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Back to the standards. Sarah Vaughan

Name: Paul Dallons () on Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 16:25:36
Class: 76
Message: Hi All! Hope to see all of you at the Homecoming this Friday night. Bye.
We'll see you there Paul......

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 15:51:25
Maiden: peptobismo-hereIcome
Class: 64
Message: Just checking in to let all of you know that it's payback time for the ROWDYS via John Baker, Sloey & Robin Hood ..for making them eat "health food" last week. Looks like we've accepted John's invitation to PINK'S CHILI DOG in Hollywood... & FYI..there was a piece on channel 28 this morning about this place.. BE AFRAID ROWDYS...BE VERY AFRAID. This even scares me..
I have a feeling I'll be visiting the hospital before my surgery date.. for a stomach pumping (don't go there John) BRING THE BRIOSCI. ( Italian for Pepto Bismo)
Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS.

Yeah, we'll be there Monday about 8pm if anyone wants to do the cruise to Melrose and La Brea.
BTW, We had a power outage this afternoon in Lomita while I was downloading email/Feedback, so if yours is missing, please resend it. Thanks.......

Name: Donna () on Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 10:51:56
Maiden: Fox
Class: Leuzinger (??)
Message: I did not go to Hawthorne Hi I went Leuzinger Hi

Welcome Donna, We all hung out at the same places and cruised the same Blvd. so stick around. Did you have a sister named Joyce Fox??

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 00:25:54
Class: 1967
Message: Today I went to the Juan Cabrillo School 50th year anniversary. While there I ran into the Wiseburn School District Superintendent Don Brann (c/o 63). It turned out that he was a neighbor from down on 129th Street. He was in contact with several of my former neighbors. Don is planning on being at homecoming and may possibly have Gerry Bierman (c/o 64) with him. Mr. Plotkin was there and was quite popular with many of the parents (his former students). There were only about a dozen cars from the 50's and 60's. John, Kermit would have been right at home with that group. Hawthorne police were there with their equestrian unit, a K9 unit and a motor cycle. The fire department had two trucks. There was a silent auction that included collector Barbies, T-shirts, baseball cards, Disneyland tickets, hot wheels and a lot more. There was a nostalgia corridor (where I hung out) with school photos from 1949 through the 70s, old reading books, milk bottles, clothes and photos from early Hawthorne. Lots of memories... See you all at homecoming.
I'm sorry I missed that one. It sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday.

Name: Mom B () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 23:05:00
Maiden: Bierman
Message: OK, we are finally convinced that Robin Hood is in town. Can someone out there please lend this man a computer so his admirers out here can also enjoy his wit and sense of humor? You are aware, aren't you Robin, that we all expect a personal greeting this next weekend. I know, it's hard being so popular. Now you see what John has to put up with all the time. Prepare thyself!
Yes, I can personally vouch for the fact that our own Robin Hood is in town and will be at all the functions next weekend. Would someone please lend him a computer?? We're in dire need of some Robinisms

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 22:35:09
Maiden: heartburnrus
Class: not
Message: KING JOHN
Did any of the youngsters come up with the answer to why HALCAP field is named HALCAP? Traditions die slow but when they do they are gone and this one will stay with us forever.

Halcap was named after Hawthorne's first two Varsity Football coaches. Our own "Ol'Coach", Hal Chauncey and Dave Capelouto. These two guys led HHS to its first CIF Championship in 1954 (1955 grad year).

