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On this page, is featured articles from the COUGAR dated April 13, 1962.

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Teenage Fair Article


	"Moonglow" the annual Junior-Senior Prom is set for 8pm,
 April 27 at the Hollywood Turf Club.
	Heading the evening's  entertainment  will  be recording
star Sandy Nelson and  his band. "Sandy says he and his band can
play everything from the minuet to the twist," offered Ray Hahn,
prom chairman.
	The Turf Club will be wrapped in a covering of stars and
moonbeams while the evening menu will consist of coca-cola, pea-
nuts, and pretzels.
	King  and Queen of the prom are to be chosen from a fish
bowl and and all couples attending will be eligible to be crowned
King and Queen.
	Attire for the evening is formal."This is the only oppor-
tunity to dress to the hilt and wear a formal, either full-length
or knee-length is proper," commented Sharon Wetmore, Senior Class
	Tickets for the fete are now on sale at the Student Store
for $3.95 per couple.

Senior spotlight Shines on Sonja Laird and Bob Gross

	Senior fellow Bob Gross takes his studies seriously.  He first came
to Hawthorne High School in his Junior year.  Before this he lived in Mary-
land near Washington D.C. In his Maryland days he lettered in track,  base-
ball, football and basketball.
	Here in California Bob is a water-ski enthusiast but doesn't go too
much for the  surf board  because he gets  knocked off easily,  and it gets
pretty rough.
	Bob will graduate number five in his class and  wants to attend the
University of California at Berkeley.  He wants very much to be a  chemical
engineer and worked hard toward that goal.
	Bob's  favorite subjects are math  and Latin.  He can't seem to get
along with English, though.
	Bob  loves steak and chicken  but can't stand people  who use their
big mouths to try and cover up their own mistakes by blaming others. 

 			     Songstress Sonja

	California born Sonja Laird loves music. She began taking piano les-
sons at the age of 8 and continued for ten years.In her junior year she dis-
covered her voice was  her favorite instrument  and she started taking voice
lessons when she was 16 years of age.
	When Sonja thinks of music, she thinks of her future, of college and
and of her life.   She is planning  to attend  a college  and major in vocal
music.  Sonja hopes that her voice will take her to far places and to a good
singing career.
	Singer Sonja has been seen in musicals that the music department has
presented. The next one has her golden voice present also.
	Sonja also keeps herself busy in a modern dance class.  Music appre-
ciation come from more than one source.  The twist and the  stomp keep Sonja 
hopping when fast music is playing. Sonja is never idle.