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"Hawthorne's own" "Chris Montez"

Name: Elizabeth Aleccia () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 12:48:21
Maiden: Estrada
Class: 69
City and State: Redondo Beach, CA
Message: Does anyone know whose picture that is by my last message? I wasn't that pretty. I guess I could ignore it and let everyone think that's me, but someone's bound to find me out! Good chatting with RHood last night. Congrats again on upcoming event!
My mistake Liz, I think I've got it right now.

Name: Billy Cusac () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 08:58:22
Class: 1965
City and State: South Lake Tahoe, Ca.
Message: Hell-o all you 60ers. Glad to see all you 60's people that have found CT. It's fun reading all the feedback from those GOOD old days. Betty, thanks for turning me on to CT. See you this summer...BILLY

Name: Lisa Dulin () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 08:09:22
E-Mail: ledseal23@aolcom
Maiden: Graham
Class: 67
City and State: Ramona, CA
Message: Susie at sspl0728l8 your e-mail is being returned as "server unknown". You can write to Pam Cleeton Martinez at W23969, MBl23L, Frontera, CA 9l720.

Name: Elizabeth Castanon () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 07:56:12
Maiden: Cary
Class: 1973
City and State: Amarillo TX
Message: Oh yes the troll dolls. Debbie Hill and I had a competition to see who could get the most with the best hair. We used to make clothes for them out of felt. At last count I had sixteen or so but my boys got a hold of them before I could make collectors items out of them. What a waste! Now in response to lowriders, yes I went through my low rider era, I believe my freshman year. In fact my picture in El Molino either that year or the next has my hair all teased and lots!!! of makeup on. My boyfriend during that time was a graduate of Inglewood High who I had met at the Drop In. His name was Alfie Meneses. If anyone knows him tell him Hi for me. But in school, I was sort of a chameleon and was always someone different from one year to the next. Lowriding ended with the relationship and on I went to hippyville!!! Have a good weekend Cougs. Liz

Name: Alan Hauge () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 05:53:08
Class: '61
City and State: Playa del Rey, CA
Message: Hey Cougs... just some trivia at 4AM on Saturday. It's a fact that when Charlie Chaplin was very famous he secretly entered a Charlie Chaplin "look-a-like" contest in Hollywood and came in third place.
See you all at Pinks.

Name: Raymond Smith () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 04:18:19
Class: 1981
City and State: Portland, OR
Message: Now it's my turn to talk about all this dolls stuff. It's weird that everyone is talking about the good ol toys because my wife and I went to an collection show and we came home with stuff that I nevered knew that they have back then. For an example. We got a Fara Facett, Cheryl Ladd dolls from Charlies Angels, and dolls from Gilligan Island, Both dolls from the 6 million man and Bionic woman, Happy Days, I dream of Jeanie, and I Love Lucy. This list can go on. I guess the past was alot of fun and we want to share that with our little girl. We're keeping an eye out for Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair who we all know was loved by Buffy. I myself loved the old cars of the 60's and its good to collect them to hold on to the past. I am now seeing alot of stuff making a comeback such as the oven where you can make your own cake or "Speed Racer" cars and dolls figue.I would love to get on a skateboard again because in the mid 70's it was alot of fun especially doing the Evil Knieval stunts such as going DOWNHILL on (133rd street??) which is the highest hill in Hawthorne. Empty pools were jumped and ridden and eventually "WE" get kicked out by the Apt. Manager. We even raided a warehouse across the street from York Elementary having at least 8 skateboarders. When the cops came they just smiled and told us to get out and go home. It just amazed me that kids here in Oregon have to take the bus to school while we Californian kids rode our bikes, walked and or drove to school. I myself had to make the 5 mile journey. Now, I asked this question before and I got no answer. Did any of the Beach Boys get drafted to go to Vietnam or how did they avoid it???

