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...and in Honor of Bruce Johnson's 55 Chev.... The Coasters

Name: David Barboza () on Tuesday, June 15, 1999 at 01:03:08
Class: 74
Message: GOLDEN TROUT ????
Hey John one of the cabins where we are staying is called the Golden Trout. We are not using that one we are in Topsy. Was just wondering if you had been there or was it a lucky guess? And no absolutely NO OUTSIDE CONTACT. If it wasn't a lucky guess then you know where we're going and what its like. If anyone in Cougartown wants to get away, enjoy fresh air, beautiful lakes and steams and enjoys hikes, fishing and horseback riding that won't cost an arm and half a leg I've got the place....

When you say 8500ft, Sierras, fishing, AND seclusion, you're most probably fishing for Golden Trout. I have a friend that was a serious fisherman. He and his gear would get packed into the High Sierras. It was an 8 hour ride on horseback. The pack team would leave him and come back in a week and pick him up. Gene said that he never saw another human for the entire week. All he caught all week, was Golden Trout.

Name: Gary L. Sigritz () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 22:32:26
Class: 1960
Message: Will there be a class reunion for the old folks. Say the class of 1960, and if so can anybody come to it. I have missed so many I want to make at least one before I hit the dirt.
Gary, That would be Rich Sloan's class and I'm sure he'll have something going by the middle to end of next year. It's a little early yet for next years reunions. They usually get put up about the first of the year. Thanks Gary

Name: David Barboza () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 20:37:19
Class: 74
Message: Ok.... 74 pages down and 26 more to go. The reason I brought this up is while I very much enjoyed reading all the Feedback on this page. There wasn't one from the class of 74 on page 74. Whats up guys have we all left for vacation? If so its not fair. Mine doesn't start till July 17. Then its one solid week at 8500 feet in the Sierra's with no phone, television and no work. Just fresh air, hiking and a lot of lake and stream fishing.
Sounds like Golden Trout time David. Have fun and take your laptop, a car battery, and a cell phone. Now that's roughing it.

Name: Kathy Stonebraker () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 19:59:35
Maiden: Lorig
Class: 76
Message: Does anyone have information or know if there is going to be a 25 year reunion for the class of 1974. I didn't see anything on the reunion page. Thanks.
Hi Kathy, No one has come forward with any info and the school doesn't have any information either. I would say probably not, as it getting real late in the year. Please don't give up on the pictures you were trying to send. I would love to post them. Thanks Kathy

Name: Nancy () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 18:30:45
Maiden: Zolman
Class: 75
Message: Was so much fun seeing names and places that bring back many memories. What a fun place to visit. Thanks to everyone who worked on setting this up for the rest of us to enjoy !!
Thank you Nancy for the kind words and stay tuned as it's only going to get better.

Name: Patricia Gard () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 18:20:17
Maiden: Sacayan
Class: 68
Message: Hi John,
Just wanted to bring you up to speed on whats been happening with Ed (Sharp) and I. After the Vegas reunion, Ed went back to Missouri, I went back to Orange Co. But being apart was a bit difficult, so with just three days notice, Ed flew me back on May 5th, and he packed his new truck with his belongings and we took an eight day trip across Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. We had so much fun, saw alot, did alot. As you can expect, it took us a full day to say "hello" again. So he's here with me now! He's already gotten together with his old buddy, Jim Willcoxson, '69, and plans to hook up with Robert Ruggeri '68 soon. Since I work out in El Segundo, we had dinner out here one night, and drove around Hawthorne to the places where we both use to live, and the old hangouts. By the way, I told him you were taste-testing Mexican food out this way, he said to tell you to try "Hectors" for some really good Mexican food. So, after more than a thirty year separation, Ed and I are finally together, the way we should have been years ago. And of course, you'll be one of the first to know when the "big day" will be!

I was just thinking about you and Ed yesterday. Thanks for filling us in Pat, now I know where you two are. Hey I want you two to make it on 100 Page Feedback Saturday Cruise Night at Fosters in Hawthorne. It shouldn't be but about a month.
Thanks for checking in Pat and please do let us know when the big day arrives. For you that do not know the story of Pat and Ed, please go to Feedback page 39 (has it been that long). It's at to bottom of the page.

