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Here's one you haven't heard in a LONG time....... Jimmy Rodgers

Name: Judy DeGrazia Blomsterberg () on Friday, March 16, 2001 at 09:19:59
Maiden: ChainJannybackto thebed
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Was that my Janny entering data into "feedback"!! How did he ever get out of those chains? Now, for anyone interested, there's a Hawthorne VFW corned beef and cabbage dinner on Saturday (Aug 17)..and a few of us plan to be there~~Janny likes to support the cause & I hate to cook.. "win/win situation" --come join us. We plan to be there about 4:30. Let me add another section of Hawthorne to the list. How about the RAMONA section. I know Mo Trott will get in there and rattle them all off.. And since Bob Rierdan mentioned Felton Market on Felton and 118th Pl., let me tell you that it's now a Penticostal Church. Boy, the memories I have of that market...The Trott girls and I use to hoof it down there all the time for cokes and ice cream..and just to read the magazines that we "never bought" ..just stood there in front of the rack and read them. We'll see most of the ROWDYS at "Late night Catechism" on Sunday.. Hope the nun can take it.. Catholic girls sit in front..and I get dibbies on the seat next to Annie Rout..and Karen Fraser "YOU GO GIRLS"..
(subliminal message: don't miss PROM NITE-AUG 18th) Judy D Blom.....

OK so now we've mentioned Ramona, Holly Glen, Holly Park, Del Aire, and Bodger Park. Any more?

Name: Shannon Keys () on Friday, March 16, 2001 at 09:00:44
Class: 81
Message: Hey 81ers!! I'm taking a head count. Who wants to get together on the preceding Friday before the reunion festivities for a little golf tourney? If there's enough interest, we could pull something together. Please e-mail me if your intersted, and if you have any thoughts or ideas on the subject.

Name: deano () on Friday, March 16, 2001 at 08:39:18
Class: 65
City and State: tustin
Message: first i want to say thanks to MO, she mentioned the Avenue Club on inglewood ave, dad always stopped there for his glass of beer, brought some good memories back. 1st car 47 chevy (fleetmaster) right pieboy. hey judy i'm ready to buy prom tickets and i can't. glad that guy from beverly hills is gone & J B when is cruise nite again well got to go, headen for big bear.
April 6th is Cruise Night

Name: Jan Blomsterberg () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 23:38:23
Class: 63
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Sidney...boy, I haven't posted in many months and we all know the reason why that is...Tillie never lets me at the computer! Anyway, Judy and I were wondering if anyone out there knows just how the names like Del Air, Holly Glen, etc. were started and how many districts are out there in Hawthorne...just wondering. Now I must add my first car to the list...a 53 Studebaker LandCruiser, 4 door, blue, transmission shift lever on the dash, mickey mouse whitewalls. Sitting in the back seat was like sitting in first class on an airplane...lots of leg room...something similar to sitting in Bob Jensen's 63 Caddy. Haven't seen one of those on the road in many, many years. Wouldn't mind having that one back. Hope to see many of you Cougs at Cruise Night and at the Prom (Judy made me put that in).
Janny...aka Howie

I have no idea how they're named but it's a great question... I'll add Holly Park and Bodger Park on the east side of Hawthorne. Anyone else??

Name: Bob Rierdan () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 23:14:03
Class: 61
City and State: Mountain View, MO.
Message: Harry P. - Great memories of those Dana Skating Parties at the outdoor rink in Westchester. 'Never missed one of those. I can still picture that patio and the fireplace. The "couples only" periods were great times for a young guy to hold hands with a young girl...
It seems that they would play records over the PA part of the time and the organist would play at other times.
Thanks, Bob

Name: YAMMA LAMMA () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 21:46:19
E-Mail: Youain'
Class: somanymoonsagoandthensome
Message: This is to Dimples. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Very surprised to finally hear from the "other" brother. Glad you have new shoes for Prom Nite 2001. And you Jensen boys sur do know how to please a lady - flowers -YES! Yur sweetpeas and hibiscus are a much better choise than the geraniums Bobby Boo is getting for Ramma. And Wally's loss definitely IS your gain! Walter Holt; ya can't dilly dally with a girl's heart and expect her to wait around but I'll still save a dance for ya if its okay with Dimples. Garsh! I kin jest hardly wait for AUGUST 18 -- PROM NITE, HEAR I CUM! Think Id like a dance with Leeroy too! How bout it Leeroy?