Name: Gary () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 04:10:38
E-Mail: Lents
Class: 67
City and State: Vista Ca
Message: Carolyn Petersen, errrrrr, "Choice Joyce" how could I not remember you? Here's another Tambo story....when Bill had the Ford wagon, Steve didn't know how to drive at stick yet, so guess who got to drive when we "borrowed" it? Steve came to my 40th b'day....sheeeeeeeit, that was 10yrs ago. He is still an animal. Question here? When it says that someone is found on the missing persons thingy, how come there is no info as to where the H they can be located? Does it mean they don't wanna be contacted, or, simply, don't have Email?
Good question. The Missing Lists are provided by the individual class reunion committees. They are the ones looking for the missing people and they want a postal address, not an email address. When someone is found, their postal address is turned over to their respective reunion committee. It's just a service to help the individual classes find their classmates.

Name: Keith D.Jones () on Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 00:44:01
Class: 76
City and State: Las Vegas, NV
Message: Hey Wayne, I'm into Doll Swapping if you are. I hear swinging big nowadays.

Name: Elizabeth Aleccia () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 23:56:10
Maiden: Estrada
Class: 69
City and State: Redondo Beach
Message: Hey Betty Keane, Donna and Wayne are here. So sorry I missed the reunion. We're just hanging out talking about the good old days. Let's get together the next time he's in town! The hot tub is fired up the fire's in the fireplace and we're having way too much fun. Ohh yeah, Baby

Name: Carolyn Bainton () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 22:31:04
Maiden: Petersen
Class: 67
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: It's been a while since I've checked Myrna Bell I can't believe someone else has heard of Story Book dolls. I remember when I was 7 or 8 years old I got them at Christmas time, BUT wasn't allowed to play with them. They came in these boxes (white with blue polka dots as I remember) and a cellophane wrapping. I don't have any, don't know where they ended up, but I just think that's cruel to do to a young child. I guess that was a collector's item back then. Didn't mean to get so serious but thanks for the memory. Every one I ask has never heard of them. Now I know I'm not Crazy!! Mary Rutter Davis...How in the heck do you remember all this stuff. I had completely forgot about the tiki necklaces. It's so much fun reading this website and refreshing my "old" memory bank! Gary Lents..Don't know if you remember me or not, but I was just talking about Steve Tamburrino the other day. Steve and my brother Tom Petersen used to kick me out of our apartment when they would want to entertain babes! What a flashback that is. Well, keep up the chat Cougs it really stimulates the old brain cells.

Name: Sherry Wingo () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 20:23:19
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
City and State: Hawthorne, Ca.
Message: Do you remember the yard games. Stoop tag - Rover Red Rover send blank right over - or something like that. Also, Mother May I?
and "Simon Says"

Name: Myrna () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 20:02:58
Maiden: Bell
Class: 66
Message: Thanks for the thoughts on my dolls. One of these days I'll pull them out of the attic and take some pictures. Talking about fun times, it was always a blast when my older brother's friends would go to Tijuana and come home with fireworks. The cherry bombs under some of Rollie Johnston's five gallon paint buckets in the middle of our driveway was really cool! That and dropping the cherry bombs in the bucket filled with water - that was a way to get cooled off!
Yeah, I was there for a few of those and the 5 gallon bucket filled with water was refreshing to say the least, especially in July.

Name: Gary Lents () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 19:25:32
Class: 67
City and State: Vista, Ca
Message: How about belly sliding in front of the gym after a rainy day, we'd get in trouble, but Rob Latta got his picture in the Times, errrrr Mirror. Also, big weekend football games when it rained at Eucalyptus School.
Toilet papering was big; and thanks to some girls (still nameless), I once had a full on toilet in the front yard, not just the paper. Wolfmen parties were fun too! Capture the flag at El Porto, the sand dunes by the airport, Housdini's Castle in Hollywierd. I remember getting caught with Dave Chauncey, Janet Voss, and Joyce Matthew at Houdini's (the girl's cried, LOL), the haunted church in PV....and a good one was cutting track practice to go to the topless joint at 139th & Inglewood ave, only to have Mr. Gore, and another teacher walk in...OOPS!
We had a group of guys called the PGCC...PreGameCelbratingCommittee; beer feast the nite before the football games under the bleachers, inside where the track equipment was kept.
I better stop!

