking putting on a car show or any function of small or large magnitude would be, and as with everything....all things are a learning experience! "What to do better next time", is always a theme by those who put forth the effort to organize such a function. For those of you who can, and who had adverse reactions to the display on some or all of those cars....Get involved! Be on the ground floor of the next show! Don't only piss and moan after the fact... Be pushey and take a stand at ground zero. It's just like with voting....if you don't vote you have no right to complain when your candidate does not get voted into office. You didn't take a stand, you didn't have no grounds for complaint. So next year, be part of the organizing team and then when it doesn't, or if it doesn't turn out the way you think it should...Then you have the most supreme right to voice loudly your dissatisfaciton with the way things turned out. My humble opinion, as always!
Yes George is correct. It wasn't anyones fault that these cars were there. The organizing people are just like us. They only want the best for the school and the public. In my opinion, they were duped by these few participants that we keep giving the press to. It was all the other cars that really made the car show sing. I say we drop this negativity and get on with the normal feedback. The page is so much fun. Let's stop the controversy now. I think we all feel this way. Thanks Christine.....

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 09:51:10
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
City and State: Lake Elsinore, CA
Message: Because it is Memorial Day, I just re-read all the names of Hawthorne Servicemen who served in Vietnam. I especially want to honor today Tim Thomas, Class of '65, and Lynn Matteson, Class of '68. My flag is out today to honor all of these men. Oh, I just thought of a restaurant that I don't believe has ever been mentioned here on Ctown - Leo's Mexican Restaurant in Lawndale (or Redondo). It's been there since 1947! Betty

Name: Jerry () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 09:13:12
E-Mail: Miles
Class: 66
City and State: Fair Oaks, CA
Message: Happy Memorial Day everyone. John, I must respectively disagree with you. I have been to both the Moving Wall and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. The Moving Wall impressed me when I saw it years ago. But it is only a replica and cannot match the majesty of the original. Five hundred feet long and ten feet high of polished black granite. Filled with over fifty-eight thousand names, many that will never be read. As you look for the name of a relative, friend or loved one, you observe your own reflection looking back at you. And if you look close you can see the reflections of the brave men and women inscribed on that wall. No doubt the world would be a better place if they had lived. But they died trying to make the world a better place for you and me.
Reuel, thanks for the kind words. Both Tim and Roy were great guys and are missed to this day. As we enjoy our holiday I hope each one of us takes a moment to remember them and all the other of Americas fallen. They gave us this day. To quote a line in Saving Private Ryan, "Earn this".

For those of you who are in the later classes, Jerry is the brother of Roy Ryse, HHS62, who was one of the first casualties of the Vietnam conflict.
Thanks Jerry for the insight on the real wall. I want to see it before I leave this planet.

Name: Ricki(Enriqueta)Farrell () on Monday, May 29, 2000 at 00:32:08
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
City and State: Fullerton, CA
Message: Hi everyone! It's been quite a long time since I've visited Cougartown and it's taken me half the evening to read and catch up on feedback. I should finish by July. I did notice a post to me from Harvey Mandlin. Hi Harvey, What a surprise...forty years later and we end up in Cougatown. Let me know what's going on with you. If you've read past feedbacks you probably know that I've been teaching art for 32 years and am happily married. I don't get much time to get on line at this time of year because I'm pretty busy with art shows and year end school activities. By the way, I may be able to get you some info on Dan McCammon. I'll let you know. Take a few minutes and email me, I'd love to hear from you.
Sharon B., I totally agree with you!!! Thanks John for another meaningful year.

Thanks Ricki for checking in.....

Name: George Key () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 23:58:00
Maiden: dropout
Class: 80
City and State: PVE CA
Message: So let us get real. You did not truly think an old over the hill principal would not try to have the final word on the car show topic. Of course I am a little late but as John said a real man would use his real name so I have complied. He also said it is time to move on to a new topic -but John- I want to say many things to all my kids who may be reading. However I thank you and respect you so much for all your time and effort in doing this service for us so will try to be brief.
Some of us are being a little rough on those of our group who organized and put in so much work for a good cause. If you have never taken on such a task you cannot imagine the problems which can arise, Let's just say thanks, we learned a lesson and next year we will do better.
For those concerned about the school plant I believe the good citizens of Centinela Valley recently passad a bond measure to improve facilities so we hope to see progress soon.
I just want to tell you how proud I am of you for taking a stand and having the guts to state your views. You may not know that many adults considered yours a lost generation--a missing link in the development of Homo Sapiens. But you have matured and become responsible citizens and parents and renewed our faith. I shall go to sleep with a smile on my face tonight.
This whole topic reminds me of some of your well meaning parents who would like to have my head on a platter because I didn't stop two streakers at your graduation. My old knees wouldn't have given me a chance of catching them and besides I had enough worries about what you kids would do next as you knocked the beach ball around, shot your water pistols, and tried to keep your pint hidden under your gown. Try to remember your youth and be aware that most of those still teaching at HHS say that by far most of the kids there are worthy of membership in our royal Cougar family.
Love you all--JORGE
P.S. At the next cruise night I hope you will not be offended by my beautiful and artistic air brush painting on my Harley.

