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Rama Lama Ding Dong

Name: Sandy Elkins ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jan 31, 2008, 8:53 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Edholm
Class: 1968
City & State: Plano, TX
Message: Does anyone know how to get a hold of Barbara Gribbons (Woodard)? 1968. I had her contact info, and lost my address book. Thanks!!

Name: Anita ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jan 31, 2008, 7:40 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Harmon
Class: 1969
City & State: Fair Oaks, Ca
Message: Good Morning JB, Just a quick note to you and the class of'66. Just about an hour ago I dropped Jerry Miles off at the hospital for his scheduled open heart surgery. He is supposed to be in the hospital for 7 days. The first two days being in ICU. If all goes as expected he should be in a regular room by Super Bowl Sunday. Anyone wanting to send him a few get well prayers and wishes can do so at:
MERCY SAN JUAN HOSPITAL 6501 Coyle Avenue Carmichael, Ca 95608 (916)537-5000
Thanks very much Anita for the heads up on Jerry. Just one Cougar helping another. Let's send Jerry a card or call him next week. Jerry is a great guy and, I'm sure, would love to hear from you all. Jerry was going to take a cab to the hospital before Anita and her kindness chimed in. Thanks again Anita, and get well soon Jer' we need more videos.....

Name: Carl Rilling ~~~~~~~~~~ Thu-Jan 31, 2008, 2:39 am - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Oregon City, Oregon
Message: When I moved to Hawthorne in 1949 it was Foster's Old fashion Freeze Sign was a dark blue background with white lettering. Had the Ice Cream cone sign with the curl on the top. My Uncle lived in a yellow woodsided house just west of the place. It was a treat to go to his house on Sunday to visit and sweep his garage and get money for a cone. Yes John, some of us were into drinking Vernors fine ginger-ale. We always called it "Splinters". Just like great sippin whiskey it was aged in wood. Nick Fitzgerald came up with an email address for Jack Kritz.
Thanks Carl, I've got a friend, Gordon Bell HHS62, who drinks VO Vernors. Not bad....

Name: Loretta Cuiper ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 11:05 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 1962
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca
No E-mail
Message: Since we are telling Beer stories. I remember there were two apartment buildings, one here in Hawthorne, I believe it was near the park area of Broadway and Inglewood ave. The other one was in Inglewood, had alot of Tiki's and a Tropical feeling, in the rear of the building there was a house with a swimming pool, alot of people partied in the back, but both of these apartments were known to have some wild Beer party's and to show how much drinking went on, they would display all the empty cans around the apartment, lining up the wall, making tables, and book cases with all their cans. That was the big thing back then by displaying all those Beer cans. I never did drink that much beer because 99% of the time I was the one who had the car. When I drank, my choice was that good old Country Club, it did have a kick! Boy John, this is fun reading all those stories and I bet there are alot more good ones out there. Who's Next!! ALWAYS A COUG!!!
Thanks Loretta, I knew you'd have a story

Name: Denny ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 6:53 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1955
City & State: Del Aire
Message: OK - I'll fess up that in the early 60's I rented an apartment in a new building on Manor Drive which had a neat bar between the kitchen and living room. Just about room for about four stools so I measured the height of beer bottles and the height of four cases were just right for a bar stool so I bought 16 cases of CoorsŪ to help furnish the apartment. Anyway that was on a Friday night and by Sunday we were all sitting on the floor. Several registered CT members helped us all to get closer to the carpet but they probably won't admit to it.

Name: BRUCE HANSON (McMEANS) ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 6:13 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Cathlamet WA
I do.....

