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Here's a performing buddy of HHSer Chris Montez "Tommy Roe"

Name: Chris Prewitt () on Wednesday, January 5, 2000 at 10:31:41
Class: 1967
City and State: Fullerton, CA
Message: Judy DeGrazia, Maybe you can get Janny Wanny to fix this for you. Brown Bag Breakfast
Brown Bags, Sliced Bacon, Eggs and Seasonings 1st step: Place, your bacon in the bag. Line the bottom with bacon, so it can cook the eggs. 2nd step: Crack the eggs over the bag with the bacon and the grease from bacon will cook the eggs. This is the best way and the bacon grease always makes for flavor. 3rd step: Added, seasonings and fold the bags top down ways. 4th step: Final, poke hole in the folded part of bag and place a pole, rod or stick through the hole. Place the bag over the campfire (a barbecue may work) and in a few minutes it will be done. The only utensil will be a plastic fork and a stick.

Name: Dewey () on Wednesday, January 5, 2000 at 08:12:13
Class: maybe
Message: John, I wouldn't be so worried about Marsha getting confused on which way to turn the handle, as I would if she called and asked which end of the can to use it on!

Name: Ken Green () on Wednesday, January 5, 2000 at 00:17:44
Class: 69
Message: How about adding a "does anyone know where they are?" section I assume a lot of people out there have stayed in contact with class mates who haven't attended reunions etc. e.g., I haven't seen Don Peterson (1969) at any reunion, and I've wondered for years whatever happened to him. So could you add a list of names of people whom others would like to find?
Yes Ken, that page is in the works, and actually could be added right now, but then I'd have to man that page also, and I've got WAY too many irons in the proverbial fire right now. Be patient and it will be added soon.

Name: Tim Long () on Wednesday, January 5, 2000 at 00:06:25
Class: 74
City and State: Moorpark, CA
Message: Hello everybody and Happy New Year! I went to the link on the Feedback page to vote for Cougartown as the best HTML pages of the month. There was an option to see current results...... and Cougartown is way out in front!!! I guess we are all giving John a .... VOTE of confidence!!
Yes, and thanks for that too Tim, and all the C-towners who voted. I thought that vote thingy was supposed to end in December. Anyway, what do we win?

Name: Theryl Bell () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 23:58:32
Message: Hi form a old LHS grad.
Hi Theryl, and welcome.

Name: Kelley () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 23:34:47
E-Mail: awanttoberowdygirl
Maiden: neverbeenrowdyyoucanaskrobin
Class: 67
City and State: coos bay or
Message: Just for the record....Marsha's onion dip is correct. She probably just didn't boil the milk and onion down to a thick paste then adding a bit of worchestershire sauce a pinch of soy sauce and some bacon bits. You can then pour it into your food processor (Marsha e-mail me I'll explain what that is) then pop ONION DIP. I work in a kitchen store ya know!!!!!! OH WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO BE A ROWDY???????
Kelley, It sounds like if you know what a food processor is, you could never be a Rowdy.

Name: Susan King () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 22:58:58
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
City and State: Thousand Oaks, CA
Message: Regarding the recent post from Lisa Schmidt, Class of '90 - Lisa: We are all glad that you have found the site as we have. I think we all have probably thought, initially, that in finding our classmates, we too had some apologies to make but the magical thing about this place and this time in our lives is that "I'm sorry" doesn't seem to be necessary. Those slights of our youth, real or imagined, just don't seem to find their way here. This seems to be a place and time to accept each other, gladly, with open arms (ok Judy - go there!) and remember those events which made us who we are. Those were the years we were ALL growing up, making choices, making friends, making mistakes. And we are all loved in spite of it. These Cougars are a great bunch. Jump in with a smile and a memory. Share them both and just see what comes of it.....
Sue nailed it. There's no reason for a mature apology from an immature time in your life. Everyone's welcomed, and no one here cares about a comment that came from the mouth of a child. Jump in with both feet and just have fun. That's what we're all doing here. Welcome aboard Lisa.........

