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I found out that Susan Ciampa Walling's husband Bill, is a big fan of LK. He's one of my favorites too. I don't know how one guitar can make all that music with no overdubbing, and just one operator. Leo Kottke

Name: karen () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 21:40:23
E-Mail: kuehl
Class: 59
Message: I sit corrected, Mr. Jones. You are right, it was WESTERN Surplus. But for us older generation, who were born during the war, all surplus stores were referred to as WAR Surplus stores. I guess it's just stuck in mind that way!
Frank: I hope your friends at the Reserve, in Henderson (of course), enjoy the money Gary and I dropped (by hand, not foot) in their slot machines, too. We were there Tuesday afternoon for lunch and play. That's a nice casino. How are their rooms? We visited the Valley of Fire and explored some of the sites along the north end of Lake Mead. It was hot but what a magnificent place to see! Next time, we're going to Charleston Mountains to see the sites there. I've heard it's beautiful. Have you been there?
JB: I guess we were at the Reserve after you all left cuz they were real busy cleaning up the place. You guys must've had quite a party!!?
Sorry we missed you!

Hi Karen, Yeah, when Mom B grabbed a good lookin' security guard by the butt and yelled "Shake it but don't break it", I knew this little casino funfest was going to grind to a quick halt. I know the money we lost, they were picking up money wrappers for days.
Be a Coug Karen........

Name: Dan Johnson () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 21:20:11
Class: 1977
Message: Hello Louise, long time no hear -- I don't recall seeing you at the 20 year anniversary but then it was pretty crowded. Did you see Bill Wadman's entry here? Pretty wild.

Name: Alan Nelson () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 20:41:56
Maiden: El Cheapo
Class: '73
Message: Western Surplus....I remember getting those old green canvas back-packs for .69 cents, and getting made fun of 'cause the price was on the back in magic-marker. How many others would "break-in" those new Levi 501s by wearing them in the shower to get that custom shrink-to-fit look? (Still do!)
I don't know why, but I seem to remember an episode of Spin and Marty where they were kicking someone's Levis all over the set and dunking them in the horse trough, etc. Those pants we bullet proof, and breaking them in was a real chore, but after they were softened up, nothing was more comfortable.

Name: Bob Rierdan () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 20:08:45
Class: 61

Message: Allied Auto on Hawthorne Blvd - They had a whole section just for brody knobs and those chrome lug-nut covers. I can still remember the brody knobs with sexy models on them. Bob

Name: Frank A. Romano () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 18:15:53
Class: 1961
Message: Ahhh yes.... for a chance at the surplus store! Half hour, with the old price list. Our youngest thinks I'm cheap because I can't understand how a T-Shirt can cost 29 bucks. But all of this stuff gets me crazed. In 1978, our average fleet car cost about $4,000. Today, the average is $17,500. That makes for a hell of a car payment.
John, how can you go from the secret bean spread, lust for Scanty Annie, the cocktail waitress, to a tub of ice cream.... You're the KING! You can't be doing those sorts of things. And if you're going to be doing those sorts of things... Don't publish it! Use your beard. Now about the betting... See there's another little item that you can't do. Sports betting is tricky enough without dealing with high school teams. I personally believe to pick the winners in pro games you need to follow the money. About Sammy the Bullet. I've never met the nice man, nor do I care to. I've got enough on my plate without that kind of help. To my knowledge there are no Italian Hexes. Pardon me.... there is one... It's usually a whisper in your ear, a kiss on the cheek and a loud noise that you'll only hear once while starting your car.

THAT'S IT!!!! That's the hex Sammy said he was going to place on me if I failed to pay the 100 plus the 10 grease money. These high school bets can be murder, especially if you're bettin' with Sammy.

