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Roy Orbison
Candy Man

Name: EL N IDA ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 5:50 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: JakeJude
Class: 1960
City & State: Home of the Kavemen
Message: Hey ole dog, we want to come for another party. Don't make any difference why. We got plenty of friends and miss all of you. Happy B-Day... Boy you're getting ugl.. never mind. And Jim Peppers, thanks again for the kudos, but it goes to 50 or 60 guys that all worked for the same thing. I hope that those fires burning in Greece aren't close to you and your family. MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. Jake N Jude.
Thanks Jake, PARTY?? Come ahead. Haven't had one of those since the last TWO times you two have been in CA Judi, I forgot how to make that great guacamole you came up with.

Name: Sherry Wingo ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 5:01 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
City & State: Haw. Ca.
Message: Happy Birthday John. Put another candle on your birthday cake, your birthday cake, your birthday cake, put another candle on your birthday cake ---- shoot that's all I remember of Sheriff John's diddy. I remember - you're another year old today.
Close enough, Sherry. Thanks very much....

Name: Denny ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 4:13 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1955
City & State: Del Aire
Message: Hey ya old dinosaur, celebrate the bright side and think of yourself as a 'SEX'agenrian for a few more years. Always kind of liked that word. Sure hope when and if I make it to your age I'm able to sit up and take nourishment :0) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB
Thanks Dennis, I asked Joyce Terry at Cruise Night how old she thought you were and she said 55 or 56. I said he was in the class of 55. The answer was something like NO WAY!!! See you at the next one, buddy....

Name: John Rout ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 3:28 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1963
City & State: Cerritos, CA
Message: Happy Birthday John. So many have said better already, but just wanted to thank you for all you have done. Anne and I wouldn't have the great friends that we have today without your creation here. We owe you big time. Have a great one!
Hey John, Well thanks for that. Will see you and Anne real soon....

Name: Rich & Mary Sloan ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 3:25 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Prodin
Class: 1960
City & State: Laguna Hills, Ca
Message: John - Thanks once again for organizing another exciting Cruise Night. It was great seeing old friends and a lot of new faces - some we hadn't seen in 47 years. We hope you're having as much fun on your birthday today as everyone had at Cruise Night. Happy Birthday - We love ya'
Hey thanks Rich and Mary, and thanks too for bringing the ol' double nickel convertible to Cruise on Saturday.

Name: Maureen Trott ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 2:25 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Trott
Class: 1964
City & State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: John, just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Like everyone else, thank you for all you do to keep us all in touch and with everything you do for us on Cougartown. Hope you are having a great day!
Hi Mo, Just got back from lunch with Mr Plotkin and he bought!! WHATTAGUY!!! Thanks Harry for the lunch and Maureen for the wishes.

Name: Janet{Jan}Hyatt ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 1:23 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Brown
Class: 1963
City & State: Sparta, Mo
Thanks very much, Jan....

Name: Howard "Paco" Duran ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 1:19 pm - HHS Time
For a good time call: OS6-2378
Class: 1961
City & State: Lake Forest
Message: JB, I just wanted to thank you for all that Cougartown has done for our clan, all the new and old friends that are now part of our lives...It's like 1959 all over again and slip in 1989 for flavor!! Thanks again for all that you continue to do and have a Happy Birthday too, you old fart!!!
Yes I am, and thanks for being a part of all the zaniness with the very popular Pacos Pics too. You've saved me endless hours of picture taking and adding Thanks Paco, for your friendship.

Name: Susan King ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 12:39 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
City & State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Message: Hey hey Baker Man!! Another birthday huh? The Bierman Clan wants to wish you the happiest ever and I want to be sure that EVERY LAST CANDLE ends up on your cake - no shortcutting! You are a dear and special friend to us - geez, more like family now. Thank you so much for entertaining us each and every day on CT - you are loved. Now when are we gonna BBQ?
Well thanks Sue and you know I feel the same about you zanys too. BBQ?? Let me know.

Name: Sharon ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 11:50 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Moore
Class: 1966
City & State: Long Beach, CA
Message: HAPPY 29th, John. You know you can't trust anyone over 30.
Thanks Sharon, I'll take that

Name: Jim Fox ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 9:11 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Hawthorne
Message: Hey Big John... Happy 24th Anniversary (of your 39th birthday). Many happy returns to you my friend. You certainly deserve them.
Thanks very much James....

Name: Adrianne DeAlejandro ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 9:03 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Longpre
Class: 1963
City & State: Cerritos, CA
Message: Sending along Happy Birthday wishes and blessings to Captain Cougartown. As always, I appreciate and love everything you do to keep HHS people together. Greetings to my Alex on his birthday, too. Keep this site sailing!
Thanks Adrianne, and Happy Birthday Alex....

Name: Bob Fraser ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 8:25 am - HHS Time
Class: 1960
City & State: Hawthorne, Ca
No E-mail
Message: Hey John, We were just saying that we thought it was time for you to have another birthday! How many fingers do you have to hold up now? Have a great day, friend. Cruise night was a blast as usual. Did the Hawthorne Cable TV crew come down? I thought I saw them in a picture and while watching local Hawthorne Happenings on Time Warner they had a headline about an upcoming Cruise night story. Is it really us? That would be very cool. Enjoy your day!
Thanks Bob, and yes the Hawthorne TV guys were there. Please tape it if you can....

Name: Noreen Culley ~~~~~~~~~~ Tue-Aug 28, 2007, 6:08 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Crotty
Class: 1972
City & State: Westchester, CA
Message: They say it's your birthday! Happy Birthday, John Baker. Hugs, Noreen
Yes it is, thank you Noreen...