Name: Kathy Duran-Reese () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 17:12:15
E-Mail: Kuchacho
Maiden: Duran
Class: 1964
Message: I was reading the "slangs" and I see that Ray Pogue contributed "make out". Now that's some memories!!!!!!!!! Hi Ray!!!!!!! Hi to everyone else too. This site is "Too Bitchin'"

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 11:46:09
Message: I just read the comment that Keith made regarding Henry Thomas. He actually fell coming out of the blocks, received medical attention and three, yes three, therapy sessions then got up and BEAT Carl Lewis at the tape. Amazing Cougars. John do you think we are ready for SNL. DA BEARS!
Yeah I think we're ready for SNL, but we'll have to change it a little. Instead of Ditka, it'll be Chauncey, and it will definitely have to be "DA' COUGS!!" Thanks Jim

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 11:30:34
It was you man. Your sisters were ugly! RIGHT! Hey Billy I loved baseball and still do if you have seen the stuff lately about my son(s) I am still involved. I was just amazed at how well you could catch a fly ball when you were what 4th grade? You kept begging me to hit it higher? As for Phil Jenks, that is so funny. Phil is in charge of the South Bay umpires association, has turned into a pretty good umpire. We have been laughing for the past 4 years how he use to give me nothing but grief at Eucalyptus park and now that he has grown up he is still doing it. As for riding the bike off the roof at Eucalyptus park that is absolutely the truth! I remember getting so mad at Phil just afraid he would kill himself And I would have to tell his folks. Then one of my buddies would stop by and the first thing they would want to see is the kid who rode off the roof, so we would get Phil and he would perform, that was just unbelievable. Billy I will Email you! Sloey

Name: Don Delmage () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 10:14:47
Class: 1972
Message: I haven't kept in touch with any of my classmates since High School, but did attend my 10 year reunion. I received my BSME from USC and recently finished my MBA from Pepperdine. For those who knew me in school, that is quite a switch! Have been in aerospace for 15+ years now, am still married to the wife of my youth 22 years later, and we have three teens ages 14,16,18.

Name: Cheryl Nicocia () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 09:25:14
Maiden: Christensen
Class: 62
Message: Hey John and Billy, thanks for all the nice words about our place and my Johns "moonshine". I find it very useful. Stripping furniture, unclogging drains, etc....but I know you "BOYS" like it just fine. Yes we will have to plan a mini reunion up here in Gods country. Next June or July when we have our dock in. We still have lots of work to do up here if anyone wants to form a WORK PARTY!!!!!

Name: Cheryl Nicocia () on Monday, June 14, 1999 at 09:16:02
Maiden: Christensen
Class: 62
Message: Hello, El Rojo. Thanks for the memory validation. It makes me SOOOOO happy when I remember something correctly these days. Ah yes, BJs Blue Chevy....I remember when it had no reverse, so we had to be careful where we parked, or we pushed. No, I'm not the one he called "Mel". At least not to my face. ha ha Good Memories!!!!!!

Name: Steve Anderson () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 21:25:12
Message: John-
Thanks for your words. I am actually thinking of beginning next year's US History class with the local history project and your words will be great. What a great way to get kids to connect with their place in U.S. History by having them connect to a school with such a legacy and that is so different from the one they now attend. Most of the students have no idea what HHS was like even 10 years before, this will be a lesson and inspiration to all. Come about October, I'll let you know how it went. BTW, one of my recent students (graduating at the end of this week), put up the tribute to Kye Courtney on your Teachers page.
Linda Dietrich- We still have Donkey Basketball. They trick all of us young teachers into doing it until we fall of our ass onto our ass. I have been mildly injured the last two years and have made my students laugh so hard that they almost puke.
Keith Jones- Will do. I'll cut and paste your comments and drop them in Pat Macha and Rich Allen's mailbox in the morning. I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear from you.
Steve Anderson

Steve, I received lots of email saying what a touching Feedback you left for us all. We had no idea. I know it made my day. Thanks for your kind words and please let us know how the History Lesson turns out.

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 18:58:54
Maiden: kean
Class: 69
Message: John- Hey, everyone, don't forget - tomorrow is Flag Day - try to put out your flag. . . Also, John, I kinda remember that '58 Chevy Impala - I was about 8 or 9 at the time. . . Betty Rodriguez

Name: el rojo () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 18:36:49
Maiden: red
Class: 60
Message: cheryl, yes bruce's chevy was a 55, lowered, 3 speed on the column, (it kept jumping out of 3rd gear). bruce johnson, was the original "FONZ" of HHS. ducktail hair, leather jacket, and really started with a 46 ford coupe back in 59. the coaches told us to wear "nice" clothes to our away games. b.j. wore chino's, a leather jacket, no t-shirt and loafers. anyway, the coaches never said much to him. BUT, cheryl are you the one that bruce used to call "MEL"? you have never answered that. later, el rojo

Name: el rojo () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 18:17:37
Maiden: jacobsen
Class: 60
Message: john, i made a mistake in saying, that TOM HARDINS chevy was a BEL AIRE. it was an IMPALA!WAS THAT THE FIRST S.S. JOHN. I FORGET! ANYWAY it was white, with red and black upholstery, with the great old clunky 3 speed on the column. i believe it had the old (or maybe, new) 348 in it, but it was quite quick for those days. as for JOHN BLANKENSHIPS old ford, it was a great looking 50 or maybe 51 ragtop. white with a black top and was just a great looking car for those days. it also has a little history as to how the "real chinese fire drill came about". along with the varsity baseball team, duff means, brian wilson, steve anderson, rich sloan, don carroll, royal lord (baby jesus) and many others that go beyond my memory bank. more later on the "fire drill". it was a gas!

