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......back to the 50's with some early rock..... Chuck Berry

Name: Linda Dietrich () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 01:18:29
Maiden: Dawson
Class: 69
Message: I'm sure all of us scroll and we do it alot. I'm sure we feel left out sometimes. Gosh it's 1 in the morning and I can't get my thoughts out. Sometimes I would like to see more memories instead of personal messages. But I will keep checking in no matter what. I'm really happy so many of you have found each other and I keep checking the new arrivals on the alumni list to see if any of my old friends have checked in. John thanks for making this all possible and keep up the good work.
Thanks Linda, Now you can go to sleep. I know that's where I'm going. This has been one busy day on the website. Good night all.

Name: Christine () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 01:03:15
Maiden: Penny
Class: 76
Message: no need to have me fielded john...i won't whine anymore... will a joke make it all better?
jokes are okay aren't they?
the perfect man....
he's tan
he's cute
he knows the importance of accessorizing
and if he looks at another woman you can rearrange his face....
who is he?
why it's...
Mr. Potato Head....
did you have someone else in mind? ")

Name: pauline matthew () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 01:00:54
Maiden: spencer
Class: 1969
Message: does any one know what happened to leda griffin class of 1969. and to anonymous, all i can say is "get a life". if you don't have the guts to post your name, stay off this web site.
pauline matthew

Pauline, I think Myrna Bell Bizzell knows the story. Myrna, Would you like to tell it?? I'm sure others are curious. Thanks Pauline

Name: duke () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 00:54:09
E-Mail: ya
Maiden: no
Class: 65
Message: hey j.b. thanks for placing the name in the hat now lets see if someone can fiqure out who i am.
see, some people are starting to sniffle about the messages in here. maybe if they would add to the page once in awhile they wouldn't feel left out or just tell them to get a life anyways thanks j.b. and keep up the great work.

Hey Thanks Duke...... who is this Class of 65 Masked Man anyway??

Name: PRINCE ROBIN AND PRINCE JIM () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 00:31:56
Maiden: cliquesuntied
Class: probablynothing
Message: If someone doesn't understand a post you may email me or the other guy. Our emails are or and we shall tell you the inside scoop or we shall find out the inside scoop for you all in a private email so you will not be embarrassed or more importantly we won't. We do not want anyone left out of any funny stuff cause we are the Prince clowns (no Robin) ok the Clown Princes of Laughter is what we are about and we do not want you left out. We are all in this together, one for all and all for one. NOW WHATS THIS VEGAS THING ALL ABOUT ON LABOR DAY THAT ROBIN AND I DID NOT GET INVITED? This was a serious attempt by two huh you fill in the blank to let you all know that we don't want anyone sitting on the outside looking in. Even Leeroy!
Be a coug.

Name: Christine Baird () on Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 00:17:15
Maiden: Penny
Class: 76
Message: a scroll bar is good....but i want to be in the click too...what is the secret hand shake and password, and web pages and forbidden click lore? oh...pleeease do tell....pretty please? do i have to spell all the words right toooo? can i whine? I promise more toezes stompin' ") I promise to be good, really i do....and if you had trouble reading that last feed back....check with Kathy Stonebraker....she does all my shiperin' ...she's be doin' it since 6th grade...only one who can. ")
Gloria, You want to field this one........

Name: Ricki Farrell () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 23:54:57
Maiden: Valencia
Class: '61
Message: Dear Anonymous,
I rarely respond to anonymous notes because I feel that people who voice an opinion like the one you submitted and then don't have the guts to sign your name does not deserve my time. If you read from page one Cougartown to the current page and still feel no camaraderie, then this is not the place for you. I don't feel that I'm part of any group or clique. Hopefully we outgrow that need by the time we reach adulthood. On the otherhand, I do feel that I have made new friends, found some former ones, and have had one heck of a time doing it. I'm sorry for you because it's been a lot of fun.
John, my school district just nailed me with a ton of work, so now I'm hoping to get the time to work on the artwork we need.

