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Another 50's classic. Merilee Rush

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Name: Dennis Campbell () on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 14:52:17
City and State: Mission Viejo, Ca.
What was your ph # in school: OS 64594
Class: 61
Message: Hey Mike Shay, Yes the “Good Old Days”… I can remember going fishing down in Redondo Beach “What a Blast”… The annual Stacy Street fishing trip. I guess we were in the 4 or 5 grade the first time we all went… Freddy Burkett, Gary Mykkanen and a couple others would take the SUNSET STAGE from Anza & Stacy street all the way to the R.B. Pier…Anyone out there remember the old Sunset Stage bus line? We would lay our long fishing poles down the center of the walkway on the bus and hope that no one would step on them… Gary & Diane Mykkanen’s Dad was a big fisherman back then and all the kids would run over to the Mykkanen house when Lee would return from a fishing trip. You don’t see fish that size and longer 45lbs to 65lbs… Mr. Mykkanen (Lee was his first name, I believe) always went out of Pierpoint Landing down in the LA harbor area… I wonder if that place is still around? Mike enjoy the Big Sir trip…DC
Great memories indeed. I remember the Sunset Stage lines. Seems you could ride that thing anywhere for about a dime. Pierpoint landing is still in existence. Do you remember the TV show back in the 60's that showed the fisherman lined up elbow to elbow catching fish like a crazy? That may be why the fishing is a little slow today.

Name: Cindy Colby () on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 14:21:25
City and State: Laguna Hills, CA
Maiden: Maxson
Class: 63
Message: Man, the "Barge" my dad and I used to go out on the all day and half day boats out of Tony's landing, we spent many hours on the barge. That is a memory that I had almost lost, thanks for reminding me. Cindy

Name: Deano () on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 10:04:53
E-Mail: youknow
City and State: yea
Maiden: hopenot
Class: 65
Message: went to big bear last weekend to check out the place and fell into a great custom car show, they close off the two main streets in the village and a couple of parking lots and let these guys set up. there was everything and any thing must of counted 12 woodies alone and lost count on all the roadsters and this was a freebie show. john thanks for the shot of chips, remember after mass, dad would take the family there for breakfast or lunch depending on the time. and all you hand signal people these days just remember there's a lot of road rage out there so be careful.

Name: Mike Shay () on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 09:51:20
City and State: Cerritos, CA
What was your ph # in school: OS6-9393
Class: Yes, Lots
Message: Hello John and Cougars; We're just about ready to head north for our annual Big Sur visit and shortly after that we've got a cruise night coming up...Life is good. Hey Neal Anderson, I remember being a kid (late 50's) and how much fun it was to take a boat from Redondo Pier out to one of two old barges that were a few miles off shore. I think one was named the Californian and the other was the Sacramento. I think you're right about the $1.00 and live bait. They even had a few all night deals during the summer one year...All we got was real tired.
I'll catch up when we get back,

Name: Joyce Chance () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 23:58:14
E-Mail: none yet
City and State: La Habra, Ca.
Maiden: Savisky
Class: 1962
Message: Just to let you all know that I got my computer fixed and have almost got my new email address set up. I've been away for a long time and am now ready to rejoin feedback.
Talk to you soon.

OK, we'll be here......

Name: Neil Andersen () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 19:18:41
City and State: DallasClass: '62
Message: Nice to have you back John. I am looking for any memories of the "Barge". To the best of my feeble mind we took a boat out from Manhatten Beach Pier, the "Barge" sat about five miles off-shore, and the trip only cost, I may be dreaming, a dollar, and they had live anchovies for bait. When did it start, and when did it end? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
Great question.... Last time I was on the "Barge" was in the early 80's. It was a new one then, but believe they sunk it a few years back. Anyone know more?

Name: Wade Greasby () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 16:36:53
City and State: surf city
Maiden: woody's tune
Class: 73
Message: At our graduation at Hawthorne Inter. in '69 we sang " If I Had A Hammer". This past year I was fortunate enough to lead the smallest group of cub scouts, Tigers, ages 6 and 7. At the Blue and Gold Dinner, these six boys belted out "If I Had A Hammer" that would of made Woody proud. They were accompanied by the two hammers and four bells. The theme of the event was Patriotic and these guys went the distance. We were the only "den" to do a folk song and by the end the whole pack and parents were singing along. A

Name: Tom Burroughs () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 15:17:56
City and State: Prescott AZ
Class: 1958
Message: John Baker, Bob Cole. Bob Cole, John Baker!! I must admit I am somewhat stunned!! Maybe a little Tea for Two from Dickey, on the old squeeze box at Cruise night & who knows? John they say it's like riding a bike, you never forget!! TB from AZ
NO NO, I've forgotten, believe me....

