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The Sevilles

Name: Camille ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Nov 21, 2007, 8:15 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Hill
Class: 1959
City & State: Manhattan Beach, CA
Message: Without a doubt, working as an usherette at the Forum was the most fun job ever. (the pay wasn't bad either for part-time work- this is the 70's). All those concerts.....Rolling Stones in the 70's was the most memorable & lavish production. Mick Jagger made a ramp that entered the audience out about 30 ft.- this is a guess. Tickets were $50. which was more than any other at that time. I seated Joan Baez & Elizabeth Taylor right up front for the Bob Dylan many well known "stars". Next best for us was, Fleetwood Mac. Chicago was good, Yes, 3 Dog Night, Elvis was a little over the hill, but still such a voice. Gladys Night & The Pips....can't think of the others at the moment. Some very exciting events.
Had to be a great job, Camille, thanks.....

Name: Kirk Greasby ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Nov 21, 2007, 8:12 am - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Colorado Springs, CO
Message: Hello from Snow white Colorado! Its a booming 20 degrees. Happy Thanksgiving to all. First concert, Beach Boys of course, and congratulations John! 1000 and counting..God Bless.
Hey Kirk, Stay warm and thanks very much....

Name: Sharon MacDonald ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Nov 21, 2007, 7:04 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Badger
Class: 1963
City & State: Bruceville, Texas
Message: Having been a part of this marvelous experience since Page 3, I can only say thank you to John for comming up with the idea to create this site and thank you to all who add to the site making it a great place to visit. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
Thank you Sharon, Yes you are another who's been with us since the early days. Thanks much for your loyalty to the site; for regular Feedback, and for planning trips around Pinks Runs and Cruise nights when you live so far away. It is appreciated.

Name: Petey ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Nov 21, 2007, 6:59 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Smith
Class: 1972
City & State: Salem, OR
Message: One of my Best Friends Forever told me about Cougartown. Thanks Kelley, and thank you John for a job well done.
Hey Petey, well thank you too. You and Kelley are two more that have been around for a very long time and thanks very much for that. You keep sending Cougars to Cougartown and I'll keep telling people how awful the weather is in OR

Name: Carol Morley ~~~~~~~~~~ Wed-Nov 21, 2007, 6:22 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Barclay
Class: 1972
City & State: Rohnert Park CA
Message: Wow, 1000 pages. Congratulations John, I don't know you, but I find you amazing. Thanks for keeping me connected with my home town. I don't make it to So Cal as much as I used to when I first moved, 1973, but this site has entertained and informed me. Thanks for all you do and for everyone out there, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.
Hey Carol, thanks very much, I am glad you enjoy Cougartown and hope it makes you feel closer to your HHS friends, and to Hawthorne.

Name: Jim Gibson ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 8:02 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1967
City & State: Redding, CA
Message: I discovered this site a few years back in my quest to locate former Spanish teacher, Mr. Manuel Pizarro. I've had no luck in tracking him down. The teacher's page lists him as living in Visalia. Saw his photo on a reunion page. That's about as close as I've gotten. I would guess he's in his 70's by now. I did, however, accidentally bump into you, John, at The Beach Boys landmark dedication. By the way, nice to meet you, my man! -Gibby-
Hey Gibby, Nice to meet you too, but it feels like I know you well. Manny Pizarro won't be hard to track down. I will work on it.

Name: Lee Leonard ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 7:44 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Hawthorne Ca
Message: John congrats on page 1000 and thank you for all the hardwork you've done. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, be safe, Lee
Hey Lee, Well thanks very much, and thank YOU for the Net job a few weeks ago. I had a great time. If you ever need me again, I'm PUMPED!!!