Name: Myrna () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 21:38:39
Maiden: Bell
Class: 66
City and State: Coalinga, CA
Message: Have any of you noticed that there seems to be a migration of men back to the extended Hawthorne area towards homes of Rowdy girls???????????? And, as to cooking, give me a bottle of wine and I don't need any food!!

Name: Frank A. Romano () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 21:27:14
Class: 1961
City and State: Las Vegas, NV The blender capital.
Message: One bowl meals have been cherished for thousands of years. Some taste as if they have lingered at least that long. It has been said that the worlds fruit cake was a one bowl vision. Master Chefs have created signature dishes.... mastering the one bowl technique and then making quantum leaps toward paper containers. They are usually found working or owning famous restaurants. For discussion sake. How many bowls can it take to make "Pinks" chili? Or the dogs, or other condiments? And it seems less than sporting to be continuously casting dispersions upon the culinary talents of the fine "ROWDY LADIES." Candidly, I should not expect true ROWDIES to take that lying down. Velcro equipped prom dress or not. Queen Judy... Keep those fine, stick to the ribs meals whirling. Bon Appetite! RCG.
Frank, No one's casting dispersions here. A fact is a fact. They can't, nor do they WANT to cook. The highest culinary instrument they can use without a manual is the can opener, and sometimes Marsha gets confused on that one and calls and asks, "John, which way do I turn the handle again?"

Name: Victoria Elizabeth Villagomez () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 20:31:44
Maiden: Villagomez
Class: 78
City and State: Alcala de Henares, Spain
Message: I am visiting my family for the holidays, I now live in Spain and I am so glad to have a chance to get in touch with people from Hawthorne High where I was still lucky to receive a very good education before Proposition 13 ended it all... it is rather sad to drive by the school nowadays. I was also sad to hear of Mrs. Mark's death as me and my sisters (Cinthia and Jacqueline) always have very fond memories of her and remember her famous sayings, comments and spelling dictations (with the corresponding examples as many of you also must remember). If any friends are out there, please write!!
Hi Victoria, I'm glad you found your friends again and with the Internet it'll be like they're right next door. Thanks for checking in and be a Coug, where ever you live.

Name: Ed Chesson () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 19:27:10
Class: '63
City and State: Norco, Ca.
Message: Hey, John, with almost 30 years on the Hermosa Fire Department, I have cooked a few meals for a rather discriminating group of guys. We've even been to the California State Chili Cookoff Championships twice!! The cooking duties are generally rotated around and we learn who the "Rowdy-types" are very quickly and they usually end up doing dishes instead of cooking. :) However, these days I tend to let the younger guys do the cooking and order out some too! Believe me, if I cooked them a "Rowdy" meal I would never hear the end of it!! Firefighters are very picky about their food. I do like the idea of a "Rowdy Cook-Book", though, and Cougartown could print them up and sell them. How about it Marsha??
Maybe we could have a Cougartown Cookbook with a Rowdy section. Marsha and Judy?? Thanks Ed, and hope to see you Saturday at Cruise Night.

Name: Bonnie McCoy () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 18:23:13
Maiden: McCoy
Class: 78
City and State: Playa Puerto Nuevo, CA
Message: HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW COUGARS!!! May you all have a blessed 2000!
Love ya, Bonnie

Thanks Bonnie

Name: Ed Chesson () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 18:06:17
Class: '63
City and State: Norco, Ca.
Message: Hey Rowdys . . . don't forget BOUILLON CUBES as they are even easier than Top Ramen!! And you can get chicken or beef!! :)
Hey Ed, Sounds like you've been cookin' for the Hermosa Fire Dept.

Name: Norma Jean () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 18:00:22
Class: I'm not telling
City and State: East Manhattan Beach (OK OK Hawthorne)
Message: I think we need to make a compilation of all these "Rowdy" recipes and share them with the world, don't you. You shouldn't be keeping this fine cuisine to yourselves. I propose a cookbook and better yet, a food feast potluck. What do you think?
OK Judy, What do you think??

Name: Mom L () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 17:19:04
Maiden: Lester for the kids
Class: 75,76,77,
City and State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: Seems like I haven't been in here to read any of this forever. The holidays sure takes the time. Hope all of you had a good one with better to come. Can't believe these pages have grown sooo. Will have to spend the next week just reading to catch up on all so I can pass it on to my kids.

