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High Lights of 1965
What a great way to stay in touch with your class members. This newsletter is sent out about once a year and if you've moved, the Postal Service forwards it to your new address. You then, just let the class know your new address. Class of 62.... are you listening?

Our 30th Reunion was a three day affair in Oxnard, CA
September 22nd, 23rd,and 24th 1995 .

Friday we started with a no-host cocktail party and informal dancing at the Radisson. There was a band and we all had a great time.

Saturday morning we had a buffet breakfast at the Radisson, we met with other classmates who had arrived during the night.
For the sports minded there was golfing on both Friday and Saturday. We then, all carpooled to Wayne Bryan's Cabrillo Racquet Club, where he hosted a barbeque. There was also volley ball, swimming, and tennis for those who chose to participate. It was a blast!
Saturday night we had our dressy dinner and dance at The Radisson. The DJ was great, he had games for us to play and a good time was had by all. One Very memorable moment was when Ralph Miller had to sing to me and we danced. It was so great. This was my first reunion and I truly enjoyed most of it.

Sunday Morning we had a farewell breakfast buffet at the Radisson.It was a touching time.
Thanks so much to everyone who attended. Patt Prewitt-Deckard

Everyone is looking forward to the next time we get together.

Please check out the list of "Missing 65 Graduates".

If you know their whereabouts, please let us know so they don't miss the next Reunion. Thank You

Reunion Committee

Thanks to Cathy Krause-Griffith, Cheryl Casanta-Devincenzi, Terry Nalbandian-Hare, and Jim Hess for their time spent in bringing us a great Reunion and also to Patt Prewitt- Deckard for helping me with the opening page and Garnett Pollard for supplying the pictures.

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