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In honor of Prom Night 2001....... Little Anthony

Name: Irene Fernandez () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 14:51:13
Maiden: Irene Callahan
Class: 60
City and State: Los Angeles, Calif.
Message: Wade Greasby good to see you joined Cougartown. How is your mom and the rest of the Greasby clan. Be sure and give them my best regards!! ROJO glad to see you and Judy are still planning to come to our class reunion in April. See you there!! Again John thanks for all your hard work in keeping this site available. Irene

Name: Don Di Tomasso () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 14:06:15
Maiden: the USA
Class: 75
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Linda Farrow, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Cheryl Adams Galegos. I wish you lots of comfort. We both have had recent, significant losses. Thank you for sharing.
Dan Johnson - If you find out anything about the status of your step-brother, Dave Whippo, let me know. I enjoyed his presence in Ray Garza's Latin class too.
Joe Mailander - Nice to see your words paste on the feedback pages again. You often encourage me to evaluate my writing. I now know why I did not want to be on the newspaper staff but chose Latin instead. So that no one would discover my cryptic english. It was much easier to write in a dead language.

Name: Sharon () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 13:49:01
Maiden: Moore
Class: 1966
City and State: Long Beach, CA
Message: The class of 1966 has just sent out e-mails regarding our 35th reunion to be held on August 17, 2001 at the Marriott Manhattan Beach. If you are a member of the class of 1966 and have not received this e-mail, please contact Sharon (Moore) Leach at with your name, telephone number, mailing address and correct e-mail address.
After sending the e-mail the following people had their e-mails returned to me because they are no longer valid. Will the following people please contact me with their correct e-mail addresses: Joseph Bromley, Wayne Bueltel, Dave Chauncey, Edwina (Deskin) Engstrom, Edward Gauntt, and Cheryl (Cordy) Howard. Not too bad to get only six returned e-mails out of 133 sent, but we need 100%. Remember this is going to be our best reunion yet. We are going to have lots of surprises, door prizes and more. Also this reunion is tying in with Cougartown's Prom Night, which is being held August 18 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott, so you don't want to miss this one. Cougars are coming from all over the country and even a couple are coming from overseas. See the reunion page and sign up for our 35th reunion. Then go to prom night and sign up there so you can see people from other classes too.
It's going to be a great weekend!

OK 66ers, let Sharon hear from you. She needs responses from the whole class, so if your name is on her list above, please contact her and also change your email address on the alumni list. Thanks Cougs.....

Name: Sharon Stowe () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 13:03:08
Maiden: Ritch
Class: 72
Message: John, as long as men continue to rewrite history in their favor aganist women, women will get riled. It is not easy being a b----, but someone has to do it. It's well worth the rewards.

Sharon, Please don't martyr the women of America with this one, as it was a Bobby Riggs con game, pure and simple.
I saw that whole thing not as a "Battle of the Sexes", but as Bobby Riggs hustling the public out of a few hundred thousand dollars. It would be the biggest payday of his career and it didn't prove a thing as Bobby Riggs was a "has been" tennis player in the early 70's and at the time of the match, was Billy Jean King's Father's age. Now if she had stomped a mud hole in Jimmy Connors.........

Name: Sharon Ritch () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 12:13:28
Maiden: Ritch
Class: 72
City and State: El Segundo, CA
Message: Hey Mike Backus, Did you watch the tennis match between Bill Jean King and Bobby Riggs? She did not 'narrowly' win. She mopped the floor with him. Did you hear any interviews with them at the time? He was the one who wanted to play her. She realized it was a joke. He pushed it and pushed it until she said she would play him. He saw it as the publicity stunt that it was and milked it. Sure, it was a joke. But let's not misrepresent history. She was clearly the victor in that game.

Now see there Mike, it's a third of a century later and you riled up yet another woman.

Name: Dan Johnson () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 11:43:45
Class: 77
Message: What I remember about Wade Greasby -- the "OU" decal on his football helmet! (Wade, heard anything from my old step brother Davy Whippo?)

Name: Alan Nelson () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 10:42:48
Class: '73
City and State: Parker, Az
Message: Before we start faulting the "B" girls and making claims about what they may or may not remember, we have to take into consideration the hue of their coifs. (For Susan and Sharon-that means HAIR COLOR)
Hey Alan, All dumb aren't blondes.

Name: Don Di Tomasso () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 09:58:00
Maiden: N/A
Class: 75
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Wade's great to see your post! Those were fun times in Latin class with Ray Garza.
Cindy Whittaker - Try CT Engineering in El Segundo. They have been very helpful with job placement in the past.