Name: Bill Wadman () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 17:46:13
Class: 75
Message: Thank you John for a great web-site, information deluxe! Anyone who would like to plan a trip to Keno Oregon and see John & Cheryl Nicocia is well worth the trip. Mother nature is right out their backdoor, Boom!, it's there. Watch your step, that water is cold. Eucalyptus park as my backyard, I would like to find some information on the following people: Terry Johnson, Kevin Hanson, Bruce Phelps, Sammy Vandergalen, Phil Jenks, Mike Casade, Jim Burlingame. Anyone with some information on these folks, please let me know. We ruled the Ivy league and Big Ten in every sport that Hawthorne parks and recreation had to offer during our intermediate years. All were Hawthorne High Alumni with the exception of Phil Jenks, but we won't hold that against Phil because he is the only person I know who rode his bike off the top of Eucalyptus gym ever! You had to be there to believe it. Special thanks to Jim Sloey who took me under his wings and taught me the finer points of baseball from a city park, I have never forgotten you and never will, you saw something in me, or was it my sisters, Linda and Debbie? One more note on John & Cheryl. They make the best bootleg whiskey this side of Wild Turkey.
Hey Bill, You're right about John and Cheryl's place. Right on the river and John does dabble in the finer grapa, wine, liqueors, and now I guess he has his everclear machine set up. There's No Smoking signs all over the property. I was up there last winter. It was about 14 degrees. Next year I think we'll plan a mini-reunion in Keno. Thanks Bill

Name: Greg Fraser () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 17:23:12
Class: 1969
Message: This is my first visit, and hope to see more, this is one of the nicest things I've seen on the internet, in a long time! thanks so much!
Thanks Greg and stay tuned...

Name: Denny Unfried () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 16:49:14
Class: 55
Message: Hey John, I meant to ask you if you ever had a Dempsy Wilson cam that ever finished a race. Most of them were so soft that the lobes went flat before the check cleared the bank. He used to run a stock car that lost about one part per lap. You were saying that you get your hair cut at Essner's shop. Ask him how Karen crashed his new green Corvette in Boy's parking lot and he'll think you have been to the physic hot line. I was his hair model when he took his exam for his barbers license.
Hi Denny, I think that's why they called those Dempsey Wilson cams "Rubber Lobe Cams". I'm not sure he'd ever heard of heat treating.
As for Jim's little green Corvette. When I was working at Tanger and Weitzel Shell, he pulled in there one night, ask for Super Shell, and went to the restroom. For all you kids out there, Gas Stations used to have Restrooms. Anyway when he came out, I was washing the back window on this Corvette, not knowing that it was Plexiglas. Hell, I didn't know what Plexiglas WAS then. I thought he was going to shoot me. "Don't you know you NEVER wash Plexiglas with a squirt bottle and a paper towel you IDIOT!!" I knew it after that....
I will ask him about Karen crashing his baby, the next time I'm in the shop. Thanks Denny

Name: Gary Nelson () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 11:40:08
Class: 60
Message: RussellMG1 Marsha:
If you find Sandy Peppers let me know. I think she lived with her grandmother across the street from my parents (or just visited a lot). Long time ago! Have not heard about her for years. A person who might know is Tony Andrews. Lost track of him but will try to find him. Anyone out there know where he is?

Name: Gary Nelson () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 11:18:05
Class: 60
Message: Well, John, you did it. The guy I was trying to remember at the HHS car show was Alan Hauge. I have been trying to remember "who that was" for years now. With this little side line hot rod business I've had for years, we have worked with a car builders, painters and pen stripers (including the best known, Ed Roth)- I have not run accross his name, is he still doing it ? He did air brush shirts as well, think he also worked with one of the first candy apple paint shops in the Hawthorne area, somewhere near Imperial and Western?- trying to remember who that was as well. Alan did a '49 Ford and a '58 Chevy for me, "Mr. Period"- dumb right! and "Miss B. Haven"- a little better. He was a great guy. How do I find him? If you remember, the other guy I was asking about drove "Miasisdragon", You made my day, I feel a lot better now!
Hi Gary, Thanks man. I remember those two also. Alan Hauge had left an A&W story on the Recollections Page about a year ago. If you haven't seen it, please check it out. It's right out of your era Gary. Alan Hauge, if you're out there, please add yourself to our Alumni list.