Name: Jan Peterson ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 11:30 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Freeman
City & State: OS5-1209
Message: A very Happy Birthday today 8/28 to the Master of Ceremonies.....You are loved by all. Have the best day! Hugs, Jan
HEEEEERRRREEE'S Johnny!!! Thank you Jan....

Name: Joyce Savisky-Chance ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 9:53 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Savisky
Class: 1962
City & State: La Habra,Ca.
Old...are we OLD Thanks Joyce

Name: chris prewitt ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 9:17 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1967
City & State: Fullerton, CA
Message: I was looking at Paco's pics and now I have a question... Do Paco and Mike Sciurba have the same barber?
Neither one NEED a Barber

Name: Armand Vaquer ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 7:26 pm - HHS Time
Class: 1972
City & State: Tarzana, CA
Message: John, and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yew!
Hey Armand, Thanks very much, and sorry I didn't recognize you on Saturday night. Must have been the sunglasses.

Name: Loretta Cuiper ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 5:59 pm - HHS Time
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 1962
City & State: hawthorne, Ca
Message: My John, Where did this year go!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe it's your BIRTHDAY! Am I right did we not all turn 40 this year! Da Yeah. We wish we could turn that clock back to that number! We wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love ya John....ALWAYS A COUG
Thanks Loretta; I'm glad to be here at any age

Name: Michael M Kratz ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 2:12 pm - HHS Time
Favorite DJ: Wolfman
Class: 1971
City & State: Vegas
Message: What an extraordinary and awesome reunion, my Kudos go to the Committee. I would also like to thank Gary Shambaugh and his lovely wife Sharon, for letting me stay at their beautiful home for the reunion. I was also very much taking by my tour thru Hawthorne with Gary, we stop at my old house at 13015 Shoup and took some pictures. I was over come with emotions and very much missed Hawthorne, they were the best years of my life and I would very much like to come back some day. Now back to the reunion, I have never seen so much energy on a dance floor, our Cougarettes and Cougars did not let us down and I surly will be there for our 40th reunion. It was exciting to meet my fellow classmates and for some that I haven't seen in 35 years. And to you John Baker, happy Birthday.
Thanks Michael, glad you had a fun night.

Name: Karen Kuehl ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 10:57 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Graham
Class: 1959
City & State: Vista, CA
Message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!!! "Put another candle on your birthday cake...." Hope you have a great day on your special day. I hope everyone whose birthday is close by has a wonderful, special day also. It was so good to see a post from Jim Peppers. Reading about those fires in Greece has kept his safety on my mind.
Thanks Karen....

Name: Jerry Miles ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 10:18 am - HHS Time
Class: 1966
City & State: Fair oaks, CA
Message: On this day many years ago there occurred a birth. That was the birth of my sister Debbie Miles. So I presume protocol dictates I wish her a Happy Birthday on the anniversary of that date. At least I?m not four days late?haha. And to you John, a day early, but may your special day bring you much happiness. Happy Birthday to you both.
Thanks Jer' and Happy Birthday Debbie!!!!

Name: Jim Peppers ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 10:04 am - HHS Time
Class: 1961
City & State: Athens, Greece
Message: Happy Birthdays to John, Howard (Paco), and any other Cougar out there who might be celebrating a birthday. I understand there was an ?offspring of a Cougar sighting at the last Cruise Night. Joanna was charmed by all of you. Thank you all for your hospitality. Unfortunately, my daughter will be returning to a very sad country. We are in mourning here for lost nature and lost lives. Thank you again for showing my daughter the best side of America??.old Cougars. I wear my Cougar shirt much more often, and more hopeful that I?ll have a Cougar sighting here in Athens, rather than say wearing one for a Bruin sighting. By the way, I loved reading about the Samohi game. I was there, but I was busy leading people to ?Push?em back, push ?em back, waaaay back?. It was a time so full of joy and a deep down feeling of pride that you were a student at Hawthorne High it was a memory worth bringing up. And what a hero Russ ?Jake? was. Cougars Rule!
Yes it was, and it's somehow been lost in the late classes. It seemed that not only did the students show for the games but lots and lots of parents and other relatives. Thanks Jim for the Feedback. I met your daughter and Janos too. She is an angel....

Name: Cathy ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 9:31 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Taylor
Class: 1987
City & State: Billings, MT
Message: Wow what fun at our 20 yr reunion this weekend. I was sad to come back to Montana. But its funny how no matter how much fun vacation is, your own bed sure feels great again! It was great also to finally meet you John and some of the other older alumni. Wish I could have hung out at Fosters longer, as my honey was enjoying the cars rolling in!! But I had to get spiffed up for the big party. Hope to see you Cougars all again sometime.
Hey Cathy, well thanks for coming to Cruise Night no matter how long the stay. Glad you had a fun time and thanks too for the loan of the 87 El Molino. Got all the pictures scanned yesterday and will be sending it home to you this week or next.

Name: Marsha ~~~~~~~~~~ Mon-Aug 27, 2007, 9:16 am - HHS Time
Maiden: Russell
Class: 1964
City & State: Redondo Beach
Message: John Boy, I was thinking that your birthday will be on HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you today OR tomorrow and many many many more. Have a great time and celebrate the entire week. Love you, Marsha
Yep, Cheryl was one day too soon, but the thought was there. Thanks Marsh' and Mississippi River right back atcha!!