Name: Betty Rodriguez ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 5:54 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Kean
Class: 1969
City & State: Kingman, AZ
Message: Too many beer stories, not enough space. I did enjoy keg parties though! And my beer of choice (if its beer) was Colt 45 - damn, what a buzz! I'd probably drop dead if I drank one now. Betty Rodriguez

Name: David Neuschafer ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 5:46 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Vista, California
Message: John...I have a question about Frosties Vs. Dairy Freeze. I know Russ changed the name of the place after he installed the hamburger stand in the back. I believe it went from "Foster's old Fashion Freeze" to "Dairy Freeze" but then, didn't he change it again to Frosty Freeze? I saw your pictures with the name "Dairy Freeze" but I can't tell the year...I thinking the name "Dairy Freeze" only lasted 6 months, maybe? Need a history lesson here, John! (Hawthorne History 101) I think my minds turning to mush!...Thanks!
To answer your question......I don't know. I know it was Fosters at one time and I think Russ had a problem with the Fosters people and changed it to Dairy Freeze.

Name: Howard "Paco" Duran ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 3:51 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1961
City & State: Lake Forest
Message: Well, I never tasted beer until 21st birthday!I really didn't like the taste,since my first sip I've always preferred Vernor's.
I didn't know Vernors made 151 Rum....

Name: David Neuschafer ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 2:43 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Leuzinger
Class: 1959
City & State: Vista, California
Message: JB-1...back in the days, our source for beer was a guy named "Burney" (can't remember his last name any longer) but he owned Hawthorne's "Ye Ol' Print Shoppe" just south from Skippy's. My buddy Al Phenicie and I would go there, help set type and run the printing presses for him...In return, we got to drink beer in the back room. I remember many of night's stumbling home, sicker than a dog and then the next morning having to face my English Class, brite and early at LHS! Diagraming a sentence without "a hair of the dog" was pretty tough as I remember. Every time, I'd swear never to do it again on a school night but that lasted just about until the pounding in my head cleared up! (hehehe)
Yeah, kinda like when you wanted to be cool around your smoking friends, so you'd try it. IT would make you gag and cough and make you dizzy, but you just kept going. It seems no one could wait to be grown up

Name: John Crotty ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 2:24 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
City & State: Hermosa Beach
Message: My Dad was very strict and laid down the law as far as underaged drinking was concerned. He would tolerate none of it. When I went to parties, I would take a can of beer, go into the bathroom, dump it down the sink, and fill the can with water. Kept the appearance I was "cool." Well, one night, I guess I was 19, I came home from a date and my Dad was in the living room with a few of his friends from work. He introduces me and asked me to sit with them. Then, he offered me a BEER!!! I was floored, but accepted. We sat there for a while and I think I consumed a total of four. Of course, I got looped and told my Dad, "I feel great, no wonder you like beer!" They all laughed. Soon, I went to bed and all of a sudden the whole room started spinning. I got up and staggered out to the backyard through the door in my room and started vomiting non-stop. My Dad came outside and asked, "Still think it's great?" All I could do was moan and wait on all fours for the next wave. Didn't have another beer until I was 21....swear to God!!!!!
Yep, we were all REAL Cool....

Name: Michael Kratz ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 1:20 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1971
City & State: Vegas
Message: Beer stories are great, let's here some more. For myself, I have way to many to tell, but I would love to here from my fellow Cougars.
Dad and a local Hawthorne friend were going fishing for about a week. Friend found a deal (about 2.50 a case) on A1 Lager yellow label. They ordered about 20 cases. The friend told Bob Reagan and me to go around to the back door of his Machine Shop where he'd sneak us 2 six packs, promising not to tell Dad. We were about very sick, indeed. Who's next?

Name: Richard ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 12:02 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
City & State: of LongBeach
No E-mail
Message: John and John (Baker and Crotty): Before it was Brew 102 and Pabst Blue Ribbon, it was East Side Brewery with such names as Eastside Export Beer, Eastside Old Tap, Eastside Bock, and a speciality named Brown Derby Beer. The brew business was good back then, as George Zobelein donated a good part of the land for Exposition Park. (On April 7, 1933 when probition lifted, Eastside Brewery sold $250,000+ worth of beer in 24 hours). Oh, what a block party!