Name: Harry Plotkin () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 19:07:35
Maiden: Old Codger
Class: 52/97
Message: Kathy and I spent 3 1/2 of the 6 hours Cabrillo's 50 year anniversary carnival was open. Sorry, John, if I missed you. We saw many former students and current and former teachers, including Marie Gardener who was on the first staff in 1949. Marie is a young 98 years old and was interviewed by the local TV station-what a gal! I bumped into Chris Prewitt numerous times. He had with him 3 report cards from teachers at Cabrillo School and no matter how he begged the principal, Jane Comitz, and the superintendent, Dr. Don Brann they would not change his grades. Oh well, Chris, you can't win 'em all. Thanks for coming, Chris. It was nice seeing you. The Hawthorne Fire Dept. PD, mayor, and PD equestrian unit with two steeds were there. I spoke to the gentleman who is doing the T-Shirts and he said they should be ready by Wednesday. Also, He'll be mounted and at the homecoming game.
Kris and Bonnie: I waited until 1:30 for you. Soooo sorrrrry to have missed you. I did see Lupe, Terri, and Stacey with her new husband.
Until homecoming love to all,

Mr. P, I thought of the Cabrillo Fair today, but was in the middle of doing a few things at the new place. So Mark was there playing with his horse huh. That guy never takes a day off.
Chris, I think you can burn those report cards as that Stagecoach has pulled out. See you all at the HC game next weekend. Thanks HCH........

Name: Charleen Case () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 17:00:02
Maiden: Case
Class: 1963
Message: Please send me any information on upcoming reunions or anything else associated with HHS. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon!! Charleen Case

Name: Frank A. Romano () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 10:41:32
Class: 1961
Message: JB...There is a great deal that can be said for Healthy Eating.... unfortunately, not much of it is nice. Because it tastes lousy. It's like eating hospital food, before you have too. Speaking for those that like red meat, baked potatoes and things like that. Several of my friends (most dead) that enjoyed the fast pace of world travel, meals at all hours and the occasional cocktail (four or five fingers deep)....all understood the risk. The risk of bad ice. There's no doubt that it can really harm you...but do you see warnings on ice? No! But its the common denominator. Think about that...and pass the dessert cart!!!

Name: Dewey () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 08:00:43
Class: Maybe
Message: OK here it is folks. The software that will tell you who is looking at the CT web page and it's free, you will be able to chat with others that are looking at CT. Check it out.

Name: daily breeze () on Saturday, October 9, 1999 at 00:03:10
Maiden: icanstillbeatinglewood
Message: BAD NEWS
INGLEWOOD WILL FREAK OUT WHEN THEY SEE THE CROWD WE ARE BRINGING! They will have 12 people we will have a kazillion
Chris Berman

Thank you Chris, When the "Ol' Coach" and "Cap" do their thing with the team this week, it'll be a whole new team for next weekend. If Vegas would take High School bets, I would lay $10,000 on Hawthorne for the HC game. There's NO WAY we're gonna lose. Bob Veach, I'll give you 2 points and IHS. Email me, you Jackrabbit lover, if you've got the guts!!!

Name: Frank A. Romano () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 20:28:32
Class: 1961
Message: The feedback pages fill with more and more great material and pictures each day. Prince Robin really looks great. I just don't understand why he always has to stand behind the pretty ladies. Yeah! That he's taller is true...but how come some pic's with just RH alone? J.B. the dinner story was fun. But with dessert cart deal. You'll need bigger flowers on the next shirt, and forget K-mart or Zody's for sticks, you'll be shopping at I-Beam for the big boy furniture.
Just how many shaves do you think the Old Coach got from one blade? It's got to be a record. In fact they should bronze it, and send it to the Band-Aid company for display with their other awards.

Hi Frank, They would bronze it, but they're still using it. Besides, if they had it bronzed, it'd probably made it sharper. Thanks Frank for the seat. I'll try to get a picture for you. BTW, I just heard that this seat put us over the 200 seat mark. Just a short hundred to go. Thanks to all who've been so helpful in donating to the Nyman Hall cause.

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 20:14:32
Class: 1967
Message: Leeroy,
I hope that you told your relatives that they were to leave the seats when we arrive or did you say that they could stay for the game? (John, I think you had better add 375 more to the list of people going to the game.) Did they expect us to sit on their laps? Did you say that coach Plum tuckered you out? You must have done something wrong for him to give you a sweat party, running you up and down the bleachers. As to the royal pain? I think that I am still just a common pain ? Leeroy, I sure will be glad when you, BEULAH, your 375 relatives and I finally meet face to face at the game. See you all next Friday!