Name: EL () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 20:48:20
E-Mail: I-DY-HO
Maiden: YOU KNOW
Class: SIX-OH
City and State: HERE/HERE
Message: Bake, I just figured out the name of that street that all the guys from the Hamburger Handout used to race on, thanks to Ron Dokken from pg 375. It was Lincoln Blvd that ran behind the airport. Am I correct? Also Cindy Colby Maxson, the cross street to Felton Market was 118th place, where I lived until the freeway took our house in 1959. Bobby Fitz, good to see your name up here. See you in Apr. Lyman Moss, glad the tremors didn't get you. How about them dogs? GO BRUINS GO!!! JOHN... WE'RE SSSOOOOO EXCITED. MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. EL.

Name: Gary Nelson () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 20:28:56
Class: 60
City and State: Sacramento CA
Message: Anyone out there know where Danny Hurd or Ron Evers can be found? Graduated about 57 or so.

Name: EL ROJO& IDAHO QUEEN () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 20:22:53
E-Mail: I-DY-HO
Maiden: YOU KNOW
Class: 60/61
Message: First cars eh? Mine was a 49 ford two dr sedan. Kind of sky blue, with a 3 speed overdrive, flathead 8 and those mickey mouse whitewalls, if you remember them. They kind of slipped around the rim and made your ride look coool. Or so we thought at the time. Well, a funny thing happened with this car. Two other Cougs and myself were headed to a summer league basketball game and in a great hurry. It happens that I hit one of those horrendous dips in an intersection and we hit so hard that it busted the mounting bolts to the seat and all three of us almost ended up in the back seat. I had to grab the steering wheel like a monkey does a banana or we would have been in deep caca. Well the next day I got a piece of rope and tied the seat down as it was tough drivin rocking back and forth like a rockin chair. You'd go to push the clutch in and be pushing the window with your foot. 2 months go by.... Jude and I are at the drive-in. We're wrestling around tickling each other, and..yea making out too. About that time the rope broke! Ass over teakettle we went into the back seat. We were both hysterical in seconds. We both laughed for an hour. I got to thinking later that I was glad it wasn't a first date or something. That would have been uncool. I guess that I had the fore-runner of the James Bond car and didn't realize it. Last word ... JOHN... WE'RE SO DAMNED EXCITED about coming down in Apr we're about looney.(er). MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. JakeNJude.
Hey Russ, This just reminded me I owe you a phone call. Probably a little late tonight, but I'll try this weekend for sure. Great car story too man. We'll see you two in a couple of weeks.

Name: Robert Fitzgerald () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 19:11:54
Class: 60
City and State: Santa Ana. Ca.
Message: My brother Nick Fitzgerald class of 59 will look forward to seeing all you cougars on cruise night. My first car was a 1956 ford fairlane, and since then i have had 72 different cars, many classics, some people buy shoes, me cars, I will be driving a 1950 chev p.u. to the cruise. see you all there.
Hey Robert, We'll see you and Nick there on Friday night, and Saturday at the reunion. I'll be driving my 51 Chevy pickup.

Name: Dan Dye () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 14:27:01
Class: 62
Message: First car 1962, in 1962 10 speed bicycle, $100.00 from Phil's bicycle shop, great gas milage. Then I paid cash $400.00 for a 1955 Olds 88 2 door red/white/red. It ran great. New motor and paint job. I had it about a year when the hood came open while driving 65 mph on the fwy., on new years eve. All I could see was the white hood that was wrapped around the windshild. I didn't crash but I almost had to change my pants. Last year I saw a 1955 red/white/red Olds 88 2 door parked on Hawthorne blvd. I would love to drive it to cruise night. Be safe. Dan Dye
Hey Dan, We don't care if you come on that hundred dollar bike, just be there.

