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Here's one for Mom "B".... > Patti Page

Name: Roni Kobel () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 14:39:47
Maiden: Treckman
Class: 76
Message: Uh, sorry, John, you'll have to talk to the B-girls and V6 about the cheerleading stuff... how about it, girls? Sounds entertaining to me!

Name: Bill Sloey () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 14:10:31
E-Mail: look it up
Class: 69
Message: I am sure glad I could stay home today, It is the Perdue Brothers for the sibling trivia, sorry if I ruined your fun big brudder. C YA

Name: Danny Litton () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 13:52:53
Class: 68
Message: Answer to Sloey's question: The Perdue's. Paul(66), Steve(67), Jim(68) Dave(69).

Name: Roni Kobel () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 13:27:37
Maiden: Treckman
Class: 76
Message: Here you go, Class of '76 - This was in the Fine Print, Vol.3, No.4, but Sharon Bierman somehow blanked out this page - remember, Sharon?

"The Spirit of Seventy-Six"

On graduation night we'll have a victory well deserved.
We've battled long for this reward, we've studied and we've served.
It's really unbelievable that we have reached this day
Yet, there we'll be in caps and gowns, each set to go his way.
Can it be that it is true it's only been four years
Since we wandered round this campus full of freshman fears?
The combinations on our lockers always seemed to stick;
Only after the tardy bell did they finally click!
In ninth grade we were scared of seniors, and hardly ever brash -
We'd never go near Senior Square - they'd throw us in the trash!
But freshman year was soon behind us, never to return;
As sophomores we continued on to learn what we could learn...
We knew that we had gained a lot with a year in our back pocket;
School was work, but it was fun, althoug we'd sometimes knock it. That year we named a Sophomore Sweetheart at the Backwards Dance,
And streakers were the craze that year - they ran without their pants!
After that we grew a little, learning more of living...
We found out what it meant to get, but also learned of giving.
When we became the mighty juniors the year of '74,
We walked around with heads held high, underclass no more...
11th grade flew by so fast, just giving us a glance
Of Candleglow and Mistletoe at the Xmas Dance.
With so much happening that year, we had no time to rest -
The headlines told of Watergate, and yet we still progressed.
And when that year came to a close, we spent time in the sun
To bathe ourselves in happiness, cause one more year was done.
The summer brought us ecstasy - we'd reached our status quo:
Three whole years were now behind, with only one to go.
We were finally up on top when entering September.
It was OUR turn now to scare the freshmen so THEY could remember!
And now this year is almost gone, and all was not for nothing.
We've had a great experience that's left us huffing and puffing.
Yes, it's been a hectic year, of that there is no doubt.
Pancakes, proms, and Senior Square - that's what fun's about!
And as the year draws to a close, friends will laugh and cry;
With promises to keep in touch, we'll sadly say goodbye.
HHS is part of us, and we will always cheer it;
We're glad that we were part of it -

Name: Roni Kobel () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 13:11:00
Maiden: Treckman
Class: 76
Message: Uh, Ungowa, Cougars got the power, sayin' uh, ungowa, Cougars got the power! Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight! Go John! You've got my ten bucks! Where to???? -T2
ALL RIGHT RONI GIRL!!! Our own Cougartown Cheerleader. Maybe you can come to the Homecoming game dressed in your Cheerleader outfit and lead the Alumni in some of the OLD cheers. Whattayasay??
I'm working on some pages, even as we speak for the Cougartown Alumni Newsletter and address page. Stay tuned Roni and thanks...

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 12:49:10
Class: 66

Name: bill sloey () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 11:21:10
Class: 69
Message: Great idea about supporting this site with a few bucks, and you want to take it to the next level? I will see your $10 bucks and bump you a buck to make it $11, John , this will get Jim going and we might stimulate this fund drive. Where do we send this money? as I have enjoyed, almost all of the feedback that I have read. :0) as you would say. Hello to all '69ers and Cougs alike. Come on Sloman put up or shut up......C Ya.
Hey Bill, and as Bartles and James would say, "We thank you for your support."
Geez, I'm getting bombarded with emails from everyone this morning. I can't believe the support on this Newsletter thing. I will put up a page on where to send your annual 10 bones, but first we need "Addresses". I will contact all the reunion committee people that I know on the site and see if I can get their class list of addresses. This will be a starting point. Of course I have the First 10 years of greatness reunion book with addresses in it too. Maybe as the ideas come in from everyone, and are absorbed, we'll have a better feel for what is needed. Thanks Bill and all Cougs out there for your support on this project.