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 17:13:01
Maiden: lickme'til Iscream
Class: 64
Message: SLOEY, SLOEY, SLOEY... I knew you would have something to say about healthy eating at "The Spot" Too bad you nasty boys don't like gray food..S.O.S was gray..and John ate that. Ok..Ok, we gals get the pic here.. Next dinner.. steroid laden red meat...twice baked potato/sour cream, butter & bacon bits... biscuits.. and top that with a shooter of Wild Turkey..and put a hair in it. Yummy.. Then back to "My Spot" (don't go there John) for "dessert" (I said don't go there John) Geesh..back to the kitchen to bake another pie. Thanks for dinner Robin.. it may have needed some spicing up, but the laughing didn't.. Hey Barb Norris.. heard you sang "Puppy Love" for Robin-LMAO..all day long.
Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS

All right. NOW you're talkin'. Bring on the Gray SOS and the Red Meat.

Name: JACKIE JOHNSON () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 15:59:08
Maiden: Benjamin
Class: 61
Message: It is so good to read all about what everyone is doing and where they are.
I am working for the very school district that we graduated from. As a matter of fact, I am responsible for hiring teachers to teach at the schools in the district. I also have some idea where some of the previous teachers have gone. If anyone wants to know where they are, just let me know. To Howard Duran, I know that my brother, Terry Benjamin is looking for you. Contact me and I will give you his phone number.

Jackie, That sounds great as I know there're lots of Cougs that are looking for their favorite teachers. OK Cougs, It doesn't get any better that this. Ask away, and thanks Jackie for stepping up to the plate.

Name: Tricia M. Phenicie () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 15:28:04
Maiden: Waayers
Class: 89
Message: Hey Kristy and Terry! Its great to read some comments from you both. Are you coming to our reunion Kristy? Hope to see you both at the Stick n' Stein next Friday night!!! Its going to be great!!!

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 14:49:07
Class: 66
Message: John, I am sorry KING JOHN,
I understand the prices you have quoted for the tshirts are members only prices, is that correct? If you are new to cougartown we are having a membership drive, yes and its cheap $10 gives you full membership privileges, (JOHN WON'T EDIT YOUR FEEDBACK). Most important you can have a hand in preserving our heritage and help defray the costs of the website as well as any mailers that will be sent to your friends and mine who are technologically challenged. There are unlimited things we can do, the membership money is just a start to get the ball rolling. We can make a difference in our alma mater and preserve the web site for the next 100 years. Ok 20. Send your check today! Be a member-be involved! BE A COUGAR! And let's get these Cougars back on the winning tradition! See ya at the game! SLOEY

Yeah, Maybe we could buy HHS a Jim Reale. Thanks Jim......

Name: LEEROY FELDERRUSTER () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 13:34:25
Class: 55
Message: HOWDY! Mr. Chris, I's tryin my bestst to sab all dem seets. I's got 1 sab fer youse and 1 sab fer yer wif and yer sis and her husban dat yer all makes funnn of, ans i sees why she all sez youse a royal pain in da butt, or at least dat wats i tink she sez. so dis weeks i sees wees gots ta sab 300 seets ol Leeroy is plum teckered out running up an doun dose bleecers sabing seets. so todays wees startin a neews deel, i's got all my's reltibs flyin in from arknsaw and bama and gorja 375 of dem we gonna puts them in a seets wit yer nam on its so stop yer frettin yungin, ifn you didnt sen me dat infermshun fer my teet i wup youse boy! but i's lub yer lik a son, so eets yer vegbabls ans git to bed!