Name: Dan Johnson () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 11:44:23
City and State: Sherman Oaks, CA
Class: 77
Message: My Mom was in the "New Sounds of Hawthorne" chorus and I remember them singing "This is My Country" at some 4th of July show circa 1970-72. I also got to play Tiny Tim at one of their Christmas shows and I had a broken collar bone at the time!

Name: Carl Rilling () on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 01:28:02
City and State: Orygun City, Ore.
Class: 59
Message: Richard Henry Dana, Class of 55' Sang "I Believe " 8th grade graduation. I went to the Masonic Hall with my father. Always had to sneak there as my mother was Catholic and always pitched a fit if she found out. Jobes daughters were very special. The purple robe, with the white tie that was wrapped a special way around the torso and tied and hung to the ground. So very nice were the young ladies from Bethel 227. Thanks for posting the pictures of the Lodge.

Name: Kathleen Griffin () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 22:01:31
City and State: Desperation, Samba
Maiden: Nix
Class: 74
Message: Hi there, if you are interested in small network or individual computer security, here's a great website for you: There's a free product called Shields up that will test your sites vulnerability. I highly recommend this for anyone with an internet connection. Gibson does a great job of explaining how hackers work as well.

Name: Sharon () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 21:01:47
City and State: Maui, Hawaii
Maiden: Willis
Class: 72
Message: Hello all, I just wanted to let those who knew Cindy Fitzpatrick that she died almost 10 years ago. I had been trying to find her for years, and finally found her brother. He told me of the news. Cindy went to Cabrillo, St. St. Joseph's and St. Anthony's. She was a graduate of 72'. We lived in Hollyglen on the same street and grew up together, some of you may remember her from the childhood days. I was saddedned by the news. But my search for her is now over.
Thanks Sharon....

Name: Elizabeth Estrada () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 19:40:22
City and State: Redondo Beach,CA
Class: 69
Message: Yes, I'm still here. I don't hear as well as I did Monday but all my fingers and toes are still attached. Can't say as much for the windows and doors. My new name is Lizzy "Boom Boom" Estrada.

Name: Dale Craig () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 16:32:03
City and State: Hawthorne
Class: 76
Message: congrates to my brother he and his wife had a 6 pound 8 ounce boy born on July 18 2002 hope the best for Alexender Joseph Craig my nephew later Dale Craig

Name: doris () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 15:55:40
City and State: Twin Falls, ID
Maiden: donaldson
Class: '57
Message: Well John ... you WERE missed and I think that's really neat when a person is missed by so MANY people. You have quite a following young man! Guess everyone heard by now that DZLizzy's windows and doors were all blown out by the explosion yesterday morning about 6:00, but in case not, you have now heard! John! Were you and Dan riding your bikes when it happened? Were you anywhere close?
No, we didn't ride on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Hope you're OK Liz. It looked liked quite a blast.

Name: Art La mere () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 15:03:09
City and State: Bettendorf Ia.
Class: 73
Message: John glad you are back. anyway the virus is running around again. last Friday I opened an E-Mail from Don his web site and all kinds of pop up windows started to come up and that was the end took my hard drive right out. so after a new hard drive and labor I have life again. If you have a personnel web page you all might want to check it out to see if you are getting the pop-up screens with it you can get a pop-up stopper softwear and that is what I got. so just wanted to let you all know. John hope you had fun this week end and glad you are back.

No fun Art, but glad to be back....

Name: Larry Biller () on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 13:21:33
City and State: Portland,Oregon
Class: 1967
Message:'re back! I think some of us were starting to get that same feeling in the gut that you get when your kids haven't returned home at the expected time.(Well almost).
Just my job, Larry. No biggie.....thanks for the break.

Name: Sherry () on Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 00:36:12
City and State: Haw. Ca.
Maiden: Peppers
Class: 1964
Message: I remember that we also sang 'This Is My Country' at our 8th grade graduation from Dana.