Name: Harry Plotkin () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 13:49:05
Class: 52/97
City and State: Harbor City, CA
Message: Doris-feel young as I am Washington High School class of 1943. Beginning in 1952 the Dana PTA sponsored monthly skating parties at the Lawndale skating rink and of course I chaperoned and skated. I don't remember the name but it was behind a Hawthorne Blvd. facing building. After two or three years it closed and we moved to an outdoor rink at Aviation and Manchester. It did have about a 20 ft. overhang and a fireplace Fun times! ALL SKATE!!
Randy Matt - Were you a Seabee? I spent my WWII time as a Seabee. Great outfit.
Love to all,
Reannen - Where is your e-mail? Let her write, Bob

The only skating rink I remember was the one in Culver City. That's where the Hawthorne Intermediate kids went to skate. COUPLES ONLY!!!

Name: Tom Burroughs () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 13:41:46
Class: 1958
City and State: Prescott AZ
Message: Doris I think it was just called Lawndale Roller Rink. Skated there a lot 1952 through 1955, holy crap am I old!! The fastest guy around then was David Hill. He lived in the house just off Haw. Blvd behind what they called the chicken house? West side of Blvd. They sold poultry & some war surplus stuff. Some combination! That was long before the war surplus store moved in. John I think the 55er from New York should gas up that 47 Merc & head west for Cruise Night. He has over a week to get here. Sounds reasonable to me? If he comes through Prescott I will help him polish up that flat head & we`ll head for HAW. TB from AZ
Tom, He has over 3 weeks to get here. He could push it here in 3 weeks.

Name: Doris () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 12:45:13
Maiden: Donaldson
Message: JOHN ... second house south of the railroad tracks, or at least "then".

Name: Sharon (Kettering)Johnson () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 12:03:07
Class: 61
City and State: Nampa, Idaho
Message: To all the Hawthorne Intermediate gang of 56 and 57. Just recently found out that Sharon DeLapp passed away 14 years ago. I had been trying to find her for the past 10 years with no success, finally was contacted by her sister and given the sad news. Sharon & I attended LHS, class of 61, but I'm sure Royal & Jimmy Peppers will remember Sharon.

Name: Doris () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 12:02:12
Maiden: Donaldson
Class: '57
Message: LYMAN MOSS ... Yes, I knew Sharon, not well, but I did know her. We must have been in the same class(es) sometime during our 4-yr stint at HHS. She signed my 1957 Annual/Year Book and I recognize her face. You also look familiar, but at this "advanced age", I can't seem to put it all together: names, faces, and places!! HA! DAN JOHNSON ... I ALSO lived on Eucalyptus across the street from the water tower when I went to Hawthorne ... of course, you were a little kid when I was in high school, but what was your address? My address was 245 North Eucalyptus and we lived there from 1952 till the mid-60's. SO GOOD TO SEE 50's PEOPLE POSTING IN CTown! Stick around, would you please?! I LIKE not being the OLDEST person alive on CTown!! ha! HEY! Does anyone remember the name of the outdoor roller skating rink that was in Lawndale? I took lessons there and skated every Saturday for a couple years when the weather would permit in the late, late 40's, maybe early, early 50's, and was in one show. The gal who ran the place was tall, skinny, dark red hair and her name was Frieda, but can't remember the name of the rink. Did anyone else rollerskate there? I had a terrible crush on a kid who raced at the rink, but can't remember his name either. Is the rink still there? If it is, I might have to rollerskate while I'm out there for PROM NITE 2001!!
Doris, you're giving the old 3 digit numbers. Now they are 5 digits. All we know is you lived on the east side of the street. How many houses south of the railroad tracks did you live?