Hi Ricki, Please email me. Thanks

Name: Burkett () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 23:48:00
Maiden: Humphreys
Class: 62
Message: This isn't exactly a memory, more a current event I have to share with all of you. (John, bear with me again.) While in Nashville last week, I spent time on the gracious old campus of Vanderbilt University, seat of intellectual development of the sciences, and home to many a distinguished alumni. And, when walking out onto the commons area of this magnificently groomed campus what do I see on every tree, door, and post? You guessed it, posters of the Beach Boys, circa early 60's! Seems they're having a program entitled, "Why the Beach Boys are like Opera"??? I pleaded and begged and finally some sweet young student ran and got me a poster of my very own to bring home. He, and a number of his friends, were also kind enough to ask if I could join them for one of the performances. Gee, just by knowing the right people you can get some pretty nice invites! And, it proves that even young eggheads can have an appreciation for the California scene of the 60's. The "Boys" still really get around! They have definitely bridged the generation gap! JB (The other one)
Hi JB, Now see, that's a great Feedback story. I don't know where the nearest BEACH is to Vanderbilt, but it can't be the sand, so it's got to be the California scene that makes the difference.
Thanks Janet, for the Rick Springfield concert in the park on Saturday night. I had a great time. Old Rick's still got it . . . . .

Name: Ted () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 23:39:45
Class: 75
Message: If you folks keep on posting anonymously, those of us in the clique will never show you the secret clique handshake or reveal the secret clique password. And the hidden clique web pages -- with forbidden clique lore -- will remain forever closed to you.
Man..... Ted, you're in the clique too?? DRATS!!!

Name: Patty Valencia () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 22:46:50
Maiden: anonymous
Class: 1974
Message: Las Vegas? Rats. I'm gonna take my clique and go to Catalina with the YMCA family camp on Labor Day weekend. Are you guys starting a clique without me? Rats. Now what other big day is a-happenin' soon? Was it Louis XIV? Louis XV? The Fisher...? I just can't remember. I'll keep trying.

Name: Cheryl () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 22:36:26
E-Mail: youknow
Class: 62
Message: Hi again John Boy, I almost forgot, this is countdown week, right? I did remember right didn't I? 5 days to go.......
No, I think you're wrong.

Name: CHRISTINE BAIRD () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 22:27:35
Maiden: PENNY
Class: 76
Message: ya know, when i got something to say i just say it and i for sure want to be known for the one who said it.....i too miss some of the inside jokes...but that is to be expected....for pete's sake, we all did not grow up at the same time nor did we all go to school at the same time, even though we did go to the same school.... and even among those that did go to school at the same time they didn't all hang out with the same people so they couldn't possible know 'all' the inside jokes even in their own era! i repeat.... for pete's sake! ....enjoy the site for what it is....One big a?? conversation, to which anyone can comment on. Thanks John for all your time and effort and i hope i haven't stepped on anyones delicate toezes. ")
Geez Christine, I know you haven't stomped on mine. Thanks girl.....

Name: Sheree Klingenhagen () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 22:13:16
Maiden: same as always
Class: 75
Message: Boy, you go out of town for a week or so and all heck breaks loose at cougartown! I think maybe anonymous is upset they haven't seen there name posted maybe? If you don't like what your reading I'm sure there is another site that you might like better so why don't you just go there! We are just people with a common bond of good ol Hawthorne, CA and HHS. We are all different and that is what is so great about this site. I see friends of mine, my sister and brother's here and people I don't know. As far as cliques, some people that post here were rah rah's, some were the really smart people, some were in student body and some were jocks and alot of other people are thrown in for good measure. Sometimes you post something to a friend but it's also in hopes that someone else will read it too to spark a memory. What's the problem with that? Anyway, enough said. I will continue to read cougartown and contribute when I can. Thanks John and everyone else (my friends - you know who you are!) for the good thoughts and prayers for my Mom, she is on the mend and getting stronger everyday. Gosh I hope that personal message didn't offend anyone! Little Klink aka Sheree
Thank you Sheree, Very well said. Be a Coug........and get well MOM!!!