Name: Denny Unfried () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 17:24:07
E-Mail: denunfried@hotmail
Class: 55
City and State: Del Aire
Message: Things for boys to do. (circa 50's) I used to make a gun out of a couple of big wooden clothspins with one spring. Then insert one large wood match with the yellow sulfer end in first and shoot at something. Come to think of it, there wasn't much in Hawthorne that would burn back then. John; By the way how does "George Dion" rate two graduations on the alumni page? 1954 and 1957. He's my neighbor and 1954 is correct.
Hey Denny, I don't ask questions, I just hangem up there. Thanks, I'll fix it.

Name: Wayne Dickey () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 17:18:35
Class: 69
City and State: La Palma NC
Message: Hey Keith, I have a life size doll of Marilyn Monroe. Does that count????? I talked to Liz Estrada last night, and yes she still loves lowriders. Let all the old Cougar lowriders be heard. If Donna Cook can be converted anyone can. We had fun ratting her hair last weekend at the San Diego car show. She looked like a real lowrider chic. Thanks John B, I will see you in the summer.

Name: Susie () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 17:02:13
Maiden: Manning
Class: 71
Message: If anyone has Pam Cleetons email address could, you please e-mail it to me. I would really like to get in touch with her and see how she's doing. Thanks.

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 16:44:20
Maiden: still workinonit
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: To Mary Rutter Davis. Regarding the Hawaiian Tiki God necklace. Yes, you're on the ball.. in 1961-62 all the gals at 26th St. use to sport one about 2 inches long. (with colored rhinestone eyes) either that or a gold St. Christopher medal that meant you were going steady with the fella that gave it to you.. and not to forget the boys class rings wrapped with angora yarn..or dental floss..or tape..(anything that would keep it on) What great memories. (just like the tape I have on my engagement ring right now) Came back toooo big again. Judy D.. the ROWDYS.

Name: Charlie Fox () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 16:42:08
Class: 69
City and State: RPV, CA
Message: Tikis...a real blast from the past. I still have one that I picked up in Hawaii in 1965. Other neckwear included St. Christopher medals and German "iron crosses."

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 15:38:05
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
City and State: Lake Elsinore, CA
Message: Wayne- Are you trying to get me in trouble with Donna? Betty

Name: Keith D. Jones () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 15:11:06
Maiden: always been jones
Class: 76
City and State: Las Vegas, NV
Message: Well, boys games that I played were like capture the flag (in the tot lot at Holly Glen), rubber band gun fights, hide and seek at the park and Don Smith School (it was limited to a city block). I remember once when I would cutoff the match heads of book of matches and shove them into an empty Co2 casing. Then I would use bailing wire and tie the casing (now filled with high performance fuel) around my GI Joe. With my makeshift launching pad (made from popcycle sticks and whatever else I could find) I would then lite the one exposed match head. It would ignite the Co2 and the GI Joe would immediately be initiated into the Airborne Division. It was awesome. He would go so high that it was hard to see him. He'd land in the field all hot and bothered but he survived. How about Over the line and Socko. Touch Football games were a regular thing across the street at Holly Glen. And about this doll thing. Now, I have a life-size doll of Pamela Anderson that I...........well I'll just leave it at that.
Great stuff Keith........keepem comin' Cougs

Name: Mari Davis () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 14:43:26
Maiden: Rutter
Class: 67
City and State: Lubbock, TX
Message: Does anyone remember those tikis we use to wear on a leather necklace around our necks? I think the eyes were sometimes rhinestones. Too cool.
Now there's a blast from the past. Thanks Mari

Name: Tina () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 13:55:29
Maiden: Scaglione
Class: 96
City and State: Gardena, CA
Message: I was just wondering how you would go about nominating a teacher for Teacher of the Year, does anyone know?
Good question. I just called the school and the Teacher of the Year is voted on by the present students. Last years winner was Kye Courtney.

