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On this page, is featured articles from the COUGAR dated May 18, 1962.

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Seniors to make Disneyland Scene....
It's that time of year again for bus loads of Seniors to depart for Walt Disneys Magic Kingdom on June 1.
Seniors, clad in bermudas, and other clothes, will board the buses at 9:30am and will return to the school at 5 or 6pm. To be able to take part in the "Ditch Day"activity, seniors must either have an admission ticket or a book of tickets. The admission ticket may be purchased at the student store for $1.25, and a book of tickets for $2.85 or $3.95.
Alumni to Return
Hawthorne Annual Alumni day will be held May 25, and the campus will be open to the visiting alumni during the entire school day. Registration is scheduled for 8:20am and tables are to be set up near Nyman Hall.
A full schedule has been planned for the visiting alumni starting with an assembly in Nyman Hall at 9:20. Mr. Nyman will welcome the alumni and a schedule of the days events will be given. Alumni are welcome to visit their former classrooms and teachers during the day.
The Homemaking Department is providing babysitting for mothers who wish to leave children during the day, and the cafeteria will be serving coffee and donuts. Mothers may use the facilities for heating baby bottles. The cafeteria will be open from 8:30 to 3:00.

Do you remember the year...1954?
Do you remember the year 1954? What were you doing during that year? Were you first learning the "toe-mashing" art of square dancing? Or maybe you were in front of your 2nd grade classroom sharing your mother's operation or the dirty joke your dad told at his last party, while bewildered children and a red-faced teacher listened. But what were those old people called "teenagers" at Hawthorne High doing to have fun?

In 1954, Hawthorne High was a new school. The football team took first in the Pioneer League with eight wins and no losses. The crowning of the first Victory Queen and Princess took place that year. The drill team was then called the Cadence Corps.

All the dances were held in the Gunga Din. The Rhythm that had all the "cool cats" going crazy was "Gee" by The Crows. Tiny Bradshaw had a cool jump tune called "Heavy Juice".

That year, parents were urged to pass a bond issue which would give HHS a gym, four new classrooms, a library, double the size of the locker rooms, and build an athletic field on the other side of the tracks. As you know, the bond issue was passed.

The play, "Our Town" made its first debut at HHS, and was a big success.

The faculty has grown from 38 to 88 and the student population from 962 to more than a doubled sum of 2000. As the school grows, the tradition and spirit grow also.
If you want to see something interesting, come back in ten years.

Mykkanen and Goodman Take MVP

Most Valuable Player of the Year award for their part in Varsity baseball this year is shared by Ty Goodman and Gary Mykkanen.
This was only one of the many awards presented to Gary at the annual Sports Award Banquet, May 10. The Most Popular Nickname was also given to Gary by the Pep Squad, and a small teddy bear was the honor bestowed on "Mick".
Other awards presented in Varsity baseball were the Most Improved Player, which went to Dennis Lord, and Bill Shultz was voted the second best catcher in the Bay League by the league coaches.


Finishing second with an 11-5 record in Bay League Standings, the JV baseball team nominated Phil Bechdolt the Most Valuable Player at the banquet.

Phil was nominated because of his outstanding ability as a short stop, attitude, best batting average, and having the most hits on the team. Phillip is also one of the two co-captains on the team.

Because of his understanding and coaching, Coach Don Walker was awarded a symbol af appreciation by the JV ball club. Coach Walker will be leaving Hawthorne this year to coach in Huntington Beach.

The Cougar Staff and all the JV's wish Coach Walker luck on his new assignment.


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