Name: Cheryl Nicocia () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 22:11:39
Maiden: Christensen
Class: 62
Message: Hey John, I haven't been checking in alot lately, so it took me awhile to catch up, and what do I read? Negative feedback? Whats up with that? I have been a loyal fan from the very beginning, (even before you nagged me into getting a computer), and I say, it has only gotten better. I love ALL the feedback. I spent some time tonight going back to page "one", and reread alot of the early stuff, and it's all great. No, I don't know alot of the people, and No, I don't know what some of them are talking about. Thats what the scroll bar is for, right? Don't change a thing. You, like your site, just keep getting better. Keep up the good work, and know we love ya!
Yes, Cheryl, We all agree. Cougartown is NOT for "The Anonymous"!!

Name: Bill sloey () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 21:46:40
Class: 69
Message: I don't get it Betty! What pattern?

Name: Jerry Miles () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 21:31:03
Class: 66
Message: JB,
The answer to your question of where we went after the game is clear in my mind. As I'm pretty sure the Ol' Coach reads these pages, we went right home and went to sleep to dream of kickin' the stuffing out of next weeks team.

Still a little scared of the Ol' Coach huh.....Smart!!

Name: Frank Romano () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 21:30:27
Class: 1961
Message: Geez! take a few days away, read for a while, and find that some folks are upset... I guess I'm just to simple to understand what the big deal is? When JB sent me the first message about really made my day. I was stuck in Tucson breaking in the new thumper. Nothing I've read indicated that feedback was required reading. Enjoy it, or don't. It's your choice Bucko!
Now for the real important stuff...what's cookin for the labor day weekend at Las Vegas, and if there is a deal going on...can I help with anything?
Oh Robin, for an old folk you're lookin' well kept. Must be the long necks!
JB. Tell the truth about the Prince. Do his socks sag? I'll bet they don't. 5 will get you 8...

Very well said Frank, Thanks for that. Yes, please fill us in on the Labor Day Shows in Sin City. I'm sure there'll be some Cougartowners heading your way. OH and about the Prince. I think he wishes that all that sagged was his socks.Thanks Frank, and Be a Coug.

Name: sharbo () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 20:15:42
Maiden: Biermanstein
Class: very tiny feet
Message: Attention Gpork, Mexilucy and Pvalencia2: I/We will be in LAS this Labor Day Weekend - wanna go get in trouble together somewhere? OOPS - I just realized - I'll bet this is one of those NASTY personal messages that should have been e-mailed PRIVATELY - OH NO, now EVERYONE will want to go to LAS VEGAS on Labor Day Weekend just to be with US! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!
This looks like part of that clique that anonymous was talking about. If clique means "good friends that share good times with each other", THEN COUNT ME IN!!!.
Sharon, did you "feel the force" last night about 11pm? I passed right by your off ramp on the way home from another Tri-tip party at Linda Jones ReynoldsHHS62 and Rick Reynold's place. Thanks Linda and Rick for having me. I had a great time, and the Tri-tip and chocolate cake was GREAT!!

Name: Susan King () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 19:32:14
Maiden: Bierman
Class: 1974
Message: For Anonymous (and others) - I can certainly understand how you feel about the feedback postings....HOWEVER, I must tell you, from the point of view of one who first checked in at page 12 and has been here nearly every day since, somehow I get great enjoyment out of reading all postings, no matter what they are. Each one has given me a little sense of the flavor of the different eras at HHS, and of the colorful personalities which walked the halls. I said in the beginning that I feel a true sense of camraderie with Cougars from every year - and I truly feel that I KNOW some of them based on what I read here. I have a kinship with the King that I can't imagine might ever have come about except that I lurked and read and laughed and smiled and got to know the guy right here. That would not have happened if we were not so free as we are in this forum. Cougars post to one another here out of sheer joy and often out of love. Scroll past what you think is drivel to what you want to find but please encourage ALL to join the group and share what and how they wish. I'M even looking forward to meeting you.....
VERY well said Sharon, I mean Sue. I agree totally. I've met so many REAL friends here, that I would have never known, if it weren't for Cougartown. I thank the "Big Guy" every night for all of you. If that makes us a clique, then clique brothers and sisters, we shall be. I don't want anyone to be hesitant about posting here. If you're not sure, post away. Heck, there're no rules. If it doesn't interest me, I go to the next one. I love you all, Cougs. This is too much fun to make a rule.