Thanks LeeRoy and try and keep those boy Felderrusters separated from those girl Felderrusters. That Felderruster jaw line is hangin a little low now, and your family has enough banjo pickers.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 12:53:46
Maiden: friends to the end
Class: mcmlxvi
Message: Well have we got a dinner recommendation, huh John? THE SPOT it even has a picture of Paul McCartney in the entrance with his wife Linda. They were there, once. We had a mixed review of the dinners but Judy Degrazia, you know Judy you are so sweet in person your Ctown personna deserted you, (SERIOUS) recommends the Savory Burrito, Marsha Russell recommends the Savory vegetables? (I THINK) John and I recommend the mustard, Robin recommends the ketchup or if you prefer catsup, and my lovely wife not that Marsha and Judy are not; they are too, recommends the coffee. But we all are unanimous in our recommendation of the Degrazia Dessert cart but you won't find that at the Spot. It was fun and I would do it again EVEN at THE SPOT to enjoy each of your company! Thanks for dinner Robin, you are the Prince and yes Ted there is a Robin Hood.

I recommend the mustard WITH catsup, and just a hint of salt and pepper to taste. MAN, a cockroach would starve to death in that place. First we've got Robin, Jim and I...... that's a third of a ton of carniverous mammalia asking this 5 foot 4 inch 77 pound vegetarian waitress what's good!!!! That AINT gonna work right there. We three could have eaten her weight in ribs. Her recommending something that tastes like meat would be like Madonna teaching Quark Theory.
Next time guys, we go to Burger Heaven and drop the girls off at the Salad Barn. Judy and Marsha, thanks for the ice cream, pie, and coffee. I really did enjoy myself.

Name: Larry/Loretta Cuiper () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 12:22:30
Maiden: Morelli
Class: 60/62
Message: Alan, we also wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you have done on the T-Shirts. Looking forward to seeing you/everyone at the game.

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 11:25:57
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
Message: Dan Johnson-
Barbara Quinones came from a large family, and had a brother named Teddy - don't know what year he graduated. She also had sisters - Mercy, Virginia, and Christina. Barbara has been a friend of mine since 2nd grade at Eucalyptus Elem. Also, my sister liked Jethro Tull too. . . My personal favorite was Traffic with Steven Winwood!

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 10:17:39
Class: 1967
Message: Patt,
I thought that you had already signed up with Susan at to be a judge and that would be more cake than you could possibly eat... John, I think we have a problem. Have you noticed how Leeroy avoids the questions about the seats at homecoming? I think that since he ran out of fingers and toes to count on, he may have just given up on us and won't admit it! I think it is going to be every man/woman for themselves. If Leeroy doesn't save our seats like he said he would I think you should get the royal flogger to banish him from sitting in the cougartown section of the stands. This may sound a little harsh but he promised to save the seats.

Chris, I've got to go along with you. Myrna, do your Cougartown duty.

Name: Patt () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 01:19:45
Maiden: Prewitt
Class: 65
Message: To my LITTLE bro!
You were not only a pest you were OUR(Bonney and my)worst nightmare! We Begged Mother not to make us take you to Church!!You were a REAL PAIN IN OUR conscience!!
I still love you!!
We can't wait to see you and Kathie Friday!! Are you going to have a B,D. cake for me? I always liked the Mayonnaise, You always wanted Tomato Soup Cake!!

Chris, Tomato Soup Cake??

Name: pauline matthew () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 01:08:14
Maiden: spencer
Class: 1969
Message: John- does the t-shirt price include the "larger sizes"?
Thanks Pauline

Pauline, Yes, the T shirts are all the same price.

Name: Karen () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 00:40:39
Maiden: Hare
Class: 66
Message: Betty,
Those get togethers were 2 months apart, I can't help that our pictures went in to feedback the same day. Mary you forgot to mention that Danny Petty was also at your house to see Billy that day..:o)
Cyaa...Angel K

Where are you Danny P? We haven't heard from you since Fosters.