Name: Linda Farrow () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 17:04:42
E-Mail: Linda.Farrow
Maiden: Elia
Class: 82
City and State: Redondo Beach, Ca
Message: Message to Robin Fry Ulman. Hey girl getting back to you on your last message a few pages back. Remember cruising all around and on Friday/Saturday nights on the strand in Redondo. All the trips we made to Palmdale and the Air Force Base. Gosh it seemed like it wasn't so long ago, and here today is Kasey's (my daughter) 15th. birthday. Robbie we are getting old! I remember having to drag Andrea out of a few places and the dancing... you remember that? I totally miss those days, we had such a blast. Regarding our coversation a while back on the invitation to have Shannon come out, it's always open, and Kasey would love to have her down, so anytime would be great! See ya soon I hope. Your buddy always Linda :)

Name: Kathleen Griffin () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 14:19:21
Maiden: Nix
Class: 74
City and State: Wilmington, CA
Message: To the Rowdy's. Let's not forget that top Ramen doesn't even need to be cooked. Just break open a package (save the flavor packet...or dump it into the glass of warm water and call it soup) and munch away... It's an old sailing recipe....

Yet ANOTHER Rowdy protege´ comes out of the closet.
I remember when I was a kid, after school I loved to get into the freezer and find the frozen strawberries. They came in a spam-like container, except it was cardboard with metal ends. Cut the end off the carton and there it was, a strawberry popsicle. Marsha, are you taking notes?

Name: lisa () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 13:52:52
Maiden: schmidt
Class: 90
City and State: chico,ca
Message: trying to find old class mates. my life is so different now, there are many i owe apologies to. anyone who remembers me, please e-mail me.

Name: JIM SLOEY () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 13:17:37
The only TRUE Dodger left is Vinny!!!

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 11:54:45
Maiden: communionisafoodgroup
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: Geeze!!! I'll repeat the ROWDY rules one more time.. NO COOKING!!! If you can't run it through a blender..or make it in one bowl, don't do it..-- And yes-communion is a carboydrate and nutritional..and that's why Shy Robin & Marsha are at church a lot these days. He even brings cheese with him.. (you all thought they were religious) Now, Janny Wanny will be here about 6 this evening..(and he cooks) so no calls--no pop ins--no sky writing--and no singing under the balcony. And I think I just found the main seam on the prom dress.. rippppp!!!! See you Saturday night..(maybe) Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS.
If no one intervenes, Janny will be on his last leg by Saturday night (don't go there Judy). Ah well, the guy was a Green Beret for cryin' out loud. If he can handle Loren Heath's SOS, I guess he can go a few rounds with Judy. Maybe he'll turn her into another Betty Crocker........NAAAHH!!!!!

Name: Silly Kitty () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 11:43:03
Class: 1988
City and State: CA
Message: Well, it has been a while since I've gotten online, so it seems I've got a lot of feedback pages and email to read through. Now that all the Y2K scare is gone and we've made it safely into the year 1900, I will have plenty of time to catch up. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It seems that it's over, though; our supermarket is already preparing for Valentine's Day. *sigh*
Catch you all later.

Name: Gary Henderson-'68 () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 11:41:18
Class: '68
City and State: Hawthorne, CA
Message: I'm currently working in the Customer Services Training dept. for USAirways. I live in Charlotte, NC and all 3 of my children are grown and on their own. I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson, who keeps me busy on weekends. If you get to CLT call me? 704-283-0470. I remember racing on the onramp for 405 in Inglewood at La Cienega down to Imperial, my yellow '49 Chevy gave a lot of people a run for their money. I miss surfing at 26th St, Manhattan Beach with BeBop, Carlie, Rickie, Mini and all the other crazies. This site brings back old memories, thanks.
Thanks Gary, The Manchester onramp was MADE for drag racing. The only thing was that little curvy jog at the other end, and OH YEAH......entering the freeway at 130 MPH

Name: Betty Rodriguez () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 10:53:25
Maiden: Kean
Class: 69
City and State: Lake Elsinore, CA
Message: Marsha and Judy-Please email me if you'd like my recipe for a chicken daquiri! The guys should love it! Betty
Good God!! There're Rowdys crawling out of the Cougartown woodwork. Kinda the opposite of the Stepford Wives huh.