Name: louise () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 16:23:08
Maiden: same
Class: 1977
Message: The good ole days seem so far away, especially turning 40 this year, but this website brings back good memories of Hawthorne and the special people I grew up with. Hope all of you are doing well!!
That's what we're all about Louise. Welcome back to HHS. You are now 18 again.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 16:10:18
Maiden: be careful noya
Class: 66
Message: The score was 26-15 another Typo Degrazia eye of newt in your snoot too! Marshall Noya be careful Degrazia is just trying to draw you out then she will torture you like she does the rest of us. Judy on a serious note I just heard about your pending operation and No I have never heard of a reverse lobotomy before, but if anyone can come out of that unaffected it would definitely be you! You go girl!!! [eye of slam huh John, hide Robin she thinks we are related.] And one other thing as long as we are on the subject of the SLA [nice observation Keith they did call the Western Surplus the surplus store] my former wife and i were returning from a Dodger game and were just walking into the Pizza show when that happened. The better SLA moment was when Christine Lund of eyewitless [this was intentional Judy] news had the address where they were in LA and went up onto the porch and knocked asking for an interview. Fortunately Eyewitless Lund was at the wrong house, now that was a shoot out. A friend of mine with the LAPD wore a t-shirt shortly after that with a pig on the front and on the back LAPD 7 SLA 0. That was an interesting time. Was Patty Hearst really guilty?

WHAT!!!! There goes that "HHS and 10" bet I had with my bookie, Sammy "the Bullet" Gravano (changed his name cuz of the witness protection program thingy). Ah well, I'll lay low until after the homecoming game when I'll make a killing. I talked The Ol' Coach into going over the week before the Inglewood game and helping out. Now if I could just get someone to make that bet for me. know Sammy the Bullet don't you??

Name: John Baker () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 01:47:11
Class: 62
Message:Had a great time at the Belmont Shores Car Show yesterday. Saw lots of vintage iron and enjoyed it all with HHSers Bob Fraser HHS60 and wife Karen; Larry Cuiper HHS60 and wife Loretta Morelli HHS62; Janet Humphreys Burkett HHS62; and Gary Nelson HHS60 and wife Jean and daughter Jacelyn. Thanks for lunch too Gary, and thanks to you all, for the fun day. It always nicer, going to a car show with guys you did the car scene with, originally.

Name: Stephanie Rene' Lee () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 12:21:09
Maiden: Stanley
Class: 1987
Message: It is nice to see that Hawthorne High still has a lot of school pride after all these years!!!

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 11:50:44
Maiden: 4 out of 5..ain't bad
Class: 64
Message: King John...Deer hunter..Lord of memorabilia.. I think you got 4 out of 5 of the memorabilia questions asked.. re: the charcoal filtered cigs.. Lark is what I was thinking of. But I'll be a good sport, I've got the bathtub filled with Rocky Road.
Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS

4 out of 5 and I get a bathtub full of Rocky Road??!! Man, I'm kinda' glad I didn't ace that test. I'll be right over!!!

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 11:43:36
Maiden: DeGrazia
Class: 64
Message: This message is to Marshall Noya.. who's feedback couldn't go unnoticed & deserves a comment. Your words speak volumes and allows every Cougar to examine his/her conscience.
Welcome to Cougartown. I'm sure you'll find that not all of us were like that. Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS.

Then how come you're always puttin' those chicken footed, bat winged, eye of newt, Italian hexes on Jim, Robin, and I

Name: Marie Todd () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 11:20:38
Message: Cabrillo Elementary School, in Wiseburn, will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a carnival on the school campus.
Date and time: October 9, 1999, from 10am to 4pm.
Place: Cabrillo School, 5309 W. 135th Street, Hawthorne
Return with us to 1949. Will have classic cars, music, and an old-fashioned bake-off, as well as food and games. See you there!
If you would like to volunteer to help, contact Jane Comitz, Principal,
Cabrillo School
5309 W. 135th Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Name: Keith D. Jones () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 10:54:55
Maiden: always been Jones
Class: 76
Message: Western Surplus was the surplus store. I remember being picked on for being the strongest guy. It has been 23 years and I still have to live with that title. At times it can be annoying when someone gets a flat tire and doesn't have a jack and they ask me to lift the car or just recently at the Good Guys store here in Vegas they were trying to load this 35" TV on top of a Jeep Cherokee. They were getting nowhere then I walked by. They asked me to put the TV up on top of the car. I did it and all I got was a thank you. My time was worth at least $50. Oh well, I guess I'll never live down what happened to me in high school. I guess it could be worse.
Keith, You've got to come out of this introverted shell. It's not healthy thinking that you're a NOBODY.....

