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Paco's New Old Favorite ....... Chris Montez and Kathy Young

Name: Jack Risner () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 13:50:50
E-Mail: callmeahayseedcountryboy
Class: 74
City and State: homeiswheretheheartis,Id
Message: Dear Mr. Jones- First let me state that I am sure most of us at one time or another has had worse things said to us from far better people than yourself- so please don't bother to apologize it really doesn't matter. Secondly, how many of your fellow graduates left school to pursue their way to the stars- only to find the stars were the ones on top of the carwash they worked at? You know a lot of us were/are barefoot- helps to enjoy the sensation of the sand beneath our feet. At least we don't have to polish our tassled loafers everytime we are forced to spew vast amounts of fertilizer to every person we meet trying to convince them of our sensibilities and capabilities (which with BHHS on the old resume is a necessity). Lastly, I hope you do have the opportunity to go to the prom- so you can see what you are missing from life. Good people with enough interest stemming from their backgrounds to stay in touch, have fun together and support each other through an incredibly well maintained site. Bobby (is that a Bobby De Niro affectation?) you should know we have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of-We're Cougars!
Hey Jack, Now that's what I'm talkin about!!!!

Name: DALE CRAIG () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 13:42:49
Class: 76
City and State: HAWTHORNE

Dale is, of course, expressing his opinion about the ORIGINAL Normans here.

Name: Mike Backus () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 13:11:14
Class: '74
City and State: Eugene, OR
Message: As fun as the car scene was, it was over by the mid '70s. Detroit stopped making cool street cars in '72 or so and then of course we had the whole energy crisis thing going on (SUV owners, WHERE is your long term memory?). By 1972 we were getting our kicks from riding dirt bikes. There were, however, two serious drawbacks to riding dirt bikes. (1) Virtually no girls were into the hobby & (2) We lived in the city where 'appropriate' riding places were almost nonexistent. Problem No. 1 proved unsolvable and would bring about the eventual extinction of our 'biker gang'. Problem No. 2 had many solutions. Our parents were pretty cool and would take us out of town on most weekends to motorcycle parks like "Saddleback Park" or "Indian Dunes". Where we got into trouble was when the urge for a quick ride would hit us during the week. This required creative thinking. There were three main areas to ride in the South Bay. One was "Devil's Dips" in Watts, another was "Figueroa" in South Central LA, and the closest was "TRW" a vacant lot located, ironically enough, near TRW in El Segundo. All were more or less accessible by railroad track. Of course, it is no less illegal for a 15 yr. old to ride his unlicensed dirt bike on the dirt adjoining the railroad tracks than it is on the street. So to ride during the week we had to deal with 'the heat' from the police. We didn't worry much about the police CARS. There were just too many places that we could go where they couldn't. Our big worry was the motorcycle cops on their Harleys. Other than flying through the air, the big Harleys could go everywhere that our little Japanese dirt bikes went. More than one mid week ride ended by being busted by these killjoys. On one particular afternoon during a prolonged rainy spell my buddies and I were turning out for PE. We were dreading a nasty game of flag football in the mud when we heard a familiar sound. Dirt bikes! Coming down the tracks between the PE field and HHS. Cool! We watched the bikers fly past. They seemed to be going awfully fast. At first we thought that they were just showing off for the unfortunates stuck in gym. Then we heard the Harley. The reason they were hauling a** was that they were fleeing from The Law. The Harley was coming, but not easily. Mud was piling up under his low front fender, turning his slick street tire into a skid. And then it happened. JUST as the officer got to the HHS PE crossing over the tracks, his 600 lb Harley got stuck in the mud. Up to the front axle! The officer made the expected futile attempts to power out (buried the BACK axle) and then tried to push the bike out (almost buried HIMSELF several times). We were fascinated and showed our appreciation for his efforts by lining up along the fence to watch. Finally he gave up and radioed for a tow truck. As he sat there stuck , globs of Haytown mud all over his blue uniform, I almost felt sorry for him. He looked like an aging lion surrounded by hyenas. Then I remembered staring at my own reflections in his chrome Ray Ban sunglasses after he'd chased me down at TRW. I realized what I was REALLY sorry about. I was sorry he wasn't chasing ME when he got stuck!
I don't know who that motor cop was, but I know who I'm DREAMING it was. Great story Mike...