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 08:00:57
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
City and State: Burlington, WI
Message: In defense of the Rowdys cooking abilities - any time that you are responsible for anything edible being in a given place at a given time counts as cooking in my book. And at least the water was warm..... I'm a whiz in the kitchen - the 3 things I make best are: 1. A phone call for Chinese take-out
2. A phone call for pizza delivery
3. Reservations!

Sharon, You are TRUE Rowdy material. Judy, Sign Her Up!!!

Name: The one that really does cook () on Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 01:24:54
Maiden: christine penny
Class: 76
City and State: round rock tx
Message: John, Tell Marsha that a nice touch to the dry spaghetti with warm water dip dish.... would be imported italian ketchup, (on the side, of course)!!! love you guys! ")
With garlic salt of course, sprinkled on a piece of dried Wonder bread and a good quality Port to swill it down. MMMmmmmm, now that's some fine Rowdy Cuisine......Thanks Christine

Name: Rowdy Myrna () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 23:05:44
Maiden: Bell
Class: 66
City and State: Coalinga, CA
Message: Now... it is awfully difficult to be a rowdy and be this far away from the "action". I'm quite jealous of close involvement of the "local" rowdys, of which group I am not! But.... as the royal flogger, I must insist that you guys, and it is the guys.. stop messing with Judy and Marsha. They CAN cook, I know they CAN, they say they CAN, so I believe they CAN, and I'm sure they CAN prove they CAN.... and I'm sure they have the opener to go with it!
Myrna, Sorry but,............. they CAN'T. Marsha opened a package of dry spaghetti, broke it in half, and handed it to Robin with a warm glass of water to dip it in. Marsha said she got THAT Italian recipe from Judy.

Name: Martha Amour () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 22:51:20
Maiden: Amour
Class: 62
City and State: Las Vegas, NV
Message: Just found this site. Cooooool!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone live in Las Vegas? I moved here '97. Anybody know where Joe Simpson is? Torrance PD. Where is Zeke Montanez (Chris Montez) So many people I want to talk to.
Read comments about Mrs. Mark. What a great lady!!! She told us stories about her joining the Marine Corps to be near husband. She used to say to us: "Put your teeth back in your head." And.. "you dumb knuckle heads." I remember we HAD to do a book report. Of course, I didnt want to. She made me read "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck. And that opened the world of books to me. I remember she wore these great dresses with crinoline slip that made the dress stand out to here. She would find a dress she liked and get several the same in different colors. What a lady.
Wheres Avery Knapp??????? God, he got me in trouble in Mr. Rapashy's class. Always talking to me. I heard he used to drive down Hawthorne Bl naked. Was that true?
My brother is David Amour (60). I married Bob Johnston (60) David, Bob and Danny Baker were in Marine Corps. They stole a smoke bomb and set it off at A&W. The smoke closed down Hawthorne Bl. I think it led to the close of A&W.
Wheres Ron Aries. Last I heard he was in Arizona.
Much love to all in this new century. Who knew we'd live this long.
Martha Amour----MAMOURK@AOL.COM
Much Love to All
Martha Amour

Ahh Martha, you bring up some real interesting people from the past. Yes, Avery is still around and I think that was probably "naked on a motorcycle."
Many Cougs live in LV. Jim Perry and Sandie Tully, Gene Fay, Frank Romano, and Sandy Snyder Wheeler, just to name a few from our end of the 60's.
Ronnie Arias, I don't know, but I hope he still has "El Dillinger", and Chris lives in the valley and is married to a DJ on, I think, KRTH. They just had another child last year. Maybe some of the others can add more. Thanks for finding us Martha. It's always nice when a 62er shows up. Be a Coug girl.