Name: karen () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 10:26:12
E-Mail: kuehl
Maiden: graham
Class: 59
Message: Mike Mecey mentioned the SLA at the War Surplus Store on the corner of 134th and Hawthorne Blvd. This brings a scary experience to mind! My folks lived at the top of the hill on 134th and while visiting with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at their house, we heard what we thought was an auto accident near Hawthorne Blvd. We decided to go see what happened. There was a white station wagon up against the phone pole with the driver's side windshield smashed in. It looked like the driver had hit his head. On the way down the hill almost to the bottom, we were approached by a policeman with his gun drawn, who told us to hide behind a brick wall! We had no idea what was going on until we heard gun shots coming from the War Surplus!! Later, on the news, we found out that some members of the SLA were caught robbing the place! We saw the police, who arrested a few people, coming out the doors in the alley. At this time, we were told to get back home. We also found out that the damage to the windshield of the white car was a bullet hole. Also the bullet holes in the back of the War Surplus may still be seen. They were there last time I looked.

Name: Patt () on Monday, September 13, 1999 at 00:20:01
Maiden: Prewitt
Class: 65
Message: I remember Del's Chevron. A few of the girls would go over there to their restroom. We dubbed it " CASA BLANCA" to smoke!! Poor customers had to wait !

Name: Ed Chesson () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 23:10:25
Class: '63
Message: John, your mention of the war surplus stores reminded me of the one on Hawthorne Blvd., somewhere around 134th St. or so. I remember buying Levis and "tanker jackets" there. I think a bunch of us had dark blue tanker jackets and thought we looked so cool in them. Those old shrink-to-fit Levis were so uncomfortable until you got them broken in after a few washings and we always used to roll the cuffs up! Seems like the sleeves on our shirts got rolled up too.
Yeah, those levis felt like cardboard for about the first 4 washings. I remember also buying those old Springfield bolt action training rifles too. Man, they were heavy for a 7 year old. I remember those tanker jackets with the fur collar. I think everyone had one of those. Now they're 150.00, but then they were a couple of bucks.

Name: Jan Blomsterberg () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 21:37:18
Class: 63
Message: JB...what I remember about Del's Chevron station is all the times we would go there to fix so many flat tires caused by riding our bikes near the ball fields by Cabrillo school and from riding across the construction areas of the 405 along Anza. Remember those huge mounds of dirt piled along that stretch of road bed? A great place to play war games...similar to the sand dunes in El Segundo. The guys at Del's were always willing to lend us a hand. Remember riding your bikes from Inglewood Ave to Hawthorne Blvd via 132nd street and that big hill you had to get over? I remember Vince Piccolo riding on my handle bars as we were heading towards Inglewood Ave and had just a bit too much speed going for us. Needless to say we crashed and burned big time! I can still remember his mom and her concern that her little boy was bleeding so badly...he took the worst of the fall! Hey, what does one expect from a kid...our parents never told us we could ever get hurt by riding like that...honestly...never told us once. Or maybe I was just absent that day when my dad told us that...absence followed me through HHS as well...should have learned my lesson from that hill! Later Cougs...janny wanny
Jan, Yes, that was a killer hill. Of course the north-south route was a monster on Ramona too. Fun coming down the other side though.

Name: Mike Mecey () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 17:59:03
Class: 61
Message: Some of the places on Hawthorne Blvd? The War Surplus store (famous SLA hangout), was the place for my first protest. At Hawthorne Intermediate the only pants I would wear was Levi's and the only place I bought them was at the War Surplus store. When they raised the price from $3.25 a pair to $3.75, I refused to buy another pair until my economic pressures were felt & the price reduced... I'm still waiting... Boy, these old pants are tight!
Mike, great memory!! Also remember when Pendletons went from 13 to 15 dollars? Highway robbery.