Name: Melinda Farrow () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 09:57:15
Maiden: Elia
Class: 82
City and State: Redondo Beach, Ca
Message: I received a call last night from my good friend Ray Smith with such sad news about our friend Cheryl Adams Galegos and her recent passing. That is so hard to swallow to hear of this. Cheryl was so young. The last time we hung out was at our 10 year reunion and the picnic the following day, I remember Cheryl and I at the park/swings with both our kids and how happy she was at the time. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband Brett and their son. We love you Cheryl.

Name: Wade Greasby () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 00:59:15
Class: 73
City and State: Huntington Beach, Ca
Message: Greetings to all Cougs, I hope this message finds you all well. Looking forward to the early 70's reunion in August. Penny Stiffler and I have been married 14 years this year. She and I met at our 10 year reunion in '83. Old days, good times I remember...filled with simple pleasure.
Hey Wade, Welcome aboard.

Name: Raymond Smith () on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 00:47:55
Class: 1981
City and State: Portland, OR
Message: Just wanted to say a few things about the Alumni "2000" Directory. I have been able to find a few lost friends, share a few lost friends to others who don't have the Directory book, and find a dead end on a few lost friends. I even got surprised to find a few that lives not too far from me here in Oregon. But noting prepared me for the bad news I got tonight. I found out one of my Good friend "Cheryl Adams" who married Brent Gallegos passed away last Oct 27th. She was a 1982 grad of HHS and was a close friend of mine who we somehow lost touch with each other 5 years ago. That last conversation she was cheerful and funny just as back then when she was my girlfriend in 1978. She always been supportive in our friendship throughout the year. Her passing was caused by an Asthma attack which may have been contributed by the chemicals in her town of Fresno. She was also 7 months pregnant and the child was lost too. Brent, God loves ya and he's taking very good care of her.
Ray, Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and another young Cougar. Thanks for letting Cheryl's friends know.

Name: Lisa () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 22:14:31
Maiden: Graham
Class: 67
City and State: Ramona, CA
Message: Did a female in the class of l969 with the initials of B.J.C. lose her class ring? My Mom had told me years ago she had found one and at that time she was sure it was an HHS ring. Now since she found it again in an envelope she is not so sure and I have no idea, but I now have the ring so if any of you know anyone with those initials who lost her class ring I have it. E-mail me and I will make sure it gets returned. Lisa
What a great present after all these years. Good Luck

Name: ARIAS, RONALD E. () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 21:26:15
E-Mail: n/a
Maiden: n/a
Class: 1960
City and State: Flagstaff, Arizona
"El Dillinger" himself. Yeah Ronny, I remember "The Beast" Welcome aboard.

Name: Tammy Tagami-Reeves () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 20:29:25
Maiden: Tagami
Class: 76
City and State: El Segundo, CA
Message: Hey Joe and Mike (and John, of course)--thanks for displaying the editorial cartoon! I remember having heated debates with Clark Millman (class of 76 too) over it. I was on the newspaper staff for four years...gee that was a million or so column inches ago. Joe, you were my first editor-in-chief...what a role model! Took me years to correct my grammar (just kidding). Now I'm going to have go and dig up all my old Cougars. Thanks again.

Name: EL ROJO () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 20:26:30
E-Mail: I-DY-HO
Maiden: YOU KNOW
Class: 60
Message: John B., so you have no idea what a "current bush" is eh? Well I would have thought that you Californicators would try growing one with all your power problems down there. It's an old saying up here that when your extension cord is too short to find a regular power source that you start looking for a "current bush"!:). Doug Medina, I was just blowin your skirt up also. I'm very surprised that Hawthorne's finest weren't called many times. Although it probably wouldn't have done much good as I knew most of them. Case in point, I had a party on 139th one night and two motor cops showed up to tell us to keep the noise down. I knew them both and they came in and had a cocktail or two. They will remain nameless of course. Anita Aceves, that cop you might be talking about as Mac, might have been Roy McNally. Another HHS grad I might add. Well COUGS I hope you find some current bush seeds so we can keep the music playing when Ida and I show up in Apr.. In the mean time MAY THE COUGAR BE WITH YOU. JAKENJUDE!
Now I get it. Thanks Russ

Name: Anita Young () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 18:32:19
E-Mail: or
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Oldtimeburgers, OR-A-GUN
Message: Man, now I know I'm losing more and more grey matter day in and out.... I almost forgot to wish one of my best Coug buddies, Terrie Kostiszak, class of 1983, a very HAPPY 36TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! The silly knucklehead is going to move from the great state of Or-a-gun and move to the bright lights, big city of Lost Wages, Nevada! Well, I wish her well in her soon-to-be new life there, but I sure will miss the little bugger! So, any of you Cougs out there in or around Lost Wages, help my Terrie out any way you can when she gets there, alright? She won't know a whole lot of people there at first!