Name: Lyman Moss () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 10:52:24
Class: 59
City and State: Everett, wa.
Message: Hi Doris, I have been wondering if you knew my sister Sharron Flowers (maiden name: Moss) she was of the class of '57'?
She is listed on the alumni list.

Name: Randy Matt () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 09:03:56
Class: 66
City and State: Brunswick, Maine
Message: Holt, let me see, hmmm yes I did know a Walter Holt once, could that be the same one? O. K. I've been out of touch for so long with my HHS friends that I am not quite sure what to write. Does anyone remember me? Skinny, brown hair, thought that he could surf. Diane Neamy?
Hey Randy, Glad you found your school chums. Thanks for checking in....

Name: Ron Dokken () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 08:47:10
Class: 1955
City and State: Endwell, NY
Message: Hey, first car a 36 chevy coupe. Drove it till the blocked cracked - then traded it in on a 40 chevy coupe. (The dealer later asked me if I knew the block was cracked - and I lieeeeeed like a dog). First new car; a 56 Olds coupe with factory stick. Worked at the Standard Station on Lincoln and Imperial. Guys would come by all the time and ask what time I got off - Then it was drag-racing up and down Lincoln, at midnight. Those were the days. Now as an old goat I've bought myself a present - 47 Merc on a rake with a lovely polished mild flathead running thru a 40 cad 3sp trans. Can't stop smiling.
ALL RIGHT RON!!! Don't ever think you're too old for a Hot Rod. I guess it would be too much to ask to drive it on out on Cruise Night?

Name: Nancy Sargent () on Thursday, March 15, 2001 at 02:11:27
Maiden: Rose
Class: 79
City and State: Big Bear Lake, CA
Message: My first set of wheels was an Olive Green Schwinn with a white banana seat from Phil's Schwinn on Hawthorne Blvd. I received the Beaut for Christmas when I was five! I remember the shiny chrome sissy bar on the back of the seat! We used to scour the neighborhood for pop bottles which we would take to the liquor store next to the 352 club and cash in for money. Then we would go to Phil's when we had enough saved up and purchase snazzy new accessories for our bikes, such as shiny new bells, pon pons for the handle grips, etc. Is Phil's still there? When our son was a toddler, we bought him a yellow tiny schwinn with training wheels from Phils.
Nancy, Yes Phils Bike Shop is still there. It's gone through many owners since it opened in the 40's. My first Schwinn was purchased from Phils in 1952.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 23:32:02
Class: 77
City and State: HHS
Message: Yeah, Kathy Atkins -- I kind of liked her but her Dad was not a man to be trifled with!

Name: Loretta Cuiper () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 20:56:43
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 62
City and State: Hawthorne, Ca
Message: Mike Shay---Im not sure if Vince is going to the reunion....I will E you his new home address in Murretta... You take care and have fun at the reunion...Always a Coug... look for my E in a day.

Name: Walter Holt () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 19:21:23
Class: 66
City and State: Mission Viejo, CA
Message: Boy Oh Boy First car stories...My first car was a 1950 Ford that I bought from a fellow cougar (don’t remember his name) for a whopping $25.00. It was painted a beautiful Aerospace Pea Green (I Think the paint came from Northrop). Man I was stoked it had a Flathead V8 with a high rise intake & a dual pump Holley carb. It didn’t run at the time and I soon found out why. We towed it home and I progressed with a couple of friends to attempt to get it running. I was bent over the engine tweaking the timing & The carb till it started to start, when all of a sudden a flame about 3 feet blew out of the carb & about singed all of my eyebrows off. I got it to run very rough of course and it would periodically, about once a minute, would blow another flame out of the carb. Which at the time I thought was kind of cool (especially at night) and drove it short distances like that. The only way I found at the time to solve that problem was to take that Holley off and install a Weber Tri Power set up. After That it ran great.