Name: John Baker() on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 10:25:14
Class: 62
Message: Speaking of large HHS families. Debbie Miles HHS76 and I were talking, and realized that her siblings span HHS from Roy Ryse HHS62(half brother), and Jerry Miles HHS66, to Sheri Miles HHS79. The Valencia's are close with Ricki HHS61 to Gloria HHS76. These are sibling spans. The family span (Mom or Dad to their children or nieces or nephews) example: Tom HHS55 to Ted Gioia HHS75 (cousins). Larry HHS60 and Loretta HHS62 Cuiper to Eric HHS2000. Does anyone know of other long stretches for sibling spans or family spans? This could be interesting.

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 09:24:53
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
Message: $10.00 Annual Dues? Sure, I'll pay that! I enjoy this website a lot. Read it every day like my newspaper. I'd like to hear more about big families at HHS. Here's a few names: Poltash, Davidson, Estrada. Anyone????? Betty

Name: Patty Valencia () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 02:36:42
Class: 1974
Message: Where do I send my $10 1999 dues?
Now you make me feel bad with all those "Butt Jokes" I've been emailing everyone. I will let you know on the 10 bones. Thanks girl, you're the Cougartown Rock. I may need a consultant here too, so stand by.

Name: Freezer Fanny, Glacier Glute, et al () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 02:31:51
Maiden: Valencia
Class: 1974
Message: Whoa there fellow cougs. Let's think a little bit more about not making this site a pc one. I was just working myself up to a "Buttual Harassment" suit :) Ok never mind. Hiya Ted and Joe and all those T's. Where's Mike Dragotto?
Well here it is, 12:30am and looks who waltzes in the door but old "Numb Butt" herself. Glad you could sign in tonight there Patty girl. We're all going to Glo's for the Chris Montez Concert in LV on the 3rd and 4th of July. Wanna come??

Name: Melodie () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 02:22:39
Message: Hello again. just want to give you an update on chris montez (zeke). he will be appearing at the riviera in las vegas on july 3rd and 4th. just became the father of his fourth child, a baby girl and is back on the tour circuit again. God Bless Him!
Melodie, Thanks for the update on Chris. OK everyone, we meet at Gloria V's house on the morning of July 3rd at 6am. I will send you all the address. Gloria, please have breakfast made for about 25 to 50 Cougars. I likem scrambled myself. They only have 3 bathrooms folks, so we'll all have to take turns there, but I think we can be ready by show time. After the show, it's back to Glo's for a Madcap Margarita Marathon until she says we have to get the hell out and NEVER return. Then it's on to Frank Romano's for a great time and free drin......

Name: Sheree Klingenhagen () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 01:06:32
E-Mail: sklingenha
Maiden: klingenhagen
Class: 1975
Message: When I read the politically correct stuff, I really see that we as HHS alumni know who we are and where we are from, and pretty much say it like it is. No hang ups! No problems! Get your act together and go forward in life.
Ah Sheree darlin', I love the way you think. You're a true Hawthornian and Cougar. Thanks for that.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Friday, May 28, 1999 at 00:41:12
Class: 66
We have all enjoyed this site, and that is an understatement! From the QOTW to who has recently signed up on the Alumni list, a check of where our favorite teachers are (speaking of favorite teachers and mexican food EL INDIO, HUH COACH), or just checking to see what ran over dear Keith last, we love this site and we love you John for all your work, dedication, imagination, talent and desire to bring us together. You are a special person John, no doubt linked to your early Christian education. Well after reading your unpublished letter and reading between the lines, I certainly can tell this is taking its toll upon you. As a Cougar you will deny it but it has and it will only get worse. We will demand more and we will demand better, and of course you will give it to us because you are MR. COUGAR! Face it John, we are a greedy bunch and you were obviously a compliant child. So it is in that context I am suggesting, no make that a formal motion.... do I hear a second? Yes I hear a second from the most famous Cougar of them all ROBIN HOOD second it the motion is as follows: We all assess ourselves a $10 per year dues to be sent to John to be used by him as he sees fit to maintain the site, add to the site, hire people as needed, part or full time etc. All those in favor may send your checks, money orders, cashiers checks to John Baker at WHERE JOHN? After all this is our site lets really take it to the next level without killing John doing it! Three cheers for Mr. Cougar! long live!