Name: Janet Burkett () on Friday, October 8, 1999 at 00:06:34
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Message: OK John, Let's let em figure out how you broke them! JB(the thin one)
Yeah well that's what you get when you let me sit in that very expensive Zodys beach furniture. The chair will lose EVERYTIME!!! I'll get something a little stonger this time. Say maybe K Mart.....

Name: Dan Johnson () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 20:40:08
Class: 1977
Message: Dear Mary (Kean) Doyle: Saw your picture a couple of messages back -- I wont tell anyone that you were at the Pink Floyd 1975 show at the Sports Arena. By the way, is the Quinones woman related to "Eddie" -- a classmate of mine?

Name: Cindy Matthies () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 20:00:43
Maiden: Whittaker
Class: 1976
Message: Joseph Mailander - re t-shirt art review! Haven't I seen you on PBS in a nun's outfit critiquing famous paintings? So you got that speech impediment fixed eh? Baba Wawa would be pwoud ... no weally, she would. And you look so swim & twim in that outfit I must say ....
Vewy vewy gud Cindy Dawing

Name: kostiszak () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 19:47:21
Maiden: kostiszak
Class: 83
Message: Hey John or anyone, I hear there is a website to go to that we can talk live in. Does it cost us to go to the site or is it free? Thanks
It's free' and it's our Hawthorne Chat Room at
Just answer a few questions and you can go right on in and chat with whoever is there.

Name: Jack Hammer () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 19:05:03
Class: 68
Message: I've been in a real blue mood for the last three months or so, then I got a look at the T shirt design and wow I got an instant smile and the old blues just faded away. Definitely says something about fine art (and no elephant dung) as the old saying goes I may not know much about art but I know what I like so thanks Alan. Also the other morning while I was shaving I remembered an old high school experience, does anyone else remember the razor that they kept in the locker room for anyone who showed up with a little more facial hair than was approved of? Now that was an experience!
Jack, Yes I remember that razor. I asked Coach Chauncey if they ever changed that razor and he said "No, but you guys could have brought your own, and used it if you wanted." Funny Coach, REAL funny. I think a rusty pocket knife would have been easier on those young and tender cheeks. Thanks Jack.....

Name: Glenn Crist () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 16:56:07
Class: 1964
Message: John, I swore that I would never more suggest how you should run this, the greatest of alumni websites. But, if it's time to re-tool the ole' Cougartown opening screen, I think the T-shirt artwork would look spectacular there (before everyone else puts it up on their site). I don't know if that qualifies as an alumni right or not? If you need some buckaroos for those expensive programmers, I'd be happy to chip in.
See everyone at Homecoming.
Thanks, John, CT is still the best I've seen out there.

Thanks Glenn, Yeah that T-shirt logo would look pretty good on any page. Programmer comes after the move.

Name: LEEROY FELDERRUSTER () on Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 15:54:21
Class: 19and55
Message: HOWDY!
My udder nefew sends me this note he's sos confus I can scarce know who he is. pehaps all youse folks like help hem unnerstan hisself.
Many, many years ago
When I was twenty-three,
I got married to a widow
Who was pretty as could be.
This widow had a grown-up daughter
Who had hair of red.
My father fell in love with her,
And soon the two were wed.
This made my dad my son-in-law
And changed my very life.
My daughter was my mother,
For she was my father's wife.
To complicate the matters more,
Althought it brought me joy,
I soon became the father
Of a bouncing baby boy.
My little baby then became
A brother-in-law to dad.
And so became my uncle,
Though it made me very sad.
For if he was my uncle,
Then that also made him brother
To the widow's grown-up daughter
Who, of course, was my stepmother.
Father's wife then had a son,
Who kept them on the run.
And he became my grandson,
For he was my daughter's son.
My wife is now my mother's mother
And it makes me blue.
Because, although she is my wife,
She's my grandmother, too.
If my wife is my grandmother,
Then I am her grandchild.
And every time I think of it,
It simply drives me wild.
For now I have become
The strangest case you ever saw.
As the husband of my grandmother,
I am my own grandpa!

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at