Name: Johnny Brancato () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 18:11:39
Class: 86
City and State: Azusa,CA
Message: Hi class of 86
Hi Johnny

Name: Cindy Whittaker () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 16:15:35
Maiden: Whittaker
Class: 1976
City and State: Gig Harbor WA
Message: Wow! I've been away toooo long! It will take me a month to catch up. Hey, calling all Cougs! I'm thinking of moving back to California (particularly Redondo Beach area) -- anybody got a job for me????? Spent 10 yrs at Northrop - Admin Asst (or whatever they're called these days. Currently a Marketing Assistant at an electric co-op). OH please oh please oh please ...
John, thanks to you I've got lots of old friends I'm getting back in contact with! Too much fun!

Hi Cindy, Glad you made it back to the city limits of Cougartown and now to find you a job.... OK Cougs, anyone need an Administrative Assistant? It would be nice to keep it in the HHS family.

Name: Anita Young () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 15:53:29
E-Mail: or
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Newberg, OR
Message: To MIKE Backus, I apologize....geez, I called you JIM Backus, like in Mr.Magoo and Thurston Howell the 3rd! Are you related to the late Jim Backus? So, sorry that I got your name and his mixed up!
As for Mo Trott...well, you may not know of people calling Glenn's dad Mac but a lot of us kids his age did. Hey, I was only born in 1960, don't know the whole history on the Hawthorne, PD!

Well then you should learn the WHOLE history of the Hawthorne PD. This book is a very interesting story of the HPD from it's inception in the 1920's to present day Hawthorne. If you're an older Haytowner you'll recognize lots of names in it and if you were born in 1960, you should have a copy as a history lesson. That is Chief Bill Deal in the suit, with his whole Police force, standing outside the station house when it was located on the Plaza Square. Contact Mo for instructions on how to get your own copy. Thanks Anita......

Name: Maureen "Mo" Trott () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 14:22:13
Maiden: Trott
Class: 64
City and State: Hawthorne
Message: In regards to the first name of Glenn McCarroll's dad. His first name is Richard and he graduated in 1959. I don't remember Richard being called "Mac" while on the police department, but there was; George MacNamara and Jim McInerny that were/are called "Mac" and of course, the "Big Mac", Chief Mac Baumgardner.
Thanks Mo......

Name: Mike Backus () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 14:14:17
Class: '74
City and State: Eugene, OR
Message: Everyone that read my message about the streaking at the 1974 graduation will remember that I closed with, "Will anyone straight and sober at the time please reply". It is worth noting that not ONE person from the class of '74 has responded to my question! That tells you something! Now as to Ms. King (Bierman) and her accusations. The fact that she can not REMEMBER me sitting there on my beige metal folding chair, does not mean that I wasn't! I would wager that she also can not remember Principal George Key standing up on stage, but that doesn't mean that HE was one of the streakers! That was one of the drawbacks of being young in the '70s. Almost everyone seemed to be having a good time. It's just that very few present can actually remember it!

Here's Mikes "Battle of the Sexes" cartoon that appeared in an early 70's Cougar newspaper. Thanks Mike

Name: Howard "Paco" Duran () on Monday, February 5, 2001 at 14:11:03
Class: 61
City and State: Lake Forest Ca
Message: Bob Rierdan will love this. On the 16th hole a friend tosses me a ball, here, try this....Exploding golf balls? After the golf came the party, where I met an old Cougar Jim Hawkins class of '73, he says "hi to everyone"

Name: Susan King () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 20:24:37
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
City and State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Message: OK Backus!! I find it totally amazing that my little sister can incriminate me in illicit activities and YOU get away with murder by telling stories of OTHER guys! Folks, I want you to notice how well he weaves stories and remembrances of drunkfests, streaking and the like but has NEVER participated himself. I'll remind everyone that the streakers at the 1974 graduation ceremony wore ski masks and nothing else and though Mike and I were in the same seating area (the B section) I cannot now recall seeing him in his seat......hmmmmmmmmmmm. Explain THAT!! Perhaps the real revellers would like to chip in about now.....
This is getting good.

Name: Mike Backus () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 18:22:14
Class: '74
City and State: Eugene, OR
Message: You guys want my old Cougar cartoons? Why not ask me? I think I have every one I ever did- somewhere. The tennis cartoon that Mr. Mailander refers to was the "Battle Of The Sexes" cartoon from, uh, '73? By the way, Billie Jean King is now the age Bobby Riggs was when she narrowly beat him. Time for her to take Pete Sampras on and prove her point all over again! Ahem.
"I Am Woman, Hear My Snore"......I'll take Pete. Mike, please send the cartoon on over when you find it.