Hey Jim, You're about as subtle as a Charlie Horse. You sound like the guy on the back of a wagon selling Miracle Elixir. He's right though folks. It would be nice if we had a little working capital to get these newsletters out to our fellow alumni. These people are Cougars too, and need to know that we're planning Homecoming night or a mini reunion in Las Vegas. I know there're plenty of ex-cougar journalists out there that are just chomping at the bit. WE NEED THIS COUGS !! Maybe there would be some money left over for a raffle at the end of the year PARTY IN HAWAII!!! ok, so I can dream a little can't I.
Thanks Jim

Name: Kathy Stonebraker () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 23:53:48
Maiden: Lorig
Class: 76
Message: Laura-Thanks for the story. That would the littlest Stoney, Linda. She is an HHS alumnus ('89) and is married with 2 kids of her own! Boy do I feel old.
Here's the story my mother told me about your mother-in-law. When we were in 4th grade, your mother-in-law went on a diet and lost quite a bit of weight. My mom said she looked really good and was feeling great. Then she started feeling really lousy. And four months later, she was wearing maternity smocks. She told my mom, "Dad blame it (I'm sure this part was edited), every time I go on a diet, this happens to me! I'm not going on any more diets."
And a few months later, there was another Stonebraker (but don't ask me which one -- I can't keep track of Valencias and Treckmans and Stonebrakers and Lorigs and -- holy cow, perhaps my brother and I were the only kids from a family with fewer than 15 people in it :-). Remember the Zaks, 14 kids last time I heard, and the Folias, 13 kids ltih -- they were cities unto themselves. Wonder where Diona Folia is . . .>>

Name: Kathy Stonebraker () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 23:24:33
Maiden: Lorig
Class: 76
Message: I think the football game sounds like a blast. Laura-You couldn't possibly think that I would let some one take the fall for me!! Everyone knows how quiet and shy I am ;) and your right, we never did catch the little brat that threw that snow ball but I do remember enjoying the extra concern from the other male counselors.
Hawthorne Youth Camp was a big part of my youth. When my father-in-law was working for the city I jumped at the chance to spend a weekend up there with my boys and show them around. Nothing had changed. Owl and Blue Jay cabins, Sherman Lodge, the dining hall...
A Stonebraker story you can't tell?? It must be juicy, but knowing these boys nothing would surprise me. Fortunately we live in a small town that makes it difficult for our boys to get away with all the "pranks" that they did. Steve was telling me just last weekend about hiding behind a sand dune for an hour and a half (while on his Penton dirt bike) after being chased by the El Segundo police dept. And let's not forget the sacramental wine caper!!
Roni-I was only scarred for a little while!
Sharon-Was your sisters name Debbie?? If it is I still have a picture of her and I making our first communion! I think I remember you living behind Boys Market. Let me know. My mom would love to know how your parents are.
Let's hear it for Politically Uncorrect!!

Name: Susan Walling () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 22:01:10
Maiden: Ciampa
Class: 77
Message: John, next time you head to El Segundo for lunch, let me know and I'll meet you at El Tarasco's.... my treat for providing this great web site. I have been telling alumni about it and hope they are taking a look and adding their names.
Any of you Cougars out there remember Bill Watkins, alumni from one of the first graduating classes at HHS? He is now Dr. Bill Watkins, El Segundo Unified School District Superintendent.
My thanks to Ted Gioia for forwarding the Joe Mailander story on to him. Joe and I will be having lunch tomorrow. Should be interesting since I haven't seen him since I worked at Boys Market on Hawthorne Blvd. 17 years ago.
Dale Hahlbeck... tell Sheri to send me an e-mail!
Hey... THANKS JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Susan, The next time I head for Tarascos, I will email you. It sounds like fun. We can talk about the old neighborhood.
Man, am I the only person that didn't work at Boys Market??

Name: Loretta Cuiper () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 21:02:29
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 62
Message: Hey John and Chris, what a good idea regarding the Alumni Football Game on Oct 15th. Told Darla and she is going to get with some of her old friends and pass on the information. Their 10th reunion is on Oct 16th, she is coming in from Texas and a few other friends that are living there, anyway I'm getting off track, Darla said she thinks it would be fun to see other Alumni. Darla is going to spread the Word.
I say ALL RIGHT Darla!! Thanks Loretta, this could really be a fun Friday night.

Name: John Baker() on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 20:43:39
Class: 62
Message: Hey Cougs. I said I'd explain my ideas to expand Cougartown. Please click here and read on. When you finish, if you have your own ideas, I would love to hear them. Please email me with any and all ideas you may have concerning this expansion. Thanks.....