Name: Wade Greasby ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 7:15 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1973
City & State: Surf City, Calif
Message: John, Congrats on 1000. Class of '73 is in the planning stages of planning a 35th reunion. The golf tourney for next year, number 5, is also in the planning stages. So there are the heads up for these exciting adventures.
First concert was 1968, CCR at the Palladium. The three best concerts were the Grateful Dead 1970 at UC Berkeley, CSNY at the Forum for their Four Way Street Album 1970, and Bob Dylan at the Forum 1974. The Stones and The Who rate up there too. In 2004 Pen and I took our sons to see America and the Doobie Brothers, our first and only concert together with them. Roll on Cougartown!!
Thanks very much, Wade and can't wait for the 5th annual Cougartown Golf Tournamet.

Name: Patti ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 7:09 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Gutierrez
Class: 1986
City & State: Henderson, Nevada
Message: Haven't checked the site in a few days, wow 1001 pages! Way to go HHS. My first concert was the Go-Go's in 1983 or 1984, last concert I went to was Joan Jett at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Oahu Hawaii.
Thanks Patti....

Name: Jill Jaynes ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 6:02 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: McFarlane
Class: 1977
City & State: Mission Viejo, CA
Message: For kicks, I went to Page 1, it looks so primitive compared to now. Cougartown is like a time capsule. When I think back to what I was doing 1000 pages ago and what has happened since, it blows the mind. For me, I have had one divorce, one remarriage, 3 jobs, a death of a parent, and my kids are almost grown. As far as the effect C-town has had, I've been to 4/5 cruise nights, 4 golf tournaments, and 1 reunion. I have renewed old friendships and made many new ones, connected with some of my favorite teachers, all because of this wonderful website. May we share more of ourselves through this website. Next topic, who told you about this website. For me, it was my sister Denean McKinney. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Thanks Jill, I suppose there are many many stories that parallel yours. For me, I've had two grandkids born, one relationship, 17 cruise nights, countless reunions, a Prom Night, and found HUNDREDS of new friends, including you. I'll pass on the "Who told you about this website" question Great subject though as I would definitely like to know.

Name: carole ferruccio ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 6:02 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Anderson
Class: 1960
City & State: Lake Isabella, CA
Message: John, congrats on 1001 pages, I'm so slow I missed 1000. About concerts - 1st - Kingston trio @ the Greek and Harry Belafonte @ the Greek. Neil Diamond 3 times in Seattle and L.A. Never went to any of the high profile concerts, Again congrats on your great site. Carole
Thanks Carole, but I'm happy to have you on 1001.

Name: Susan King ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 5:32 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
City & State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Message: I just wanted to be on Page 1000 too. : )) And to remind everyone to have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day. It's a good time to reflect on being grateful for growing up in Hawthorne and having the unique opportunity to be a part of CT and knowing John Baker. I know I will.
Thank you Sue, but am I going nuts or are you not on Page 1000 too.

Name: keith d. jones ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 5:31 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1976
City & State: Las Vegas
Message: I just want to say how saddened I am that when I tried to be on the 1000 page I got some weird message saying it was down. I am hurt for life and don't know how long it will take for me to recover. I came home early from playing craps to make it on the 1000 page. Well here goes another $3000 a month in therapy,
Keith, You ARE on Page 1000...

Name: Dewey Storie ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 4:55 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1974
City & State: Chandler,AZ
Message: See what happens I go to work and the one day I don?t have to use my laptop ?. CT turns 1000 and I didn?t make the page! John, a big thanks for all the hard work you do to bring all of us together. Happy Thanksgiving to all ?. I'm off to the river
Thanks Dewey, and watch out for Alan....

Name: John Crotty ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 3:50 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1969
City & State: Hermosa Beach
Message: Wow!!! Already past 1000!!! So a new page needs a new title, how about "1001 Cougarian Sights!!!" or "Sites" or "Bites?"