Name: jim cherry ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 11:21 am - HHS Time
Class: 1964
City & State: san juan capistrano,
Message: Here's another beer story. I believe this took place in 1961. Anyway I was sitting on the beach, 33rd st. in Manhattan, with Terry Mason(64) and Dickie Augustus(64). All of a sudden we hear a truck laboring to get up 33rd St. to Highland Ave. (it is a fairly steep hill). The driver looked as though he had never driven a stick before. He stalled the truck and when he started back up again he popped the clutch really hard. All a sudden boxes started tumbling out the back of the truck. Even from where we were sitting we could tell it was beer. Before the last case had hit the street we were on our way. There were quite a few cases of beer laying in the street by the time we got there. We were able to carry two cases each. We ran them back down to the beach where we buried them. A few days later we found someone who had a car and went back to 33rd St. to retrieve our treasure. Apparently no one saw us bury it as it was still there. From there it was taken to Bill Shultz's house and put in a refrigerator, which was in his garage, too cool. Although some was consumed warm. I do remember riding home from Bill's and weaving down the street on my bike. We were 13 or 14 at the time. In case you're wondering it was Burgermeister. I have since switched to Bud.
Hey Jim, Great beer story, thanks.....

Name: John Baker ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Jan 30, 2008, 9:59 am - HHS Time
Class: 1962
City & State: Lomita, CA
Message: Cougars regularly email me about their dues situation; when did I pay my dues last, am I paid up, etc. Now you can check your dues on the Cougartown Information System. Just log in with your User Name and Password. The Dues Info is listed in red, under all your address info, so now you can check it out for yourself. Hope this helps and if you still have questions, please email me. Thanks to all our members for your membership in Cougartown. It is very much appreciated.

Name: John Crotty ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 8:28 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
No E-mail
Message: What???? No Brew 102? Pabst Blue Ribbon? Schlitz, (the beer that made Milwaukee famous)?
Country Club Stout, Rheingold, Hamms, Blatz,

Name: Steve Hutchins ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 6:33 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: St. George, Utah
Message: I can remember stealing cases of beer from the boxcars near the Inglewood train station.
A1-Lager, ahhh YES!!

Name: Bud Rhoades ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 5:56 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1974
City & State: Belmont Shore
Message: Thank you for the birthday wishes John. We have booked the 10th of May for the 5th annual C-Town classic and we will have the final details soon. It will be at Westridge like last year as I believe we all agree they did a fantastic job. Please start thinking ahead and spread the love. We need more women this year so gals get out there and start swinging. Cheers, Bud
Thanks Bud, and Cougs, we need you to participate in this Classic. Plenty of fun prizes and all sorts of class spirit. If you play golf please consider May 10th as a fun day with fellow Cougars. I swear, I had a blast last year and you will too. I'll add a signup sheet in a couple of weeks.

Name: Larry Biller ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 5:21 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1967
City & State: Portland,OR
Message: C'mon Crotty everyone knows its right next to Hawt orne. Oops! Sorry I just realized the joke was already taken.
It was not a joke Larry.....

Name: Steve Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 4:16 pm - HHS Time
City & State: Ponderosa, NV
Message: HOSS!
Sorry Cougs, slow day......

Name: John Crotty ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 3:30 pm - HHS Time
No E-mail
Message: Just one question regarding the train station. Where is Ingle-ood? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Kinda between Haw horne and West hester....

Name: Gary Bickers ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 3:02 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: pve cal
Message: I think Howard is wrong about the Inglewood train station; I remember me, little Joe and Huse going in a buckboard to the station and that was before I left HHS.
I remember going by Ox Cart...

Name: Carl Rilling ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Jan 29, 2008, 2:48 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1959
City & State: Oregon City, Oregon
Message: Cougartown has done it again. Last Tues Ron Kritz made a posting on Ctown. I have been looking for information on his brother Jack since the early 60's. I have sent an Email to Ron and waiting a reply. Thanks again John for another Cougar connection.
Hey Carl, Hope you find out something on Jack. Please let us know.