Name: PAM BETRAUN () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 18:33:14
Maiden: Heath
Class: 78
Message: Heather, I heard at football games that no one sings the almauter any more. Is this True? We used to have so much fun singing it at all the games, it would really get us fired up to cheer the team on. If the alumni go to the game I think that we should all get up and sing the almauter really loud and show what true spirit is all about. At our 20 yr. we had anyone who could remember the song come up to the stage and sing. There were alot of us who remembered all the words. We had a blast!!!

Name: Robin () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 18:31:12
E-Mail: Yes
Class: 60
Message: John , Im still laughing out loud over the name "Seizure World"...And being HHS most infamous floor flopper, if anyone should take it the wrong way I guess that would be me....But the day this forum turns anything close to politically correct , it belongs on another site...And besides, if you cant take a joke !@#$%^&*()!..Later Cougs :o)
Robin, I agree 100%. I've been getting email all day about Seizure world and it's ALL been positive. I just knew you were all strange like me. Thanks man....

Name: Dave Krikac () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 17:57:58
Class: 76
Message: OK! Another true confession...I was working at Thrifty's on Hawthorne Blvd (anyone remember that Lady that scooped up Ice Cream with NO LIPS) anyway, here comes Sheri Blackwell, I kinda thought she was one of those Cougar Babes..She was with Mom that day. So as I checked her out and I noticed she had ONE item that had no price tag."KOTEX" OOOH NOOO! I thought OK, I will make up a price, but my manager was right beside me. I looked at Sheri she looked at me, I looked at her Mother, she looked at me. I grabbed the microphone got on the intercom and blasted out for all the store to hear,"PRICE CHECK ON TAMPAX 24 COUNT"...Wes Clements and Glenn Vickers had a laugh at the time, thought you might now...Sheri you out there? Remember That?
Dave, Yes another great moment in HHS history. Thanks for sharing that and I'm sure Sheri will thank you too.

Name: Heather Webb () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 17:50:41
Class: 2002
Message: Hello, My Name is Heather Webb and I am currently attending Hawthorne High I graduate the year 2001. If you have any questions about what is going on now at your old school please feel free to contact me at
Hi Heather, Thank you very much for this valuable tie to our school. I know there're Alumni who'd love for you to answer questions about HHS, and if you have any questions about the Old Days, you just ask away too. Thanks Heather

Name: Glenn Crist () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 17:32:28
E-Mail: gfcrist
Class: 1964
Message: O. K., John, a challenge...
When this Site went on line in June of 1997, we didn't have a single Student or Faculty E-mail address. Now we have about 1200 Alumni and Faculty. Right now we're adding 4 people a day to this list.
That's fantastic but my challenge to everyone who reads the Feedback Page, lets go out and get 100%. I know, not everyone is on "The Web," but wouldn't it be great to find all those who are.
Everyone who has friends who aren't on the Alumni List, write, phone, tell or e-mail them and let's get them signed up if they are online.
John, is there a way to establish a database of former Cougars, who they are and where they are now. Anyone who'd be willing to gather this information in one place and/or is it possible that one person from each class would be willing to collect that information and shepherd it for anyone looking for former classmates?
What do you think?

Glenn, Yes there is a way to gather addresses and it's online now. I have been going to implement it for about a year now. Some of you searchers out there have actually found the page and have utilized it. We might as well get going RIGHT NOW with this. Man there goes my 4 hours of sleep. Just Kidding....:o) No, actually we might as well start gathering info on all Cougars and Faculty members. I will add a letter to Feedback a little later today, then it'll be official.

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 16:45:36
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
Message: Kathy Stonebraker, before my family moved back to Wisconsin in the late 1960's, my parents and your's were friends. My brother was an only boy with 4 sisters, so they used to bring him over to your house to play with your brother who was close to you in age.
John, I agree with you. This political correct thing is getting way strange. I have no problem being called "chairman" of any committee I'm on. Between the political correctness proponents and the history revisionists, I'm not sure who I would like to box up and get rid of first. I too feel better having said that.

Thank You Sharon... I'm getting lots of positive feedback on that one. It's good to know that most of us feel that way.