Name: Dan Johnson ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 3:34 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1977
City & State: Sherman Oaks, CA
Message: First concert -- 1975 @ the Sports Arena where I was lucky to avoid Chief Ed Davis' stormtroopers to see Pink Floyd. Best concert -- six years later, also at the Sports Arena where I was treated to my first Springsteen show with an unforgettable 4 hour performance that opened with CCR's "Who'll Stop the Rain"

Name: Bob Brophy ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 3:27 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: PHOENIX
Message: Hey John Even though I didn't go to HHS I did grow up in Hawthorne and just wanted to say congrats on having such a long run of success. Your site has given me and many more such a great feeling of belonging even though we have moved away. Again thank you.
Hey Bob, You are welcome....

Name: jim sloey ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 3:03 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: cougartown, usa
Message: I was just going to call or send you an email and say, 'Hey John, ya big dummy, or something similar, close off page 1000 so your mom will always be at the top of the page but you done it already. Amazing I had 85 in the pool but if I remember you had 45. You know if you printed all the pages out Al Gore would have a fit! But really it would be somewhere betweeen 15-17,000 8 by 11 pages. WOW. You really started something boy, way to go.
Thanks Jimbo, it really did work, huh?

Name: Art LaMere ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 2:37 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1973
City & State: Bettendorf Ia
No E-mail
Message: OK we are at 1000. Now if it was not for John Baker there would be no Cougartown. John thank you for your time and effort in doing this web site. John, you have made it possible for all of us to reconnect with our classmates from years gone by. Thank you Mr John Baker (King of Cougartown USA. Thanks again, Art
Thanks very much, Art...

Name: Patty Saville ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 2:34 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Valencia
Class: 1974
City & State: Laguna Beach, Ca
Message: Several years ago some dirty old man was trying to hit on me while I was walking my dog down the trail behind my neighborhood. "You look familiar to me, " Yah, right buddy. On my way back I was trying to figure out a way to avoid the masher but he saw me first - "did you go to Hawthorne High?" the grubby leaf sweeper asked. OMG it's George Key. That's how I found out about Cougartown. :o) I love CT and I loved getting reacquainted with that genuinely nice Principal! Thank you John and all of the CT community for recreating our old home town! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 1000 pages. (GK-Sorry about that intro!)
Hey Patty girl, Now see, you and your clan I would have never known if not for this place. Thanks so much for being a part of this and for being a part of my life. Hope you, Peter, Ally, and the "Huncher" have a great Thanksgiving too andGeorge Key "Grubby", I think not

Name: Sue ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 2:10 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Jolly
Class: 1961
City & State: Hesperia Ca
Message: Thank you John for a 1000 wonderful memories. What a wonderful site this is. Happy Thanksgiving to every Cougar out there. Be safe
Thanks Sue and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Name: Diana ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 2:10 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Sanchez
Class: 1975
City & State: Bloomington, CA
Message: My first concert was Elton John at the Forum with Karen Nathanson and her big brother!! What an excellent concert!! I just saw Elton John in Vegas two weeks ago and he is still great in concert!! His Red Piano Tour!!

Name: Steve Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 2:06 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Laguna Woods, CA
Message: I just went to Feedback Page UNO. To my amazement, after 10 years, the mystery still lurks around HHS that the rumor that a well-known teacher was a "Little Rascal". Everyone knows it was really "Buckwheat". A astonishing feat for such an undertaking from its infancy to today. John, you have touched thousands of lives, (the bad, the good, and the fun) through these pages more than you will ever appreciate. I know, I know - DUES are late.
Hey Steve, So where are your dues? Thanks buddy, I don't think much about lives influenced by Cougartown until I go to a reunion or other function and hear the stories. It is amazing....

Name: Sonia ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Nov 20, 2007, 1:38 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Gregory
Class: 1957
City & State: Irvine, Ca
Message: Hey John! 1000 big ones. I know there will be another 1000 pages soon. This is a great site and wish some of the earlier classes would drop in from time to time. They are missing out on a fun site. You are the best John and you are loved and appreciated. In answer to Armand, I was more interested in Ricky Nelson and not some "old" coot called "Thorny".
Thanks Sonia, for being a part of this place. I did get your CD, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.