Wine Country Weekend was a barrel of fun....

To all the Wine Country Weekenders

This weekend was a fun time for all in attendance. Janet and Glenn did an outstanding job on everything. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, the weekend ran smoothly and except for a little rain, it was perfect.

We were expecting about 50 people and ended up with about 30. It worked out well however and actually was about the perfect tour size. There was plenty to do all weekend with the wine tours, shopping, and dinners.

Again, I want to thank Glenn and Janet for their contribution to our fun weekend. I also want to thank Barbara Crist, Glenn's mom; Cheryl Nicocia and Tonya Braham for helping with the food. Also thanks to Dave Homewood of Homewood winery for letting us have our reception at his place on Friday night. Your hospitality was only upstaged by your wine Dave, thanks a million. Also a special thanks to Mike Doyle and JK from Sonoma Creek Winery for adding their wine and help all weekend long and thanks to Mike for driving one of the vans and for the answering our questions. Also thanks to Terry Leeper and Dallas for doing some driving too. Most of all, thanks to all who participated in the fun Cougartown Weekend.

Now let's get on with the pictures.

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Revised April 20, 2000