Name: Janet Knight () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 17:08:06
Maiden: Janet Runn
Class: 63
City and State: Hawthorne, California
Message: So much fun walking down memory lane, great memories!

Name: joseph mailander () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 16:30:26
Class: 75
City and State: los angeles, ca
Message: Hey, is anyone beginning to see the ironic parallels between Backus and the Greek God Bacchus? (Here is one famous representation of the latter: One fills up, the other mops up.) John, whilst I am whiling away my hours here and conjuring up more useless observations, and even dreaming of methods by which others might expend considerable energy towards utterly futile endeavor, I think it would be a lot of fun if you could find a way to dig up a couple of copies of old Cougar's from our era (73/74) and publish a couple of Backus's drawings. His lofty cartoons were always a cut above. Backus (who was always only known to me as "Backus") the cartoonist was the very best thing to happen to Cougar Staff in the whole decade of the 1970's, with the only possible exception of Konnie Krislock's kicking me off of it. One particular drawing of Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King glaring over a tennis net at each other with rackets crossed I am especially hopeful to see some time again. There is no doubt in my mind that art and wine are both worthy universal languages that are appreciated by all, and this would-be oenophile Backus/Bacchus, it turns out, was a major player in both realms at HHS.
OK I'm sure some 70's Cougar-saver has that cartoon out there in Ctown, and would love to share it with the group.
I've been to the Backus website and CAN NOT attest to his oenophilia, but CAN to his artistic prowess. So if someone has a tidbit of Mikes ability as a cartoonist, please pass it along. Thanks joseph

Name: Doris () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 14:34:50
Maiden: Donaldson
Class: '57
City and State: Twin Falls, ID
Message: HEY FRED! GREAT to hear from a '57 grad here on Cougartown! Will definitely see you at PROM NITE 2001 if that's what you were referring to and you are, in fact, going. Thanks, ANITA, for the tip on "MAC". Is there any way you could get in touch with Glenn and ask him what his Dad's full name was. At one time, he lived next door to me in a brand new apartment complex in Hawthorne and I just wondered what ever happened to him. It was 1959 when he was my neighbor, but there was no wife nor a son, so ??? Also, kinda funny that the "camera on the water tower" item came up just a day or so before the "cameras at Superbowl" came splashing out into the news!!! Have a safe weekend my Cougar friends!!!! Oh John, you funny, funny man! The small bills are in the mail in the form of a check and a safe release IS expected!!!! I don't know how many people I've shared that one with! Thanks, John! You are my upper!
I'm your "Upper" what?

Name: John Baker () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 13:54:14
Class: 62
City and State: Lomita, CA
Message:Do any of you know how to contact Mike Houck HHS 60? If you do, please let me know as it pertains to the multi-year 59-60-61 reunion.
Thanks Cougs.......

Name: Anita Young () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 13:07:49
E-Mail: or
Maiden: Aceves
Class: 1978
City and State: Newberg, OR
Message: Doris Donaldson....the only motorcycle cop I knew of in Hawthorne that people called Mac was an old classmate of mine's dad. Glenn McCarroll. I went to school with Glenn all through elementary, Dana Jr. High and HHS. His dad was a motorcycle cop and yes, a Sergeant too, I do believe and we all called him Mac. I have no idea how long he had been one, though.
And Jim Backus, too funny! I have similiar party stories from my apartment across the street from HHS but it wasn't just alcohol and I don't want to incriminate anyone in here...and, unlike you, I also participated! I can totally relate to your story! I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time! Thanks, I needed that!

Name: Mike Backus () on Friday, February 2, 2001 at 12:28:58
Class: '74
City and State: Eugene, OR
Message: Thanks for the kind feedback on my little drinking story. I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed it. I even got a complimentary e-mail from one of my favorite female classmate's MOM. How cool is that? I think about memories like that one about growing up in Hawthorne and I wonder what made it so special. Once I was a freshman in college, drinking until you puked wasn't a folk tale any more, it was just another Tuesday night. Something had been lost. After years of thinking about it I realized that what was missing were the parents. Without the parental controls to defy, thrill seekers had to go farther and farther out to get their 'kicks'. The main thing that made our little community of kids so great was that we had truly wonderful adults riding herd on us. Drinking beer and 'making out' was reeeeeeally pushing our limits. We could be hell raisers and still not do much of anything. So to all of the parents of the '60s and '70s, thanks for setting some standards. And sorry for all of the grief. Most of us are parents ourselves now. We're getting what we deserve.

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