Name: Jerry Miles () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 19:06:01
Class: 66
Message: In answer to Jim Schroeder’s question about the Long Beach Poly game, I was there. We had already came off a win with Pioneer 19 to 6 and were feeling pretty great. I remember when we first got there we decided to check out the field for mud holes, bad spots, whatever. Security was immediately all over us to get off the field. When we told them we were the HHS team, they were not impressed. After some heated words with our coach, Gary Gore I think, we gave up and left the field. Well I played second string and special teams back then so I didn't get in on a play right away. When I did get in, the guy opposite me almost knocked my helmet off. I remember thinking “This sure isn't practice. These guys can hit!”. Well we went on to win. The actual final score was 20-0. I remember someone saying this team had not been skunked for many many years. They scurried us off the field right away after the game, put us on the bus and got us back to Cougartown. Those Jack Rabbits were not happy.
OH yeah, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm living vicariously through this great Cougar team of the mid 60's. Thanks Jer', for making my day. so after the game, where did you guys go and wh.......

Name: Mary Doyle () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 18:30:24
Maiden: Kean
Class: 66
Message: Bill Cusac and his wife Ester were here in the South Bay for a few days so Betty and I decided last minute to have a little get together this past weekend with some of our old and newly-found friends. Karen Hare Kusumi, Becky Slaughter O'Brien, Barbara Quinones, Terri Kluxdal Sarver, Nancy (Kae) Theveny and Dan Petty all dropped in. We had a great time catching up on old times (and new) and pouring over those musty old El Molinos. We all laughed alot as Cusac shared with us some of his antics from the past. It was one of those days you just did not want to end.
John Baker - THANK YOU for this!

Mary, Thanks for sharing your weekend with us all. I know the website is spawning many "Minis", and I love to hear about them. If anyone else has one to share, please "let it all out" up here. I'm sure there's someone in Cougartown who'd love to hear the stories and the names again. Thanks Mary . . . . .

Name: Robin () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 17:37:07
Maiden: Hateswhiningjackrabbits
Class: MCLX
Message: Schroeder:I sold a kidney once for some liposuction but thats it. And need we be reminded of your youth in 59? :o)BTW Angel Karen and I have all but completed our correspondence courses from HHS and with good luck will graduate in Feb...
Sloey:I made it home ,no thanks to you. I liked the old airport better (ExLAX I guess they call it now)...
Hey Cougs...I vote to leave this format as is...It hasnt grown like this because it sucks raw eggs...I agree, if Susie Q wants to meet Larry for lunch , that can be done over regular E-mail, but you will be hard pressed to find ANY site of this size to be as organized and well taken care as JB keeps this one...As my buddy Frank Romano says "dont sweat the little things".
And Patty you are absolutely right questioning the anonymity of those who want to make it better...It doesnt get no better "coug" and "cougarette"..We have a good thing going here gang and it is for everybody..enuff said...
JB , Alonzo is a hairdresser in Buena Park now...tore a knee up pitchin peanuts last year...(I always though he was a wuss...just didnt tell him:o) later Cougs...

Well said and I agree, don't mess with the format. It REALLY SUCKS, but it's totally informal, and that's all that counts. Thanks man, and be a Coug'........

Name: anonymous () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 17:17:14
Message: Perhaps some people want to voice their opinions anonymously as not to be critiqued by the ct clique. There are, though, way too many inside jokes that the "outsiders" (those who do not belong to this clique) do not understand. No need to be curious about why anyone would want to speak anonymously. This "clique" behavior truly deters anyone from wanting to continue with this cougartown stuff...unfortunate, huh? Of course, this message, too, will be submitted anonymously.
Anonymous, I won't comment on anything you've said except to say I'm sorry you feel the way you do and "Please Go Away". This site is so positive and is such a blessing to me, and to lots of other Cougs. We'll get along great without you, and your anonymity. Thank you.......