Thanks George.....WE LOVE YOU MAAANN!!!!

Name: (Sydney ) Anne Miles() on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 23:50:44
Maiden: Anne Armstrong
Class: 62
City and State: Nashville, Tennessee

Message: Would like to hear from classmates..especially fellow Band Members and Banner Carriers....Wicky and Ed are you out there?

Name: Dan Johnson () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 22:48:29
Class: 77
City and State: Hawthorne
Message: as "town hall" -- the framers of the constitution had this site in mind when they wrote the First Amendment. I agree that we need to instill moral values in our political leaders. People like Rudolph Giuliani, Oliver North, Richard Nixon, Joseph McCarthy, Kenneth Starr and Bob Packwood have taken some of the luster off the American politician. Where is Jerry Brown and the Plymouth when you need 'em?
Nice try Dan, but I'm not gonna bite on that one. By the way, Richard Nixon was a big fan of Pink Floyd.

Name: Harry Plotkin () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 22:29:11
Class: 52/97
City and State: Harbor City, CA
Message: This evening Kathy and I went by Green Hills Cemetery on the way to visit a friend in the hospital. The flags looked so lovely we drove through the park only to discover that the Viet Nam moving wall was being displayed. We found the name of Donald Zoboblish, a Dana and HHS alumnus. It is such an impressive and sad tribute. The age of greatest frequency was 21 years for the 58,000 plus young men and women. The cemetery normally closes at 6:00 PM but for the next week it will be open 24 hours a day. We are going to go there one night when it is dark to see the wall and flags illuminated. Try to pay your respects if you can.
Love to all, HCH

Donald Zoboblish was in my class along with twin brothert Ron. I've seen the traveling wall too. Very moving. I can't imagine the real wall being more somber. Thanks Harry....

Name: BIG MAC () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 22:03:09
E-Mail: bigmacshriner @
Maiden: Mcclain
Class: 74
City and State: Bikersfield Ca
Hey Big Mac, You sound like you're on the mend. We'll see you on Cruise Night. Be a Coug boy......

Name: Gary Nelson () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 19:44:43
Class: 60
Message: Re: Kathy Frankforter- Your absolutely right, the other issue is that only 30% of the public actually votes and 15% of those are not informed except through one-sided TV ads, and, because you have to disclose everything about yourself to be a candidate, you are only going to get the Barbara Boxers of the world. The better candidates are not going to run.
RE: Real Men- John B, "dittos".

Name: Glenn Crist () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 19:36:43
Class: 1964
City and State: Valley of the Moon, CA
Message: John and Cougartown family
Is there anything we can do to help restore our beloved Alma Mater to something close to its former glory. You must know how hard it is for me to leave this beautiful wine country, but I for one would make time to travel south and work to help restore HHS. It would take an intensive amount of effort, perhaps, but I for one think it would be worth every ounce of effort. It would be difficult for me to arrange it from here, but if someone would be willing to take charge, I would gladly join. Doesn't it seem like time for pay backs?

Name: Anita Young () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 19:06:51
E-Mail: or
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Newberg, OR
Message: Harry Plotkin....I love you too, man! My step dad, who has been gone now for 10 years, is buried in a Vets cemetary in Arizona. But he served in WW2. He was a very good man. And here's to all the good men and women everywhere, past and present, who served and are serving this country. No words can convey the love and respect I have for you all.

Name: Howard Duran () on Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 18:23:02
Class: 61
Message: Arno, you're full of it! A few years ago I took a soccer team to Europe and spent a month with our team and your sexually active girls, what a joke. The parents of these kids, 12 to 17 years of age, had no clue to what they were doing...I had girls crawling thru windows at 3:00am, you couldn't let the team go to town by themselves, There are perverts everywhere! Germany the same way. Arno, it's not working, the reason they're not pregnant is, they're all on the pill.

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