Name: Polly () on Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 00:00:03
City and State: same place as always
Maiden: Beach
Class: 74
Message: Someone wanted the words to the Rainbow Girl song, as a PWA, I have that thing ingrained in my head. It goes
My Rainbow Dreams,
Are calling me, and leading me away
They have a magic spell that holds me day by day
I wonder if I'll find you there
Some time, some happy day
Before all my Rainbow Dream fade away......
FYI I was also a member of Bethel 30 Jobs Daughters, I too remember all the Jobie and DeMolay Dances held at the temple. I think at a couple of them the neighbors called the cops because the music was so loud it shook the music. I also remember a couple of dances where somebody spiked the punch with I think 151 rum, don't remember too much after that.
There was one dance that I hid in the bathroom, most of the dance as I was there with a really good friend (a guy), from HHS, and my on again off again boyfriend (i think we were off at that point, it was hard to keep track) showed up. I thought I was a dead duck, and my friend who was there to troll for girls was even deader. Any way no fight happened that night, everybody got home with no major injurys, and I was embarassed as hell for the next six months as all my friends would not let me live that one down.

Name: Robin () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 23:53:03
City and State: Eugene, OR
Maiden: twinkle toes
Class: 6Tea
Message: Paco...I thought you told me it was Larry Ward John took dancing lessons from??..You knew Bob Cole too Johnboy?...You got around bud..:o)..BTW Mammal just called and said Sue Medford lived 4 houses from the Masonic Temple. I wouldnt know of course...geeze 2 dance teachers....:o)
Not going there boy......

Name: diana () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 23:31:30
City and State: hyrum, utah
Maiden: price
Class: 64
Message: Looks like a great time was had by all, good for you. Did anyone find Harry Phillips?

Name: Dewey () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 21:57:56
E-Mail: @
City and State: home
Message: See I knew it would come to this?You can drop the winning ball in the world series, lose the game and people will forget?take one stupid tap lesson and nobody forgets!
Aint it the truth......

Name: Carol Shaner () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 21:34:25
E-Mail: misscaroll@aol,com
City and State: san berdoo, ca
Maiden: Shaner
Class: 70rockss
Message: After the Backwards dance my date took me to a place that was like walking into Tahiti for dinner. After one of the proms a group of us went to a place called Pieces of Eight. I don't remember where it was. For the really big nights, we went to the top of the LA Airport. Anyone remember the fun times after the dances???

Name: Paco () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 20:51:58
City and State: LF
Class: 61
Message: John, I remember going on the bus to take my sister Kathleen to Bob Cole's dance studio in Inglewood, and seeing you there, you were damned good!! I remember you and the "Guys" practicing...Quite a sight! Have a good weekend Cougs! I'm baby sitting.
Uhhhh, that wasn't me, that was my twin brother.

Name: Dewey () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 20:16:16
E-Mail: @
City and State: just back from AR
Class: 74
Message: Ok donations are now being taken to see John Tap Dance at the next CRUISE NIGHT. Proceeds will go to the purchase of tap shoes for John (btw what size are those gun boats?)
Tap Shoes for me are about as useful as a teething ring for Mike Tyson. Thanks anyway Dewey.....

Name: Wayne Dickey () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 20:11:54
City and State: La Palma, Ca
Class: 69
Message: Masonic Temple? Chris Montez lived to the left. My Grand father lived across the street. My brother Tom and I played our accordians there when we were 7 years old, and many time there after. Walked by it to go to Hawthorne Intermediate and to shop on Hawthorne Blvd. Damn, a tear has come to my eyes while I write this. Nothing but good memories. I guess I'll have to get my brother Tom to come to cruise night and play some old tune in honor or the Masonic Temple.
Bring Chris Montez too willya.

Name: Alan Nelson () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 19:50:07
City and State: Parker, Az
Class: '73
Message: Jessie, I've been in touch with Pasquale (Pat) Lococo. He and his brother and sister are living in the San Diego area. Pat and I went through Eucalyptus and H.I.S. together. Lost track of John after High School. Last I heard he was working on fishing boats somewhere.

Name: Jessie Koehn () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 18:45:14
City and State: Los Angeles, CA
Maiden: Corral
Class: would of been '74 had we not moved to the stinkin' Valley
Message: What about the Cockatoo Inn and the Lococo Family? Where are they these days and why don't they re-open that beautiful old place?
Lococos, are you out there??

Name: doris () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 18:43:15
E-Mail: sure
City and State: tf id
Maiden: donaldson
Class: waybackwhen
Message: You know, I'd be willing to PAY to see John tap dance ... ANYWHERE! How about a little number on CRUISE NIGHT, John?
I was 4. I have forgotten most of what I learned that Saturday morning.