Name: BOBBY JONES () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 12:33:24
City and State: beverly hills, ca
Message: Well I guess I insulted a few of the faithful. Is this prom open to anyone or did you have to graduate from Hawthorne High School to be able to get a ticket? That would sure drop the number of people who could attend. I doubt graduation is a criteria. Anyway my friends and I would like to attend, may we, like to see how you people put on a prom, shoes optional?
At least Hawthorne High can hold a swim meet and a basketball game at the same time.
I don't think we'll have enough Prom Night 2001 tickets left for the "BHHS Norman Bate Buckets", but if we do, I'll have special nametags made up so we ALL know who you are.

Name: Walter Holt () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 12:18:57
E-Mail: We'
Class: 66
City and State: Mission Viejo, CA
Message: Bobby Jones from Barf Hills High..In Response to your reference to Us Cougars (known to be a noble animal in all respects) as Red Necked Hillbillies. I thank you for those kind words. After leaving Hawthorne and living in the Southern part of the United States for several years, where the term Hillbilly & Red Neck seems to find its origin. Known to be a place where most people are unpretentious, that friendship is regarded in the highest of respect and defended at all costs, and outsiders are kept at arms length until they prove themselves worthy of friendship. So in retrospect to being referred to as a Hillbilly & Red Neck yes that does seem to fit us and we can be proud to be held in such high esteem especially coming from someone as yourself that resides in one of the most Pretentious, phony, "give California a bad name" areas of our fine state. Now as to a “NORMAN” wasn’t that who used to get their butts kicked by the “SAXONS” in medieval times.(dont make us get medieval on your A_ _ ) Or Perhaps it came from the Tinsel Town heritage of being like the NORMAN in that fine movie about a crazy guy who pretends to be his mother and kills women. You know the one. Oh by the way are you any relation to the Reverend Jim Jones Of Guyana fame or possibly Bob Jones (the self proclaimed profit) who’s university is under attack by the United States Government for Discriminatory practices? Also didn’t you Boys from Beverly Hills High use to come down with your mommy & daddy bought cars and get your butts kicked on our streets. Yes We can be proud that one of our Red Necked Hillbillies has done a fine job in putting together the best Alumni Web Site on the internet. Man, I hope I remain A Red Necked Hillbilly for the rest of my life cause if that’s what a Cougar is then I’m Damn proud to be one.
Let's hear it for Red Necks and Hillbillys (wasn't there a TV show about Hillbillys in Beverly Hills)?

Name: Doris () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 12:17:10
Maiden: Donaldson
Class: '57
Message: Norman ... Norman ... Wasn't he the guy in that shower stabbing movie way back in the late 50's or early 60's who killed his mother and everybody else who stepped foot into his old creepy two-story house? Pretty creepy. Just shows to go you ... ANYONE can own a computer! Much Cougar love to John and Mike and all the ladies who have "stood by their school", our beautiful Hawthorne High School!!! Jump naked Norman!

Name: DALE CRAIG () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 11:50:32
Class: 76
City and State: HAWTHORNE CA

Name: Judy DeGrazia Blomsterberg () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 09:36:44
Maiden: 70-80'skidaredue..
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Hey John boy.. I may have been incommunicado in the 70's, but last night I was watching TV and a documentary on "JOURNEY" was on.. How about one of their songs to get the 70-80's people stirred up.. like: OPEN ARMS or FOOLISH HEART. I'm trying my hardest to "relate"... If all that doesn't work, then I'll resort to "A FREE TRIP TO HAWAII WITH EVERY PAID PROM NITE TICKET" I never thought the 70-80's people would be such procrastinaters. Now, I'm out in the rain..trying to sell ice cream.. (how's that for guts) Judy Wudy.. On a quest.
Hey Judy, If we're gonna play the later stuff, let's quit messing around with the sissy songs and get into some good Foreigner music.