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 17:34:05
Maiden: memoryflogg'nROWDYGIRL
Class: 64
Message: Ok John B.. Memory quiz for your highness.
1.Sheriff John advertised a special brand of carrots... name it! hint: (Italian & he recently died)
2.Who was Wild Bill Hickcock's sidekick?
3.Where in Hawthorne did they serve Mamma & Pappa burgers?
4.Name the cigarette from the 60's that had little black charcoals in the filter.
5.What was Betty Boop's little dog's name?
6.Who played the "first" Gidget?
Free ice cream to anyone that gets them all correct.
The Dairy Queen and Rowdy Girl. Judy Degrazia

Judy, It's late....OK
DiMaggio Carrots, Jingles, A&W, Viceroys, Pudgy, Sandra Dee, Give me my ice cream please.

Name: Bobbie Spencer () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 15:04:44
Maiden: Spencer
Message: Hi everyone. Been a few days since I last checked in with feedback. Hey, anyone out there remember the sat. afternoon movies that were shown at Dana Jr. High, back during the 60's ? I remember seeing Elvis' Blue Hawaii there.
I have been enjoying reading all of the feedback. It really takes me back to my childhood.
Well that's all I have for today. Hope everyone had a great summer. Now it's back to school for all the kids, Yeah.

Name: Susie Sperry () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 14:32:11
Maiden: Manning
Class: 71
Message: I never see any feedback from the class of 71. Where are all of you???????

Name: Marshall Noyes () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 14:12:56
Class: 1969
Message: To all of you who picked on me and made fun of me when I attended HHS, because I was fat and had thick glasses and had a stuttering problem, I sincerely hope you taught your children not to do what you did to me. It has takem me many years to overcome the abuse many of you heaped on me.

Name: Frank A. Romano () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 13:31:12
Class: 1961
Message: Robin, it sounds like your sobriety saved our King from a royal wedding. From the information about the age difference that could really have been harmful to the King. Its really amazing how a few Margaritas can double your odds for a date on any given evening. Thank heaven for the chalk marks. They really save the night at closing time. The explanation of the nocturnal King noises also "cleared" the air, so to speak.... But what is with the MUD BATHS? Why would you submerge yourself in MUD? JB... the wine country tour really could be a hoot. Safe too, no chapels. Someone might check out the wine train tour. I think they have a web page that details the different deals offered. JB. I don't believe whispering to the machines helps the play. It may be therapeutic to the player however. And depending on what is being whispered... that could lead one to the ole' Pair-A-Dice Chapel. Talk about Jackpots! Mark...It's great to see you jumping into the fray.

Name: Stephanie () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 12:49:06
Maiden: Rogers
Class: '70
Message: Fellow Cougs. I got some sad news this morning. I am friends with Carol Ann Smeltzer, the youngest daughter of the Smeltzer family. She and her parents were involved in an automobile accident last week and both her parents were killed. There will be a memorial service Tuesday, September 14th, at 3:00pm at Rolling Hills Covenant Church, in Palos Verdes. You can call the church for details.

Name: Jerry Miles () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 11:44:29
Class: 66
Message: JB, I just read your request for pictures of Taco Tio and Bob's Big Boy and I will take a look. However, I am not sure if I want you to scam me! I always considered you one of the nice guys. Is it that your true colors are emerging or are you just hanging out with a bad crowd lately? Could a rise in the Kingdom tithes be far behind? I remain your humble servant, but say it ain't so John.