Name: el rojo () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 11:03:05
E-Mail: jakejude@aol .com
Maiden: jacobsen
Class: 60
Message: john, i think that the car you mentioned, the 58 chevy, belonged to a guy named "tom hardin". class of 60 if i'm not mistaken.unless ronnie sold it to him prior to my riding with tom on a few occasions. it was a white 58 bel aire 2 dr hd top. the dragon was green and was too cool for that time.but there were a few others to take note of at the time.JOHN BLANKENSHIP had a little 50 or 51 ford conv.,also white with a black rag top, with the name "JOHNNIE B GOOD" on the side. "BRUCE JOHNSON" had a 55 chevy, metallic blue, that he had painted on the side,a picture of two cherries, one dripping blood, that said "Young Blood". DAMN,i'm glad i didn't have a daughter around at the time.later john,jakejude.
El, You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! That was Tom's 58. I knew you'd remember this stuff Russ. Thanks for the correction. Do you remember a Big old Gangster lookin' car (Packard or Buick) that said "El Dillinger" on the side??

Name: Cheryl Nicocia () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 08:54:54
Maiden: Christensen
Class: 62
Message: Yes, John. I remember Bruce Johnson's 55 or 56, Blue Chevy, named "YOUNG BLOOD". Am I right, "EL ROJO"????
ALL RIGHT CHERYL!!! That was one of Alan's creations. Thanks

Name: Ricki Farrell () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 03:02:07
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
Message: It's so funny...I don't read this site for one day and so many names pop out at me. Billy Ennis was a good friend of V3, but I was a "safety" at Eucalyptus when he was a little boy and I wanted to adopt him. I was about 11 years old. I had been a safety for 3 years. I think that it qualified for "career safety." It's probably what convinced me to teach. Karen Boll, I think I knew her from Intermediate, may be even before. Alan Hauge was one of my classmates and an extraordinary artist. He was one of my heros. I hope that he comes aboard. Connie DeWald...Don DeWald...Becky Kabawasa...Penny Prouty!!! Except for Connie, all of these Cougars were great artists. Connie didn't take art, so I don't know about her. Jerry Daquila, I used to think he was soooo handsome. He was a good actor too. I remember him in "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." Did you know that V3, V5, and V6 were all pretty good actresses? They did real well in plays that they were in. I was always very proud of them. V3's daughter is an incredible singer. She's as good as any Broadway singer I've heard, and I've been to a lot of musicals. It's funny how we all chose different fields of fine arts.
JB I'll send your money this week. I've been so busy with school ending that I keep forgetting. I'll get my act together after graduation. My mom is still here and she says "hi!"
Robin, are you coming to the homecoming game? I'd love to meet you. I hope that a lot of Cougars finally get together. I'm very, very bummed that I missed my last reunion.

Ricki...If Alan Hauge was such an extraordinary artist, do you remember any of the names he painted on cars?
Hi Mom "V". You like me better than Robin, huh.

Name: Ramona "Mona" Halcomb () on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 02:07:12
Maiden: Stepetin
Class: 1973
Message: Recollections:
Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this web site! It was so nice to read messages from former HHS grads. It was great to hear other people have some of the same fond memories I have of: 26th St., Holly Glen Park, Eucalyptus Park, and "Crazy Mary". Funny how one's perspective changes, when I was young I couldn't wait to get out of Hawthorne, now living in beautiful Washington I sit here and recall days gone by and realize it was really a great place to grow-up. I can remember like it was only yesterday going to the park with Brian Manning, Randall Johnson, Humphrey Marion, Quonnie Bryant, Mary Kay, Mary Valdez, Bill Hill, and so many others. We would grow up together, go our separate ways but always remain some small part of one anothers lives. It is impossible to forget the people who helped shape the person you become. The laughter, the tears, the long walks and talks will always have a warm place in my heart.
Sincerely, Mona Halcomb

Name: John Baker() on Sunday, June 13, 1999 at 01:30:29
Class: 62
Message: Do any of you early 60's people remember Alan Hauge HHS60? Alan, in case you don't remember, was the guy that painted all those cool names on the sides of our cars back then. I guess it was the fad. Dan Petty HHS65 just emailed me about a certain person that doesn't want to be mentioned on this site. Her brother Ronny Arias HHS60 had a great looking lowered 58 Chevy Impala. Alan had painted on both sides of this gorgeous car, a picture of this Fire Breathing Monster and over the picture were the words, "Miasis Dragon". I was just wondering if anyone remembers any other of the many cars that Alan had put names on. I remember Jim Perry's 50 Ford that had "The Drifter" on the side and Bobby Guy had "Sir Guy" on the side of his 59 Chevy. OH...even Coach Plum had an old 40? Plymouth that Alan had added the words "Pilgrims Progress" to. I know there were many many more. Does anyone remember them?

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