Name: Shannon () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 08:23:50
E-Mail: Keys
Class: 81
City and State: Colorado Springs
Message: Greg Jones - Regarding Aviation L.L., our '75' team went pretty deep into the tourney, winning some eight-odd games (single elimination days). I believe we "took home" a few banners. Names who may know the banner's whereabouts include Coach Allen Bueltel (class of early 70'S), and Coach Lawrence (dad of Eddie '79'). The Ruedas (sp?) Family name to come to mind as well.

Name: Petey () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 05:45:30
E-Mail: swimmingpoolsmoviestars
Maiden: Smith
Class: 1972
City and State: Salem,Orygun
Message: Buffy Jones aren't you confusing Oregon Cougars with Hawthorne Cougars? You can take the Cougar out of Hawthorne but we'll Never be a Norman! I'd rather be a Redneck. At least I know my arse from hole in the ground.

Name: Cindy Colby () on Friday, February 23, 2001 at 00:52:21
Maiden: Maxson
Class: 63
City and State: Laguna Hills, CA
Message: John and Mike, you guys go get Mr. Beverly Hills. Maybe with the rain that is on it's way he will drown, he seems to have his nose stuck up in the air, or something like that. I'm really proud of the way you guys stick up for us hill folk. Thanks, CC
Land sakes alive, we Haytowners might be hillbillys be we shore knows how ta' have a time... hee hee......
Actually I wouldn't trade one Cougar for 5 dozen Normans. What the H-E double Santa stockings is a Norman anyway? Weren't they descendants of the Vikings and didn't they beat up on old ladies and little kids?

Name: Cheryl Kirk () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 23:56:32
E-Mail: Cheri_Kirk@Yahoo,com
Maiden: Carter
Class: 1968
City and State: North Plains, Oregon
Message: John,
Did you ever receive an envelope of pictures from the Class of '68 thirty year reunion? I did send you a stack of them (don't need them back as they were doubles) last November or December. OK...OK...OK so it took a mere two years to get them from my desk into the mail. Just wondering as I haven't seen them show up on the reunion pics page. If they never got there, let me know and I can probably get you another set...or bring them to PROM in August.

Hi Cheryl, I don't recall them but I receive pictures every week from different sources. I will check and let you know. Thanks....

Name: Mike Backus () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 22:36:51
Class: '74
City and State: hawthorne90250
Message: Beverly Hills High chose "Norman" because "Poindexter" was already taken! :-P~

Name: Bob Jensen () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 22:05:59
Class: 71
City and State: Westside, CA
Message: Where are you my little Ramma Lamma? You haven't answered me about going to Bob's Big Boy. Lots of people are asking for rides and I am afraid that there won't be room for you. Brother Bill as been asking about you sister, is she indesposed?

Name: Blake () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 21:50:16
Class: 67
City and State: Toronto Ca
Message: Car stories I remember. I won't bore you. I'll spread them out. I had an aquaintance in the early 60's, that I met in Fort Erie Ontario (across the river from Buffalo). He raced Austin Healeys on a nearby road course.He visited us in California in the early 60s, and found it to his liking. He came to work for Carrol Shelby at his plant on Imperial Highway, at the airport. He became a longtime friend and I was privy to lots of used racing parts. Which made me, probably the fastest 4 spd Mercury Meteor owner (Mercury didn't market a 4 spd Meteor). I know it wasn't really that fast but the headers and the cam made everyone wary, and the 4 spd threw fellow cruisers off altogether. I also remember Randy Spencer's 67 Fairlane 390 GTA, and Someone roaring alongside in a yellow Dodge Dart. The driver had a well shaved head and the comment was it's Mr Clean, would that have been you Curt Satter. Always a Coug, Always a story. Blake

Name: Goddess () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 21:22:40
Message: Go get'em John!
Mess with our school will ya'......