Name: Donna () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 18:17:05
E-Mail: DonnaDGW4
City and State: LaPalma, CA
Maiden: Cook
Class: 69
Message: Jill, you dated a demolay and I married one. That picture brings back so many memories. We use to go to the demolay dances all the time. It's so sad that obviously there are not enough Demolays, Rainbows or Jobes daughters anymore.
Have a good week-end Cougs!

Name: Bob Jensen () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 15:31:50
E-Mail: robertjensen@satco-inc.comn
City and State: Cheviot Hills, CA
Message: Picture this: Little boy, about six years old watching his father take his metal sandbox (a sub component of his swing set) and putting it in the back of a pick-up! ?Dad? I asked, ?where are you going with my sand box?? ?To the Masonic Temple? he replied. ?But why?. ?We need it to burn the American Flag? was his reply. Later that afternoon I stood with a large group of people and watched as the 48 stared American Flag was burned in my sandbox. I was very concerned that my sandbox would never be the same. We then watched as they ran the 50 stared flag up the flagpole at the Great Masonic Temple. I never got my sandbox back! And now Hawthorne will never get back that great building.

Name: Janet Burkett () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 15:26:26
City and State: MV
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Message: Yeah, John, I just wanted to see you tap dance once more in the great hall before they tore it down.
If you're interested, I was gonna sneak on in tonight and toss down a little beach sand on the hardwood and bring those memories back ONE MORE TIME!! See you there then??

Name: Jill McFarlane () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 14:46:13
City and State: Mission Viejo
Class: 1977
Message: Seeing a picture of the Masonic Temple brought back memories. I had completely forgotten about that landmark. I went out with someone who was a member of the DeMolay's and he took me to a few functions there, I seem to recall a dance being held there. So are there anymore landmarks to destroy? I guess the next one would be Fosters, but if that happened where would we have our cruise nights?
We could have them at Chips Restaurant. That's the one I'm afraid will go next. It has the great Googie style architecture of the 50's and 60's. Hollys had the same architecture as did Dennys and the Wich Stand.

Name: Denny () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 10:49:09
City and State: Del Aire
Class: fif-t-5
Message: The Dana graduation ceremonies in 1951 were held at the Masonic Temple. We practiced for weeks to sing a song if I remember correctly was "This is my country". I recall it was hard for them to find bass voices to sing harmony. That graduation seemed like a mile-post at the time that separated the kids from adults. Wow, were we growed up or what?

Name: Al Rocca () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 10:38:32
City and State: Mesa, Az
Class: 70
Message: Hi Betsy, I work at Boeing, Mesa as an engineer and work on Apache helicopters. Have a good one.

Name: Marsha Russell-Hood () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 09:28:48
City and State: Redondo Beach
Maiden: Russell
Class: 64
Message: The Hawthorne Masonic Temple is going to be torn that is sad! Not only did I walk by it a million times during my life, I was a Rainbow Girl and thats where we met. Does anybody out there remember the Rainbow Girl song?????????? I don't understand why I can't remember where I put my keys but I can remember every word to that song so many years later......... Yup, soon Hawthorne will be nothing but apartment buildings and trashy looking stores.......what happened to our beautiful little town? Not much left to tear down............ok, on that note, I will go cheer somebody else up.
Yeah thanks Marsha....why do I all of a sudden feel like taking one in the temple.

Name: Susie "klink" () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 02:05:11
City and State: Abq. NM
Maiden: Klingenhagen
Class: 7T1
Message: As a former Jobes daughter(jobie!)of Bethel #227, I guess it is sad to see its days numbered. Thanks for the picture, it helped jog the memories. I still have pictures (blacknwhite!) and a few HHS grads come to mind...Jeanne Hays, Peggy Werner, Katrina Johnson and Leuzinger grads (Ithink) Debi and Gayle Haussner(spelling!) and my sister Sheree, too...My most embarrassing memory is of my brother Tom having car trouble with his '64 red MG and walking home from who knows where, still in my jobie robe...aah well, open the gates of the Bethel...
Thanks Susie, and I haven't forgotten you and the Car Talk page.....honest.

Name: Keith D. Jones () on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 00:49:13
City and State: Honolulu, HI
Class: 76
Message: Betsy, I had Mrs. Burnham for third grade at Smith. I remember when she bought her new 69' GTO (i think that was the year) It was really nice. Kenny Peterson, Doug Blackwell, Larry Coury and others in my class. Kathy Ferguson too. I remember your mom. She was great.

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