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 15:58:48
Class: 1967
Message: Hi all, I just got through talking to Bob Wyler, Activities Director for Hawthorne High School, and he was delighted to hear that we were thinking of making the Homecoming Football Game an activity for the alumni. Here is one for your calendar. Friday October 15, 1999 Hawthorne vs. Inglewood at 7 PM. Bob said that there would be no problem setting aside 50 seats for us. He sounded like he wanted to challenge us to bring more! Bob was saying that next year Hawthorne High football team would be a lot of young players. (compared to us, who isn't young!) But he seemed to have so much confidence in the coaches that he would almost guarantee a WIN.
Chris, That's great. Thanks for helping out and let's mark those calendars Cougs - October 15, 1999. Bring your Cougar rooter hats, buttons and pennants, and lets go watch the fighting Cougars stomp a mud hole in the Sentinels. Let's get some teachers too. HCH, Jorge, Coach Hal and Cathy are you all listening?? I think maybe we can plan something else for that night too. We'll work on that. Thanks Chris, it sounds like a fun night.

Name: Roni Kobel () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 15:34:46
Maiden: Treckman
Class: 76
Message: Hey, Ted Gioia, I remember you! I enjoy your feedback - keep it coming! Cindy, I'm not sure Clark is reading this site - why don't you call him and bug him to get online? He needs someone else to convince him not to get a mail-order bride from Russia! He did indeed work at Boys Market (so did I, for 7 years), and so did Kelly Dunn, and V6, too. Kathy, PLEASE forgive me for causing your spanking! I hope you weren't scarred for life from the experience (I think you told me about that before). And I hope the playtime was worth the punishment! I remember that Halloween party, too. Yeah, my mom really went all out with the scary haunted house... Wow - 22 years of marriage! Very, very awesome. We're working on 9. T4, it WAS hilarious having giant munchkins onstage. Another one was Kevin Bartlein - big football player. Can you picture a bass voice (where IS Mr. Wing, anyway???) singing "we represent the lollypop guild"? Toto was GREAT! Hi, Laura!!! What's up? Where are you, T1 and T3? ...T2

Name: bucky travis () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 12:43:24
Class: 74
Message: Cindy- The only thing I remember in Hawthorne water was those little "red worms"!!!!!!

Name: LGW () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 12:05:26
Maiden: Geele
Class: 76
Message: Hey Kathy, I just remembered a Stonebraker story my mom told me a year ago (about your mil when we were all in grade school). I'll send it private post and if you want to share it, you can. Anyway, about the counseling -- I remember the snowball incident, but not who threw it. Weren't you the counselor on the other side of the cabin from my kids? Weren't you the one who made lots of noise with your kids, then skedaddled so that by the time Miss "The Law" chaperone-person ran up the hill, only I was left there with my kids. So we (I) got into big-time trouble and had to forego dessert that night or something. Think I also got some sort of black mark on my permanent record -- "this young woman allowed the children in her trust to be noisy one day" . . . I'd forgotten that particular grudge. Thanks for reminding me :-).

Name: Linda Dietrich () on Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 11:01:45
Maiden: Dawson
Class: 69
Message: John, I know you said no comments on the Seizure World deal but I just have to tell you we've been calling it that for years. Everyone calls it that these days. Anyway it's not a bad place to live. My husbands aunt and uncle live there and my brothers mother-in-law is moving there. Or maybe she already is. We wouldn't mind living in a place like that in a few years time. Then your kids couldn't come live with ya when times get hard. To some that may seem heartless but my daughter moved back in husband, kids and all. My house is trashed and so are my nerves. Seizure World doesn't look so bad right now.
Hi Linda, I'm glad you feel that way, because as you know, Cougartown is NOT a politically correct website. We say it here "like it's still the 60's". Anyone who's offended by the comments on this feedback page,

please Do Not Write Me!!

I don't care about political correctness. I still call the "Postal Carrier" the "Mailman" and the "Airline Drink Schlepper" a "Stewardess". I like the "Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition" and I must've been taking a nap when they started calling the "Living Room" the "Great Room". I can't keep up with the "Latino or Hispanic", "Asian or Oriental", "Black, Negro, Afro, or Afro-American" thing, and I don't pretend to try.
Don't get me started on this "Gentleman and Gentlelady" thing that Congress has initiated in the last year or so either.
Just remember, if you heard it here, and you don't like it, KEEP STILL!! This is NOT a democracy, it's Cougartown. If anyone wants to call anything by it's non-politically correct name on this site, Please do so!!!
Whew......I feel much better now that I've gotten that out of the way. Thanks Linda, for clearing that up.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at