Name: Judy DeGrazia Blomsterberg () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 21:05:16
Maiden: afamouswannabe
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: So John Boy.. something called "THE STREAK" won the 70's record favorite.. but Robin sure had some goodies too... and to think that I always thought the "Having sex alone, saves on cologne" tune was a 70's blast.. & what's this?? Am I to understand that we'll have a "director at prom night!!!!" No pressure here girls.. now listen up..we could be on the silver screen next year.. Marsha-get that microphone.. Janet-bake somethin' scrumpious-- as for myself, I'm making my lip/eyebrow/leg/bikini waxing appointments now.. We ROWDYS must be prepared at all time for "FAME".. (hey, wasn't that a 70's record too) Now, once more for Alan Hauge--I'm off like a prom dress.
Judy Wudy..I'm ready for my closeup-Mr. DeMille

Name: Rick McQuitty () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 20:36:17
Class: 74
Message: Hey John,
I also have a 74 El Molino that doesn't have footprints and believe that only about 20 did.
I know they all did not have the feet.

Rick, I didn't mean they were printed with the feet. I just meant the Green Phantom signed them that way.

Name: BOBBY JONES () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 19:39:44
E-Mail: somewherefarfarfaraway
City and State: beverly hills, ca
Message: What a site or sight. I didn't go to Hawthorne went to Beverly Hills. We always made fun of you people from Hawthorne, a bunch of red neck hillbillies but this is the best high school sight I have ever seen. And how did I find it? Well I was having lunch with a predominant director at the Four Seasons yesterday and his friend mentioned that he was a Cougar, I asked what is a Cougar. He started on about Hawthorne High School I laughed and said besides the Beach Boys what else is there, he started talking about a guy named John Baker, then the Director chimes in and says yeah its a great web site and I have to agree. So from an old arrogant Norman, please accept my apologies, I am truly sorry you are all a bunch of red neck hillbillies, but this is a great site. And oh by the way, I think the predominant director I mentioned I think he has a ticket to your prom whatever that is; he plans on doing a documentary. I bet he is going to call it Hillbillies and red necks where are they now? They never said who John Baker was? Was he a beach Boy wannabe?
So who is John Baker?

Thank you Mr Jones. I believe you've shown all of Hawthorne what kind of dignity and class exudes from the bowels of Beverly Hills High
I mean I've heard of Olympians, Monarchs, Seahawks, Lancers, Sentinels, Mustangs and Comets, but what IS a Norman anyway, and why on Gods earth would you make "NORMAN" your school name? Thanks for the nice thoughts on the website. OH, and John Baker is just another Haytown Hillbilly that went to the BEST High School in the State.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 18:18:23
Class: 77
City and State: LA
Message: Greg Jones: I played Aviation Little League during what I believe to be the years of 1970 (Orioles), 1971 (Stars) and 1972 (Dodgers) (I actually played in Hawthorne American LL I beleive in 1969? and they changed the boundries the next year). (My step father also was a coach in Aviation LL -- which is how he became my step father at the time). As a result, I believe I have a few old "programs" laying around and I have my (1972?) all-star hat (with a hole burned into it from having been placed on a lightbulb). I also have three homerun balls from 72? that I hit -- each of which is autographed by the pitcher who threw the pitch. Unfortunately we have no banners because I struck out as a pinch hitter with the bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the sixth and Aviation down one run against Eddie Saez and Wiseburn. Let me know if you have any interest in additional info about my stuff.

Name: Robin () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 16:36:10
E-Mail: Ididn'
Maiden: ood Hay
Class: MCMLX
City and State: RB,CA
Message: John, I think the 70s music just seemed a notch slow. But if Tilly Noodleman can find that great double album made by the DEA Choir back then ,the 70s and 80s kiddies will flock to the prom in mass...I dont remember all the tunes but Amazing Grass ,Don't Sell It On The Mountain ,I Can Seize Clearly Now ,Don't Cry For Me Noriega ,Take Me To The Reefer ,Help Me Ganja ,You Dropped A Bong On Me ,I Fought The Law, And The Law Went Medieval On My A$$ ,Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round the Whole Crime Scene) ,Shoot Me Up Before You Go-Go and of course Hey'Lude were a few of my favorites. I'll check with brother Chris and see if he still has it...Dont miss out Cougs...This is going to be the creme de la proms....Laters :o)
Hey Robin, You forgot "Breaking Up a Brick is Hard to Do", "You are the Black Sunshine of my Life", "Do it any way you Mari-Wanna", "Smoke on the Waterpipe", and my favorite Paul Simon tune and David Crosby's anthem, "Fifty ways to Love your Liver".
Good to hear from you boy and we'll see you at the Prom.

