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On this page, is featured articles from the COUGAR dated December 1, 1961.

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It's time for Beanie?-Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy-Captain Jet?-"The Blackboard Jungle?"
Calypso?-Roller Skating on the sidewalks?-The Chemise?-Making Clay Ashtrays and Balsa Planes?
"I like Ike" Buttons?-Seventh Grade Initiation?-Scrabble?-Mayday?-Hula Hoops?-Christmas Pageants?
Beatniks?-The Mouseketeers?-The "Bunny Hop?"-The East Side Kids?-"Gidget?"-Little League?
The 3 cent stamp?-Criswell Predicts?-Bongos?-Milk Money?-"Mad ?"-7th and 8th grade dances?
Switchblades?-Playing Store in Kindergarten?-Spin and Marty?-Swings?-Blimps?-Pony Tails?
The Packard?-Constitution Tests?-Baseball Card Collections?-Dana Intermediate Track Meets?
Bill and Susan Books?-Cougar Beanies?-Sputnik I?-Tether Ball?-Nevada "A Bomb" Tests?
Birthday Parties?-The Miracle Mile?-Jump rope and Jacks?-Room Mothers?-Polio Shots and Jonas Salk?
Paper Drives?-Nine inch TV Screens?-Chemistry Tests?-Three D?-Sky Writers?-Flying Saucers?
Tree Houses?-Hide and Seek?-Sandboxes?- Mother May I?-YO-YO Contests?-The Davy Crockett Craze?
Carroms?-"Science Fiction Theater?-"The Jackie Gleason Show?"-"The $64,000 Question?"-Color Books?
Street cars?-Making Adobe Missions?-Square Dance Parties?-Scavenger Hunts?-Electives?-Kites?
When boys threw rocks at girls?

Editors Note: A bunch of this list is still in fashion 13039 days later.

Downing, Tully Pick Up Acting Awards

Honors for the "best actor" went to Gordon Downing for his portrayal of the English bachelor in the recent production of "Dear Delinquent." Sandy Tully, playing the feminine lead part of an Irish girl, won the "best actress" honor.
Judges decided that Cheri DeLuca was the "best supporting actress" in her role as the wealthy fiancee' of the bachelor, and freshman, Steve Mark won the plaudits as "best supporting actor." Steve played an eccentric and faithful butler.
Mr Mossholder, director of the play, expressed his joy over the success of the thespians' first production of the year. "The cast worked extremely hard, and they realized their efforts," he said after the final performance. We had a great stage crew....... the best we have ever had. "I'd like to mention two girls whose names were not on the program, and without whom the play could not have been successful....... Judy Kestenbaumn who handled the sound and Susan Morgan who handled props."

Thunderous Applause

The play was staged in a full and receptive house each of the three nights it was given. The audience was constantly aware of the difficulty entailed in mastering Irish and British accents, but the cast's trouble was greatly rewarded when the final curtains were brought down amid thunderous applause.

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