Name: Fred Rinaldi () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 15:39:33
Class: 66
Message:Didn't go to H.H.S. went to Serra (& holy Joe's), but hung with Steve Stevenson, Jim Schroeder and Bill 'Fishhead" Lee. Thanks to your page I was able to make contact with Jim and Steve after 29 years. Steve and I lived on the same block and were best of buds since 1955. thanks for the web page.
Thanks Fred, Glad you recaptured your old friends here in Cougtown. Since you know Jim, you have a free pass to get into this website any time you want. Thanks again Fred and stay tuned.

Name: Schroeder, Jim () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 14:52:06
Class: 66
Message: Good Lord:
Thanks to El Rojo and Royal for the recounting of the 59' Championship game. I was a mere sprat of 11 at the time, but the excitement of the game is firmly etched on my brain ---- alas, the 60's may of taken a toll on some of the details. The presence of those Cougar grid-iron stars impacted my life. The name(s) of Steve Anderson, Jim West, and the very identifiable name of Royal Lord were the players we pretended to be when we dawned the flags down at York School. I was always ready to be Jim Reale -- breaking away on a long run. (Later it was Steve Smith) High School heroes! It's good to see that these names from the past still exist, and that they still communicate with one another. Hawthorne was a unique situation, and it's true that "friendships begun stay true till the end". I tell people-- who don't have similar backgrounds -- that I hang with friends from high school and they can't comprehend. Thanks to JB (not my brother) for resuscitating old friendships, and bringing old neighbors, friends, lovers and angels back together again. (By the way JB; JB is my brother. -- he's class of 64. JB stands for Jim's Brother, which he is. He lives in Ohio, and I in Oregon. Was it our destiny to occupy only states that begin with "O"?) Back to football. The "66" edition of Hawthorne's Monster's of the Midway -- took on the evil Jackrabbits of L.B. Poly and shut them out 19 - 0. So for the 59er's -- we extracted sweet revenge. Alonzo Irving was still playing for them -- elgibility requirments were not so strictly enforced then. I heard he finally got his GED in '71. Anybody out there that played in that game? It was the first game of the year (Ithink). Monkey Carpenter is correct -- John Cordas (65) was a streaker that night at Fosters. Who was the other(s)? Duh. May of been Bryce Barbosa, or Bob Anderson? (Chuck Currie, do you remember?) Every picture tells a story: Doesn't Robin Hood and the angel look like they could still be enrolled at HHS? Robin has sold his soul to keep his youthful appearence. Sloey and JB; I hope you guys FEEL young! Looking at the pictures from cruise night I wonder, "who are all these old people?" Then I check out the mirror and realize -- they are me!
Respectfully submitted,
JH Schroeder

I sell my soul to NO ONE!! (as you can plainly tell).
Hey Jim, thanks for the recap of the LB Poly game 1966 style... 19-0 huh... Bob Veach, are you and your Rabbit Ears listening?? I hear Alonzo Irving is still at LBPoly. He got himself a REAL job now. He's selling popcorn in the stands. Thanks Jim, I feel much better about that whole "Poly Wanna Cracker" situation.

Name: Patty Valencia () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 12:36:53
Maiden: Anonymous
Class: 1974
Message: I think it's great that people are trying to learn how to use the internet and it would be nice to learn about the differences between personal email and general feedback in a safe environment like ct. However, I think it's curious that some opinions are voiced anonymously. SO which is it, safe or not to post feedback? And, isn't some big day just around the corner? Let's Martin Luther, nope that's not it, um, Lear, nope. Arthur, nope. I'll think on it.
Labor Day?? Yeah that's it!!!

Name: pauline matthew () on Monday, August 23, 1999 at 12:30:24
Maiden: spencer
Class: 1969
Message: john baker- do you know if stick and stein has live music? my son plays in a band and they play surf rock. it would be neat if we could have a live surf band to play at the party after the homecoming game. i don't know what they charge but maybe all us cougars could pitch in a few bucks to get them to play for us. they live in lake tahoe but they play all over. they have played at the surf museum in huntington beach, they have a cd out and if you what the hear them play before, i could copy my cd and mail it to you. let me know what you think.
pauline matthew class of 1969

Sorry Pauline, Juke box only in the Stick n Stein, but hey, maybe one of the future events. Thanks for asking.

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