Name: Raymond Smith () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 15:37:39
Class: 1981
City and State: Portland,Oregon
Message: Ok, have anyone seen Margorie Berkel? I did get in contact with her a few months ago now she vanished!(changed her e-mail I assumed). I'm hoping writing in here will be faster than sending her a letter. MARGE! where are you????

Name: Regina Jensen () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 15:09:29
Maiden: La Tendresse (SARGE)
Class: 41
City and State: Hemet, Ca
Message: I have been receiving copies of emails with pictures from the 1950?s and I am LOVING it. So many children I remember. I have decided to not go to my 60th Reunion and I have moved up my travel date for Australia just so I can go to the Prom. Judy, save a ticket for me! I will try and figure out how to get to the prom reservation page but if I don?t I?ll get one of my kids to do it for me. Kids are wonderful. I hope Connie Brower can talk some more of those people from 121st Street to attend the Prom, I sure would like to see some of those kids. And for you late 70?s people, who attended Peter Burnett School, you better attend the Prom because I want to see what has become of you.
Regina Jensen (THE SARGE)

Mom J, you are more than welcome to come to Prom Night 2001. That goes for any other HHS parents out there. Please feel free to sign up and join in.

Name: Jack Risner () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 12:54:48
E-Mail: all the time
Class: 74
City and State: Digginthesnow in, Id
Message: The green phantom contest was before my time I guess. Jeff Roy who did most of the photos and stuff for the El Molino, and was a math prodigy, was the one that I remember being hauled to the office to meet with the people from MasterLock Corp. He had a buddy that hung with him all the time (but I can't put a name to the face in my mind). He wasn't as tall as Jeff but every bit as smart. I would think the "combo"nation could be a guess towards the right direction.
It also seems to me that Larry Dews (brother to Danny class of '74) was a streaker at the '74 grad. Won't swear to any of it- as MB has said- those ceremonies kept being interrupted by serious on field partying. Did anyone else ever go to the San Gabriel river outside Azusa to go trout fishing? How about the 2+ hr trip to float the lower Kern outside the canyon to Hart Park? Do you remember cruising up to Bouquet Canyon for a campfire? Slot car racing next door to Satyr's den on Hawthorne just south of El Segundo Blvd? The Orange Julius stand west of the same corner? Whatever happened to Sir George's Smorgasbord? Who cares!? I have seen references to the little amusement park near Boy's Market- Rockwell KiddieLand wa101363s the name I knew it by. I remember going there for a b-day party when I was at St. Joe's for either Mike Raphael or Bob Kidwell(74ers also). I hope everyone has the opportunity to laugh today- even if it is at ourselves! PEACE

Great memories Jack.....Thanks

Name: DALE CRAIG () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 12:19:48
Class: 76
City and State: HAWTHORNE CA

Name: DR TAZ () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 09:31:05
Class: 76
City and State: AUZZIE OUTBACK
Message: JOHN:

Name: DALE CRAIG () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 09:08:24
Class: 76
City and State: HAWTHORNE CA
Dale, You named my favorite song of the 70's.

Name: Rick McQuitty () on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 07:51:03
Class: 74
Message: This is for Mike Backus,
I'll give you a hint......My yearbook has little green footprints in it. That's all I'm gonna say.
Be safe Cougs.

I myself have seen a few 74 El Molinos and they all had those little green footprints in them. Cougartown had a contest a couple of years ago, and people voted to see who they thought the Green Phantom was. They were ALL wrong.

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