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 12:40:58
Maiden: workingonit!
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Att: Catholic School Alumni So.. I've recently hooked up with some St. Joseph's alumni and looks like we'll have John Rout to add to the VFW BREAKFAST list on March 19th. Wouldn't it be great to get a group from Catholic school/H.H.S'ers together again. For those St. Joe's alumni-I promise to have door prizes for the first 5 that show..something like a rosary that glows in the dark, or a sacred relic from a dead saint, or a statue of your favorite saint to set on your car's dash.. and the boobie prize is just a couple of Holy cards---~~~hey wait a minute, I won all those things at the donut drive & Tiding sale back in "58. How's that for some religous memories..!! Now, I'm off like~~you know. See you March 19th John..
Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS

Hey Great!!! Maybe I'll bring all my Protestant friends from Hawthorne Christian and we can have a food fight. Well at least I'll be there. See you on March 19th.

Name: Marsha Russell () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 10:47:02
E-Mail: RussellMG1@AOL.COM
Maiden: Russell
Class: 64
City and State: Redondo Beach
Message: OK, all this doll talk..I just have to ask. Does anybody else have a Ricky Junior doll????????? Ricky Junior is the son of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. The doll is life size and I could buy "real" baby clothes for him. Sally Fraser and I spent hours playing with our dolls, she even had a "real" baby stroller. I still have my doll, I loaned it to my niece when she was a baby but she abused Ricky Junior and I had to remove him from her home.

Name: Wayne Dickey () on Friday, March 10, 2000 at 09:37:41
Class: 69
City and State: Salisbury, NC
Message: I'm getting ready to leave this wonderful state again on Tues, but had to again put my 2 cent in. While the girls were playing with their dolls, what were the boys doing? Ok guys, get us some examples of what we did in the early years. Dirt clod fights on Manor drive, before all the apartment were built, street football, hide and seek in the uncomplete apartments. Most of us guys never had time to study, because there was too much other stuff to do after school. John B. when is the next cruise night at Fosters? Betty have you found a location for my new club? Wayne
Hey Wayne, The next cruise night will be in the Summer. Don't know exactly when yet though.
How about playing war, street baseball, driveway basketball, sidewalk skating with those clamp on skates, superman, riding our bikes in the swamp between Crenshaw and Van Ness, behind NCR, playing ditchem and knocking on doors and running, digging forts, water balloon fights and squirt gun fights, BB guns and sling shots. Anyone else??

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 23:21:18
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
City and State: Burlington, WI
Message: Ya, Myrna, Risa is right - never throw anything away without checking to be sure it isn't just the toy someone is looking for. If you get pix, you can e:mail to me also. I have a lot of doll books to look things up in. Risa, so far we haven't gone west of Iowa. But we are negotiating to buy a travel trailer and may venture out that way later this year. If you know which shows are good, let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 31st!

Name: Cindy Matthies () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 22:29:37
Maiden: Whittaker
Class: 76
Message: Did anyone else besides me have a Busy Bee Pen? I can't find anyone who remembers those! How about Little Kiddles dolls? We used them for babies for Barbie. And to really tick off the boys, we swiped their G.I. Joe dolls for Barbie's boyfriend! Much more macho than Ken dolls. And don't forget troll dolls! Course they kinda made a comeback, especially on Drew Carey. I saw a little one at a toy show selling for $60! Did anyone ever make a hobo stove out of old coffee cans and sterno?
Sterno was way too expensive for me. I used a tuna can with a rolled up rag, and filled it with wax and placed it under an overturned cardboard box that was placed on bricks. It made a great oven.

