Welcome to COUGLE our NEW Cougartown Feedback Search

For a long time we've had lots of Feedback but no real way of searching it. Now we can.
Just type in a search term and click the Search Button or press the ENTER key.
Cougle searches every page of Feedback except the present Feedback page.
The search is case-INsensitive: John Baker is the same as john baker or JoHn BaKeR
Type in the term correctly: If you're searching for Jim Martini and you type Jim Matini or JimMartini, you won't find Jim Martini.
Just like many Searches, if you search for Bob, you'll get all the Bob's on all the Feedback pages; if you search for Bob Jones, you'll get all the Bob Jones's, but no other Bobs or no other Jones's. That will narrow it down a bit. Search tip: If you search for a name like Robert, you'll also get Roberta, Roberto, Robertson, etc. Try adding a space after Robert.

Other things to remember:

Some of our Cougs don't really use their real name.
If you search for Howard Duran, you'll get all the Howard Durans listed, but won't get Howard "Paco" Duran.
If you search for Duran, you'll get all the Howard Durans, Howard "Paco" Durans, Barbara Durans, Patricia Durans, etc.
Russ Jacobsen will be a tough one because he uses everything from ID Queen, jakejude, to EL N IDA. Might be better off searching for may the cougar be with you
Also girls using their married name: If you type Sharon Bierman, you won't find Sharon Branigan. You'll have to search both ways.
You get the idea.

The Color Coding:

Green: Written by the person you searched for and will be just a snippet of what they wrote.
Red: Written by someone else, with your search term in their feedback
Blue: A link to the Feedback page with your search term on it. If you're searching for some particular banter, say LB Poly, Prom Night, or Ol' Coach you can do that search, then click on the page and read more about what was going on.

That's about it. I hope you enjoy COUGLE Cougs. It should make the Feedback Section much more fun, and easier to navigate.