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 10:10:46
Class: 1967
Message: Talking about go-carts how many of you built your own wooden go-carts? (Here go the name-dropping.) Adrian Reynolds, Lester DeGregory and I would somehow came up with some 2X4s and old B&S engine, some bolts, pulleys, belts etc. We would run these cars up and down 129th Street until they would fall apart and drag a wooden axle on the ground or break apart in the middle. We also used to make CO2 cartridge rockets using match heads for propulsion. How did we ever survive our childhood? Thinking about survival, remember when we didn't even have seat belts? What about leaded paint and gasoline? I can remember watching the custodians/plumbers at Dana wrapping the hot water pipes with asbestos. We didn't need helmets for riding bicycles; we could skate without knee pads, elbow pads and helmets; we used to have dolls with glued on eyes. We would make skateboards with 2X4s and metal skates and wheels that would fall apart when we would go off of the curb. What about sleeping in the back window of the family car...?
Sleeping in the back window of Dad's Hudson on the way to Texas when I was 5, just jumped into my mind. I remember looking up at the sky at night and wondering how many stars there were up there, never fearing that if Dad had to slam on the brakes for a cow in the road, I would have been mince meat.

Name: Mark A. Escalante () on Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 04:52:09
Class: 69
Message: I took the time to go through the memory page and I did not see the two places that made Hawthorne Blvd. Famous "A & W Rootbeer" and "Taco Tio". I know that the next time I walk down memory lane these places will be there. I have enjoyed reading about past students and am looking forward to seeing old friends from years gone by.
Hey Mark, I do have pictures of A&W, but none of Taco Tio. If anyone has them, I'd love to scam them. I'm still looking for Bob's Big Boy pictures too.

Name: John B () on Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 22:48:09
Class: 62
Message:Hey Cougs, what happened to all the Memory Floggers from last week? Does anyone remember Del's Chevron across from HHS and the bitchin' go carts he had in there, with the dual McCulloch chain saw engines. How about war surplus stores, where you could buy a fatigue jacket for 90 cents, a canteen for a dime, and an ammo belt for 20 cents. How many of you guys yearned for a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Price: $5.95, but who had that kind of money? I've still got mine. and it STILL works. Bob Reagan and I ditched Hawthorne Intermediate one day and totally depleted the sparrow population on Cedar Av. I go by there even today and still, the street lacks the sparrows song. OK, who's next??

Name: Janet Burkett () on Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 21:34:11
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Message: Oh come on John, you know ANY month is a good month for wine tasting! And I say we hire a designated driver! (Think we could highjack a greyhound bus? We could get everyone in one of those things!)

Great Idea, We get one of those Vegas tour buses and point it toward Vino City. Does anyone have a brother in law in the Tour Bus Business?? Janet and I are going to the Belmont Shores Car Show tomorrow, so we'll hash it over then, and get back to yall. I think this would be a fun trip and also be an excuse for all the Nor Cal/OR/WA Cougs to join in.

Name: Frank Romano () on Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 21:10:49
Class: 1961
Message: JB.... You say Prince Robin pulls paint from the walls with each inhale.... No doubt true, but as many know this affliction has been the curse of many that rest only when total fatigue is upon them. About finding the slots that pay.... it's pretty simple stuff. Before you play any game know the rules. With Video and Slot Machines, the rules are on the glass. The pay scale tells you the odds, and what pays what. The basic rule to gambling is very simple. Get to the house limit as fast as you can, and stay there as long as you can. That's the only way to win the casino. Slots and Video's in particular.... always be the maximum coins allowed. That moves the odds in the players favor in the high end wagers. Also, when playing jacks or better draw poker.... most folks accept the idea that getting a pair of jacks wins... that returns your bet... you've won nothing. So why not split the pair, and play for the royal flush or for any of the higher paying possibilities open by getting rid of the "winning" pair.... its the same bet you made just seconds before. Next time your up this way, I'll take you through some other little concepts about the games. Best think to remember is....If the casino lets you do it.... it aint good for you. O' yeah, JB..... The Reserve Management wanted to know if you still wanted a block of ice at the Dollar Slot pit for the gal that toe's the games.
Frank, One thing I didn't tell you. Gloria was whispering into the machine......does that help??
OK, next time I'll go with you and leave the rest of these "LOSERS" at home. Can we take "Scanty Annie" for luck?Be a Coug Frank......

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