Name: Cal Kappen () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 18:31:35
E-Mail: ekap4@home,com
Class: 59
City and State: El Cajon CA
Message: The first car I owned was a 41 Ford woodie. Mike Woods and I worked one summer for a surfboard shop in Santa Monica. He never did pay me so I asked if I could have the old car out back in lieu of wages. He said OK and I towed it home. It took me about a year to restore the wood. I took it to Earl Scheib for a paint job. Competition Orange! I never did get a new top for it. But is was a blast. I wonder how much they are going for today? Cal
Lots Cal, Lots

Name: Laura Porter () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 18:28:20
Maiden: Twitchell
Class: 79
City and State: Hemet, CA
Message: Hey Dan....that girls name was Kathy Atkins and she was my friend...she moved to Indiana after her dad retired from the school district as a painter....what a small world!

Name: Dan Johnson () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 17:34:25
Class: 77
City and State: Any World that I'm Welcome to
Message: Laura, that was my red house allright! You forgot to mention that the tree house was in a lame old avocado tree and that the adventurous could climb to the top and jump onto the roof of the apartment building next door (where Omar lived). A girl our age lived in that building in the back apartment upstairs (the name escapes me) and her parents hated it when we were on the roof. In that treehouse, I used to listen to Dick Engberg and Don Drysdale doing Angel broadcasts on KMPC and Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett on KFI. I loved that house but when my Mom split with Don Whippo we had to move (to 12712 Ramona, my 7th grade year) only to move back to 118th my freshman year at HHS. I also lived on Eucalyptus across the street from the Water Tower for a period of time. Seemed like we lived all over Hawthorne. And, as I mentioned, when we moved back to 118th, we moved into Michael Deakins old apartment. Small world, indeed!

Name: Karen Kusumi () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 17:13:51
Maiden: Hare
Class: 66
City and State: Anaheim, Ca
Message: Since everyone is talking about their firsr car, I thought I would put my two cents in also. My first car that I drove for years until I could afford to by my own was a 1964 Pontiac LeMans. I loved that little car. The girls (Becky, Mary, Teri and I would take it out, find a puddle, rev up the engine, and do fish tails down the street, never hit another car, but came mighty close. When I finally bought a new car it was a red 1966 V.W , cost brand new $2,035. Hey J.B, see you on Cruise Night.....
Hi Karen, See you there and thanks for the car story.

Name: Laura Porter () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 16:52:16
Maiden: Twitchell
Class: 79
City and State: Hemet, CA
Message: Annette...yes you did babysit us..I remember you were the cool babysitter
If anyone out there remembers my brother Tom from class of '81..please say a prayer for him..his wife passed away last night and left two small children....a very sad day for the Twitchell family. Email me if you would like details. I don't know about services yet.

Sorry to hear that news Laura. He'll be in our prayers.

Name: Annette Wiltse () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 15:39:39
Maiden: Same
Class: 75
City and State: Long Beach
Message: Gale Avenue Memories - Laura Porter, I think I used to babysit you and your siblings. I lived at 11716 Gale (my mom still lives there in the green house!). I thought your parents were sooo cool because I babysat you when they went to a Neil Diamond concert - something my parents would never do (they were not hip). As far as cars go, the first car my parents would let me touch was a Chevy Nova (don't know year), that I totalled on Inglewood Ave & Broadway the week before I graduated. I was more hysterical thinking my parents would kill me for wrecking the car, than the fact that just seconds prior to my getting rear-ended, my then boyfriend (Mike Fells '75) was behind the car pushing it - he luckily saw the car coming behind and realized the guy wasn't stopping for my stalled car. HHS almost lost one of their best water polo players that night. Be Safe Out There Cougars !!

Name: Chuck Kimes () on Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 15:04:09
Class: 65
City and State: Surprise Az
Message: Maybe CT should be required reading in high schools so kids could have an idea of how their communities should be. Keep up the good work. Mine was '54 Chevy Bel Air, black, black t&r interior sold to John Moore class of 65 he put it into a phone pole.
Thanks Chuck, it's been my experience that phone poles tend to mess up the hand rubbed lacquer job.

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