Name: Mary Magnuson () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 21:49:35
Class: 1975
City and State: Austin, TX
Message: Well, I didn't play with dolls much either. I even cut the head off my barbie doll and put it in the cockpit of the remote control airplane I built. Does anyone remember that down on El Segundo, somewhere near Aviation Blvd, there used to be horse stables and a flying field for remote control airplanes? We had two horses and it seems like I was always at the stables or at the flying field with my dad. If I remember correctly, Hughes Aircraft bought the land and built on that site sometime in the late 60's.

Name: Joyce Chance () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 12:50:58
Maiden: Savisky
Class: '62
City and State: Anaheim, Ca.
Message: Hi Charlie, This Chance has a 61&62 yearbook. You are welcome to look at them if you like, where are you located?
I'm planning on attending the next Pink's run. If you are local I'll bring them.
Joyce Chance

Name: Joyce Chance () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 12:38:15
Maiden: Savisky
Class: '62
City and State: Anaheim,Ca
Message: Hey Baker, I have a Spud Gun! Remember when we went camping up at Gordy's and we were loading the gun with pine cones? We were just reseeding the Forest, right? :o) Former JB
Yeah, that's the kind Gordon has, but I'm talking about one from a hundred years ago that you'd stick in a potato, and that would lodge a piece of spud in the barrel. Know you could cock the gun and fire the piece of potato point blank at your little brother or sister.

Name: Risa Kubly () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 10:34:57
Maiden: Manriquez
Class: 77
City and State: Glendale Ca
Message: This is for Myrna..Im with you on the doll thing. Growing up I played sports and knew more about them then any dolls,,,But now I collect them. Do you have a Digital camera..You can photo them and send the photo via e-mail..Maybe I can help I.D them for you, and reading below maybe Sharon MacDonald could help..Sharon, I noticed you do the Toy Shows. Do you ever hit the L/A area..Have a good sunny weekend everyone...Take Care..

Name: Petey () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 09:26:05
Maiden: Smith
Class: 1972
City and State: Salem, Oregon
Message: Mike Aceves are by any chance related to Mary Aceves? If you are, have her chime in. Her old pals from 72 would love to hear from her. By the way my sister and I were both in Karnas ceramics class. She drove that cool Porsche and lived at the beach. We all thought she was so bitchen. Her husband drove one also. As for me I had a 1954 VW that didn't have a gas gage so I traveled with about 5 girlfriends so we could push it to the gas station and buy 50 cents worth of gas then we were off to 26th street. Maybe go to the Fractured Cow for breakfast. Enough for now. Love, Peace, Cougs

Name: Elizabeth Castanon () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 07:13:08
Maiden: Cary
Class: 1973
City and State: Amarillo Tx
Message: Hi Cougs, just wanted to get in on the toy talk for a minute. How about TinkerToys, Lincoln Logs, Pixy Sticks, Chinese Jumprope (every one at York had one!) Yes I had a Chatty Cathy Doll, but I was more interested in building things than Doll play. Yes Greg Jones I loved Risk and now I play it on the computer but it loses some of the fun of having all the tiles to play with. Jan Dorman, if she remembers you as song queen, then your are looking good girl, dont let age get you down. My boys love me so they always say I'm looking "hot". The east side of Prairie had a lot of cool kiddos, like Karen Bertelsen, Debbie Hill, Joyce Franken, Janice Anderson, Susie B, Debbie Wilson, Terry Mintus, Tommy and Tammy Ferry, etc....some moved on before HHS...but it was a neighborhood with a feeling all its own, and always full of kids...I hate the 105 freeway for taking it away!!! Always a coug Liz

Name: Gary Lents () on Thursday, March 9, 2000 at 00:03:50
Class: 67
City and State: vista, ca
Message: hey, how come my reply has a pic on it ???
Hey Gary, Just lucky I guess. Welcome aboard.

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