Name: Sharon MacDonald () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 22:32:21
Maiden: Badger
Class: 63
City and State: Burlington (Chocolate City), Wisconsin
Message: Glad to see we all survived the New Year. When we checked into our hotel in Kentucky, they handed us a flashlight and told us not to use the elevator if the power went out. No problems, though, and the weather in Kentucky was nice and warm. Got home to Wisconsin late this afternoon - we now have about 5 inches of snow on the ground -- welcome home!
And how about those Badgers!!! The Pack may be on the skids, the Brewers might do better to get Bob Uecker back on the field and out of the announcer's booth, the Bucks may often get that "deer in the head-lights" look, and the Admirals ...... but we still have the BADGERS here in the Badger State.
Hope the Cruise Night is a great success - my husband and I will be up in the Wisconsin Dells for the week-end, but I'll be thinking about you all.

Sharon, We couldn't stop Dayne with a Mack Truck. Congrats to the Badgers for winning the Rose Bowl again. I don't like the Big Ten, but I have to say Wisconsin and Northwestern are my favorites of that bunch. Have fun in the Dells.

Name: Royal Wm. Lord Jr. () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 20:51:31
Class: 1961
City and State: Cerritos, California
Message: Reply to Jim Sloey: Hey! Jimbo, don't you go badmouthin' my Dodgers. It's the only Major League Baseball team we have in the Southern California. Now we can make some progress, We have the Fox people doing what they do best, paying the money, and allowing someone who knows Baseball running the team. Royal

Name: Lisa () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 20:46:50
Maiden: Graham
Class: 67
City and State: Ramona, CA
Message: I was online on the 31st and Danny Petty instant messaged me. It was really a great treat to chat with him. I hope we can keep in touch. I can't believe he told me I had a tupperware party in 69. My claim to fame has been that I never did attend a tupperware party, oh well. The ones who know me realize I was in another world from l967 to l99l, lol. Hope everyone had a great new year. Love, Lisa

Name: Judy DeGrazia () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 18:24:29
Class: 64
City and State: Torrance, CA
Message: I see that Marsha Russell & I have been shot down in CT again..for not having good recipes.. Well, we did make some holiday desserts this year.. here goes: You take a jelly filled donut, with a knife make a slit... stuff it with a Reeses peanutbutter cup.. or ice cream of your choice..put in in the microwave on high for about 30 with a rich butterscotch sauce.. and/or whipped cream..and voila! dessert.. We couldn't serve it though cause Marsha just HAD to run it through the blender for Robin..(no solid food for him..he knows the rules) ..but I'll make it again next year. Who says we ROWDYS DON'T COOK!! Judy DeGrazia THE ROWDYS
Judy, I'm very impressed yeah right at that recipe.

Name: blodie, the cooking rowdy () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 16:06:42
Maiden: christine penny
Class: 76
City and State: round rock tx
Message: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha....I would have to concur with John.....Boiling an onion in milk for and hour and a half does NOT make onion dip. For fellow rowdy's in need of cooking or non cooking tips on how to make this or that, as long as it's not too gourmet, (and I don't think that will be a problem, hehe) ask me, I should be able to help, and if I can't I'm sure one of my 'FIFTY' plus cook books should have the answer. Onion dip....sour cream and campbells dry soup mix! silly!
Now see how easy that was Marsha?

Name: blodie, the rowdy that cooks () on Monday, January 3, 2000 at 15:54:57
Maiden: christine penny
Class: 76
City and State: round rock tx
Message: well, I know that I don't fit the total bill as a ROWDY, seein's how I like to cook, but I do enjoy the fact that they have included me into their ever so humble and mild mannered group....hehe on that happy note....I have a GREAT candy recipe, if anyone is interested....I make it once a year and my husbands mouth just salavates in anticipation. It is a recipe for 'almond roca' ...which I am sure you all know what that is. It is very delish, but of course none of the other ROWDY's will be able to make seein's how they DON'T COOK! he he he I also have a recipe for peanut butter candy, and if you like reeses peanut butter cups you will like this, and it is very easy. Even the other Rowdys should be able to do this one....I do it in the microwave! If you are interested in any of these send me some e-mail and I'll tell ya how. Hope everyone's holidays were swell.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email me at