We have "spent the span" from getting our Diplomas to Rocking Chair Money, and most of us are still doing just fine, thank you.....

How lucky we are to have such a "together" class.....
I don't think the Class of 1962 will EVER get tired of each other, as we are now just one big family from Hawthorne. We grew up together, went to grade school and HHS together, and now we are flying in from all over the USA still enjoying each other's company.

For an Intermediate Reunion, the turnout was pretty darn good; Neil Andersen and Darrel Boesiger and their wives from the Pacific Northwest, Kathy Streltzoff Kinman from Idaho, Bob Gross from Virginia, just to name a few.

Thanks to our Reunion Committee: George Rea, Karen Newkirk Hoffman, Eugene Obillo, Loretta Morelli, Dan Dye, Linda Jones Reynolds, and Nancy "Cheryl" Brooks Kari, for doing such a bang up job on such short notice.

Special thanks to Vince Bravo, Joy Bramlette, the audio visual people, the cooks and kitchen staff, and a very SPECIAL THANK YOU to our present day HHS students who showed up to carry the colors, to entertain, escort, and to inform us as to what HHS life is like today. You all did a spectacular job and are to be applauded.
By the way, from what I read in the local papers you are all supposed to be gang banging taggers with very low IQs.

That is simply NOT TRUE!!

Outside of not knowing who the Beach Boys were, I saw and spoke with very eloquent, intelligent, thoughtful students with sparkling eyes and wonderful personalities. I am proud to call all of you my HHS Cougar brethren.

Thanks again to all, for giving us a glimpse of the new HHS campus. It and YOU are beautiful, indeed.

Cougartown Award

Next, I would like to thank the Class of 1962 for Cougartown's beautiful Crystal Cougar.
I was totally surprised, honored and humbled by it. Cougartown means so much to me, and, as I do it everyday, it never REALLY occurred to me that it means so much to you too.
This honor carries much more weight coming from my own Class. Thank you all very much for this honor. It really hits home coming from my classmates, as this is the very first Cougartown award ever received......

Our Lounge Party Pictures

Our Reunion Pictures