Frosties (AKA Dairy Freeze)

Frosties LogoFrosties (AKA: Dairy Freeze). Location: Hawthorne Bl. and 133rd

Frosties Parking Layout This is where the surfers and the car guys hung out on any night of the week. The car guys weren't necessarily high school people. They were generally out of high school and into cars.
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Bob Rierdan (HHS Class of 61) checks in with this little anecdote:
"Were you at Frosties the night that Dick Arnold was showing off his new '56 Ford and was coming toward Frosties down the alley behind the Good-Year store? He was revving the engine and going pretty fast and didn't see the chain across the alley that the Good-Year people used to put up. There were about 30 people watching as the chain caught him right across the grill."


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